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Fluffer by Shae York (1)


“You don’t wake up one day and decide you’ll be a porn star. But when life deals you that hand, you show up with guns blazing.” — Trent Hudson


Sex. It was my job, my livelihood, and what I lived for.

Granted, when I moved to Hollywood, I wanted to be an actor... a legit movie star. But even relentlessly hitting numerous casting calls only landed me employment at a trendy restaurant waiting tables.

Money wasn’t just something I wanted, I needed it to live. Los Angeles wasn’t cheap, and I was quickly running out of options. With each month that went by, the reality I’d have to move back home became my one and only motivation. In spite of my efforts, nothing presented itself. It wasn’t for lack of trying, good looks, or a charming personality, because I had those in spades.

Looking back, fate had a huge hand in my career path... or I’d like to believe it did. Being in the right place at the right time got me noticed by the head of Sexland Productions. He offered me a job on the spot and a salary that made me think he was a farce.

That day I drove straight from the restaurant to my agent’s office. Expecting Charles to talk me out of it, just the opposite occurred. Of course, he wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but between the money and the lack of other prospects, Charles felt if it led to bigger and better opportunities then maybe taking that detour was the universe’s way of steering me in the right direction.

So, there I was, placing my morals aside by taking his advice to enter into the adult film world. I had taken precautions by changing my name, to protect any legitimate acting jobs that came along... and my very prudish family. I also made sure the scripts weren’t a joke, with bad lines and over-the-top acting.

Initially, I truly believed it wouldn’t be more than that first film and a short stint in the industry. But one film turned to six, and one year turned to three. With each movie I made, I waited for that break to come. It wasn’t often a porn star-crossed over to legit cinema. But with a wall full of awards, a following on social media in the millions, and a nice fat bank account, I still hoped it was only a matter of time before a better opportunity came along.

Until then, the best part—I got to fuck—a lot and got paid for it. Being a porn star had its advantages. What man in his right mind wouldn’t want that job?

My current movie, Radical Encounters, starred the hottest porn queen in the European market now making a splash in the States. Every warm-blooded man who watched porn fantasized about Raven Hart. She was a real live Jessica Rabbit. With curves in all the right places, tits that women wanted to be duplicated by plastic surgeons, and from what I heard, a magical pussy. The men she costarred with weren’t shy about sharing their encounters with the rest of us. Unlike most in our business, she was as tight as a drum. You’d think that alone would have my dick taking notice.

But after three takes on our first day of shooting, the fucker wasn’t excited one bit.

Pathetically, I made one more attempt at getting an erection, which had never been an issue before. Less than a minute later, the director called, “Cut!” He released an audible sigh with a firm shake of his head. “Time is money, Trent.”

“I’m aware.” Most would have been embarrassed, but all I could muster was anger. I stared at my costar wondering why the fuck she wasn’t doing it for me.

“We’ll try again on Monday. Trent, have a fluffer with you,” he said with a warning.

Fluffer? Trent Hudson had never used a fluffer in his life.

Fun fact... when male porn stars couldn’t get it up, they often had personal fluffers who would prepare them for a scene. Never in my years of doing porn had I ever needed one... until now.

Once the set cleared, Raven grabbed a robe and threw it on with attitude. She turned toward me, her dark brown eyes livid and piercing. “What the hell?”

“Sorry. Not sure what’s happening today.” That was the goddamn truth. This was a first for me. I loved women, and the thought of her sucking my cock would usually make me rock hard. Getting blow jobs were my thing.

“Legend, they told me. Trent Hudson is the best in the business, they said. What bullshit.” Raven huffed in frustration, glaring at me like I was a freak of epic proportions. “Take a pill if you have to, I don’t have the patience for limp dicks,” she sneered in her snooty accent. Maybe that was the reason I couldn’t get hard? To me, she sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire. I had to stifle a chuckle at the realization.

When no response came, she stormed off set leaving me holding my flaccid cock.


After a long day of shooting, failing to get hard, and fighting the California heat, I breathed a sigh of relief when I walked into the lobby of my building.

The luxury apartments housed affluent people, both old and young. On my floor, I was flanked by two women—one, Mrs. McCormack, who was old enough to be my grandmother, and the other was Molly Higgins.

The only time I ever gained a smile from Molly was when she saw me carrying Mrs. McCormack’s groceries. Seeing her face light up gave me hope that maybe I had broken the ice queen’s shield. Yeah, no such luck... and every time since then I’d only receive scowls. It was almost comical how Molly purposely avoided me, going out of her way not to acknowledge my presence.

Occasionally, I’d see her with another man, her roommate Tommy. I knew they weren’t a couple. How did I know? Because he checked me out the way I wished she would. The only thing I could surmise that caused her extreme dislike of me was he probably knew me as Trent Hudson, porn star. The gay male community loved me, and there were pleas and petitions all over the internet begging me to take on a male/male role.

Of course, that was all assumption since I never had the chance to talk to her... until now. At the elevator, a chestnut-haired woman stood wearing a sexy black skirt with a sheer sleeveless blouse tucked into her narrow waistband, and bare legs standing in fuck-me heels.

