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Captain Daddy by James, Bianca (1)

Chapter 1


All I wanted for my birthday was a chance to live a little, to get out from under Mom’s shadow and spread my wings. Was that so wrong? Mom is a bit, well very overprotective, but that’s not all down to her being some kind of brilliant parent. She’s no supermom, that’s for sure. No, it has to do with her own hang-ups and insecurities. She’s been like that for as long as I can remember and she’s no different with her latest, dashingly handsome and highly successful husband or ‘Number Three’ as she calls him to her friends. I call him Captain, because he’s an airline captain and quite the dashing pilot in his uniform, I must say. Anyway, the bottom line is that she doesn’t like me being too independent or spending too much bonding time with her new husband. She likes to keep me under her control and keep a very close eye on me.

Mom has never really had a career, unless you can call marrying successful, wealthy men a career. She’s been quite good at it, too. She managed to keep the last one for four years before he tired of her nonsense and hit her with divorce proceedings and the pre-nup he had her sign before they got married. The only competition she’s ever had to worry about has come from other women younger and prettier than her. Until now.

Now that I’m even prettier than her, or so people are always telling me when she’s out of earshot, she sees me as a threat to the secure little life she’s created for herself. Gone are the days when she’d try so hard to get me to like her procession of ‘men friends’ and have me spend time with them so we could all bond and get along together like some kind of bizarre, downsized Brady Bunch. I didn’t like any of them and I hated being forced to spend time with them, nearly as much as they seemed to hate having me around.

That was before Number Three, though. He’s different. In more ways than I can even begin to describe. He treats me like a real person, not some annoying brat who’s getting in the way of his time with Mom. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel really connected to him, like he understands me and takes me seriously.

Perhaps that’s why I find myself looking at him as if he’s not my stepdad sometimes. I can’t help it when he’s in his pilots uniform. He looks ever so commanding and he carries himself with such elegance and grace. With the bearing of a natural leader, it’s clear he’s a man used to being in charge of those around him and having his orders obeyed at all times. He doesn’t like it when I call him Captain, though. That’s my special, private name for him. I’ve never really felt comfortable calling him dad.



“But that’s so unfair,” I pleaded for what felt like the hundredth time.

“Life isn’t fair and it’s high time you learned that for yourself, miss.” Mom wasn’t in any mood to discuss it further, I could tell. She usually called me by my name, Erin, but whenever she starts calling me miss it’s time to abort the mission.

Mom and my stepdad, Dirk, said I could have pretty much anything I wanted for my birthday and I figured a holiday flying aboard my stepdad’s plane was the perfect present. I didn’t care where he was flying to, I just wanted to get away from mom for a while. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Apparently, Mom didn’t think it was such a good idea. I’m sure if she could have gone along, she would have been on board with it, pun intended. But I just knew that the idea of me being away for at least a week with my stepdad was the real showstopper. Not that I wanted her to come along, obviously, but even if I agreed to that, she couldn’t, anyway. She’d been waiting for weeks for the decorators to come and put her feminine stamp on what used to be Dirk’s bachelor pad. If she cancelled now, she’d have to wait months to get them back, assuming they’d even be willing to come back after being dicked around by my Mom. You see, Mom is all about appearances and she’d already told everyone who mattered in her stuck-up social circle that she was having the place redecorated and had a calendar full of social events locked in to show it off. Rescheduling wasn’t an option.

So that was it. The captain was flying away to places unknown and I was going to be trapped at home with Mom during my college vacation while the place stunk of fresh paint and new carpet. Not my idea of a vacation. Actually, I couldn’t think of anything worse.

Dirk tried to convince mom that sending me away on a holiday would do her and me good. He even offered to buy my ticket.

Mom said a very clear and resounding “no” to that idea. But Dirk’s suggestion gave me an idea of my own.



The officer guarding the crew walkway was a pushover.

“Can I see your crew papers, please Miss?” he asked, his hand outstretched toward me, as I approached.

“You must be new.” I looked him up and down, assessing him. He looked totally confused which, of course, was the whole idea.

“What’s that got to—”

“Now listen to me,” I interjected abruptly. “I don’t want you to get into any trouble, but the officer who usually mans this post knows I’m Captain Westwood’s daughter and he never stops me or asks for my papers. I don’t even have papers,” I waved my hand theatrically, “because I’m not technically crew. What part of that don’t you understand?”

