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Carlos by Krista Carleson (13)


His lips were soft and unhurried on mine, and my world was spinning. His hands traced my waist gently, making me feel loved and wanted, and all my worries and pain were gone. The kiss was sweet and slow, and it was like he knew exactly what I needed.

When I was with Carlos, Glen didn’t matter. I trusted him. I trusted that he was going to protect me, and I was done with putting any barriers between us. I wanted to be with Carlos more than anything, and I was ready to fight for it.

Now, as I kissed him back with everything I had, I realized I wanted to give him my all and show him what he meant to me. I had been giving in to my insecurities for far too long, and it was time for me to stop doing this to myself. Carlos had proved in more ways than one how good he was, and even with this Glen fiasco, he was still here. He wasn’t going anywhere.

I caught him by his shoulders and pressed myself against him, wanting to be one with him. His lips moved along my jaw and then down my neck, and each kiss was open-mouthed and almost painfully slow. I was burning in his arms, heat pooling my core.

“I love your skin. It’s soft as butter,” he muttered into my neck, his hands cupping my ass. “And the sounds you make when I kiss you or touch you… It’s so hot.”

“You know what’s also hot at the moment? My pussy. And it’s needing you.”

I shifted on my knees and straddled him, pressing my mound against his hard cock. His fingers dug into my flesh and pulled me closer, giving me the pressure I needed. I dry humped him, growing wetter.

“Dios mio. You’re so sexy, mi amor. I want you so much.”

I moaned his name. “I want you too, but first…” I slid off his lap, smiling seductively. “I need to touch you,” I said in a raspy voice and took his shirt off. I ran my hands across his wide chest, basking in the feeling of his toned muscles. He was chiseled to perfection.

He supported himself by placing his hands on the floor and let me touch him, watching my every move with his blazing eyes. He was shivering, his breathing becoming quicker the more I touched him.

“Baby…” He groaned when I covered his cock with my hand. He was pulsating, ready for me. I licked my lips.

“Take your clothes off.” His eyes flashed with lust.

“Si.” He moved at once and got rid of his pants and boxers in three seconds flat. My heart pumped faster at the sight of his impressive shaft. It was thick and long, and its tip was covered with precum.

I smiled. “You want me this much?”

“You have no idea.”

I wrapped my fingers around his head, and he hissed, his eyes hooding. I smeared his precum all over his head and leaned in to taste it.

“Lindsey…” He grabbed my hair when I slid my tongue around his tip, earning a few moans from him. “You’re so good.”

I returned his heated gaze, feeling powerful. I loved being able to give him this pleasure. Wrapping my fingers around his base, I took most of him inside my mouth and started sucking him, first slowly then faster. His cock jerked in my mouth, more juices pouring out of its engorged tip, and I fed on his pleasure. It only made mine increase.

As if he knew, he said, “Touch yourself.”

I moaned and pushed my hand into my skirt and panties, bobbing my head up and down his length. He cursed, his eyes pure fire as he watched my hand work underneath my skirt, and more precum poured out of him.

“You’re so hot like that. Jesus. I can’t believe how good you are.” I moved my fingers faster against my warm flesh.

I was on the verge of coming when he pressed me against the floor, raised my skirt, and slipped off my panties.

“Carlos!” His mouth latched onto my clit, and it was the most divine feeling ever. My hips jerking, I held onto him as he pleasured me with his tongue and lips. I never wanted him to stop.

Since I had already been too close to orgasming, I couldn’t last long. I came so hard that each part of me convulsed under that intensity. He was quick to get on top of me, watching me in fascination and desire.

“You’re so beautiful when you come,” he said, his voice husky. “I can’t wait any longer. I need to bury myself in you right now.” He placed my legs over his shoulders and thrust deep into me, his eyes rolling to the back of his head at the contact.

“Sweet Lindsey,” he said, his face a mask of pleasure. “You’re so tight and hot. Always so good.” My walls embraced him greedily, gripping him like a fist.

He started slowly, hitting my cervix with each thrust, and it was verging on unbearable, waves and waves of pleasure hitting all of me. We didn’t take our eyes off each other as he pounded into me, going faster and faster, and I could feel another orgasm building.

“Please, don’t stop, baby. It’s so good,” I begged him, moving my hips to meet his. The pleasure spun and twirled in my the pit of my stomach, never-ending.

“And it’s only going to get better.” At this, he began moving even faster, his cock ripping me apart, and I climaxed with a scream.

“Si. Take all of me. So tight.” He didn’t stop moving, which only doubled the intensity of my climax.

“Carlos!” I threw my head back, completely drowning in him.

