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Reclaiming Maysen: New Beginnings (New Beginnings Book 1) by Liberty Parker, Darlene Tallman (1)



The day I met Maddox will be one I never forget. I was ten-years old and was nervous about being around somewhere so unfamiliar. We were invited to Uncle Braxton’s family reunion in Colorado. I’ve always been on the shyer side compared to my sister and the other girls of the RGMC. It mostly has to do with my early childhood and my mother’s incapability of bonding with me. The doctors have all tried to fix me, but I don’t think anything is broken. I think I’m just a watcher. I like to take in my surroundings and get to know those I don’t by watching how they treat people and their body language.

That’s what I was doing the day I met him. Maddox James Weston. I get lost in the memory of how our friendship came about.

He plopped down next to me and asked, “Whatcha doing?” I look over at him, and notice that he’s different from the boys I’ve grown up around.


“Can I watch with you?” I looked up at the boy who was a little taller than me, but I’m only ten, so pretty much everyone here is taller.

“I guess. Who are you here with?”

“My mom and stepdad. What about you?”

“My mom and dad.” I don’t see DJ as my step-parent so I never introduce her that way. To me, she’s just Mom.

“Want one?” he asks, holding out two suckers that magically appeared in his hand.

“Yes please,” I reply. “Which one do you want?” I ask. I like cherry and he’s got one of those and a grape one. I’ll take the grape if he wants the cherry.

“I like grape but if you want it, I’ll take the cherry,” he says. I grin and take the cherry sucker.

We sit and watch everyone while we eat our suckers. Finally finished, I ask, “How old are you?”

“Twelve. What about you?”

“Ten. Want to be friends?”

“We live far away, though,” he says after nodding his head yes.

“I’ve got a phone, we can text and stuff,” I reply. I don’t know why I’m so insistent on this because I don’t make friends easily.


And just like that, we became friends. “Thicker than thieves” is what Nan said when we stuck to each other like glue that week. We never went a day without talking to each other or texting each other. I told him everything, holding nothing back. He never judged me or told me how wrong I was about my feelings, he just listened and it became a type of therapy for me.

I started breaking out of my shell and making friends. I have him to thank for turning my life around. He says it’s all me, but I know differently. It was all him, and to this day, I’d do anything for him.


Maysen Hatchet, the one girl who owns me heart and soul. We’ve been best friends since I offered her a sucker. I saw her looking at the cherry even though she said grape. I made sure she got to pick, but shoved her towards getting what she really wanted. I saw her sitting alone while all the other kids played. I’m here because my mom married my step-dad, Pete, who’s Braxton’s cousin. And Braxton happens to be the president of the Rebel Guardians MC.

She and I aren’t family by blood. But we formed a bond that’s unbreakable and I dare anyone to try. Her funny quirks and the things she says always puts a smile on my face. She came into my life when I needed her most. I had just moved to a new state with my mom and so many changes were happening that I wanted to just shut down.

I missed my friends from back home, but also understood that my biological father made it impossible for my mom to live in our hometown. When he left her, he also left me. High and dry. Suddenly, he had a new family and I wasn’t worth bringing into the fold.

When my mom met Pete, she had been looking for someone to help her with renovations on our new house. It was older, but had good bones, Mom said. I wasn’t so sure, but my grandpa was friends with Pete’s dad and he hooked the two up. Pete never left, and I’m grateful because he treats me like his own son.

The day I met his extended family, and learned they were bikers, I was a little wary at first. I’ve seen and heard stories about how the MCs worked, and was skeptical that they were good men. But I was proven wrong and am thankful for the fact that that family brought me Maysen.

She became my everything, my reason for smiling, for moving forward, and looking towards the future instead of living in the here and now. I was no longer taking it step-by-step and day-by-day. We talked about what we wanted to do when we were older and encouraged each other to pursue our dreams.

Little did I know how much we’d need that unbreakable bond.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.



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