Thanks to Google I knew the name of the ship’s captain. I just hoped he hadn’t been taken ill or something and been replaced at the last minute.

With that, I squared my shoulders, lifted my chin and walked right on past like I owned the ship. I was nearly sick with nerves but I managed to pull it off and merged with the flow of newly arrived passengers preparing for their cruise before the poor boy could even muster the courage to challenge me further. I almost flipped my little trolley case as I rushed to turn the corner but managed to keep it upright while still looking confident and in control, all while trying my best not to lose my balance in my high heels. I’d actually done it. Score!

The problem was that this was as far as my detailed planning had taken me. Beyond this point, I was winging it.

I knew where the captain’s cabin was from the diagrams I’d found on the cruise company’s website. Even though the ship was huge, big enough to carry two thousand passengers and about nine hundred crew, I managed to find my way around the crew quarters well enough to not get lost. I felt quite chuffed with myself, actually, having gotten this far without any real hassles. Winging it was working.

That was the hardest part. Now all I had to do was find somewhere to hide until we sailed. Once we left the dock, it would be too late for anyone to send me back home, assuming I even got caught. Surely they would have to let me stay aboard.



To my surprise, the captain’s cabin was unlocked. I guess that made sense if he sent people there to wait for him for senior crew meetings and things like that while he was on the bridge driving the ship or whatever he did up there. Besides, the crew section was off the beaten path of the normal passenger sections and who among the crew would dare steal anything from the captain’s private cabin. I think everyone on board respected the captain and he sure commanded respect.

After a nerve wracking time sneaking away from the house, taking the bus to the docks and executing ‘Operation Stowaway’, I was exhausted. It would be hours before we were safely underway and the captain  would come back to the cabin, so I decided a nap would be the best thing for me. That way, I’d be fresh and alert, ready to blend in with the cruise crowd and work out a better plan for the duration of the cruise. I was anxious about that, but it was too late to back out now. I was committed to sailing around the islands and enjoying the sunshine, some Mai Tai’s and maybe getting to know some of those hot young sailors a bit better.



I must have dozed off. The last thing I recalled was grabbing a throw rug from the couch and a couple of pillows before making a nice, cozy little napping spot in the rather large closet, where I planned to hide. It smelled of captain in there. I awoke to the heady, spicy aroma of his aftershave blended with the smell of his soap, enveloping me in an exotic cocktail of masculine scent. Curled up among his clothes and breathing in his masculine odor, I began to wonder what kind of guy the captain was. He was a lot older than me, that’s for sure. Maybe even older than Number Three. The photo on the website made him look quite mature and debonair, authoritative and dashing with just a hint of crow’s feet near his gleaming emerald eyes and a wisp of grey around the temples.

Quite suddenly, the cabin door flung open and the captain’s majestic frame filled the doorway, blocking the sunlight that reflected off the ocean. I could see him quite clearly between the slats in the closet door. After allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the cabin, he pulled the door shut and locked it before flicking on the light switch. Now I could see him in his uniform. He looked magnificent. Broad shoulders, capped with his captain’s epaulettes gave him a very commanding presence. He looked delicious in his uniform and his narrow waist, accentuated by the tailored cut of his coat making him look downright sexy. Is it wrong to say that about a guy that age? It’s true, whether it’s wrong or not.

I don’t know if it was the effect the pheromones in his closet were having on me or the fact that my own hormones were urging me to think more frequently about what it would be like to be taken for the first time, but looking at the captain, with his dominating posture and sexy uniform, all I could think of was how it might feel to share myself with him. I wasn’t sure how such a wicked and forbidden idea could feel so damn good, but it did. My stomach muscles tightened and I felt a stirring down there that was unfamiliar to me. I didn’t know what was happening, but it felt awesome and I didn’t want it to stop. My panties were starting to feel moist and I was fairly sure I knew what that was all about.



After he had showered, he came back into the main part of the cabin with only a skimpy towel wrapped around him. It was probably a full sized bath towel but his solidly built frame made it seem puny and small.

Oh my God! I thought as my eyes took in more near naked man than I’d ever seen before. Even between the slats of the robe door, there was no concealing the perfect specimen that stood before me. If I’d paid more attention during English Lit classes, I might have been able to come up with some appropriate words to describe what I was seeing. Words like statuesque and Greek God just didn’t capture the spirit of the man that stood before me. I could see why people used words like ripped and cut to describe guys with chiseled, athletic bodies. This captain was in awesome shape for a guy his age. He clearly spent a lot of his spare time at sea working out in what the cruise line brochure described as the ‘state-of-the-art’ gym.

