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Chapter 1





I stood in front of the window of my apartment that looked out over the mass of buildings in New York thoughtfully, trying to forget that I had a job interview in two hours. I’d been a freelance photographer for five years but needed something steady now that my sister was leaving. Priscilla was getting married in six months and decided to move in with her fiancé next week. I needed a consistent paycheck coming in to cover the rent on this old building. I couldn’t afford to move even though the agency where I’d be interviewing at was a couple trains away.

I turned and walked through the tiny living room, avoiding the boxes that were stacked against the wall. I needed to get dressed and leave so I’d be there a bit early. I wanted to get a feel of the office and the area. I stood in front of my closet and looked over the minimal selection of clothes, choosing a black pencil skirt and white blouse. I pulled a vintage blazer that still had some class to it. I thought it might make me look professional and edgy at the same time given that I was applying at a top modeling agency.

I already applied light makeup and twisted my vibrant red hair in a low chignon at the base of my neck. I looked in the mirror to check my appearance and sighed, already missing the days of self-employment. I could be comfortable there and wasn’t sure how that would go at the agency.

Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to wear skirts like this.

I slipped my feet into the red-bottom shoes that Silla gave me for today, rolling my eyes. Jake adored her and since he worked at a major investment firm, spoiled her. She got these a couple of weeks ago for a company party. They cost more than the laptop I used for my solo work. I admired my long legs for a moment in the mirror, admitting that they made me look good.

I donned the blazer and headed downstairs to the street to make my way to my first train. It was just going into Fall and I knew that it would be chilly soon. That was why I was going to enjoy this fresh air so much. I walked carefully down the sidewalk and forced positive thoughts into my head. There were always a lot of people on the streets and I smiled as I blended in with them, breathing slowly.

Two trains and an hour later, I was walking towards the gorgeous building. It featured several windows that appeared to have a mirror like appearance and rose high into the air. It was taller more than it was wide but still offered generous space for the companies that used it. The building was beautiful, and I glanced around at the intersection as I waited to cross. The sound of voices and horns filled the air as I thought back to my childhood in my small home town in California.

This was so different, but I still felt the girl that learned about life there. It was there that I became interested in photography and my sister that convinced me to move to the city when our father passed away. I had to give credit to my life in Linden. I came back to Earth as someone shoved into me, forcing me to move forward with the crowd.

I separated myself and headed to the large doors to my possible future job, walking inside as I looked around. It was modern and spacious in here with a large reception desk and a cute coffee cart along with some leather couches. I thought I even saw a little cafe across the floor and smiled. I walked to the big desk that two beautiful women were helping people and smiled as one looked me over with her ice-blue eyes. “Can I help you?”

“My name is Delila Jones and I have an interview at the Mason Agency.” I offered as she arched a perfect brow.

“That is located on the top floor. Floor nine.” She told me as I nodded and glanced around. “The elevator is around the corner.”

“Thank you.” I said sincerely as she gave me a fake smile. Her eyes lifted, and I glanced behind me to see a stunning man walking confidently to the bank of elevators with his head held high. He had wavy dark hair and olive skin and had to be well over six feet tall. I appreciated the view and turned to glance at the woman who was now looking like she wanted to jump over the counter and chase him down. She smirked at me as if I didn’t have a chance in hell with a man that looked like that. She might be right, but I wasn’t a fan of the cold way she gazed at me. I hurried away and walked to the elevators, scanning the small crowd to see that the man was gone. The way that my body reacted to him was not.

I hadn’t felt a spark like that since dating my ex Liam a few months ago. He was like one of those statues that looked perfect all the time. We dated for three months and it was hot and wild. It ended when he decided to move on to someone new, but I felt the sharp pain of the breakup. I was not ready for it to end. He was.

I stepped onto the massive car to my left and scooted against the wall as my stomach knotted up. I was used to dealing with my own clients on a casual level. This was going to give me an anxiety attack. I reminded myself that I had a great portfolio and experience. I had so much to offer the Mason Agency.

I kept telling myself that as I approached the desk in the middle of the large room and was pleased to find that those women were much more pleasant. Pleasant but still gorgeous. Of course, they were. It was a modeling agency. The brunette directed me to some chairs and told me that Michael Mason would be out for me in a few moments. She offered me something to drink, and I declined, smiling and making my way to the seats. It didn’t go unnoticed that there were a few hot guys walking around as well and I took in the scenery as I waited.

“Miss Jones?” I heard a smooth male voice and looked up, blinking as I took in the man that had been heading to the elevator in the lobby. His eyes were a smoldering green, and I felt my mouth dry up as I stared at him. “You are Delila Jones. Correct?”

“I’m sorry. I am. Yes.” I forced myself to stand and keep my legs steady as he looked me over. “Mr. Mason?”

“I am Michael Mason. I own the agency. Come to my office.” He looked into my eyes and gestured for me to follow him. I complied, taking a small look at his perfect ass before looking ahead of him. He walked all the way to the end of a long hallway and turned right into an open door. I licked my stained pink lips and followed, pretending that the man that was interviewing me was not hot as hell.

He took a seat behind a large, cherry wood desk and took me in again. “Have a seat.” I slipped into a black leather seat and set my purse on the ground, trying to calm my racing heart.






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