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Cardiac Melody: Music of the Heart by Angelica Dawson (1)

Chapter One

Precarious Positions


Curtis smiled at the red ass in front of him. Alexa agreed to come over on relatively short notice, and he couldn’t be more grateful. The long and difficult week made him eager to replace bad memories with good.

Alexa bent over his dining room table, ankles and wrists cuffed to canvas straps that connected them beneath it. Her nails scraped on the smooth surface as he spanked her again.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked, running his nails down her back and over her heated rear. He teased along her slit, opening her lips slightly, and then spanking again.

“Mmm, yes, sir. Yipe!” She enjoyed his treatment even though the pain was mounting. It was time to make her come again. Using his large headed wand, he stimulated her until she was writhing and then slipped his fingers into her pussy.

So wet and slick, he worried he wasn’t firm enough, that he should add more fingers. Alexa didn’t complain though, grinding into fingers and vibrator, her ass shaking.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes.”

“Yes, sir,” Curtis reminded her.

“Yes, sir,” she said in a drawl that fit her moaning. “Yes, sir. Yes, yes, sir.” She planted her forehead on the table as her core tightened, and her shaking switched to more languorous thrusting. Her cries changed too, from high pitched whining to a low grunt.

Curtis held the vibrator a moment longer, slapping her ass with his free hand. That made three times he’d made her come; the first in this position, but the third for the night. His cock, free inside his loose shorts, throbbed with want and the tip was chill where he’d dampened the cloth. “I think it’s time I got myself off, don’t you?” he asked Alexa while he unclipped her wrists.

“Yes. Yes, sir. Please get off on me. Please use me.” Once free, she stood and stretched, arching back. “Fuck, that stings,” she muttered, rubbing her round bottom.

“Good,” Curtis murmured into her ear. “When you’re ready, bend over and touch your toes.”

Alexa took the moment to grab a nearby sports drink and take several gulps. Arching back one last time, she then bent double.

Curtis crouched beside her, clipping each wrist cuff to the corresponding ankle. “Steady?” he asked before moving.

“Yeah. Yes, sir,” she corrected herself.

He reached into his tool box of toys and pulled out wire coated in purple silicone. Squeezing the ends together, he slid the bend into her pussy using the purple arms to pin the lips open. Now when his balls swung up into her, they would connect with her clit every time. It should be a fantastic fucking for both of them.

Her dripping channel wasn’t what he aimed for. His plan was to bury himself in her ass, which should still be tight. Their play hadn’t ventured there much at all tonight.

Twisting, Alexa got a brief glimpse of what he had. “Where did you find that?” Alexa asked.

“A friend gave it to me. He said it was versatile and he wasn’t wrong. I could stretch your ass open with this too.”

Alexa shivered. “Will you?”

“Not tonight.” Curtis rose and tugged off his shorts. He squirted a blob of lube on Alexa’s asshole, using his fingers to spread it. Her ass resisted his probing, as tight as he’d hoped. Twisting his crooked finger around inside her, he kept at it until she moaned again, the puckered hole rolling in and out. He slipped one hand to her exposed clit and rubbed it while he finger-fucked her ass.

Rocking back and forth, she warned, “Fuck, sir, I’m going to fall over.”

“No you aren’t,” he promised, grabbing her hips and pulling them back. Shifting his own hips, he lined up and started pushing the head of his aching cock into her. He met the same resistance his finger had overcome, but he couldn’t just force his way in. That wouldn’t be kind to the woman giving him such a fantastic evening, yielding to him so completely. Using his finger again and adding a second, he managed to stretch her open.

“Yes, yes sir. Please, come in me.”

“Soon,” Curtis promised. He put the head of his cock to her asshole and pushed through. He stilled with only his head squeezed inside her, while she squirmed and adjusted. “Ready?” he asked.

“No, but use me, sir. I am your fuck toy.”

Curtis slapped her ass lightly, a warning. “Not a toy. A beautiful piece of specialized equipment. Equipment designed to come. Come for me again, Lexy.”

“Yes, yes, sir.” She whimpered.

Holding her hips, he slammed balls-deep into her. The tight sheath fought his entry but fit deliciously when he overcame it. He thought he might be squeezed out.

Alexa screamed out and he worried he had hurt her. “Fuck, that stings. Fuck, fuck.” She devolved again into random cursing as her ass pulsed around him. It threatened to push him over, so he pulled out, took a breath and thrust hard again. Finding the way tight but unimpeded, he withdrew only to the head of his cock before bringing their hips crashing together again.

Alexa’s cries grew louder and sharper when his balls started really slapping her. She rocked so hard, so far, that she would have fallen over without Curtis’ support.

Slamming home again, her tight ass worked him into frenzy and he couldn’t hold off blowing his load for much longer. “Are you going to come?”