I really hadn’t thought the whole ‘what do I do if I’m caught stowing away’ thing through. Here I was, hidden in his closet, watching him parade around his stateroom delectably naked, well … nearly naked. What was my big plan? Truth was, I didn’t actually have one. I think all planning ceased the moment I snuck on board and stowed away in his cabin. After that, there was not much of a plan at all, really.

As I started to think things through, a sickening realization struck me. I was in his closet. He was fresh out of the shower. He needed to get dressed. Suddenly, the closet seemed like the worst place to be hiding. By the time I joined all the dots, it was too late. The closet door swung open. I was so busy trying to work out what to do that I hadn’t even seen him approaching. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Where would I have gone? There was nowhere else to hide.

He stared at me, his mouth agog. I wasn’t the only one lost for words, obviously. But I had to say something.

“Hello,” I said wistfully.

Brilliant comeback line, said no one ever!

“What are you—”

“I’m so sorry,” I squealed. “Please don’t make me go back. I needed to get away from home. From my crazy mom. I wanted this vacation so badly but she wouldn’t let me come. I really need it. Please let me stay?”

When in doubt—beg. That seems to work with my mom’s boyfriends, anyway. Not so much with mom.

“But how did you get here?” He shook his head, still trying to come to terms with the fact that he had a young woman hiding in his closet.

“I took the bus.”

“No, I mean on board. Someone’s going to lose their job over this. You shouldn’t be able to get aboard without documentation.”

“I kind of said I was your daughter. I do this sort of thing all the time.” He looked at me with one eyebrow quirked. “I more or less blustered my way through and said he’d be in trouble with you if he made a fuss,” I went on to explain.

“So, what am I going to do with you, now?” He looked deep in thought, seemingly unaware that he was half naked and I was kneeling in front of him.

“Well, I could think of a few things,” I smiled and licked my plump red lips seductively.

I couldn’t go home. I just couldn’t. I had to try something, didn’t I?



“What the hell are you playing at young lady? What are you suggesting? I could lose my captaincy, hell, even my entire career over this.”

“That’s hardly my problem, is it? My name is Erin, by the way, Captain Westwood.” I replied with a cheeky tone.

Looking up at him, I gave him my best ‘innocent girl’ eyes before opening my mouth and tracing my tongue around the ‘O’ formed by my lips. I swear I saw something stir under his towel. Score!

The captain looked embarrassed. He didn’t know where to look. All I had to do was tug the edge of the towel a little and the skimpy thing would fall to the ground in an instant.

Bad idea, Erin. Don’t even

Right, like I could actually help myself. I blamed the hormones. Why else would I have acted so shamelessly? Hormones—that had to be it, right? I wanted, no…needed to see what was beneath the towel. It was as simple as that. I tugged the towel and it fell away, its fall arrested slightly by the rising penis that appeared to be trying to hide itself from my curious gaze.

He tried to grab the towel, but I’d caught him unaware and he was too slow and the towel pooled around his feet. Now I found myself looking directly at his beautifully formed penis as it came to attention going beyond the horizontal position as I stared at it in amazement.

Captain Westwood looked down at me, kneeling in front of him with his rigid cock inches from my face. If there was ever an image of a man torn between his primal urges and what was regarded as ‘proper’, then this was it, right in front of me. He was a study in contrasts in that moment.

I couldn’t help myself. I wanted, no, again…needed to know that he was thinking the same as me, so I reached up and touched the swollen tip of his gorgeous cock with the tips of my fingers. He made no move to stop me or pull away.

“That’s not really appropriate, Erin,” he said with absolutely no conviction whatsoever.

“Sorry, captain,” I said, looking at him with my best puppy dog eyes.

“Ah, I think you should call me Dirk. I’m not comfortable with you calling me anything else right now. You really shouldn’t be here. You know that, right? We’re both going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Me with the company and you with security, not to mention your mom.”

“Only of she finds out,” I suggested, “and we’re already underway, aren’t we? Isn’t it too late to put me ashore?”


“I can still come about and take you back to port.” But he showed no sign of doing so.

