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Destructive Us: A Luxe Novel: 3 by H.Q. Frost (1)

  "Baby! Come on!" Lilith called out from the bedroom.

  "Does she live here?" Darcie, Lilith's mother, asked looking past Ian into the house.


  "Ian, where are you?" Lilith headed from the bedroom in only her robe. "It's cold." The breeze from the open front door traveled all the way to the living room. "Ian?" Seeing him at the front door, her eyes drifted just past him and she froze.

  "Lilith." Her name laughed from Darcie before a sob broke free. "Oh, Lilith!"

Ian looked back to see Lilith was stone, and when Darcie tried to step into the house, he stopped her. "You can't just show up in her life out of nowhere." He looked back at Lilith who was still in a daze. "You blew the chance to be in her life."

Darcie trembled as she sobbed. "Lilith, please!"

With a glance behind her, the thought to bolt to her bedroom was foiled when her legs started taking her toward the door. She reached Ian and stopped.

  "Baby, you don't have to—"

  "Give me a minute," she interrupted him.

The look on Ian's face as he glanced at her mother was apparent that Darcie wasn't welcome.

  "I'm okay."

After a slight push from her, he bent down and kissed her head before disappearing around the corner.

  "I've looked for you for a long time." Darcie


  "I've lived in the same house since you left me. You

know where that house is." Though her tone was vindictive, she was surprisingly calm.

  "They wouldn't let me see you. I tried. I'm sorry." She reached a shaking hand toward Lilith, causing her to step back. "I'm so sorry."

Silence sat between the women. Darcie stared on with tears rolling from her eyes while Lilith's face depicted hate.

  "You look exactly like me," Darcie noted in a shaky tone.

Appearing bored, Lilith leaned her head on the door. "My dad's dead." Out of the million times she imagined it, that wasn't how Lilith had pictured meeting her mother again.

  "I know, honey, I'm sorry." Darcie tried to touch her again but Lilith stepped away.

  "You killed him." Her tone became impassively calm.

  "Lilith." Darcie sobbed into her hands.

Lilith's gaze drifted to the wedding ring on her finger. "I only have one question. Was it me you didn't want?"

  "No! I was…" She looked to the ground like the answer was there. "So confused," she finally said. "Hurting and confused." Her tired gaze met Lilith's. "Your father hurt me."

  "Did I hurt you?" Lilith snickered.

  "No," she said weakly while shaking her head. "I was too confused to give you a good life."

  "So you decided to start over like you can just start from scratch with families? You going to do that to your family now? You going to leave those boys with their father too? Start again in a few years?"

  "Lilith." Moving swiftly she was finally able to grab her. "I'm so sorry." She sobbed and threw her arms around her. Letting the woman embrace her, Lilith kept her arms folded tightly to her chest. "I hurt you so much. I never wanted to hurt you or your dad but it was all so bad."

  "You didn't hurt me, you spared me."

Darcie squeezed her tighter. "I'm so sorry."

  "I don't have anything to say to you." Lilith stared

out the door at the blizzard-like conditions that seemed to be taking residence inside her as well.

  "You've done well for yourself?" Sniffling, she released Lilith from the pathetic hug.


  "That man, he's your husband?"

  "Yes." Staring at her was nothing like staring at the reflection in the mirror.

  "Do you have children?"

Lilith let out an annoyed laugh. "God no. You've ruined that for me."

Darcie bit her lip, subduing a painful cry. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I think about you all the time." Hoping for a reaction, she waited a moment before adding, "I love you, Lilith, with all my heart."

  "You have no heart."

The sobs started again. "I know you hate me. I don't blame you, but if you

could give me another chance." The hopeful eyes that met Lilith's almost made

her cringe.

  "Another chance?" she snickered. "At being a mother? Are you kidding?" She began to laugh. "You get one chance to be a mother and you let it be known you do not want to be my mother."

  "Please." Darcie tried to touch her again, but Lilith flinched back.

  "Get off my porch. I want nothing to do with you. I've made it this far without you. I feel sorry for those boys. Do they know how much of a monster you are?" Her repulsed scowl pierced Darcie's heart. "I will file a restraining order. Get off my porch." She pushed the door closed and Darcie had to jump back not to get hit.