Carlos plunged into me a few more times and stilled, reaching his own orgasm, his lips claiming mine in a passionate kiss that stole all my reason away.

It was official. I was addicted to him beyond repair.

Carlos couldn’t take his eyes off of me. He was constantly smiling, reaching out to touch me every few seconds, and it felt good knowing that I had such an effect on him.

“I can’t resist you,” he said.

“Good. Because I feel the same way.”

Our hands were restless as we soaped each other bodies in the shower stall, using this opportunity to touch every plane or crevice.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked him after I rinsed my body.

He smirked, his finger tracing the curve of my breast. “It’s just that you’re too sexy. I like everything about you.”

“You know, when you talk like that, you only make me hotter.”

His smile grew wider. “Good. Because if it’s not already obvious, I’m ready for round two.” He pointed at his hard dick, and I let out a low moan.

“I’m also more than ready.”

He lowered his head and licked my nipple. Instantly, it turned into a hard bud, which he rewarded by wrapping his lips around it and sucking it into his mouth. I arched my back and grabbed his shoulders, pressing myself closer to him. He switched between one nipple to the other, giving them his undivided attention, and I was overwhelmed with sensations, each stronger than the previous one.

“You’re always so responsive. I bet that when I push my fingers into you, you’ll already be wet.”

He pressed me against the wall and traced my shoulder with his lips. Shivers ran up my spine. His hand ended its journey on my pussy, and he thrust two digits deep into me.

“Oh, Carlos…” I rolled my head against the tiles, starting to shake.

“Just as I said.” He pulled his fingers out of me, only so he could bring them to his lips. He licked them clean, tasting me. “Mmm. So delicious.”

I moaned, clenching my thighs together to alleviate the ache in my core.

“I need more.” He plunged his fingers back into me and fingered me fast. More juices poured out of me, and just when I thought he was going to make me come, he pulled his soaked fingers out and pushed them into his mouth, his gaze fixed on me. “So, so tasty. But still, it’s not enough.”

He was on his knees in a second. He put my leg over his shoulder and pressed his mouth on my core, cupping my ass. He feasted on me, licking me, biting me, and sucking me, and the mix of sensations proved to be immensely strong. My voice wasn’t mine as I begged him to continue.

“Yes, eat my pussy… Don’t stop… Yes, so good…,” I kept muttering, grinding myself against him. He knew exactly how to push me over the edge, and a minute later, I was shouting his name in pure pleasure.

He stood up and kissed me, which allowed me to taste myself on his lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, high on him. His tongue caressed mine in slow strokes, and my core was already throbbing for more.

“You’re so good, honey,” I told him and pulled his lower lip into my mouth. I cupped his firm butt and squeezed it. Every part of him was drool-worthy. “Please, fuck me.”

He chuckled. “Impatient, aren’t you?”

“Always when I’m with you.”

“Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.”

With a smirk, he picked me up and took me to the counter on the other side of my bathroom. I snaked my legs around his waist when he dropped me and left a line of kisses along his neck. He smelled so good, and I wasn’t referring to the shower gel. There was a scent that was all his, which was indescribable.

I gripped his cock and stroked him up and down, smiling when it jerked twice. “I’m not the only one who’s responsive here,” I teased him, running my thumb over his soaked tip.

He hissed. “Damn. I love when you touch me, mi amor, but right now, I need to get deep inside of you and fuck you hard.”

He bit my lower lip and brought me closer to the edge of the counter before he ran the head of his cock along my slit. I was burning, shivering with uncontrollable lust, and when he finally pushed inside of me, it was like I was finally getting my fix.

We moved quickly, hungry for each other. His eyes were two deep, dark pools of desire that stole my heart and reason away, and I knew. I knew I loved him, and it was like I found a missing piece of my heart at last. I was complete with him.

Slowing down, he pulled me into his embrace and held me like he was never going to let go of me.

“I love you, Lindsey,” he whispered into my hair, and everything in me rejoiced at his words. He loves me.

“I love you too,” I replied, so close to my orgasm, but this time, we came together, and it was more emotional than any of our previous times. He held me tightly as tremors shook our bodies, and there was nothing in me but bliss and peace.

My tears threatened to spill, and I pressed my face into his neck, seeking its shelter.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me, still buried inside of me.

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel so happy.” I pulled away to look at him and smiled, the bubbles of laughter rising in my throat.

“You make me happy, Carlos.”

He cupped my face and showered me with tiny kisses, his gaze filled with adoration. “And it’s just the beginning. I promise I’m going to make you the happiest you’ve ever been.”

“I know, and I can’t wait.”


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