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Billionaire Bachelor: Sean (Diamond Bridal Agency Book 7) by Melissa Stevens, Diamond Bridal Agency (1)

Chapter 1

Dear Mr. Callahan,

After careful consideration of your needs, and evaluation of the options available, the Diamond Bridal Agency is pleased to inform you that a bride has been located who matches your unique requirements. All communications have been kept private, as is our policy. Communications from the agency will cease after this missive and we request, for the security of our other clients, that you destroy this message after reading it.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. To comply with your request for haste and privacy, your bride will arrive on the 15th day of July, via private jet to William P. Hobby Airport. Please do not hesitate to contact me should there be any issue with your bride. Her name is Sabrina White and she understands the stipulations of the contract.


Mrs. Alveda Creed, Diamond Bridal Agency.

Sean sat at the bar in his kitchen sipping his coffee as he read the letter a second time. He’d been on a job site in Florida for nearly a week and had arrived home to a stack of mail late last night. He was just getting a chance to go through it when he’d noticed the unique, hand written envelope in the pile. He’d opened it first. He blinked and yawned then picked up his phone and checked the date. Fuck. July 15th was today.

Picking up his phone, he sent a message to Harriet, his assistant, to investigate private flights landing today from Dallas, where the headquarters of Diamond Bridal Agency was, then picked up the letter again and read it one more time. The only detail he had about his bride to be, or he could call her his fiancée, was a name. Sabrina White — assuming it was her real name — neither name was unique enough to give him much hope, but using his phone again, he put the name into Facebook and hit search. After scrolling through four screens of faces he gave up. With nothing more than a name, there was no way to guess which might be the right one, if she even used the social media site. The only reason he did was for business purposes. Not just advertising, but also checking out possibly employees and clients.

He finished his cup of coffee while sorting through the stack of mail, throwing away the junk and setting other things aside to be dealt with later. With that done, he poured another cup and took it with him to the bedroom to get dressed. His day had been busy before and just got busier. He’d put off meeting with clients for the last two weeks, while he sorted out problems at different construction sites in three states, and people were not going to be happy at being delayed even more. By the time he was ready to leave, Harriet had messaged him back. The only flight from Dallas scheduled for today would land in a little over an hour.

Sean called Harriet, had her cancel everything she could and postpone anything that couldn’t be canceled until this afternoon. It wasn’t ideal, but it would have to do. He’d ask Sabrina when he met her if she wanted to have a wedding and invite people or make it a private ceremony. Either way, they’d have three days to get it set up. It wasn’t something they had a choice in. It was Texas state law. If he’d received the letter sooner, special arrangements could have been made, but it was too late to bemoan that now.

Instead of walking the block and a half to the office like he normally did, he had the valet get his truck. He headed to the airport instead. He’d considered hiring a limo and trying to get some work done on the drive, but decided he didn’t want to. He wanted the distraction of driving to keep his mind on track, and not coming up with every possible thing that could go wrong.