Taking in a deep breath Lilith leaned against the door, coming back to planet earth. Her shaking hand locked the bolt and a quiet sob had her putting her hand to her face. Ian heard her quietly make the gasp she made when she was crying and he hurried down the hall. Grabbing her, he pulled her to him and she wrapped her arms around him, letting out a painful sob that shook her entire body.

Picking her up, he carried her to the bedroom. He held her tightly, laying down while she cried in his arms. When she calmed, he stroked her hair, kissing her eyebrow.

There was only one thing he knew was a guarantee to make her happy again. "Justin's leaving the hospital tomorrow."

  "He is?" Red, puffy eyes met his gaze.

  "He called while you were in the bathroom. He's been trying to call your phone but it's dead."

Silence filled the room again while she was in contemplative thought.

  "I never thought in a million years that would be how I would act toward her," she softly said. "I pictured that moment so many times. It was so different."

  "Do you think you made the right decision?" he carefully asked.

  "I don't want her in our life, Ian."

He pulled her close, kissing her forehead. "What can I do, baby?"

With a wary look on her face she softly asked, "Can we go to the hospital?"

  "We? You want me to come?" That wasn't the idea he had.

  "I need you both right now, Ian."

Still holding her, he stared into her sad eyes; her running nose, all of it made him weak; too weak to say no.

Ian slowly dressed, dreading being there when she expressed her need for Justin.

In a daze, Lilith held his hand tightly while he drove to the hospital. They remained silent but he held her in the elevator, kissing her head when the doors opened. Keeping a few steps behind, he followed her down the hall, not wanting to see the moment when she went to Justin and hugged him, possibly kissed


Lilith looked into the room, making sure she wasn't interrupting before taking Ian's hand and pulling him in behind her. Astutely on his laptop, Justin quickly looked up when he saw the shadow. Pulling the glasses off his face, he glanced at Ian. Their connected hands held his gaze a second before he studied the look on Lilith's face. The expression she wore clued him in on she'd been crying. Of course his brain jumped to conclusions. She was there to break up with him.

Hoping it wasn't what he assumed, his tone took on compassion when he asked, "What's wrong, El?"

When she sat on the bed, Justin quickly put the laptop to the side. Her grip on Ian's hand left Ian with little to no options, unless he was going to yank his grasp from hers. Still holding Ian's hand, she got closer to Justin, her free arm wrapped around his neck for a hug.

Panic made his heart thump and chest hurt while he hugged her, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair. Lilith's head carefully nestled onto his shoulder before she brought Ian's hand to her lips while Justin still held her.

It was a painful sight for Ian until he saw her expression. Her eyes were closed and she looked serene compared to when it was just the two of them. He pulled his hand away and the look quickly diminished from her face as her eyes popped open. Not moving her head from Justin's shoulders, her despondent gaze found Ian's face.

It wasn't only Justin she needed, she needed them both, and the look on her face made Ian believe that. His knuckle softly stroked her cheek, putting her at ease again. All he had to do was shut out she was in Justin's arms.


JUSTIN grabs the break while she hits the gas

I don't know why she's here. I have no fucking idea why he's here, but something's wrong. Lifting my head from her shoulder I see she's in my arms with her hand to Jacks's side. This is so twisted but it's what she wants.

  "El, what's wrong?" I ask again and she drops her hand from Jacks and lifts her head from my shoulder.

Ian clears his throat. He's just as uncomfortable as I am. It's sickly amazing what we're willing to do for her. I wonder how long he'll be able to take it because I'll take it to the end.

  "I'm going to get something to drink," he says; he can't take it anymore and I'm grateful because I'm a little disturbed.

"You want something?"

  "I'll just share with you." She smiles at him and he smirks. This is a smirk I've given her, a smirk saying 'you're the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Why'd she have to meet Jacks first? This wouldn't be happening if she


  "Borg?" he asks me.

I shake my head no. "Thanks, man. What's going on, Z Princess?" I ask as she stares at our hands.

  "My mom showed up at my house today. My real mom and it was the most surreal experience of my life. I always pictured me crying to her, running to her, telling her I forgive her if she just takes me back as her daughter." The inhale of her shaky breath as tears pool in her eyes has me reaching up and sliding my fingers into her hair. "I was terrible to her." She smirks now. "I told her I'd file a restraining order if she didn't get off my porch. I called her a monster and I told her she killed my dad." There's a mixture of emotions on her face right now as she looks me in the eyes. "I hate her, Justin, and if she died tomorrow I wouldn't care. Does that make me a bad person? I feel badly but then when I remember who she is, I think I'm forcing myself to feel bad."