“N-no, not right…”

He wasn’t going to stop slapping her, stop fucking her, so she just had to catch up. He reached around her hip to pinch and pull on her clit, keeping himself deep in her ass. Rolling the nub between his fingers set her off.

Straightening, he held her hips and fucked while Alexa clenched. The tight ring drew the come out of him and he groaned, letting go of her hips in his climax.

“Gonna fall!” she shouted and he grabbed her before she could topple.

“Hold on, Alexa. I got you.” Crouching, he leaned her back into his shoulder and released the cuff from her ankle. She stepped out, regaining balance while he released the other.

“Holy shit.” Her skin shone with sweat where she rested her arms and head on the table. “I think I’m going to pass out.”

Curtis removed the wrist cuffs and dropped the pairs into his toolbox with one hand. The other rubbed Alexa’s back, smoothing away the beads of perspiration. “Okay?”

“I will be,” she assured him. “Gatorade?”

He set the bottle within her reach and she finished it off.

“I think I need to lie down.”

Curtis nodded. “Yeah, me too. Come on.” He led her to his bed. “I’m not going to be able to stay awake long. It was a hard week.”

“Oh? That’s okay. I can see myself out.”

“Thanks, Lexy. Feel free to grab breakfast, shower, anything.” He flopped on the bed.

“I’ve always wondered,” she said, curling up with him, “why you do this as soon as you get off work? Wouldn’t it be better to sleep first?”

Curtis yawned. “Maybe. I have so little control during my week that I like to take it back as soon as I can. Also, I like replacing any terrible events with happier ones.” He stroked Alexa’s hair over the pillow.

“Given your work, that makes perfect sense.” She gave a loud, heavy sigh. “I hope your ambulance never comes my way.”

Curtis kissed her head. “Me too.”



Melody pulled her arms as far as the ties to the bed frame would allow. She lay spread-eagle with her first Dom looking down at her lovingly.

“Too tight?” Damon asked.

“No, not at all.”

Melody winced as he slapped her breast hard. She longed to prove herself and made the necessary correction. “I mean, no, sir. Thank you.” Being tied up alone had gotten her wet, and now she was more than ready to surrender to this man.

Damon’s expression hadn’t changed. His deep brown eyes still a mysterious mix of warm and cold. “That’s right. Now, should we start with the familiar?” He held up a bright pink rabbit and turned it on.

Melody licked her lips. “Yes, sir.”

Damon ran his hand over the short hair covering her sex, forking around her clit. Melody tensed in anticipation of his touch. His fingers fell between her folds and spread them open. His middle finger curled up between the others to flick her clit.

She let out a sigh, embracing the rush that followed his caress on her most sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Hmm, let’s do this a little longer, shall we?” Melody saw a drop of saliva fall from his mouth onto his finger and it moved more easily over her exposed nub.

The continued circling went from a zing to something closer to burning. She pulled against her bonds again, this time bending her knees, wanting to shift in or out of that touch—she wasn’t sure which. The hold on her ankles dug in with her attempts, the plush lining stopping it short of pain. Too well secured, all she could manage was to shift her hips a little to the left or right.

“Hold still, Mel,” Damon said, putting his free arm down across her hips, helping to pin her. He kept up his teasing until the thought she’d scream. Continuing to burn, each new circle made her more crazed than the last. Despite how hot it made her, she didn’t quite reach orgasm. Her empty pussy ached and clenched but found no purchase, making her squirm even more.

“Fuck, that’s maddening. I want to squeeze something in my pussy so badly.”

“Do you? Well then.” He picked up the rabbit and inserted it. “There you go. Come for me.”

Melody didn’t need a lot of coaxing, just a few more strokes on her clit and she clamped down on the toy and ground her hips into the mattress. The fire that had been concentrated in that one spot shot through her blood and made her whole body burn.

“Oh, yeah, sir. Yes.”

He pinned her clit under his finger, wiggling it very slightly side to side and Melody arched her back. Her sensitivity had passed from pleasure and approached pain.

Keeping her clit pinched, he started rocking the rabbit in and out of her with her grinding hips. That rubbed exactly where she needed it, where she wasn’t already burned. She wanted more, more fucking, more rubbing. She wanted to squeeze the toy with her entire channel. Practically growling, she met the toy in deep thrusts, coming again around it.

“Good girl,” Damon crooned as she relaxed on the pillow panting as though she’d run around the block. The heat of her skin and the cool contrast of sweat drying, along with the ache in her thighs and buttocks, added to the running analogy. “Keep coming for me, love.” He flicked on the rotating beads inside the rabbit and started fucking her with it again.

Melody didn’t rise to the challenge immediately, feeling almost a bit numb, but that was fleeting and soon the toy was pushing against her tightening muscles, staining them. She squeezed her eyes tight, and her pussy did the same, making the motor of the rabbit falter.

