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CERIC: Elemental's MC (book 4) by Alexi Ferreira (1)


“Hey, Brother, what’s up?” Draco only phones if something is happening; otherwise, he normally texts. I’ve been sitting across from this fucking bar the whole night. Bion is sleeping while I wait to see if any of the Keres make an appearance.

The Elementals and Alexey the Bratva mafia boss have an agreement—we help smuggle weapons for them, and he supplies us with information about the Keres MC, and that’s why we’re here now. He informed us of women in the basement of this bar whom the Keres kidnapped. So far, we have alternated between the brothers and me in staking this dump out. We have been at it for the last two weeks, and still no movement from them.

“Ceric, something’s come up. Cassius and Brandr are on their way. When you’re done there, ride past the bakery. Apparently, someone is there who might need your help,” he states.

Since when are we in the business of helping people?

“What the fuck, Draco, why can’t one of the others go!” I haven’t slept in forty-eight hours, and my patience is at its end.

“Thought you would want this one. It’s Lollipop Girl.” My humiliation has been a joke between the guys for a while after I tried to pick up a girl at the bakery and she turned me down. She’s one sexy firecracker. It’s been a couple months since the encounter, and I still think about her all the time. I went back to the bakery a few times to try to see her, but she never made an appearance. The day I saw her, she was asking Jenny for directions, so I asked Jenny what directions she was seeking, but no one knew her at the gym she was looking for.

“What help does she need? And why is she asking us?” It’s all good and well that I was looking for her, but a bit suspicious that she came knocking at our door.

“Don’t know. All Jenny said was that she was there and needed help from us.”

Just then, I see the others pull up. “Okay, I will check it out.” Disconnecting the call, I turn to kick Bion awake, but his eyes are open and he’s looking at me.

“So . . .” he starts with a twinkle in his eye.

“Don’t go there,” I growl, knowing they’re all about to tease me. Brandr and Cassius choose that moment to walk into the room across from the bar where we are hiding.

“Don’t go where?” Cassius asks as he kicks Bion’s feet off the table.

“Apparently Lollipop Girl is looking for our friend here,” Bion quips as he gets up from the chair he had been sleeping in.

“What!” Brandr calls out from his place by the camera pointed at the entrance to the bar. “You mean this asshole is finally going to get a chance to be humiliated again and I’m not going to be there?”

“Or maybe I’m just going to get my sugar intake for the day,” I reply.

“Come on, we all know what a hard-on you’ve had for that girl. Jenny was worried you were stalking her at the bakery until you got the balls to ask her if she knew where Lollipop Girl was going that day,” Cassius teases as he takes Bion’s seat. Bion already has his riding jacket on and is standing by the door with a goofy smile on his face. I know there is no way he’s going to let me go by myself. Fuck.

“Yeah, we were all contemplating if we would have to get you into a detox clinic for your sugar addiction; you were going through lollipops like I go through underwear,” Bion jokes. “Either that, or you loved being brought to your knees a bit too much. I didn’t know you were a masochist.” The guys laugh at their little jokes.

“You don’t wear underwear, dude, and rather that than have my balls in a vice like Brandr over there. She’s even got him wearing a ponytail these days,” I fire back, teasing them right back.

“It’s a man bun, asshole, and I have worn my hair long many times before. You’re just jealous you don’t have hair like mine,” Brandr replies.

“Fuck me, you guys sound like two chicks going on about your hair.” Cassius groans dramatically.

Showing him the finger, I laugh as I make my way towards the door. “You guys are very entertaining, but all my hotness is being wasted here.” I make my way out of the room. It’s nearly lunchtime, so the traffic is a little hectic, but being on a bike helps us get to the bakery quicker. Bion and I make our way across town in fifteen minutes. From where we’ve parked across the road, I look into the bakery but can’t see Nova from here.

The only time I have seen her was at the bakery. The brothers and I had been treating ourselves to Gabriela’s baked goods when I saw her walk in. After living for four hundred and thirty-one years, I don’t get distracted easily by a woman’s presence, but the moment I saw her walk into the bakery, my senses stood at attention. I was a fool and tried to hit on her, but she came at me with guns blazing. Just the thought of her piercing blue eyes as they stabbed through me warms my blood with lust, but she turned me down with her petite body standing stiffly and her breasts thrust out, screaming for my attention. I was lost. For the last six months, I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind.