  "She hurt you, ZP. She turned your world

upside down. I don't know whether she should be around or not but it's natural for you to hate her. I hate my dry cleaner. We hate a lot."

When she lets out a laugh I want to kiss her but I don't want Jacks to walk in on that.

  "If you feel she really wronged you then you shouldn't feel badly for not wanting her around. What'd she say?"

  "She kept saying she was sorry and then she called me sweetheart." After a cringe, she huffs. "I slammed the door in her face."

I want to know why she hates sweetheart. I've seen her punch a man three times her size in the throat for calling her sweetheart.

  "Are you okay with that? Are you okay with shutting her out, El?"

A smile slowly fills her face and she nods. "I really am. I have all I need in my life." Her fingertips softly touch my mouth and my gaze drops to her puffy pink lips.

  "You have to do what feels right to you. If you still feel empty about your mom maybe you owe it to yourself to sit down with her."

  "I don't feel empty. I actually feel like that door is closed. Literally." She chuckles and I smile.

I can't wait to get out of this hospital and have her in my bed, in my house, in my fucking car, anywhere but here and I don't mean sex. I mean be with my girlfriend and officially restart this relationship.

  "I just wanted to see you. I needed you both right now." Her wary tone and timid gaze makes me force what I'm hoping is an understanding smile.

Jacks walks back into the room and takes the chair next to the bed. The guy's trying to act casual but I can see it. He's feeling the same discomfort. It's like we're both battling it because as awkward as this is, there's no where else either of us want to be. I don't know how I can speak for him, but I sense it. And

the fact I'm holding

her hand and he's rubbing her knee says enough in its self.

  "I love you both so much," she says and I feel like I could fuckin' die.

This is not how I pictured my life at all. I actually never pictured it outside of Layna until I divorced her and then I pictured moving woman to woman. I never planned on settling on one woman again but when it comes to El there is no way I can let her go, even if she loves Jacks too.

My eyes find he's staring at me; we probably both have the same look on our face. It's for her. 

  "I love you," I speak first and kiss her forehead.

  "You know I love you," Jacks says and gives her a peck on the lips.

I don't want to do this right now. I don't want to all bond together. I'm not ready for this.


LILITH's got the solutions if they're up to trying

I know this has to be hell for both of them but I need it. I honestly didn't feel better about her showing up until I was with Ian and Justin.

  "I know I'm taking a lot from both of you and it's a lot to ask, but you both mean so much to me. I can't breathe without you." I look at Ian. "And I don't want to breath without you." I look at Justin. "I'm happy right now. This is me happy." My hand that's holding Justin's gives him a squeeze and I rub my other over Ian's.

They both probably want to kill me but right now I feel like I have a clear head and this is what I need. I wonder who will leave me first. I wonder how long I can be so selfish. God, I hope this doesn't disintegrate.

  "Ian said you go home tomorrow?" I smile at Justin.

  "Yeah, hopefully in the morning."

Guilt is starting to creep through me because he's so uncomfortable. I can hear it in his voice. I'm going to let his hand go and if he pulls away I'll move from the bed and won't put him through this again.

Loosening my grip, he lets go to scratch his forehead but before I can move he grabs my hand again.

  "My dad's going to pick me up."

  "I can pick you up, Justin."

Ian sits back in the chair and opens his pop.

  "I have to go into the office for—"

  "What?" I snicker, not meaning to let what he just said annoy me, but that's insane. "You're getting out of the hospital and going to work?"

  "I have an irritable client. Some old man really pushing for his case to get into action. Ian Jacks, know him? He's a bastard."

Ian chuckles. "If I didn't hire a slack off lawyer I wouldn't be having these issues. The douche I hired took a month long vacation on me."

  "Vacation." Justin laughs and I smirk at their cute bickering. Even if they

are trying to hurt each other's feelings it's cute they're playing.

  "I need to get in and relieve my dad a little." He smiles at me.

  "Justin, you need rest."

  "At your old age rest is the best medicine." Ian stands.

  "You've got a few years on me which makes you that much older than her. Cradle robbing, Jacks. I've put guys away for a long time for that shit."

Ian smirks then leans down and kisses me. "I'm gonna

run downstairs. I have to make a call."

With a doting smile I say, "Thank you," and I mean it. The adorable smile he returns makes me want to feel it on my lips but I won't do that to Justin.

