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Elm: A Phoenix Warrior Romance (Phoenix in Flames Book 8) by Catty Diva (1)


This series is a spinoff from the 10 book series The Mating Games.


The Mating Games series


Book 1




Razar needs a mate, but on his planet, there are nine males to one female. Humans look like they are compatible, but if they find out the secrets of his kind they will refuse to send them mates. 

Lista needs money for her mother's operation or she will die. Her sister has volunteered her to be a bride for an alien. If she wins the mating game, she will be free to keep the money and return home.
Can she outwit him or will he claim her heart before it's game over? 


Phoenix in Flames series


Book 1




He’d volunteered for this mission, but why? He’d felt the need to go after the abducted female. It was almost like an obsession which made it scary. Roar was afraid to even guess what he’d do once he found her.

Treva was hurting all over and scared. She didn’t even hold out hope anyone would come to save her. It was time to save herself. Once she got herself free, she would get to Oison somehow. There simply wasn’t a choice.


Book 2




He’d always considered Roar his best friend and they’d hung out together a lot. That was now in the past because Roar had fallen in love and it hit him hard. He was mated and it was hard to tear him from his mate’s side. Only the new priority of aiding in the lab raids had managed it, but his mate came with him. Blaze hoped he never lost himself that completely even while he was a little jealous of their obvious happiness.

Lab born and raised, Felicity never expected to be freed. She would live and die in misery just as her mother had. When these people came and whispered they would soon be free, she didn’t believe them. When the man came and told her he planned to free her, she wanted to believe everything he said.

Could fate finally be working in their favor to give two jaded people the chance of a lifetime?


Book 3




He’d found the facility that was supplying all the labs. This would be the chance to shut it all down. His biggest problem getting the children out. That and the labs special project, Patty.  He wasn’t even sure exactly what she was, but he was undeniably drawn to her.

She was a science project that wasn’t even thought of as a person, much less a woman. Now for the first time ever, a male had made her feel like a female. Could she help him safely bring the lab down so they could leave here together? If they did, would they even be able to have a future?

Book 4




All he was doing was escorting a lady to the outskirts of the galaxy to check on a station because of some unexpected activity. He didn’t have to get involved with her and fall in love.

Ladonna thought this new guy, Pyre, was hot. If it wasn’t for all the trouble she was expecting at the station she and Patty had just bought, she’d pursue a relationship and keep him. After all, he’d been her first. But business had to come first.

Pyre tried to avoid Ladonna, but he was too drawn to her. Now what the hell did he do?

Can two lovers settle a whole bunch of trouble and work things out? Only time will tell.

Phoenix in Flames


Book 5




Who is George anyway? He’s drawn to the shy female who sinks into the background so most don’t even notice her.

George agrees to accompany Glint on a mission to assure her place on the ship permanently. Now she finds she likes him a little too much and males usually don’t even know she’s there.

Can two people looking for love find it with each other?


Book 6




Teresa was a human caught up with aliens. She’d escaped a world on the edge of Mazlan space with critical information that earned her a place on Oison. Flicker had been assigned to her and he was handsome and courteous. That wasn’t good enough when he made her panties melt.

Flicker was a tad irritated that he’d been out in charge of a human spy. Sure, she was beautiful and intelligent. He even felt a strong pull toward her but he wanted to get back on his ship where he could prove his worth.

Two confused people drawn together in an unusual situation. Will love grow or get stomped to death?

Book 7




It wasn’t what he’d expected, this mating thing. Still, he wasn’t going to stop until he’d claimed his mate. She wouldn’t be easy to claim and she’d been through a lot, but he didn’t know how to give up.

Angel had been through hell and back. The big guy, Oak was sweet, but she was damaged goods and he needed to let her go. It didn’t seem anything she said made a difference and everyone she had around her seemed to be on his side.

Mr. Perfect and Miss hot mess, how could they ever manage to work things out?



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