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Etched: Book Two of the Ceorfan Gargoyle Series by Miki, Garrett Ward, Miki Ward (1)



This book picks up immediately after the end of ‘Carved’ Book One of The Ceorfan Gargoyles Series. Carved begins with David Ross’ funeral. His murder was devastating to Kendra Macbard. They had lived, worked, and loved together for seven years.

As Kendra and her brothers, Jared and Dana, grieved the loss of David, a small contingent of gargoyles and a mage, Jericho, spoke with David. He agreed to return to Earth as a carved gargoyle. This process called Resurgere included a gargoyle willing to give a physical piece of himself to David. This binding returned David to life. Then produced a son, in all of the meaningful ways, for Mega—the Ceorfan gargoyle warrior leader. Mega had pressed his king, Findare, to allow this to take place because he was convinced David was such a kind soul he would make an outstanding addition to the Ceorfan. Additionally, he and his race owed an ancient debt to Kendra and her brothers.

Mega and the Ceorfan people had been secretly guarding Kendra and her brothers her whole life. Protecting Kendra was one of the primary tasks of a prestigious group of Ceorfan warriors called the Ducere of the Elite Warriors Guard. She was their charge. They knew she was the descendant of a rare bloodline, which they had been waiting for more than a millennium to see a re-emergence. The Ceorfan Dragons.

Kendra and her new partner, Mica, were soon entangled in nefarious plots, kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder by the notorious criminal Jessup Cartel. Kendra used every bit of her training and called on new found powers to decapitate the head of the Cartel and protect her brothers and the gargoyle nation called the Ceorfan Guild.

Kendra and her brothers spent a great deal of time in the ancient, magical city of Navan, the cave home of the Ceorfan. Their continued presence in Navan brought their powers to the fore. When they were each in desperate situations, they became the dragons their ancestors had intended.

Dragons are matriarchal, and only the blood of the female is magic. Those around female dragons are stronger, keener…and more virile. The blood of the female dragon can heal even the most desperate wounds, in addition to transforming human flesh, if desired.

Kendra, as the only female dragon, was the only hope of the Ceorfan when an ancient, once thought destroyed, foe returned-The Horde of Barat. A sociopathic mage from a time when gods and goddesses chose to play with human life. Baratium crafted an army of evil robotic killers to exterminate the humans of the Earth. Committed to protect the humans and bring equality to the Ceorfan people Kendra searches for answers with Spar by her side… Spar is David returned to her.

Ultimately, Kendra traveled to Scotland to meet with The Alumbradai Sanctuary State or TASS when invited by the humans who are the real power of the human governments. Making allies, the Ceorfan find themselves embroiled in other fights to castigate certain criminal elements.

Kendra now has two other consorts besides Spar as she becomes deeply involved with Mica Jacobs and Kino Magus. They have met with a dead-end in the search for the Horde.

Their story continues…



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