  "Hey, baby." He turns back. "Don't forget we have dinner at my mom's. Come down when you're done."

I nod and when I look at Justin he smiles at me; it's such a boyish smile but he looks nervous about something.

  "I'm happy you're going home tomorrow." I

grin at him and the only response I get is a nod. Something's wrong. "B, what's on your mind?"


JUSTIN's forever trying

I don't know what to say. It's a fucking tornado of thoughts in my head right now. I want to tell her how much I love her but words can't even articulate. I want to tell her I know we haven't known each other long but I want to die by her side. I want to tell her I'll always be here even if Jacks isn't and if he is, I'll still be here.

  "I'm glad to be going home." I'm fucking stupid, I should have just let it all spill.

  "I want to come stay with you this week." Surprise morphs my expression and she quickly asks, "Is that okay? Is that too much? Am I being too overbearing?" She genuinely looks worried and I can't help but laugh. That's so far from what I'm thinking.

  "No. Not at all, ZP. I'd love if you came to stay with me." I want to kiss her but I really don't want to get turned on then watch her walk out of here. "What about New Year's?"

  "Oh shoot."

Damn, I shouldn't have reminded her, not that she wouldn't have figured it out. She looks worried now and I don't know what it is that's making her worried. Does she want to be with me or Jacks on that day? Who does she want to bring in the new year with?

  "We'll figure it out," I stupidly say. I should have just told her to stay with me but that wouldn't be fair to put her through that.

  "How late did Rayne stay yesterday?"

She's jealous and I hate it because she has nothing to be jealous about.

Rayne Bronson is nowhere near El's level. She's beautiful but nothing like El. She's not really fun, terrible in bed, kind of uptight, but then again she is constantly being watched. Regardless, El has nothing to worry about.

  "Not long," I lie to her and feel bad about it

but it's for the best.

Rayne was here past eleven. Oddly enough we talked about El a lot. She didn't really understand how she came back out of nowhere. I was honest without hurting her feelings. She wasn't happy when she left. I think more disappointed we were never going to be something. Even if there wasn't an El, we would have never been something. If there was no El, I'd still be paying Jacks for dates and occasionally meeting a girl in a bar to fuck, on top of throwing Rayne in there for the occasional lay.

  "You know I had no feelings for her, right?" I hope this eases her mind. 

  "No I don't," she responds in a matter-of-fact tone.

  "I didn't. I haven't had feelings for a woman since Layna and that was many years ago, El. You kind of came in and fucked me up." My smile is supposed to offer solace, but she doesn't seem to like I said that.

  "Well I'm sorry."

  "I'm not. You're my Zombie Princess and no one in this world would be my princess but you."

The coy grin on her face is fucking cute but the woman is far from coy.

  "Will you call me tomorrow?" Her head laid onto his shoulder.

  "Tomorrow? Tomorrow's not good. I'll give you a call Friday or Saturday, that work?"

Sitting up, she rolled her eyes. "No, that's not good."

He grinned. "I will call you as soon as I leave this hell

hole." The nurse walked into the room and he gave her a

crooked smile with a wave. "No offense, Tamra."

  "None taken, Hotshot. You know." She walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, looking at her watch. "This has been the worst patient I've had in a long time. If he weren't so cute I woulda gave him the boot."

  "She doesn't have to do all this touchy feely stuff. She just likes holding me," Justin joked and Lilith giggled while the nurse took his vitals.

  "And who are you? Are you the princess that fills his dreams?" She smiled at Lilith.

  "I'm not sure." Lilith looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. "Am I?"

  "Every night he's talkin' in his sleep about a princess."

  "I don't know what I'm dreaming about. There's a lot of princesses in my


  "Oh is there?" Lilith chuckled and stood from the bed.

  "Mm-mm, you're one stupid boy." Tamra patted him on the back before giving Lilith a smile and leaving the room.

Justin grabbed Lilith's wrist, pulling her toward him. "You're my only Zombie Princess." He kissed her.

  "I better be. If I find out you have other zombie girlfriends I won't be happy." She pulled her coat on.

  "Hey, uh, I wanted to talk to you about something," he mentioned before she tried to leave. "Sit down a minute." His hand patted the bed.

  "What, Justin?" Anxiousness and annoyance made her huff. Following up: 'if you have other girlfriends I won’t be

happy' with 'we need to talk' wasn't a good sign.

