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Breaking The Mold: A Club Irons Novel (Irons Series Book 4) by Drew Sera (1)

July 2011


“I can’t wait to see you this weekend, princess,” J.P. said as I packed a few items that I had sitting out on my bed.

“I’m looking forward to it as well. Will we be going to Irons again this weekend?” I asked him.

“Yes, of course. But there’s something important that I want to talk to you about as well, princess.”

Oh? I sat down on my bed as my mind raced with possibilities. J.P. and I have been spending every other weekend with one another. I’ve been driving out to Vegas since my schedule is wide open. Being an author, I have that freedom. He’s been taking me to his dungeon and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s been such an eye-opening experience and even though he hasn’t wrapped me up in rope and fed that curiosity of mine, he certainly has taken care of my sexual needs.

“Don’t worry, Amy. It’s nothing bad but it’s something that I prefer to discuss in person,” his sexy voice filled my ears.

“Okay, if you say that I have nothing to worry about, then I won’t.”

We stayed on the phone while I finished packing and then J.P. pulled me in a direction that I love him to pull me in.

“Now that you’re all packed, lie down,” he instructed.

Eagerly, I went to my bed and got comfortable.

“Are you wearing a bra?”

“No, I was getting ready for bed soon.”

“Reach under your shirt and roll one of your nipples between your thumb and index finger.” I did as his voice commanded and was surprised how my nipples were already aching points. “Now pinch it, hard.” I gave it a little pinch and soon heard J.P.’s laughter. “Amy, if you were pinching that nipple hard, I would have heard your sweet little whimper by now.”

“I –”

“Pinch it, Amy.”

I closed my eyes and pinched it until a sound escaped my mouth. J.P. let out a content sigh and then laughed lightly.

“I’m so glad you are amused and found excitement in that,” I teased him.

“Slip that pretty little hand down in your panties and tell me if you’re wet.”

I narrowed my eyes and was ready to prove him wrong. To my surprise, I was wet.

“Wet, princess?” he asked. His tone told me that he already knew the answer.

“Yes,” I confirmed.

“Push your finger in that wet slit of yours…now drag those juices over your clit…tell me how it feels.”

“Swollen.” I had to clear my throat because it was surprisingly dry when I went to speak. This made him laugh, of course. “Good, princess. Normally, I’d like to make you come while we’re on the phone and I’d tell you to fill up that pussy and ass with toys before bed. But tonight, I don’t want you to come.”

“You don’t?” I asked. I was disappointed because I felt like I needed to come.

“No, Amy. I want you to ache with need during your drive here tomorrow. I want your clit to scream at you as the seam from your jeans presses against it while you’re in the car. So, in the morning, I still want you to touch yourself before getting out of bed, but you will not come. Understand?”


“What time are you going to wake up tomorrow?”

“I have the alarm set for 5:00 a.m.”

“Set it for 4:45 a.m. and call me. I want to hear you, okay?”

“You want to hear me, or you want to hear me in pain?”

His gentle laugh made me smile.

“Both, princess.”

When I hung up the phone with J.P., I quickly called Samantha to go over a few quick book things.

“Well hello, Ms. Andrews,” Samantha greeted me.

Every now and then Samantha would get formal on me.

“Good evening, Mrs. Kelly.

“Ew, that makes me sound so old. Okay, I won’t keep you long because I know you’re getting ready for your beauty sleep. You’ll have a great time running off to play with the sexy sadist in the desert. I’ll handle the social media stuff this weekend and I don’t have you scheduled for anything. I want you to enjoy your time but please, please promise me that you will try to write the blurb for Dark Spell.”

“Yes, I promise. J.P. has to work four hours on Sunday, so that will be the perfect time for me to sit and concentrate on the blurb.”

“Thank you. Please have fun, Amy, and remember, don’t let him push you into trying something you might not be ready for.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Is that one of your blanket warnings? You know, you could have just left it at ‘please have fun, Amy.’”

Samantha’s laughter boomed in my ear.

“True. I could have.”

I shook my head and laughed before getting off the phone with her.

I was awake before the alarm clock went off at 4:45 a.m. As I waited for the alarm clock to go off, my head was busy conjuring up what the weekend would hold. I knew I would be enjoying some earth shattering sex, but beyond that there was a new uncertainty that made butterflies dance in my stomach; J.P. wanted to talk to me about something.

Exactly what, though? It could be a variety of things.

I grabbed my phone and called J.P. and wasn’t surprised when he picked up on the first ring.

“Morning, princess.”

He had what I call a “morning voice.” It was soft, but deep and oh, so sexy.

“Good morning my romantic sadist.”

His laughter flowed into my ears.