He also made no effort to retrieve his towel or cover his throbbing penis, which seemed to be quite comfortable with me and responded very positively when I looked at it. Of course, I was assuming that the twitching and pulsing was a positive response, I didn’t really know for sure, at the time. I was a fast learner, though.

I still don’t know how I was brave enough or what I was thinking, but my hand, almost with a mind of its own reached up and touched the shiny, bulbous head of Dirk’s penis, just to find out what it felt like. I’m not sure what surprised me more, the fact that it flicked away from my fingertips as it stood rigidly to attention or Dirk’s response when he grabbed me by the arm and started screaming at me.



“Stand up,” he yelled as he grabbed my arm roughly, hoisted me to my feet and dragged me toward the bed.

“If you want to behave like a disobedient child, then it’s time you were treated like one. I doubt you’ve ever been punished before in your life. Maybe that’s the problem with you. That’s the problem with all the little princesses I get aboard this ship.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong,” I pleaded, a little afraid of the captain for the first time since he opened the closet door. “I’m sorry. Whatever it is, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s too late for that,” he scolded. “It’s about time you learned how to behave.”

And with that, he sat on the edge of the bed and heaved me across his bare thighs, like a naughty child, ready to be spanked.

“What are you doing?” I whimpered, unsure if he was really going through with this or just bluffing to frighten me.

“Shut up!” he barked sharply as his hand slapped me squarely on the butt cheek.

“Ouch! That really hurt. Let me go.”

“Let you go? After what you’ve done? After the way you’ve behaved, like a dirty little slut? I don’t think so, princess.”

I felt my short skirt being lifted, exposing my bare behind which was hardly covered at all by the brand new pair of red Cheeky Panties I’d put on before I left home. Before I even had time to protest at being exposed like that, another slap landed sharply on my butt cheek, stinging like a bastard.

“What the fuck?” I screamed, not caring to be polite any longer and hoping the captain might care enough about someone hearing my screams to stop spanking me.

“This is what happens to naughty, slutty little girls who flaunt themselves like a little prick tease.”


“Fuck! That’s enough Dirk. Wait until I tell Mom about this. I swear I’ll tell.”


“And that’s for being a dirty little potty mouth. I don’t like profanity on my watch.”


“And from now on, don’t call me captain. You’re crew or paying passenger. They’re the only ones allowed to call me by my well-earned rank.”

“What do you want me to call you, then?” I whimpered.

Daddy. I want you to call me Daddy from now on.”

My ass was so sore. That last slap really hurt like a son-of-a-bitch but I bit down on my lip to keep from swearing again. Fuck, my ass was still stinging. Ouch!

And that’s when I first noticed it. I thought I was imagining it at first, and then I felt it again. There was no doubt about it. The Captain’s mast was standing to attention again and poking me in the stomach. Hard. What the …?

“And I’ll tell everyone about that, too, if you don’t stop right now.”

“Tell them about what?” His hand slapped my ass again and I felt him get even harder as I writhed in pain across his lap. He was actually enjoying spanking me. He was getting off on it.

“About what you’re jabbing me in the stomach with, for one thing.”

“And you want me to tell everyone how you snuck on board my ship and played Peeping-Jane while I was in the shower before ripping my towel off and trying to play with my cock?”

Well, when he said it like that, I guess I didn’t really have a leg to stand on, did I?

I knew what I had to do. I was in a mess and there was only one way out.

“Sorry Daddy.”

I had to play along.

Dirk let go of me and pulled me to my feet. When he stood, he stood in all his manly glory with his chiseled muscles accentuated by the light of the cabin reflecting from his still wet skin. He looked totally amazing, like some kind of hard core athlete, although I doubted too many of them were as well-endowed as the captain. I was awestruck. Looking at me, flushed from my spanking with my tank top pulled down exposing half my breasts and my skirt all askew, Dirk was awestruck by what stood before him, too.

It was wrong. I knew that. He knew it was wrong, too. But we both knew, in that moment, that there was only going to be one outcome to this. Nobody was going to tell anyone anything. Ever.



“Come to Daddy.” He beckoned with open arms.

I hesitated. I didn’t want to go to him. I wanted him to take me. Somehow, that made it seem more ‘right’ and something I could deal with better. It was wrong, either way, but being taken by him, for my first time, seemed far more exciting than just throwing myself at him like a wanton slut. I wanted him to work for it if he was going to plunder me and take my prize cherry. So I just stood there, brought my hand coyly to my mouth and sucked on my finger as I cupped one of my breasts with my other hand.