  "Don't get sassy, ZP." He chuckled. "It's about work. Your work."

  "Yeah?" She was eager to hear this one.

  "Are you sleeping with clients?"

  "No! I haven't even had a client in awhile. But I'm still dating."

He twisted his mouth while staring at the ground, not sure how to tell her he didn't want her to.

  "Oh." She let out a laugh and stood. “You’re

going to try and tell me I can't see clients now."

  "That's not what I'm saying. Not at all. I know you like

your job. You take it seriously. You do it well…"

  "Buuut?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

  "Do." He looked around the room. "Why-can-do…you need to see clients?"

  "Need? Like I need oxygen to breathe?"

  "I thought you needed me and Jacks to breath?" He grinned at her, trying to lighten the mood. Luckily a smile cracked through and she shook her head. "El, I want you to be happy but you seeing other men makes me really unhappy. Makes me a little jealous, a little angry. I don't fucking like it. I'm not talking about Ian either." He rolled his eyes. "I don't like that but that's different. I'm strictly talking about you giving paying men what's mine…and Jacks'." He discreetly grimaced.

The expression on her face gave nothing away but he was waiting for her to go off on him.

  "I don't give them what's yours or Ian's. I'm not sleeping with them. Are you asking me not to escort anymore?"

His mouth hung agape for a few minutes. "No, I'm just telling you it hurts. I understand if you want to do it, it's your job. I'm not going to ask you to stop." The fear that she'd leave him over it made him nervous to give the ultimatum Ian expected. The ultimatum he played out in his head several times but his

words didn't come close to the scenario he thought through.

  "Then I'm going to do it." She dropped her hands to her sides. He didn't expect that and his expression showed it. "Unless you ask me to stop, I'm not going to." She shrugged.

  "That's how it works? I have to ask you to stop?"

  "With valid reason, yes." She leaned against the bedrail.

Grabbing her hip, he pulled her to sit in his lap.

  "Will you stop seeing clients…please?"


  "Because I'm only willing to share you with one other person. I'm barely willing to do that but I'd do anything to keep you my girl so I'll put up with him. I don't want other men seen out with my girl."


  "Okay?" Fear sat on his vocal chords because it felt like a trap.

  "Yeah. Okay. If it makes you unhappy, I won't do it." She kissed his chin. "You need to shave."

It took a minute for it to register but he chuckled and said, "I know. I need your help."

  "Tomorrow." She stood again.

  "ZP." He wouldn't let her hand go. "Are you really okay with not seeing clients?"

  "No," she admitted. "I make a lot of money. A lot. But for you, I won't. Don't tell Ian." She kissed his cheek.

  "Don't tell Ian? He wants you to see clients?" He cocked his eyebrow, thinking maybe Ian set him up.

  "No, but he won't ask me not to. I don't want him getting upset that I gave in to you so easily. I usually put up more of a fight with him." She grinned and shoved her fingers into his unruly curls. "You're so unbearably cute." She softly bit his chin. "Even with this beard thing."

  "We'll shave it tomorrow." He kissed her forearm and she pulled her hands from his hair.

  "I really have to go. It's so late, B."

  "Have fun tonight. I'll call you tomorrow?"

  "As soon as you know when you're leaving. Do you need something? Do you have clothes to go home in?"

  "I have it. You'll stay tomorrow night?"

  "Yes." She grinned at him. "You sure you're okay with that?"

  "Yeah, I'm crippled, I need your help." He frowned and she chuckled.

  "You are not crippled. Bye, B."

  "Bye, Zombie Princess."

In the morning Ian asked if she'd be picking Justin up from the hospital. 

  "He's going to work, remember?"

  "Crazy motherfucker," Ian muttered.

  "Eat and go to work." She kissed his temple. "I'll see you there but, baby, I'm going to stay with Justin for the week."

  "What about New Years!" he bellowed and spun to face her.

  "I haven't figured that out yet."

  "Wednesday is the biggest party Luxe has, Lily. Every year my dad has a party on the yacht."

  "In the winter?" She cringed. "I didn't know, Ian. How would I know? You never told me," she bitched

  "I assumed Tash would have said something. It didn't cross my mind because my dad takes care of it."

  "What're we paying for that?" she snickered.

  "We're not. He pays for it all, Lily. You're going to that fucking party." He turned his back to her.

