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Antecedent by DL Gallie (1)



…Six months earlier


My name is Nathaniel “Nate” Winters. Life in London is tough for a guy like me, but when you have the woman of your dreams in your life, and a love like we do, nothing and no one can bring you down. I’m proud to say that I, Nate Winters, love Bailey Beckett with all my heart and for all eternity. I’ve been in love with her since the moment my eyes landed on her.

It was a Saturday morning in mid-November of 1911; she was strolling along the river with her father. That moment will forever be cemented in my memory: her green eyes sparkled in the morning sun, her long chestnut brown hair shining and blowing in the light autumn breeze. When our eyes finally met, time stood still. Everything around us faded away. She was it for me. I knew in that moment, with that one look, I had to have her.

It was another three weeks before I saw her again, and just like the first time my eyes landed on her, those same feelings washed over me again. This time, I manned up and made my move. Chugging back what was left of my beer, I slammed my mug on the table and walked over to her. As soon as I was standing in front of her, I became a bumbling fool. “Hhh…hi!” I stammered like an idiot.

She looked me up and down. The air around us became thick and clammy. Her gaze heated my skin, setting me ablaze with each pass. Her eyes eventually landed on mine and with a sultry smile, she sexily replied, “Hello.” Never had one word held so much passion or sounded so erotic. We never got to start a proper conversation because her father came marching over. “Bailey, it’s time to go,” he growled, eyeing me with disdain.

Bailey, I thought to myself, what a beautiful name. Mustering up the courage, I reached out and grabbed her wrist. Ever so gently, I squeezed and with a smile, I said, “See you soon, Bailey.”

Her eyes were locked with mine, her stare penetrating deep into my soul. Peeking out slowly, her tongue darted out and licked her lip, before she gently bit down. A guttural groan slipped from me; what I wouldn’t do to have her tongue do that to me. With a smirk she replied, “I look forward to it.” Leaning towards me, her lips grazed my cheek for a fleeting kiss. A spark zapped between us, jolting us apart. Lifting my hand, I held the spot where her lips had just been, and I couldn’t help but smile. She placed her finger to her lips, and ever so seductively, she ran the tip over her plump bottom lip, biting down on her finger. My eyes watched the movement of her finger and again I groaned. My cock twitched in agreement. This girl was fucking gorgeous and I would do anything to get to know her. Lifting my eyes to hers, I raised my eyebrows suggestively. She giggled and it was the most magical sound I had ever heard.

We stood there, in the middle of the bar, staring at one another. Our eyes were locked solely on one another; it was as if we were in a trance. The moment was broken when her father bellowed, “Now, Bailey!”

She whispered with a shy smile and wave of her fingers, “Bye.” Turning her back on me, she followed her father out of McLaren’s Bar. My eyes followed her as she floated across the floor in an angelic manner. When she reached the door, she glanced back over her shoulder at me and winked, just before the door slammed closed behind her. McLaren’s is now my new favourite place to drink, I thought to myself, as I stood staring at the door with a goofy grin on my face.

A hand slaps me on the back, hard, and with a laugh Archie declares, “Dream on, dude.” Pausing to take a sip of his beer, he continues, “There is no way in hell that you will land a lass like Bailey Beckett.” My best mate Archibald “Archie” Calhoun sneers, as he hands me another pint.

“I beg to differ, Arch. Bailey will be mine. I feel it in my bones,” I confidently say, as a vision of her hazel eyes appears before me, and once again I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat.

“Let’s agree to disagree, Nate,” he replies as he chugs back the rest of his pint, slamming the empty mug down on the table. As he opens his mouth and loudly belches, with a smug smile on his face, he declares, “Your shout, Nathaniel.” Rolling my eyes at the use of my full name, I turn towards the bar and order another round of drinks, my eyes drifting back to the door, in hope that my angel will reappear.

Over the next few weeks, Bailey and I continue to bump into one another, and what started out as playful, fun flirting turns into something passionate, emotional, raw, and extremely sensual. Bailey is a little minx and I am addicted. Her father has made it known, many times, that I am not good enough for his daughter. He clearly does not know his daughter like I do; the more he forbids us to see one another, the more she will go out of her way to see me. My Bailey is strong-willed, and knowing his disdain for me, she goes out of her way to throw our growing relationship in his face. The more time I spend with her, the more I fall for her, and her father will just have to deal with it. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants and mine wholeheartedly wants Bailey.



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