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Alien Daddies: A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sue Lyndon (1)






She stood in the window, captivated by the three moons hovering over the mountains of Ohma, the Khanndoran nighttime landscape taking her breath away as always. Sheskia fireflies sped through the trees, fast as birds as they emitted large white flashes of light. The chorus of nocturnal insects swelled with the rising breeze, a calming symphony that she looked forward to each night. The glow of blue flowers on the bhrusa trees stretched to the horizon, and stars sparkled over the magnificence on the ground below, as if keeping watch over the alien lands that now felt more like home to Makenna than Earth ever had.

A multitude of footsteps sounded on the stairs and her stomach abruptly clenched with nervous anticipation. Despite her anxieties, heat gathered and pulsed between her thighs at the prospect of being taken in hand by her mates.

She’d been naughty today, having disabled the security system that circled the clearing around their home in order to dash off to pick berries all by herself without permission. She had intended to return quickly and reset the security system before anyone noticed, but while the system was disabled dozens of monikons—large furry primates that lived on the mountain—had descended upon their house and ransacked the kitchen while foraging for food. To make matters worse, the monikons also damaged several control panels in the entryway, causing malfunctions in many of the home’s other systems.

As a result of her disobedience and carelessness, her mates were none too pleased with her. Daddy Torin had found her in the forest and given her a severe scolding, complete with a few smacks to her bottom over her clothes, before marching her home and sending her upstairs to contemplate her actions while he and his brothers dealt with the mayhem she’d caused.

Guilt settled on her shoulders. She’d caused him worry when he’d noticed her missing. She’d hoped to return home before he detected her absence, but she’d been wrong. Very wrong. She ought to know by now that she couldn’t get away with the slightest disobedience.

Not when she had six daddies to watch over her.

Nerves flitted faster in her tummy when the door zipped open. She turned to face Daddy Torin and gasped at the sight of the sturdy-looking strap in his hand. The strap was reserved for the most serious of offenses, and she supposed she deserved it. She hadn’t thought the brief spanking in the forest had been intended to suffice as punishment and she’d already expected a longer, harder disciplinary session. One that would bring her to tears and make her truly repentant for her actions. She trembled in place, her legs weakening as her heart raced faster.

Behind Daddy Torin stood his five brothers, Daddies Aras, Kameel, Nagen, Vilad, and Zane. The six of them wore hardened expressions. Daddy Nagen crossed his arms over his chest and his eyes darkened further, leaving her with no doubt about how he felt concerning her illicit outing. A quiver raced across her bottom cheeks.

“Little human,” Daddy Torin said as he approached her, “we are very disappointed in your behavior. If you’d wished to go hiking you only needed to ask. I would have gladly walked with you. You endangered yourself today and you put the servants at risk too. It took us hours to repair the damage caused by the monikons, and we are certainly fortunate one of the deadlier creatures from the forest didn’t wander inside. What were you thinking?”

She released a shaky breath and fidgeted with her hands. “I’m so sorry, Daddy Torin. I didn’t know the monikons would find their way in and cause such horrible damage. I-I had only wished to quickly pick some berries to surprise you all with a homemade pie. If you came with me, then it wouldn’t have been a surprise.” The Kreccian cooks they employed had been teaching her how to prepare Khanndoran food in her spare time, and they’d recently shown her how to make a dough that tasted similar to pie crust, which had given her the idea. She’d spotted the near ripe berries during her last hike through the forest, a week ago when Daddy Zane had accompanied her on a walking path near a stream.

“We appreciate your efforts in the kitchen of late, Kenna,” Daddy Aras said with a note of kindness underlying the scolding tone of his deep rumbling voice, “however, you were naughty and put yourself in danger. The mountains are filled with beasts that could easily make a meal of you. Furthermore, disabling the security system is completely unacceptable. This wasn’t a casual disobedience on your part, little girl, but a premeditated one, and you will be punished severely for your transgressions. We have no intentions of being gentle with you this evening. You will be one very sorry little human by the time we are finished administering your discipline.” It was then that she noticed he was holding a large phallus in one hand and a bottle of lubricant in the other. Her heart pounded faster and she instinctively reached back to shield her bottom.

Shame coursed through her and deepened when all their nostrils suddenly flared.

Oh, no. They could detect her arousal.

She pressed her thighs together in an attempt to hide it, but it was too late. All six of her daddies could smell the moisture quickening in her core. To make matters worse, her nipples tightened and when six dark gazes subsequently locked on her chest, she knew they could see the further evidence of her mounting desire through the thin layer of her nightdress.

She couldn’t help it.

