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Dragon’s Curvy Patient by Daniels, Mychal (1)


Dragon’s Curvy Patient

By Mychal Daniels

“Cole… bae, are you my bae?” she asked with an obvious struggle to form words. “Can I ride on your back naked, like in that strength picture?”

“What?” He stopped himself realizing her concussion was showing its handy work. He leaned back to break her spell before adding, “Maybe later, after we get you back on your feet.”

* * *

Time for a reset.

Sabra Patterson has bitten off more than she can chew. After a legal miscalculation, Sabra’s kiddie-pageant hairstyling company has failed. She’s been social media shamed and facing bankruptcy—at the tender age of twenty-eight!

When a desperate Sabra Patterson asks her best friend to do an Oracle reading, little does she know that the wheels of destiny start to spin.

She’s facing the cataclysmic collapse of her business. Determined to regroup and rebuild herself by following her true passion, Sabra is talked into giving a speech that forever changes the course of her life.

Sabra Patterson can’t believe the tall sexiness wearing the Sour Patch Kids face has the nerve to approach her. After a night of scowling and doing everything to ignore her, this guy is trying to be kind and helpful? She’s got work to do. He’s offering to help, and she’s calling his bluff.

Sabra isn’t ready for the sucker punch fate throws her way. When she falls, both literally and figuratively, under the care of this Doctor, her life is turned upside down. Will Sabra be able to resist the charms of the sexy doctor to return to her plan to build her new company? Or, will she succumb to forces so powerful they promise to rewrite the fundamental definition of who she is?

Family duty and honor rule his way.

Doctor Colson Kelnar is the even-tempered, self-controlled one of the Kelnar Dragons. No brute force, macho man Dragon tactics for him. No, he’s refined and has life under control.

His private medical services company’ success has grown to the point where he’s able to spend his time raising his young daughter and fulfilling family social obligations. That’s what he’s attempting to do when fate hooks him into the pursuit of his heart’s greatest treasure.

Sabra Patterson is that rare jewel that knocks Colson off his perfect equilibrium. She’s an independent spirit who has no problem proclaiming that she does what she wants. How can he not do everything in his power to claim her? She’s his perfect mate.

Desperate times call for drastic measures. When the mating thrall throws him off his usual self-disciplined game, Colson has to re-evaluate his idea of how to woo his mate. After a few failed attempts, his Dragon is pissed, and he’s desperate enough to take advice from a werewolf! There isn’t anything he won’t do to win her heart.

Unable to think of anything but winning his mate, he must rely on the wisdom of his Dragon to guide him through. With his hunger for his mate growing exponentially and an inability to have an appetite for anything but her, will Colson finally get Sabra to accept him as her mate, or will he be doomed to the fate of a shell of himself?



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