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Demon Walking (Dragon Point Book 6) by Eve Langlais (1)


What a lovely day to get rid of a body.

The countryside proved lush, the foliage the bright green of spring, the breeze carrying a hint of the summer warmth to come. One could almost ignore the smell of decay, the kind that reeked of meat left out too long.

His fault. He’d been delayed. Now, he paid for it, the rancid smell wafting free from the bedspread he’d wrapped the corpse in. The quicker he buried the body, the better. He just had to find a fresh spot. Harder than it sounded since he’d already entombed a few.

Humans were plentiful in these parts, although they did make noisy meals unless properly subdued.

He should also make mention that humans didn’t make for the tastiest of treats, but they did curb his gnawing hunger. Only for a short while, though. What he really craved? The delicacy that made him salivate? Dragon.

One full-grown dragon could sustain him for much longer than a few days. It tickled his taste buds and left him feeling satisfied and euphoric. Alas, they were hard to find, not to mention that he couldn’t eat too many at once or the dragons would notice and take offense. Spoilsports.

Knowing they’d crucify him if they caught on meant he had to be careful about his meals. Getting discovered at this point wouldn’t do at all. He needed to build his strength if he wanted to eventually rule this world. After all, he’d not escaped Hell to sink into obscurity.

On the contrary, now that he had a new lease on life, he had plans. Lofty goals for this new world that was ripe for the taking.

Another ripe thing? The body. Something wicked this way oozed.

His nose wrinkled. Time to bury it. He made quick work of the soil, creating a hole big enough to hide the body.

There was nothing to be done about the scar of dirt that showed against the lush greenery all around. Good thing no one inhabited this part of the land. Before long, the mark of his passing would be overgrown.

Task done, he closed his eyes and inhaled. A nice, deep breath. After the staleness of hell, the fresh air of earth proved so sweet.

Almost as sweet as the woman he met in a tavern a few days later when the hunger gnawed him again.

Petite and human, she batted her lashes as she clung to his arm, the fumes of the alcohol she’d imbibed emanating with every word.

Exiting the vehicle that he’d learned to drive—though not without mishap—she’d gaped with proper appreciation at the home he’d appropriated.

“Wow, what a big castle you have.”

Not technically his, but the former owner couldn’t exactly complain about his confiscation of it. It took only a few hours of intimidation and torture to convince the blubbering mess to give him access to anything he wanted. In return, he’d promised not to eat the owner of the castle. Once he had everything he needed, he’d kept his word and killed the man, but didn’t take one bite.

Why ruin his palate with an old, balding man when he could dine on sweet, young flesh? Not to mention that he enjoyed throwing a bit of sex into the mix—another thing he’d missed while in that hellhole.

Nothing better than the feel of nails raking down his back, a soft, feminine voice urging him to go, “faster.” The slap of flesh as he sank balls-deep, and then, in the moment of climax…he struck. Much like a vampire, he bit hard enough to break skin, and as the coppery blood spilled into his mouth, he called on his magic. Spoke the guttural enchantment that allowed him to take nourishment from the blood.

His siphoning of her life force started out pleasurable. She moaned as her body writhed. As the climax hit, the muscles of her sex clenched tightly. But as he sucked at her life essence, ingesting every last delicious drop, she began to panic. Shoved at him. Thrashed. They never seemed to grasp that by then, it was too late.

In her final moment, her mouth opened wide in a silent scream, and her eyes gazed at him in horror. Only then did he come.

“Fuck it’s good to be alive,” he yelled as he spurted hotly into her still twitching body.

Done, he rolled off the gray and already cooling woman. Her youth and beauty gone, along with her life.

He uttered a satisfied sigh before reaching for a cigarette, his hunger sated for a few more days.

There was another body to bury, but he didn’t mind. He was free. Powerful. And best of all, alive.