“You little…” With burning lust in his eyes, Dirk took two steps toward me, closing the gap in an instant and pushed me down on my knees as he reefed a handful of my hair and forced me to look eye-to-eye at the distended head of his raging cock.

I’d never seen anything like it. In fact, it was the closest I’d ever been to one and it was more impressive than I’d ever imagined. It was truly magnificent and I was hungry for it. He was hard and horny for me and that thought turned me on in ways I’d never even imagined before. I hadn’t felt that aroused before in my life, not even when I’d explored myself in bed at night while fantasizing about being with a guy in that ‘special way’.

Wrapping my hand around his fat shaft with its blue veins pulsing like a living beast, I gripped it firmly and began to stroke it firmly and deliberately, my hand stopped only by the enormous reddish purple head that crowned the massive shaft. As I looked up at him, Dirk tensed his stomach, flexing his abs as he rocked his hips back and forth to match the rhythm of my hand.

“That’s right, little princess, fist fuck Daddy’s cock,” he growled. His eyes blazed with desire as they met mine. There was no turning back now. Dirk wasn’t stopping. No way.

“Lick it,” he snarled, his voice urgent and needy.

I saw a shiny, clear drop of viscous fluid oozing from the wide open eye at the tip of his cock. My eyes met his as I pressed my tongue against the tip, taking his pre-cum in my mouth, making a show of enjoying the taste before swallowing. I smiled and said “You taste delicious, Daddy. I want more of you. I want to taste you.”

Dirk grunted like an animal as I knelt before him and he looked down at me swallowing his secretion like the come hungry little brat that I was fast becoming. The captain was working himself into a frenzy. Hearing and seeing him like that inflamed me with a lustful desire which threatened to burst from deep inside of me, where it had been growing from the moment The captain stepped out of the shower. I’d never given pleasure to a man before and it was far more exciting and intoxicating than I ever dreamed possible. I wanted to please him so badly. I would have done anything for him, in that moment. Absolutely anything. I just didn’t know what to do. I needed ho to guide me.



My hand looked so small, dwarfed by the monstrous looking cock that was growing by the second in response to my stroking. That’s all I knew to do, so I kept doing it because Dirk seemed to enjoy it. His cock sure did!

“Slow down, princess. You don’t want Daddy to finish too soon, do you?”

“No. You just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it,” I said, lessening my grip and slowing the pace of my stroking. “Will you guide me Daddy? I don’t know what to do.”

“Rake my balls with those beautifully manicured, red nails of yours,” he said more gently than he had spoken to me previously.

“Like this?” I asked as I ran the tips of my nails over his tightening sack. I hadn’t noticed the nail polish before, but now realized how sexy my fingers looked, wrapped around his fat, throbbing shaft. The money I spent on the bottle of OPI ‘Big Apple Red’ was really paying off.

He didn’t need to answer. I felt his balls tighten and his shaft pulse at my touch. I felt like I was made for this, like I was in some kind of zone where everything was working perfectly.

“Wrap your gorgeous lips around the head and look up at me so I can look in your eyes and see how much you enjoy taking me in your mouth.”

The bulging, shiny head of his cock was inches from my mouth, but I was hesitant. It looked huge and I was afraid I’d gag on it and ruin everything. I must have looked worried, like I wasn’t going to comply because the next thing I knew, I felt Dirks large hand on the back of my head, pushing me toward his cock as he thrust his hips forward to close the gap even faster.

I hadn’t the time or the strength to do or say anything before I had to open my tiny mouth to receive the glistening tip of his cock. Tears stung my eyes. I wasn’t upset at all, but I felt like I was gagging, despite my best efforts to do it good for him.

“That’s it, princess, relax and it’ll get easier. I promise.” His lips curled into a smile as he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation I was giving him. I was trying to forget about the giant, throbbing knob being thrust down my throat by focusing on licking the underside of the head with the tip of my tongue. I was hoping he might like that.

“Oh! That’s so good. Oh my God, that’s good. You better stop before I blow my load in your sweet little mouth.” He pulled back, removing himself from my mouth. I was careful to keep my teeth out of the way. I’d never done this before, but I’d heard the slutty girls at college talking often enough to have picked up a few tips. Apparently, rule number one was no teeth.