She didn’t need to turn around for me to know it was her. I’d recognize that ass anywhere... firm, not too round, not too flat. A vision of gripping it while she rode me plagued my thoughts since the first time I laid eyes on her. And now, standing beside her, that vision had morphed into one where I sunk my hard cock into her tight anus one slow inch at a time. Of course, now the fucker woke up... something he should have done on the set earlier today.

The elevator doors slid open on a ding, she walked in, and I followed. “Good afternoon, Miss. Higgins.” My deep voice echoed in the small chamber we were housed in.

“Mr. Baker,” she addressed me by my given name. My eyes cut to her ass as she stepped forward to push the illuminated button on the panel.

“Allow me.” I pressed the number twenty-five, and we began our ascent.

Her intoxicating vanilla perfume, or maybe it was her shampoo, assaulted my senses with each floor we passed. When the elevator came to a startling jolt and stopped, Molly grabbed my arm with one hand and the brass bar with the other.

“Shit,” she murmured. Her eyes glanced down to where she still held me in an iron grip only to release as if she were on fire. “What the hell did you do?”

I let out a chuckle. “I didn’t do anything. I’m standing right here.”

Her manicured finger pressed the alarm button. A voice came through the speaker, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, this is Molly Higgins, 25B. The elevator stopped.”

“Sorry, ma’am, we’ll look into it. Sit tight, it shouldn’t take too long.”

I leaned toward her and teased, “Looks like you’re stuck with me.”

Small lines crinkled on the bridge of her nose. “Lucky me.”

My six-foot frame towered over her petite one. My nine-inch cock remained hard in my pants... and that reminded me I needed a fluffer.

Suddenly, I didn’t want just anyone, I wanted her. I had two days to get my cock to work around Raven, or find someone who could. And like a lightbulb being flicked on, having Molly beside me formulated the perfect plan. For some reason, my gorgeous, sexy as fuck neighbor could get me hard just by standing beside me. I believed it was her naïvety that turned me on, besides her stunning looks.

I had one problem. Unfortunately, she was the only woman who never gave me the time of day.

So convincing her to help me out was going to be easier said than done since she couldn’t stand me. With time running out, there was only one way to find out.

“Since I have your undivided attention, care to tell me why you hate me?”

Her sky blue eyes glanced up at me. “I don’t know you enough to hate you.”

“Then what’s your problem? Even Mrs. McCormack likes me, and she doesn’t like anyone. That must count for something.”

“What is it that you do for a living that affords you such a palatial apartment?” And just like that, I knew she knew.

“I can ask the same of you.” I made a show of checking her out. “Are you a lawyer?”

“No.” With my eyes tethered to hers, she added, “You’re never in business clothes, just jeans and T-shirts.”

“Maybe I own a denim and T-shirt monopoly.”

“I doubt it.”

With each step I took toward her she took one back until her ass bumped into the corner of the elevator. “You know what I think?” Her brows rose. “I think you know what I do. I think your friend tipped you off—for lack of a better word.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, I believe you do.” I hovered my hand over her bare arm daring to touch her. Goosebumps peppered her flawless skin, and a pretty pink hue filled her cheeks. “And your reaction says otherwise.”

“I’m cold.” She rubbed her bare arms with her hands.

Cold? It had to be seventy-five degrees in this box. The lights flickered, and once again we were greeted with a jolt.

That same voice filtered in. “Sorry for the delay, it looks like this could take a while. Sit tight, are you doing okay? How many of you are in there?”

Tears welled in her pretty eyes. “Two, there are two of us. Can you hurry?” Tension and fear laced her words. “Please?”

“Yes, ma’am. We’re doing our best.”

“Are you claustrophobic?”

“I don’t want to be in here.” Her hand began to rub her chest. “And yes, a little. It’s hot in here isn’t it?”

“You just said you were cold.” She glared at me. “Sorry, yes, it’s a bit warm. Why don’t we sit down.”

I offered her my hand, and the two of us lowered our bodies to the floor. Every ounce of my being wanted to pull her on top of me, but I refrained. “So, how was your day up until now?” I asked her trying to calm her nerves.

“Good. Yours?”

“Could have been better. This is actually my highlight. I’ve been wanting to get to know you.”

“Why? In your profession...” The lift of my brows stopped her mid-sentence, and her wide-eyed expression meant she was busted. “Okay, I know what you do. But, I was about to say that I’m sure you get to know lots of women.”

“True, but none are like you.”

She scoffed, “I would think not.”

Even though this woman wanted nothing to do with me, I needed her to listen to my proposition. The elevator dinged and started to move. She stood in a flash, and I followed suit.

“Thank God.” Molly pushed her hair off of her face. “It’s about time.” Not having a plan, I let my instincts take over and pulled the stop button. “What the hell are you doing?”

I moved my body to block the panel. “I need to talk to you. It’s either in here or upstairs.” We stood staring at each other in a silent standoff. “Which will it be, beautiful?”

“Fine,” she snarled. “Upstairs.”

“Good choice.” I pushed the button, and we started climbing once more.

As soon as we reached our destination and the doors slid open, Molly all but sprinted into the hallway. “That was awful.”

“My place or yours?”

“Excuse me?”

“To talk. Where are we going?”

“Yours, then I can leave when I want.” She bit down on her plump bottom lip, and my cock twitched. Why the bastard wanted this bitchy woman was beyond me. But he was the moneymaker and called the shots.

“Whatever you say, beautiful.”



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