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First Time Up: Living Legends Book 3 by Declan Rhodes (1)


“Oh, hell, Eric! How do you think it works? It’s pretty much tab A fits into slot B.”

Chase shook his head as he sipped his double espresso with enough sugar in it to choke a horse. No wonder he was always full of energy.

I said, “But B is more like a slot, and A is like a log. What the hell? Ouch! At least when you do it with a woman, her body is designed a little differently, and I understand how it…”

“Fuck no, we’re not going there. I don’t need a lesson in female anatomy. Why the hell do you need to know these details all of a sudden anyway?”

Chase was a little loud, and I glanced around to make sure nobody was listening in. I’d already pushed him to sit outside along the sidewalk so it would be harder to hear us.

I wrapped my fingers tight around my cup of coffee feeling the warmth soak into my hands. I didn’t know if I could say it out loud yet. It didn’t feel real. Sex with a guy? That wasn’t in my life plan.

Chase suddenly understood without me telling him. He reached up and swept his fingers through his hair. “Oh my God, no. Seriously, Eric? You? Damn, you’re my best friend. Be careful, please. Safety first. Make sure he…”

I held up a hand to cut him off. “We’ll be safe.” I leaned forward and whispered, “He’s new to it, too.”

Thirty seconds of silence passed between us before Chase erupted again. “Holy shit! You, and…two guys both virgins to gay sex going at it for the first time? I sort of wish my first time was like that. And, fuck, you’re one of them, Eric? It couldn’t happen to a better guy, well, other than me.” Chase threw his head back and laughed out loud.

The laughter drifted away to a low chuckle. It was one of the best sounds in the world. I counted to five, and Chase held a hand up to each side of his head leaning forward. “Damn! I want to be that fly on the wall. Can I set up a video camera? Seriously, you won’t even notice it.”

Chase’s eyes sparkled, and I said, “You’re not fucking serious.”

“Oh, man, yeah…I mean no, I’m not, but I kinda sorta am. You know me. I’m a horn dog, buddy. That’s how I got in trouble with Aaron in the first place.”

“I think you’ve got your hands full with Aaron. So can you at least be helpful here? Do you have any real pointers? How much does it hurt?”

The caffeine was getting to Chase. I heard it in his voice as he grew more animated. “Oh man, well, for most guys it does hurt at first, but hell, you’re a jock. It’s not nearly as bad as a groin muscle pull or a dislocated shoulder. Maybe it’s a little more like a muscle cramp, and it goes away. And then…wow.” He leaned forward across the table. “And who’s the lucky guy? Did you hook up with one of those fans in the bar, and both of you got curious? Some cute ones hang out there.”

“So it’s pretty easy then. I can handle that.”

“Damn, it’s sex, buddy. It’s natural, and once you see his cock, you’ll want it. Oh hell, I remember the first time I saw Aaron’s. You know how those veins bulge? His are like a road map to horny nirvana. Damn, it’s a beautiful thing, and I get to grip it like a fucking throttle when I’m inside.”

I laughed. Chase was way too happy to describe his exploits in bed, but then Chase was always excited to talk about anything in his life. Still, he was one of the best friends a man could have.

“And don’t forget to try it both ways. Switch it up. Top and bottom. It’s the best way to be. At least that’s my humble opinion.” Chase rubbed his chin trying to look like the sage of the bedroom.

I whispered, “It’s Harley.”

Chase nearly fell out of his chair, and then he pounded both hands on the table. A few drops of his espresso splashed out over the rim of the cup. “Oh, fuck! You aren’t serious, are you? He’s got…” Chase rubbed his own bicep, “And I’ve seen him in the uniform up close. The way those pants…I interviewed him for the radio. Are you sure he’s not straight? Oh my God, Eric, you have to film this. You’ve fucking got to film this!”