The mere thought of receiving a punishment from her daddies never failed to call up her arousal, and they smelled her every single time. Between their heightened physical senses and their empathic abilities, she couldn’t keep a single secret from them. Sometimes it seemed they knew her better than she knew herself, these six alien warriors who had claimed her as their mate and as their little girl.

“Strip her,” Daddy Torin commanded, and a second later Daddies Kameel, Nagen, Vilad, and Zane approached her, their no-nonsense visages firm and their black eyes gleaming in the light of the nearby sconces.

They made fast work of removing her lacy white nightdress and flower print panties, the feminine garments brand new from the materials replicator. They always delighted in surprising her with brand new girlish attire, having forbidden her from wearing anything too grownup, or, in their words, “not proper enough for a sweet little girl.” In the months since they’d claimed her, she had come to enjoy wearing the little girl clothing and feeling like a pretty doll as they dressed her each morning.

Daddy Nagen held up her panties for a moment, inspecting the clearly visible wet spot in the crotch area. A fresh flush stole through her.

“Get her into position on the bed, hold her down, and pull her bottom cheeks wide apart,” Daddy Torin said with authority in his voice. “By the time we’re through with you, little girl, your bottom will be very, very sore—inside and out.”

A shudder ran through her but she didn’t resist as they got her into the ordered position. The cool breeze wafted into the room, making her ever aware of her spread privates. Her asshole and pussy were on full display, her arousal no doubt gleaming from her smooth pink parts. When the telltale warmth of her essence trickled down her inner thighs, she flushed anew with humiliation.

“Look how wet she is,” Daddy Aras said, running the phallus over the wet slit of her nether lips. “I can use her natural essence for moisture rather than the bottle of lubrication.” His words caused her to heat all over, and she trembled as he slid the phallus into her pussy, driving it deep into her feminine core, only to withdraw it a moment later and subsequently shove it straight back inside. He repeated this action several times, increasing his pace as he pumped it in and out of her wet, aching center, causing everything below her waist to tighten and pulsate with pleasure. To her utter mortification, a deep moan slipped from her throat.

Awash in shame, she buried her face in the covers.

Finally, he withdrew the phallus entirely from her pussy. Daddies Kameel and Nagen settled on either side of her, holding her down on the bed, while Daddies Vilad and Zane each pulled on one of her bottom cheeks from the side, spreading her privates even wider. Remorse and humiliation spiraled through her. A second later, she felt the pressure of the moistened phallus being pushed against her back hole. Her heart skipped a beat. Daddy Aras was shoving the huge object into her ass, and he wasn’t being gentle in the least. She gasped for breath and struggled to accept the burning intrusion in her tight bottom hole.

“Get it nice and deep,” Daddy Torin said. “She was very, very naughty today. I want her to feel the ache of the phallus in her bottom hole long after it’s been removed.”

Daddy Aras gave it an especially hard shove, and she whimpered and clutched onto the bedcovers, trying to summon the strength to endure such a strict punishment. Daddies Vilad and Zane released their hold on her bottom and each placed a hand on her lower back.

“It’s as deep as it can possibly go,” Daddy Aras said, running his hand slowly along her backside, as if inspecting his handiwork. “I bet you’re feeling thoroughly punished already, aren’t you, little girl? But you still have a strapping coming. A very hard one.”

Despite her immense regret and trepidation over the impending strapping, her pussy ached with the need to be filled up, her clit throbbing so hard tears sprang to her eyes. “I-I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

“We know you are, little one,” Daddy Torin said, his lips hovering close to her ear, “but this is a lesson you need to learn. You need to understand just how wrong your actions were today. You could have gotten hurt. Others could have gotten hurt as a result of your negligence. Now you must suffer the consequences of your naughtiness.” His hot breath wafted across her neck and his nearness sent a shudder through her.

She peeked out from her hiding spot in the covers just long enough to glimpse the sturdy leather strap dangling from his hand. Oh, God. She wondered how many times he would bring it down across her bottom. When he got into position behind her and took aim with the strap, she promptly turned around and reburied her face in the bedcovers.

The first lash came down with a searing impact that took her breath away. She gave a muffled scream as her bottom cheeks involuntarily clenched around the massive phallus. Agony consumed her and she tried to rise from the bed, but several pairs of strong hands held her down. Daddy Torin didn’t wait long before bringing the leather down again. And again. The stinging lashes soon came quickly, one after another, some of them even landing on her upper thighs. With each harsh blow, she couldn’t keep herself from clenching against the painfully large intrusion in her bottom hole, no matter how hard she tried.

She had a feeling this wouldn’t be a quick punishment. But her daddies would give her the chastisement she deserved, and then she had no doubt they would comfort her in the aftermath of the strict lesson. They would take care of her, and despite her current predicament, her heart warmed at the thought.

Her daddies always took care of her.

Even when she was shamefully naughty.



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