When I greeted her as “sugar” and she asked if I thought she was a lollipop, her voice had caressed my skin like silk. I managed to get her name, but that was all I got from her before she disappeared.

Cassius was right; since seeing her, I have been a little obsessed with her. I need to work her out of my system. I’m sure that when I see her again, the hold she has on me will evaporate, but just the thought of her has me hard.

“Are you going to sit out here the whole day?” Bion asks, already standing next to me, a concerned smile on his face. “You know, if you really don’t want to do this, I will go in and see what she wants.”

Shaking my head, I dismount, clapping Bion on the back in thanks. I make my way towards the bakery, Bion following close behind. As we enter, everyone quietens. This is a normal occurrence, as everyone in town fears us because of the war with the Keres MC that has been going on for years. Even though people are weary of us, it doesn’t stop the women from ogling our bodies. I think that’s what captured my attention with Nova—she wasn’t stunned at my looks like most women, and she practically ignored me except to tell me off.

As Elementals, we are naturally muscular and possess an animal magnetism that attracts women. To be honest, women always throwing themselves at us quickly grows old. We keep the Jezebels because until we find the woman meant for us, it doesn’t really matter who we bed if she’s willing. Elementals have a high sex drive, and having the Jezebels available whenever we are in need comes in handy, instead of always hooking up with someone different as Cassius does.

“Hi, guys, she’s in the back,” Jenny calls out as she rings up a customer’s bill. Gabriela was lucky to have found Jenny. Once mated, Bjarni insisted that Gabriela spend less time at the bakery, worried that the Keres would find and hurt her. Jenny practically runs it, with the help of the MC.

We make our way through the bakery towards the back where the kitchen is. The first thing I see as I enter is Nova’s ass as she leans over the worktable, dipping a spoon into what looks like icing and then lightly licking at it like a kitten.

Fuck me, but that gives me one painful boner. I have never been so drawn to a woman as I am to Nova in my whole existence.

“Damn, what I would give to be that spoon right now.” Is that gruff voice mine? Nova jumps, startled at my voice. Turning, she faces us with a surprised look on her face.

“Oh, great. All the guys in your club and they had to send you,” she grumbles, but a gleam lightens her eyes, highlighting the bruise on her cheek.

“Son of a bitch, what the fuck happened to you?” I roar. Fury engulfs me at the evidence of someone mistreating her. She jumps again at my rumble, an irritated look settling on her face.

 “Stop startling me. Can’t you act normally for once?” she says. Bion moves towards her, a concerned look on his face. He lifts his hand, but before he can touch her, she jumps back. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asks with a tense set to her shoulders.

“Bions’ our medic. Let him have a look at you.” Even though I want Bion to look at her, the idea of him touching her angers me.

“Well, aren’t you the bossy one!” she protests, but she moves closer to Bion, looking up at him wearily. Bion once again raises his hand and starts to inspect her cheek, pressing lightly to see if there is more damage than what it looks like.

“You’re right about that; he’s a bossy asshole. The only good thing about him is that he knows me,” Bion chirps. I move angrily towards him. If he wasn’t so close to Nova, I would punch the smirk off his face.

“Ow, I’m not a cushion. Stop poking at me,” she complains, irritated.

Even though I know that Bion is only examining her, the anger that is engulfing me because of his nearness to her is confusing. Why is this woman affecting me like this? In all my years, I have never felt this amount of possessiveness to any woman as I am feeling towards her. It’s as if my senses have centred on her and won’t let go.

“It’s just a little bruising. Nothing that won’t heal in a few days,” Bion states. “So, do you want to tell us what happened to you and why you need our help?” He moves away from her until he’s standing next to me once again.

Nova looks nervously at the two of us as if she isn’t sure if she should trust us. After a minute, she starts to tell us what happened. “The other motorcycle club, the Keres MC, they tried to kidnap me a couple days ago, but I managed to escape.”

