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Blood Dusk: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Sons of Midnight Book 1) by Blaire Valentine (2)

















Satine was what we in the business called a psychotic bitch. She'd always been something of a loose cannon and her thirst for dick knew no bounds. The only thing stronger than that was her thirst for blood. Most of the time I had no problem with her throwing herself at me. I'd never given in. Fucking a succubus was a bad idea even if their powers wouldn't work on you. I mostly just avoided her when I could and tried to keep the peace when I couldn't avoid her.

But hurting Mia was the last straw.

Last time I'd seen her that long curly hair had only reached her shoulders and she had a little less ass. She'd been beautiful then, but she'd really come into her own as she'd grown. She looked more confident. She looked strong.

Fuck, I'd thought she couldn't possibly be as hot as I'd remembered. She was hotter.

Shit, she was going to be looking pretty dead if I didn't get her the fuck out of here in the next few minutes.

I looked up at Satine and snarled.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I asked. Satine took a step towards me.

"I could ask you the same thing. You know Mitch, the boss doesn't mind us keeping pets but you certainly chose badly here," she gave Mia a withering look, "I'll find you a nicer girl. What do they call that again? Resting bitch face? I'll find you one without the resting bitch face and with bigger tits and we can forget about this little mess."

She stroked her arm and the wounds I'd left healed in almost an instant. Shit, since went did Satine have healing powers? That wasn't exactly part of the typical succubus repertoire.

"What is all this? The plane traveling, the healing? Where did you get this shit? I know you didn't learn it yourself," I said. She shrugged.

"I guess I'm doing pretty well at work. You get more perks as you get promoted," she smiled down at Mia, "won't be long now. Her breathing has gone weird."

I dove onto my knees and grabbed Mia. Satine wasn't lying. Her breathing was erratic and desperate like she was trying to suck the air back into her lungs to no avail.

"Send us back now," I demanded, though I was shaking. I'd just found her after all these years. I couldn't let her die. Not like this. I'd hurt her enough already.

"You're serious."

"Yes. Please, Satine. Take back my gift," I said. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. All of these years working, doing horrible things were all in the name of protecting my gift. To think that I would give them up for a woman sounded crazy.

Satine was so taken aback that it worked.

"You can take her if you must, but the Don will hear about this. You can be sure of that. I hope she survives the journey back."

Suddenly we were back in the alleyway and the man, that pathetic loser who'd been sucked in by the supernatural nympho was slumped against the bin. Dead as disco.

That wasn't my problem. You see a few too many dead bodies and you just don't care anymore. Unless they belong to someone you love. I didn't love many people anymore.

Mia remained passed out in my arms, but her chest rose and fell gently so I knew she was alive. A man emerged from the shadows where he'd seemingly been taking a piss. He looked at the unconscious woman in my arms and gave a low whistle.

"Five hundred," he said, eying her bare legs.

"What?" I said, but I knew exactly what he was asking me. I just wanted to make sure. He narrowed his eyes.

"Come on. Five hundred is a lot and she doesn't look like she's a virgin. I'll be quick and I won't go near her ass," he said. I put Mia down gently and stood up. I looked up at the waxing moon and roared at the top of my lungs. The man looked on in horror as I transformed. The silver fog slipped away from my vision and there I was on all fours, growling and snarling at him.

I wanted to take his throat. I'd done it before, for pay mostly but sometimes for pleasure. I'd met some shitty fucking people in my line of work. It was as easy as gutting a chicken and humans deserved it more often than chickens did. I lunged towards him with saliva flying from my canine jaws and he screamed like a little girl as I pinned him to the ground. My wolf form must have weighed nearly triple my human weight. I felt his bones crunch underneath my paws. That noise mixed with his screaming was like music to my ears.

Suddenly I could smell musk and old books. It was something I could only smell in my wolf form and even then it was faint. The unmistakable scent of the vampire. My vampire.

My roommate and best friend Damon was standing in front of us. He was a good guy and he'd come to help me. His raven black hair was tied back in a loose bun and he wore black head to toe as always. He had the good looks and brown eyes of a Korean Rockstar and complexion of a Norse god. He smiled, revealing his pearly white fangs.

I couldn't speak when I was in my wolf form but Damon and I had an understanding. A symbiotic relationship if you will. It was impossible not to hear what he was saying when you paid attention. What he was telling me now was loud and clear.

"I'm hungry," he said.

I gave a little nod and backed off the crying coward at my feet. He had just enough time to get to his feet but it was already too late for him. I'd made myself clear to Damon, even in my wolf form.

Take him. And make it hurt.

Faster than fast Damon surged forward and pinned the bastard against the wall. He hissed before sinking his teeth into his neck. His screaming was loud at first but faded down into whimpers and then into silence. The poor fucker. All he'd wanted to do was rape an unconscious woman. On second thoughts, he deserved it. He deserved worse if you asked me. The idea of that bastard laying a finger on this girl made me sick.

I watched my best friend feeding and gradually felt my pulse lowering. Fuck, this was going to be hard to get used to. For the last few years, I'd been able to fully control my shifting in exchange for complete loyalty to the Don. It had seemed worth it at the time but I'd learned pretty quickly that there was a huge price to pay. As of tonight, I'd pretty much cut my ties.

As if it would be that easy.

Damon turned to me and wiped his mouth as the corpse fell to the ground. His eyes fell to Mia and he looked up again with an eyebrow raised.

"Who is the hot girl?"

"This is her," I said, "This is the girl who's going to save our asses"

I hoped that I was right.



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