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Alpha's Pride: An MMM Mpreg romance (Irresistible Omegas Book 4) by Nora Phoenix (1)


Seven months earlier

The club thumped and vibrated with the low bass of the music, and Bray sighed with contentment. He’d worked his ass off the last few weeks, trying to impress a rather demanding employer, and he needed this break. A night of fucking was exactly what he craved after spending long days on the job.

It wasn’t easy, running your own security company when you were this young. Despite him being an alpha and rather big, people tended to not take him seriously. He hated it, this patronizing look in the eyes of older alphas when they looked down on him, choosing to employ a more established firm even when it charged them double. Their loss, Bray kept telling himself, but it stung.

All he wanted was a shot so he could prove himself. His father had sacrificed a lot to raise Bray and his brothers, and he wanted to make him proud. And since his brother Lucan was a beta and his youngest brother Dane—also a beta—had physical and mental disabilities due an oxygen shortage at birth, he felt it was his job to prove to his father his sacrifices had been worth it.

“What’s your plan for tonight?” his friend Jesse asked, leaning back in the black, soft seats of the club’s lounge where they were relaxing.

“Fucking,” Bray said, his mouth breaking open in a smile. “Lots and lots of fucking.”

“You got anyone lined up?” Jesse asked.

Bray shook his head. “No, but I registered a few days ago when I knew I’d be able to make it, so I’m hoping someone has requested me. If not, I’ll scout the back rooms to see if anyone wants to play.”

The lounge of the club was meant for socializing and dancing, though plenty of couples got their kink on here already. You were supposed to head to the back rooms for the more intimate follow-up, a route Bray knew well. Oh, he’d had a few greedy little omegas on their knees under the table, sucking him off, but he respected the club’s rules enough to take them to the back if he wanted more.

Jesse nodded. “Same here. There’s bound to be a horny little omega who needs an alpha, right?”

Jesse knocked back his beer and Bray kept himself from frowning. He never drank when playing, and even though Jesse wasn’t a serious player by any standard, it still wasn’t smart to drink if he wanted to engage later on. Maybe he’d better keep an eye on his friend to make sure he didn’t overdo it on the alcohol, or he’d have to report him to the club. That would suck, but Bray took safety seriously, especially in sex and scenes.

Jesse had always been more of a drinker than Bray, who liked a beer but rarely drank more than that, even back in high school where he and Jesse had become friends. They’d stayed in touch ever since, though they’d had little chance to hang out lately. Bray worked fourteen-hour days and Jesse was trying to work his way up in his father’s investment consultancy.

If you saw Jesse now in his brown leather pants with his bare chest, you would never believe he rarely wore anything other than a suit during the day. The same could be said for Bray, whose standard attire was also a lot more conservative than the tight leather pants he was sporting, which made his cock look even bigger and his bare upper body stand out like a freaking wall, as one omega had described it. Hopefully, his pants would do their job again tonight and attract a horny little omega, as Jesse had put it.

Bray emptied his Coke and as he put it down, his phone buzzed with a message. His heart sped up as he read it. The club had matched him with an omega who had requested an alpha to help him through his heat. A slow grin spread across his face as the implications of that request sank in. That meant a solid fuck-fest for at least twenty-four hours, probably longer. Exactly what he craved.

He quickly typed his reply and rose. “I’ve been matched. Have fun, man. See you next time.”

Jesse quirked an eyebrow. “Next time? You won’t be back later?”

Bray couldn’t help but smile all over again. “My match is an omega in heat. I’ll be lucky to come up for air a day from now.”

“Damn, lucky bastard,” Jesse muttered. “You always get the good ones.”

Bray shrugged. “My rep has preceded me, what can I say?”

His cock already grew hard as he walked through the lounge to the back room they’d assigned him, and it wasn’t because of the various couples and groups around him who were engaging in all kinds of sexual activities. It had been him and his right hand for far too long, and he couldn’t wait to sink himself into a tight, hot ass. Damn, he needed the release.

He loved these kinds of encounters. No need for small talk or awkward conversation or even negotiation. Both parties knew exactly what they signed up for. Hell, he didn’t even introduce himself half the time, since it wasn’t a date. It was an itch to scratch, a hole that needed filling, simple as that. And it worked well for both alphas and omegas, since the club did thorough vetting on all its members and assured omegas they’d be matched with an alpha who would respect their limits.