The head of Dirk’s dick was wet with my saliva and it looked even tighter and shinier that it had before I sucked it. I was still amazed at how far I had swallowed it, but I must have done it right because his cock was responding like it wanted more. Seeing my saliva coating the swollen head and dripping from it looked disgusting, but so horny at the same time. I spat on his veiny shaft to lubricate it as I continued to stroke him with my hand.

“Do you want more, Daddy?” I asked, hoping he’d say yes. I wanted to please him and I wanted my first time to be with this commanding, alpha male. Someone strong and assertive, not like dweebs some of the other girls in college called their boyfriends. I’d never been so sure about anything in my life.

His hand was still on the back of my head and he fisted a handful of my hair, tilting my face toward his. I could see it in his eyes. He wanted to keep going. He was struggling to maintain control of his primal, animalistic urges.

“I want to. I so badly want to.” He shook his head as he regained his composure. “You don’t know how much I want to make you take me all the way until I can feel your tight throat around the head of my cock. I want to fuck your pretty little mouth until my balls burst and I empty a load of hot, creamy come into you.”

I was starting to feel wet between my legs at his filthy words. My stomach began to churn with arousal at the thought of him pleasuring himself in me in that way.

“And I’ll hold your head there and make you take every last drop of my hot fuck. I’ll pump you until you can’t swallow it anymore and I’ll watch it pour out of your mouth, down your face and chin and all over those stunning tits of yours.”

“I want that,” I pleaded. He made it sound so dirty and exciting. I wanted him to take me like that. I’d never wanted anything more. “Please. Let me be your little come guzzler!” I felt so dirty in that moment and I loved that feeling.



“Not yet.” His voice boomed with authority as he pulled me by the hair into a standing position.

I could feel his ramrod of a penis against my stomach, which was fluttering with nerves and arousal, all at the same time. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to give him my special gift and share myself with him for the first time. But I wasn’t on the pill and I didn’t know if he had condoms nearby or not. I was scared, but eager and excited at the same time.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. You know that, right? Your mother would would probably have me arrested!”

“She won’t find out. I won’t tell. I promise. Besides, I’m old enough to be legal, so she can’t call the police. Can she?”

“It’s still wrong. You’re young enough to be my—”

Daddy, don’t even talk like that,” I corrected him before he could say it and ruin the moment.

“You know what I mean. I should have had more control. I lost it when you looked at me like that and then started touching me. All the fantasies I’ve had through the years with the little rich girls flaunting themselves all over the ship came back to haunt me and I let my guard down.”

“Really, Daddy? You’ve thought about doing this with other girls?”

Dirk didn’t answer. His head lowered slightly, like he felt ashamed.

“I want you, too Daddy. It’s my first time but I want you to take me. Like you really want me. Like you said you wanted to fuck my throat but down here.” I slipped my hand down the front of my skirt and into my panties where I rubbed my bald, smooth pussy and touched my moist pussy lips for him, before raising my hands to his face so he could smell the juices of my arousal.

Roughly, he grabbed my hand and pressed it against his face, savoring the scent of my juices that had started to flow readily at the thought of having his splendid cock inside of me.

“You’re a dirty little one, aren’t you?” he growled menacingly. The animalistic urges had returned and I could see the hunger etched on his face. There was no denying it, now, no matter what words of shame came from his mouth. The lust that burned in his eyes said it all.

“Yes. I’m dirty for you, captain. Captain Dirk!” I yelled, defiantly, as if daring him to do it.

Daddy! You call me Daddy!”

“I’m yours Daddy. I want you to fuck me hard. Punish me for teasing you. Treat me like the dirty little whore you really want me to be!”

Dirk let go of my hand and spun me around by the shoulders so I that was facing his bed. With one hand on my upper back and the other grabbing a handful of my still tender butt, he pushed me down hard, so that I was bending over with my face against the mattress. Next, I felt my legs being pushed apart as he thrust his knees between them and forced them open.

“That’s right, Daddy. Show me what you’ve been fantasizing about doing to me.”

By now, I was dripping wet, I was so excited. Although I’d never been with a man before, this is what I always imagined. Someone strong and dominant. Someone who knew what he was doing and knew exactly what he wanted. A real man who took what was his and didn’t dick around like he didn’t know what he was doing. Dirk was a real man and I was loving him being in charge.

Two large, strong hands rubbed my butt firmly before I felt thumbs hook the elastic of my soaked panties and start to pull them down. I lifted one leg at a time so Dirk could thread my high heels through them and within seconds, his expert hands had me pantie-less with my bare ass on view to him for the first time.

