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Best Friend's Brother: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (A Man Who Knows What He Wants Book 63) by Flora Ferrari (1)






She was the only one for me.  Nobody else.  Not now.  Not ever.


I feel my pulse quicken and those recurring thoughts of having a family with her fill my head.


She was the reason I was here today.  She was the reason I did everything I did these days.  As a U.S. Federal Marshal it was my job to track people down, but the person I wanted to track down more than any other was her.


Make her mine.  Forever.


But she didn’t know it…yet.


I move my hips to the left and then to the right readjusting myself on the park bench at the amusement park in Anaheim, California.  I grab my pants in the thigh area and try and slide them down.  They’re bunching up in the groin area and I just can’t get comfortable.


That’s what happens whenever I look at her.  Shoot, whenever I just think of her.  I get a raging erection instantly and I can never seem to get rid of them.


My cock wants inside her, possessing her, making her mine for good.  This is beyond my control now.  My body is calling out for her…the physical part of me just as hungry for her as the mental part of me.


But this desire, this obsession, is so much more than sex.  I want her to be my wife…the mother of my child.  The first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see every night.


And those nights will be filled with baby making.  And not just the nights.  I want her anywhere and everywhere.  Any time of day or not.  I can’t get her off my mind and I don’t want to in the first place.


I imagine that stomach of hers getting bigger and bigger as the weeks pass as my child grows bigger inside her.  Our child.  The life we’ll create together.


Ours…not this douchebag who’s moving in closer to her.  What in the hell does he think he’s doing?  And apparently he’s not alone in his stupidity.


“She can’t do anything if I grab her ass.  They have to be nice to customers,” he says in hushed tones like the little sissy he is.  Real men speak when they need to and when they do they don’t hide their words from anyone.


He must be some tourist here for the day thinking he can grab the ass of the girl who’s dressed up as Snow White here at the amusement park.  But this isn’t any girl.  This is my girl.


And even if it wasn’t I’d still put him in his place.  You don’t treat women like that, and especially not my woman.


My abs tighten and my muscles flex as I’m up off that park bench real quick.


“Wait until she turns her head to take a picture with that kid,” one of his stupid buddies says.


“Photobomb,” the other says with so much excitement it’s practically like he’s going to wet his pants or something.


What happened to the real men these days?  These guys are like twenty-five years old.  They’re huge dudes, the size of professional football players, but they’re behavior shows how small they are inside.  Six foot three or so on the outside, but not exactly emotionally balanced giants when it comes to dealing with others.


But as big and as strong as they are they don’t compare to me.  I’m six foot five inches and two hundred and fifty five pounds of muscle with below ten percent body fat.  If I hit you you’re gonna feel it.  You’re better off getting run over by a train, at least that’s what the last fugitive said when I took him down.


I close the distance between us and right when he extends his arm towards her my hand shoots out grabbing him by the forearm and spinning him back my way.


I’m face to face with him now, breathing my hot breath on this hot summer’s day right in his grill.


“Next time you wanna grab something, reach down and grab for your nuts and remember that a real man doesn’t act this way,” I say.


“Hey, let go of him,” one of his buddies say.


I keep my grip on the first guy and turn to the second.  “What’d you say there…dopey?”


“I…I…said, if you let him go we’ll leave.”


“I’ll let him go when I’m ready to let him go.  And if you don’t shut the fuck up you’re next.  And next time my hand won’t be grabbing.  It will be connecting with your face.”


The guy takes a step back.


I see the flash go off out of the corner of my eye and hear Sadie’s sweet voice as she speaks with the child she just took a photo with.


“Tell Snow White thank you,” the little girl’s mother says.


“Thank you, Snow White,” the little girl says.


I turn and see Sadie kneel down and give the little girl a hug.  “You’re welcome, sweetheart!” she says.


Yeah, she’s the perfect woman to make the mother of my child…not that I needed any convincing but the sight of this moment can make even the biggest man feel things he didn’t know he was capable of feeling.


“What’s going on over here?” a voice says and I hear the footsteps of park security surrounding us.


“You were just escorting these grabby pricks out,” I say.




I turn and see one of the park security guys is someone I know.  He used to work with me at the Marshal's Office but took a more relaxed job here so he could have more time with his family.


I thought he was crazy at the time, but now I completely understand.  Family always comes first.


“Tony,” I say nodding to him.  I quickly fill him in on what just happened and Tony and his team show those troublemakers the exit.


I turn my attention back to Sadie, who’s just shaking her head in disbelief.


She huffs and puffs and then storms my way grabbing me by my forearm and we duck behind one of those toss the ring on the bottle game booths.


The touch of her skin on mine practically hypnotizes me.  I’m not one to be pulled in any direction, ever, but when it comes to her I’d go anywhere and do anything.


And that includes making her mine and putting a baby inside her.