Someday, he’d find himself a sweet little omega who’d bear him an alpha son, but for now, he was happy to keep things casual. Extremely casual. Sure, he wanted a family at some point, but not right now. He had time to get serious later on, not when he still had so much he wanted to enjoy first. Like everything the club had to offer.

He opened the door to his assigned room with his club key card and let himself in, his eyes immediately catching sight of the omega waiting for him, stretched out on the bed on his back, already naked, his hard cock making a wet spot on his stomach. Bray’s breath caught in his lungs, and he swallowed as his cock grew even harder.

He looked young, so young. Younger than Bray had expected, but he had to be twenty-one, or the club wouldn’t have admitted him. His body was slender and tight, but well defined, his abs on perfect display in the pose he’d struck with his hands behind his back. Just then, he shifted on the bed, his hips restlessly moving, even as his eyes sought Bray’s.

Bray inhaled deeply, the intoxicating smell of the omega invading his system. It was rich, heavy, pure sex, and it went straight to his cock. God, the guy smelled good. Bray had never smelled anything like him, so hypnotizing.

“What’s your name?” he asked, forcing himself to go through the motions and not jump on him instantly.

“Check the sheet,” the omega said, his voice thick with want and his body shaking.

Bray nodded, understanding that talking was becoming hard for the omega, about to be overwhelmed by his heat. He rushed over to the dresser where, as usual, a piece of paper was ready for his signature. Omegas prepared this beforehand and alphas had to read it and sign it before doing anything else, then slide it under the door for the club’s attendants to find it. It was a safeguard for everyone, so limits and expectations were well-communicated when both parties could still give full consent.

He read through it quickly, in a hurry to get things going. That smell was making his cock leak in his pants, for fuck’s sake. Maybe he’d been more desperate for a fuck than he’d realized if this omega had such a strong effect on him.

The omega wanted to stay anonymous, he saw. Not unusual in cases like this, but more than fine with him. At least the guy wouldn’t expect roses and Valentine’s Day dinners after. Plus, it was a safeguard in case of a pregnancy, so omegas couldn’t demand custody payments and alphas couldn’t claim parental rights.

The omega had also requested plain vanilla sex, which made sense if he was in heat. Many omegas weren’t clear-headed enough to use their safe words if they needed to, so the club didn’t allow heavy scenes during a heat. This omega had asked for no scene at all, just oral and penetrative sex. Bray’s smile widened. His night just kept getting better.

He signed the paper and hurried over to the door to slide it back to the club’s attendants, who would put it on file. Out of habit, he checked to see if the camera was on. It was an unmonitored feed that would never see the light of day unless one of the parties claimed something happened. The club kept it stored for ninety days and after that, it would be destroyed. It was another safeguard for all parties involved that Bray appreciated.

Behind him on the bed, the omega moaned. “Alpha…”

Bray peeled himself out of his leather pants, wishing he’d worn something he could take off faster. Finally, he was free and he dropped his pants on a chair in the corner. God, the boy was beautiful, he thought as he made his way to the bed. Wavy brown hair, stunning blue eyes, and a body that begged to be worshipped. But more than anything, his smell got to Bray, invading his every cell. He wanted to own him, bury himself inside him and not let go.

In wordless invitation that showed his growing desperation, the omega stretched out his arms to Bray. “Please, alpha, please. I need your cock.”

Bray smiled at him. He would do perfectly. “I’ve got you,” he said.

He rolled on a condom and lowered himself on the bed, not wasting any time with niceties, but positioning himself right on top of the gorgeous boy. His cheeks were flushed with heat and his eyes glazed over as he pulled up his legs and canted his ass, inviting Bray in. He found his entrance, dripping with slick heat, and eased in. It sucked him right in, this perfect, greedy ass, and Bray didn’t linger. Within seconds, he was in balls deep, and he threw his head back and let out a deep alpha-roar.

When he stumbled out two days later, he could barely walk from exhaustion and his cock smarted, but he was happy as a clam. That kid had been the single best fuck of his life—an insatiable, horny, greedy piece of ass who’d even tried to boss Bray around when Bray got too slow for his wanton little hole. It was adorable, though Bray would never tolerate that in a mate. But who needed a mate when you could find a perfect lay like this at the club?

Romance was overrated.



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