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Falling for Forest: An MM Shifter Mpreg Romance (Wolves of Solara Book 1) by Charlie Tran (1)



Why did I ever agree to this?

The night was chilly, far too cold for your typical August weather. A creeping darkness was pushing the sun out of the sky, the moon sneaking up to replace it. A continuous breeze blew over us. I shivered, pressing my hands upon either bicep to protect myself from the temperature. The leather of my jacket was old, the broken zipper that seemed to be unfixable didn’t keep the wind from breezing underneath.

However, it was a nice distraction from those pervasive thoughts in my head. That asshole of an ex-lover of mine threatened me if I left. And I did anyway. My pack wanted me to come out with them. It’d been quite some time since we got together for their regular boys’ night out, and I needed a break from him. I didn’t know what he would do once I’d returned, as he’d swore to kick me out of our home before for engaging with another Alpha, but his threats never came to fruition.

"What’s that look on your face? Still overthinking?" Alfie barked from my right, his footfalls falling in line with mine. I shook my head.

"I’m trying not to."

"You better. We’re gonna have a good time tonight." He snorted, draping an arm over my shoulder and pulling me closer towards him. I smiled, leaning my weight into his side, my head bumping against his shoulder.

"Why don’t you stay with me for a while, until you get on your feet?" Jude called. He walked ahead of the four of us, as an Alpha would. Our pack was small, but just as tight-knit as any of the bigger packs in Solara.

"I’ll be fine. I don’t want to cause any troubles with the parade of Betas you bring through your home." I snickered, receiving an approving chuckle from Alfie.

Jude’s brow lowered, shading the deep blood color of his eyes. The smile on his face, however, let me know he didn’t take my quips to heart.

We kept on, now in silence. Though my comrade at my side didn’t release me from his grasp. Comforting me in a way I all too much appreciated.

I’d been with my ex, Thorn, for quite some time. After about a year of blissful happiness, but within the last few months, something wasn’t right. He had been acting sketchy, sneaking out of the house, not telling me where he was going. The texts on his phone made me believe there had to be infidelity happening. Trust has to be in place for a relationship to work, and there was none any longer.

Despite us breaking up, we still lived together. Not the brightest idea, but I couldn’t afford to move out yet, and I did not wish to trouble any of my pack members. No matter how much they begged me to move in with them, it didn’t sit well with me.

Compared to the rest, I was definitely the baby of the pack. They treated me like their little brother. Rather, the annoying baby brother. I was always getting hurt, getting into trouble by accident, and there they were to always rescue me whenever something went wrong.

I couldn’t let them keep saving me forever. Even if we were pack mates.

Soon, the thunderous thumping noises flowed into my ears. Snapping me from my thoughts, and the closer we got to our destination, the continued beating vibrated deep inside my chest. The heavy scent of sweat, liquor, and ‘love’ carried into my nostrils on the breeze.

Alfie released me from his arm, licking his lips as he clapped his hands together in front of him with a grin.

"This is going to be so much fun!"

"I forgot, are you’re playing power bottom tonight or a submissive top?" Lucas rolled his eyes, patting Alfie on the back of his shoulder. Jude chortled, coughing as he shook his head at the comment.

Lucas, another member of the pack. He was just as dominant as Alfie, but his bark was indeed worse than his bite. He talked a big game, but he was mostly harmless, aside from the quickness of his lashing tongue.

Silver skipped right behind Jude, running a hand through his white tresses once we approached the doorway. "It stinks," he whined, pinching the tip of his nose.

Jude slowed his pace, allowing Silver to move just ahead of him before he pushed him forward, closer towards the doorman that stood outside. "You always say that when we get here. Doesn’t stop you from taking body shots off those sweaty dancers."

Silver let out a yip as Jude shoved him forward again, but didn’t comment back. Instead, he fished into the small satchel he had at his side for his identification card.

"Don’t worry. I remember you," the doorman said, giving Silver an up-and-down ogling with his eyes. Blatantly in front of the rest of us. Jude didn’t take too kindly to this, stepping next to Silver with a menacing look on his face. It actually gave me a fright. Jude was the toughest Alpha male I’d ever seen, and he was protective over all his pack mates.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Jude growled. There was no need to be confrontational, but he enjoyed watching the bouncer squirm in his presence.

"Nothing! Nothing at all! I just meant... you know... Uh. Just go on in."

Jude’s upper lip twitched into a smirk, shoving Silver ahead, Alfie, Lucas, and I following behind them. Already the air was thick, the smell much more prevalent as the doors closed behind us. The echoing rhythm of techno music pounding away hurt my ears, but I knew they’d get adjusted soon enough. The anticipation was building the closer we got to the front desk.