The idea of those assholes having their hands on her fills me with rage; if they had managed to kidnap her, we would never have seen her again. “I thought that because I got away, they would forget about me, but yesterday, they managed to take my friend Sam. They contacted me last night saying that if I return, they will let Sam go.” I can see she’s agitated, but she tries to maintain a calm exterior as she looks at us.

“So how do you propose we help you?” I ask, suspicious. I want to help her, but I must make sure she isn’t hiding anything. I can always ask Aria to read her mind later and make sure she’s telling us the whole truth, but before we take her to the compound, we need to verify the truth of her story.

She approaches us, a determined look in her eyes. When she’s a few feet away, she stops. When she speaks, her voice comes out melodic and soft, as if she’s humming to us. “I’m not proposing anything; you are going to help me get my friend Sam back.”

I nearly laugh at her order. This little firecracker has more balls than some guys I have met. “Is that so? And how do you propose to make us?” I ask curiously. I see a surprised look cross her face at my words, and then she looks at Bion to see his reaction. Bion simply lifts an eyebrow in question.

“You are going to help me get my friend Sam back,” she repeats, her voice softer than before.

“That doesn’t answer my question, sweetness. Why would we help you?” She looks stunned at my question.

“How is that possible?” she asks as if she’s talking to herself. What the hell is she talking about? Maybe she’s mad.

“Tell me something, sweetheart, why do the Keres want you?” At Bion’s words, I still. Looking over at him, I see a calculated look on his face. What is he getting at? Is it possible that she’s one of the special women the Keres are kidnapping? Could she be one of our mates?

“Fuck no,” I growl. Is it possible she could be my woman? It would explain my fascination with her. Fuck, if she’s my woman, she will drive me crazy with her rebellious nature. I always thought my mate would be a nice docile woman, not a hellcat.

“Do you always have to be so rude?” she says, and then looking at Bion, she shakes her head slightly. “I’m not sure; I had never crossed paths with any bikers before. Except for your friend over here.” And she points at me with a smirk on her face.

“Do you have anything they might want? Is there anything special about you that they might know about?” As the words leave Bion, I see her tense. Fuck. Please say no, please say no.

“What do you mean?” she asks cautiously.

“The Keres have been kidnapping women with specific gifts. If they are after you, that can only mean you have something they want,” Bion states, an eyebrow lifting while he waits for her to answer.

“Nope, sorry, don’t have anything special about me,” he replies, but her hands are fisted, and her shoulders are tense. Damn, she’s lying.

“Well then, there is no reason to help you. If you are as ordinary as you say, they will forget about you soon enough and let your friend go.” Bion starts to turn as if to leave. “You coming, Brother?” I know he’s up to something, so I play along with him. I’m about to follow Bion when Nova stops us.

“Okay!” she mumbles. “Maybe there is something about me that they might find different, but it’s nothing special honestly.”

“And what might that be?” I ask.

“Well . . . maybe I can kind of persuade people,” she says rebelliously, her shoulders tense as if she’s preparing to fight us. She has the power of persuasion. Damn, no wonder she’s such a hellion. She’s used to getting her way with everything.

“Well, I’m happy to say, little girl, that that doesn’t work with us,” I say sarcastically.

“Asshole.” Looking at Bion, she asks, “Do you believe me?”

“Yip, unfortunately I do. You will come with us to the compound, and I will introduce you to other women there who are just like you but with different gifts.”

“But we have to go get Sam. They said I only have until tomorrow night before they kill him,” she states urgently.

“We will go get your friend; you will stay at the compound where you will be safe,” I order. If she thinks she is going anywhere while those fuckers are looking for her, she can think again.

“Oh really, and who made you boss?” she asks sarcastically. Fuck, when her body stands rigidly before me with her breasts straining against her T-shirt, all I can think about is taking this woman and making her obey me.

“He’s right; you will have to come with us. Once there, we will meet and decide how we are going to extract your friend. Don’t worry, Nova, everything will work out.” At Bion’s statement, Nova finally nods in agreement.














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