  "With Justin," she bossily retorted. Ian closed his eyes and remained silent. "Ian?" she carefully said and put her hand on his back.

  "If you want to celebrate New Years with Borg then you go ahead and do that."

  "I want to be with both of you, baby." She pushed herself into his lap. "Not just him. It'd be strange if my boyfriend wasn't there anyway. Why can't he come?"

Ian stared at his plate, wanting the conversation to be over.

  "Ian?" She touched his face. "Ian?" She kissed his nose. "Ian." Her lips pressed to his eye. She repeated his name kissing him in various spots on his face until he started to laugh.

  "Lily!" He tried to stop laughing and push her away.

  "We'll all spend the night together."

Shock stung his face like she just slapped him and while standing he lifted her off his lap. "No," he scoffed taking his plate to the sink and carelessly tossing it in, breaking the porcelain dish. "Are you fucking serious?" 

  "I didn't mean like that." Anger sat on her face that was slowly reddening. "I meant until midnight, you fucking asshole!" She grabbed her coat and purse.

He huffed leaning on the counter. "Lily," he muttered but she was already down the hall and slamming the front door closed. "Fuck!" he screamed, his hands slammed to the counter.

Getting used to Justin being a predominant part of her life was going to take a lot.

It was evident Lilith was in no mood to interact so the women in the

office left her alone.

  "What time's my date Thursday?" she snapped at Tash who quickly pulled up the schedule.

  "It says customer cancelled."

  "Good, take me out completely."

Tash let a sigh escape and Lilith looked at her with raised brows.

  "You're booked solid for the month, Lily. This is the second time you've done this and some of these are repeat clients from when they got cancelled on the first time. They want you, Lily, not one of the other girls. They're paying for you. For the month of January if you go through with all twelve dates you alone will bring in seventy-five thousand."

The girls stared at each other a minute.

  "Okay," Lilith finally replied.

  "Okay?" Tash asked timidly.

  "Okay keep the dates. If Thursday is cancelled when's my next date?"

  "Friday then Saturday. This Saturday is the only Saturday for the month."

  "Don't book me past this month. Make sure

Veronica knows. In February I'll take last minute clients."

  "Sounds good," Tash muttered, spinning back to her computer.

  "Tash." Lilith sensed attitude in her tone. "What's on your mind?"

  "You're in bitch mode today, Lily. It's a little intimidating."

That was something Lilith never heard. Her being intimidating.

  "I'm sorry. I had a rough morning with Ian."

  "Um, Mrs. Luxe?" Veronica buzzed her phone.

  "What?" Lilith snapped after picking it up.

  "Corgy Popper is here for you."

  "Are you serious?" Lilith huffed and stood to stroll to the lobby. "Mr. Popper." There was a smile on her face while she extended her hand. "I thought I told you not to show up or I would have you escorted out." Her pleasant smile turned into a snarl.

  "I know you did. I'm sorry, Mrs. Luxe, but I couldn't get through to you and I've been trying since before Christmas."

  "Should we step into my office?"

  "Yes, ma'am," Corgy said anxiously.

Ian rounded the corner and stared at her oddly. "Oh, Ian, this is Corgy Popper." She smiled.

  "Mr. Popper." Ian shook his hand before an annoyed glare landed on Lilith because she didn't tell him she was meeting with Corgy.

  "My boyfriend got out of the hospital today. I will probably be leaving work early." Lilith looked back at Corgy. "This way." Taking his arm she escorted Corgy around the corner and looked back at the same time Ian did; they both shot each other a dirty look. Once Lilith got him into her office she closed her door, sat down, and cut the crap. "I told you I would be contacting you. I need to consult with my lawyer and—"

  "Lawyer?" He sounded worried.

  "Yes, lawyer. You've come out of nowhere

suggesting I take on your men. I'm going to make sure there is nothing you can do to me and my company before I agree to this. You will be signing a bible of documents. This is a venture I'm taking on, on my own, my business partner doesn't like the idea and he doesn't like you showing up out of nowhere. I have not made up my mind. I will be speaking with my lawyer this week and I will get back to you next week."

  "You've told me that once, Mrs. Luxe."

Lilith narrowed her eyes and leaned into her desk. "I'm a very busy woman, Mr. Popper. I have a packed schedule and you begging for money is not on the top of my schedule. Do you understand that? You're asking me for a favor, not the other way around."