"Hey, Jude," another doorman within announced, waving to him and then the rest of us. I returned the wave cautiously; Jude nodded to him in greeting. 

"Anything you want to stay with me, just pass it on back and I’ll stick a numbered card on it." The doorman sighed, extending out a hand. We all undressed from our outer layer of clothing. I wouldn’t need my leather jacket in here. It didn’t matter how badass you looked when you reeked of alcohol and sweat. 

One by one, he took all our outerwear, hanging each one onto a plastic hanger and sticking a number card into their pockets. 

"Alright, go on in." He shrugged, turning his attention to the out-of-date box of a computer at his desk. Clicking at it aimlessly as we moved in a single line to the right of him. 

My nerves were getting the best of me as Jude swung one of the massive doors open, waving us to enter. 

That’s when it hit me in full force. 

The music, the ambiance, the people. I’d forgotten how utterly enormous it was inside here. I took up the rear, following the rest of them as they poured in, Jude taking up a spot behind me as he allowed the doors to slam shut on their own from the sheer weight they held. We had arrived at our destination. 

Club Mega. 

We stood on the top floor that opened out into the bottom portion of the club, the metal railing keeping us from falling over so easily, though it was rickety when you put your weight against it. 

By no means was this club as fancy as others were. Especially those where the dragon clans took up residence, but it was ours. One that all wolves could feel safe in. 

Jude gave me a pat on the shoulder, leaning down to talk in my ear. If he hadn’t, I’d never be able to hear him, even from the proximity we stood from each other. 

"Let’s grab a drink!" he shouted. I nodded, turning to wave the others towards us, but they had already drifted out into the sea of shifters, doing what they did best. Partying. 

When I turned back to follow Jude, he was already several steps ahead, and I had to push through the bodies surrounding me to get next to him. I gripped onto one loophole of his jeans, not wanting to pull down the baggy V-neck shirt he donned that evening. He was very particular about his clothes and hated wrinkles. Unlike me. 

I allowed him to weave us through the club towards one of the several bars within the establishment. I looked at what I was wearing, compared to Jude, and cringed inwardly.

I too had worn some unnecessarily tight jeans, which seemed to be a common theme in clubs like these. But I hadn’t changed my shirt in two days. A plain white tee that had a pocket on the front with the image of a frog, and wrinkled to all hell from staying on the floor when I slept instead of being hung up. Childish. Messy. Not sexy. 


I frowned, but ignored my disheveled appearance as we approached the bar. I didn’t need to tell Jude what I’d be ordering. I never knew half the time, as I always let him or Alfie pick something out for me. As long as it was dark and washed away my sorrows, anything would suit me. 

Jude swatted my hands off his rear end, reaching into his back pocket to remove his luxurious-looking wallet. It was clean, with not a stitch out of a place, with the logo of its designer printed across it in a blatant boast of wealth. It caught the attention of the bartender, who smiled, leaning forward sensually. I could barely make out their conversation. 

"You said two? For you and your boyfriend there?" He smiled, his teeth not hidden away as his small, but sharp, canines flashed in a teasing display. I eyed the man, his black fishnet ‘shirt’, if one could call it that, was attractive in a fetishy way. And the crisscrossing was wide enough to show off the piercings on his nipples. 

Jude seemed to be into it, leaning forward and reached up to scratch at his neck., his gold watch catching one of the many flashing laser lights that whirled above us, casting shadows across the dancing bodies that ground against one another.

I rolled my eyes at their mating display. Jude was stupidly handsome. I didn’t know why he needed to show off his things to get potential mates to come his way. 

"Not my boyfriend. Just a pack mate." He smirked, tossing too much money into the empty fish bowl on top of the small bar. 

The bartender free poured the drink, much above the usual ounce or two they’d pour for a shot. Jude passed it back to me and took his glass too. 

"Keep the change." He winked and turned away, towards me. 

"Thanks." I smiled, offering the cup towards him to cheers. Jude clinked his glass against mine and I downed the vile liquid in two gulps. It gave me a warm sensation, making my shoulders shudder at the intensity of its flavor. 

"Alright, go mingle. I have my phone on vibrate. If you need something, text and I’ll feel it," he said and scurried off to find his potential partner for the evening. 

I sighed, setting the now empty glass onto the side of the bar as I walked passed it. 

I could already notice my body warming up from the congestion of people, and the liquor. The temperature was so much better in here than it was outside, but the sweat was already forming at the top of my forehead.

Again, that thought ran through my mind as I stood there alone and out of place.

Why did I ever agree to this?!


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