Damon beamed at that. “Yes, Mel, fuck that toy. Break it. Damn you’re strong.” He hadn’t released her clit, but as she relaxed, he pulled his fingers away, using them to hold her lips open so he could press the vibrating ears of the rabbit right into her.

She thought her clit had dulled to an ember, but the vibrating silicone proved her wrong. One breath she was in some control, squeezing the toy inside her, and the next she was blinded by pleasure, more than she could withstand. She screamed and thrashed as much as she was able.

Damon kept her at that until she begged for a break. “Please, please. No more. Too much.”

“Too much?” he scoffed. “Not yet. A little more.”

Thankfully, a little was only a couple breaths and Melody huffed and puffed, trying to get them back. “Th-thank you, sir,” she managed, her eyes still fluttering.

“Rest, Melody.” He released the cuffs on her wrists. “When you’re ready, we’ll try something else.” The mattress shifted, bending under his weight as he sat at the foot of the bed and removed the cuffs from her ankles as well.

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” Her gasping continued a little longer, but soon she was breathing normally again.

“Rest.” He stroked her hair even after her pulse had stopped thudding in her ears. His cool breath blew away drops of perspiration and made goosebumps pop out.

“Thirsty?” Damon held a large tumbler of water and Melody took it in both hands, slurping and gulping as much as she could. Half-way through the glass, her throat seized and she coughed, spluttering to get water out of her throat.

“Wrong way,” she rasped, still coughing while handing the glass back. He clapped her on the back until she straightened, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“Ready for more?” His grin revealed dimples in his stubble shadowed cheeks that made her think of cherubs, or boys making mud pies. It was far too innocent for someone who had lascivious plans.

Melody’s cheeks tightened in a reflected grin. “Yes, sir.” She stood and only after realized that he probably wanted her on the bed.

“Give me your wrists.” Damon’s voice was muffled as he bent over a drawer. He came out with a length of black rope. He wrapped a loop around both her wrists and circled perpendicular to her arms twice.

Soft and silky rope snaked across her skin, making Melody rub her thighs together. Next, he dropped the end between her elbows, brought it up between her palms, and did that twice. Melody’s breath caught the more entangled she became, but the rope didn’t move up her arms. Instead, Damon slung the rope through a metal hook in the ceiling. Melody blinked against the bright light that was only a foot from the hook, making it gleam. He pulled the end until her arms were nearly straight up and tied it to the bed post.

“Go ahead. Test it.” He checked the knot again before approaching her.

Melody tugged, working her wrists against one another to see if she could slip one out. “It’s good,” she said.

She hopped up on her toes as a stinging heat bloomed on her ass cheek. Unable to decide if it was more painful than pleasurable, Melody answered, “It’s very good, sir.”

“I think you need a bit more of this, don’t you?” Not waiting for an answer, he spanked her again.

Yipping at each slap, she tried to count them. When she reached ten, they came so close upon on another that the flare across her bottom barely had time to spread before it was repeated. The yips turned to a whine. “Ow,” she said with a slight sob. It wasn’t bad enough to make her cry, but it did interrupt her breathing, which had much the same effect.

She couldn’t see Damon standing behind her for the spanking, but when he circled, her eye caught his dark, curled chest hair, and followed it down in a trail that ended at the condom-clad cock standing erect for her. She was so enthralled by the sight and the ideas it conjured that she didn’t notice the flogger until he swung it.

The beige-brown flared ends blended away into Damon’s skin and the neutral walls of the room, making it hard for her to follow. He stood far enough from her that the implement didn’t land in heavy thuds. It only flicked her nipples and brushed her skin. Twisting and bending, Melody tried to escape the ticklish result. Damon took a step closer.

The tiny flicks on her nipples turned to stinging snaps and she continued to dart, turning right, not from pain but reflex. Damon didn’t stop her, coming closer still and lashing the flogger over her side and back. She expected more pain than she received, and the heavy swipes took several strokes to hurt. She flinched away, trying to shield herself but only succeeding in exposing her front again. By turning as she did, she avoided taking too many hits in one place, spreading the pain over more skin and waking her nerves to what would come next.

Damon swung underhand and she jumped when the leather connected with her inner thigh and pussy. The snap left a red mark and she stared at it in wonder until he laid another alongside it.

“Ow,” she whimpered.

“Oh, does that hurt?”

She met his gaze, afraid the taunt was serious. His eyes were warm and she relaxed.

“It’s supposed to hurt,” he reminded her and brought the flogger up again.

“Ah!” Melody arched her back. She had to get away from those stinging flails. She stretched up on tiptoes, her calves twisting and kinking.


Pulling against the rope, it took her a split-second to notice it wasn’t stopping. Her stomach lurched for that moment in which she seemed to hover. Falling, she tried to reach out to brace herself, but her wrists tied together didn’t go where she needed. The corner of the bedside table grew large in her vision, filling it. Blackness replaced it.



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