“How are you this morning, J.P.?” I asked as my fingertips toyed with the waistband of my pajamas.

“Oh, I’m doing just fine, princess. I was just waiting for your call.”

“Well, here I am,” I teased.

“Good, now you can push those pajama pants and panties down and touch that naughty clit of yours,” he said.

I felt the heat flare on my cheeks as I did what J.P. instructed.

“Are you touching it, princess?”

“Yes,” I replied with closed eyes.

“Put your thumb on the left side and your index finger on the right. Now, roll that swollen nub between your fingers.”

I could feel the pressure building and let out a whimper.

“Ah-ah, no coming, princess. Hands away from that clit.”

“Aw,” I whined.

“No whining, princess. Or else I’ll have to punish you when you get here,” he laughed into the phone.

I stretched on the bed and smiled at his gentle, morning laughter. I was turned on and wanted to tease him a bit though.

“Mmm, and what would a punishment from my romantic sadist entail?” I inquired.

“Oh, princess. Remember, the heart and soul of me is a sadist. I literally get off on punishment and humiliation play,” he teased back.

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling as I thought of the stories he’s told me about punishment scenes he’s carried out. As I pictured myself wrapped in rope and being spanked by him, I felt my clit throb.

What does that mean?

Did that mean I want to be hurt?

I don’t think I like being hurt…but why am I soaked, swollen, and aching just at the mere thought?

“Still with me, princess?” J.P. asked, his tone sounding not so playful anymore. “I didn’t scare you, did I?”

“No, of course not. I was just thinking about some of the stories you’ve told me.” I sat up in bed and took a sip of water. “And as much as it has confused me, I’m wetter and my clit feels so swollen.”

I felt a little vulnerable from just airing that out casually over the phone. But I’ve grown to learn that there aren’t any topics that are too taboo.

“Amy, we’ll talk about this in person. I know you have a deep desire to experience bondage, but I also am very aware that you are very much a novice when it comes to many dynamics within the BDSM lifestyle. So, I’d like for a conversation of this magnitude to occur face to face.”

I nodded and glanced at the clock. I needed to start getting ready to get out on the road.

“Princess, on your drive I want you to think about how good you’re going to feel in a few hours as my cock stretches that ass of yours.”


I could feel my heartbeat begin to race as I pictured J.P.’s big hands on my hips as he fucks me. I couldn’t help myself and let my hands gravitate to my aching nipples.

“Mmm,” slipped out of my mouth.

“Princess, what are you touching?” he asked.

“I just rubbed my hands over my nipples.”

“Are they sore?”


“Good,” he laughed. “Get your sexy ass out of bed, put some clothes on and come on over.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said playfully.

“Drive safe, Amy. I want you to stop in Barstow and get something to drink.”

“I’ll pack something for the road so I won’t have to stop,” I suggested.

“That’s not the point, Amy. I want you to stop and get out of the car. Going into a convenience store will get you out of the car for a few minutes to stretch your legs and reduce tunnel vision.”

Oh, I get it now. It’s for safety.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll get out at Barstow and will text you when I’m there.”

“Thank you, Amy. Now get going and I’ll see you in a little while.”

As soon as we hung up, I raced to my bathroom for a quick shower. My clit ached badly as I ran the shower sponge over it. He knew exactly what he was doing by verbally teasing me. I’m sure by the time I get there that I’d nearly be begging for that cock of his. I spent a few extra minutes on my hair, hoping that it would still look okay by the time I arrived in Vegas.

I locked up the house and put my weekend bag in the trunk before hitting the road. As I got out on the open highway, I smirked as I noticed how some of the bumps and grooves in the road made my needy clit press annoyingly at my jeans.

“Of course,” I muttered. “He just knows everything.”

God, I couldn’t wait to see him again. It’d only been a few weeks since our last visit, but I was growing physically attached to him…and that thick cock of his.

I tried pulling my mind from the image of J.P.’s meaty cock and mentally ran through my list of things hoping I had remembered to pack everything. J.P. said to pack whatever clothing I was comfortable with. I packed a few dresses for dinner because whenever I go visit him, he always takes me out to dinner.

Being directed, or instructed what to do, or how to touch myself, was something very new for me. And I really liked it. I could see the lure or attraction to that kind of lifestyle that many submissives choose to live.

Not that I was submissive, or his submissive…at least I didn’t think I was. But, there was something inside of me that J.P. has stirred awake. I didn’t find myself pushing against his instructions during our phone play time. I never told myself to say “no” to him…but I rather enjoyed it when he took the lead. I’d never been with a man like J.P. He’s so commanding and confident and it was incredibly sexy to me.