  "I completely understand. I've brought along two of my men. I thought maybe you'd want to see what I have to offer?"

  "Are you kidding?" she snickered. "I don't have time for this."

  "Ah yes, your boyfriend is out of the hospital." Lilith couldn't believe the audacity in his snarky tone. "I won't bother you anymore, Mrs. Luxe. I'm looking for a good job for my men, that's all. I've promised them something and can't keep the promise. I'm a failure and they don't know it yet. I've been working with these men for years and we've all become very close and look out for each other. They look at me as a dad more than a friend and I just wanted to be able to keep my promise."

  "What promise?" she snickered, leaning back and crossing her arms.

  "To keep them safe, employed, looked out for. We lost one of our guys earlier this year because of a lack of security and shady clients. I looked into booking a date with you, Mrs. Luxe, and your company does a thorough check on their clients. I have to say it was a bit intimidating and exactly what I need for my guys, but as I told you, I'm not equipped for that."

  "You got one of your men murdered?" She was

in disbelief the clown was sitting in her office. Seconds later she felt guilty because he looked like he was choking up. "Mr. Popper, I like what you've presented. Bring in your men and I'll have a look, then I'll be in touch with you after I've consulted my lawyer."

He pulled his phone from his wool coat and made a call. Lilith watched him closely. The man was odd, clearly desperate, and a bit pathetic.

  "Should I wait in the lobby for them?" He attempted to stand.

Lilith put her hand out. "I'll have Tash escort them in." She buzzed the

front desk and directed Tash to usher the two men in when they arrived. "Where

are they coming from?"

  "They were down at the bar having a drink."

  "You know, Corgy, if we're going to be working together you cannot pay for my dates. We don't encourage dating amongst the employees."

  "I fully understand that, Mrs. Luxe, and I'll inform my men if you decide to take us on."

  "Chances are hopeful, but like I said—"

  "You're going to consult your lawyer and I'm going to sell my soul to you, Mrs. Luxe." He grinned at her.

  "Exactly." She flirtatiously smiled back but the deviance behind it was clear.

Tash knocked on the door then pushed it open wide-eyed and staring at Lilith. Two tall men stepped around her, men out of a magazine, men that had no business following a pathetic fool like Corgy Popper.

  "This is Juan and Abe." Corgy stood.

  "Hello." Juan extended his hand first.

  "Boys, this is Mrs. Luxe."

  "Pleasure." Abe kissed her hand with the sexiest smile she'd seen. "You are beautiful." He stared into her eyes.

Lilith finally looked away from his trance and smiled.

  "Do you mind if I close the door?" Corgy asked Lilith.

  "Sure." Her eyes perused their attire and even through their pea coats she could tell they were both in shape.

Corgy closed the door and looked at the men. "Undress."

Lilith jerked her head to look at Corgy. "Undress?" she blurted.

  "Yes, don't you want to see what they have to offer?" He looked at her oddly while his men were already undressing.

  "Wasn't really necessary but they're halfway there." She leaned back in her chair, feeling like a pervert but wasn't going to stop them.

When Juan pulled his shirt off, Lilith sat forward. He was more cut than Shaun was and that man was fit. Abe pulled his pants off showing he wasn't wearing underwear and Lilith almost gasped.

  "He's always showing off." Juan chuckled when he noticed Abe's erect cock.

Lilith didn't expect them to get completely naked but

they both stood there, proudly flaunting their bodies.

  "If you want an example of what I can do I'd be more than happy—" Abe began but Corgy put his hand out to shut him up. "Sorry." Abe's obedience made Lilith's eyebrows raise.

  "They're still men." Corgy humbly smiled at Lilith.

She smirked and nodded. "Yes they are. Thank you, boys." She wanted

them dressed and gone before Ian barged in.

  "Bye, Mrs. Luxe." Abe grinned at her after they dressed.

  "Goodbye, Abe. Juan."

Juan looked back and winked at her then they were gone.

Corgy awaited her reaction.

  "We'll be in touch." She maintained professionalism but would be lying if she denied the show turned her on.

  "Do you still have my contact information?"

  "Right here." She looked next to her keyboard and

picked up the piece of paper.

  "Thank you, Mrs. Luxe. For your time and consideration."

  "Goodbye, Mr. Popper." Annoyance drove her words, but she managed a smile.

He escorted himself out and Tash came running into the room. "Who were they? Oh my god!" She fanned her face.