He must have liked it because the next thing I knew, his dick was nestling lengthways between my ass cheeks like a hotdog in a bun. With his hands on my cheeks, he used his thumbs to pull the cheeks apart until I could feel his thick shaft rubbing against my puckered opening. He was still wet from when I lubed him up with my spit and I have to say, despite it feeling so naughty to be touched there, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I pushed back toward him because I wanted to feel him against that naughty, tight hole and that brought a groan of sheer delight from Dirk.

“You want that Daddy?” I teased him with a seductive wiggle of my ass followed by a tight squeeze of my cheeks around his solid penis. “You want some of that forbidden tunnel?”

Dirk groaned again and slapped me on the ass, once more. “Don’t tempt me. I’d split that tight ass of yours wide open if I did that.”

“I know, Daddy. You’re huge. You feel good there, though. I like feeling you there.”

Relaxing my cheeks, I released his shaft, allowing Dirk to slip his cock down to where the real action was. I felt his chest against my back, his tight, well-muscled torso felt powerful against my tender skin. At the same time, his twitching cock found its way between the slick, wet folds of my pussy, so I reached down to touch it and guide the head toward the entrance to my untouched opening. As I did, I couldn’t help having a little play with my clit, like I’d tried to do in bed sometimes, but always stopped because I knew it was wrong to pleasure myself. Mom had always told me that. Well…mom wasn’t here now and I could do whatever I wanted. And it felt good!

“You feel good there, too. Do you like how I feel, Daddy?” I asked, needing reassurance.

“You’re perfect, princess,” he cooed. I felt him tremble as I pushed back, taking the head of his cock as far as my tight opening would allow. “Are you ready to take me? I’ll try to be gentle.”

“I’m scared, but I want you. I want you and I want to please you, too. Teach me.”

“Oh, you do please me princess. And I will teach you. Many, many things. Starting with this.”

With that, I felt a searing pain between my legs as he rammed the full length of his massive cock deep inside me.

“That’s a girl. You did it. That’s the worst part over. Does it feel okay now?”

“It hurts, but I like how you feel. I like knowing you’re inside me. Can you fuck me now? Like really fuck me, show me how bad you want me. That’s’ what I want. Please Daddy?”

One firm hand grabbed my ass and the other fisted a handful of my hair as Dirk started to piston his plentiful cock the full length in and out of my tender pussy. I loved it. I felt his balls swinging vigorously, his cock burying itself deep inside me and having my hair pulled at the same time seemed to heighten the whole experience in ways I couldn’t find the words to describe.

“Make me come, Daddy. Be the first one to make me come. Give it to me. Fuck me!” I screamed. No longer caring what I said.

Now he was pounding me relentlessly, slamming himself into me without regard to anything but his own animalistic pleasure. Hearing his primal grunts as our sweaty flesh collided with a wet, slapping sound pushed me toward the edge. I could feel something building up in the pit of my stomach and a fire spreading from my pussy. I didn’t know what was happening, but it started to cascade like a wave through my body and I felt myself quiver, all over, as I erupted with a mind blowing sensation like I’d never known before.

Involuntarily, I felt the muscle inside my pussy convulse around Dirks enormous cock that felt like it was going to tear me apart. It was so big now.

“That’s it, come on my cock. Show me how good my cock is. Show me how it makes you come like a horny little bitch!”

While I was still in the throes of my first orgasm, Dirk gave me one almighty slap on my ass as he let himself go and surrendered to his own mounting climax. I felt him swell and start to erupt deep inside of me. I did good for him. I wanted him to need me. I had to make his come a good one.

“That’s it!. You come, too. Come inside me. Let me feel your hot come in my tight, wet pussy. Show me how much you want me. Mark me as yours with your seed. Claim me Daddy!”

Just then, he buried himself to the hilt and I felt even more jets of his hot sperm spurting inside me as he groaned and shuddered. I did that for him. That was me and I was so proud of myself for pleasing him like that.



I felt safe in Dirk’s arms. The soft, rhythmic sound of his breathing was reassuring and comforting. I think he was asleep as I lay there wondering what would happen because he took me without any protection. Then again, I didn’t really care one way or another. It felt right being in the captain’s arms. The captain would look after me. I just knew it. This was going to be one fun vacation.


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