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Forbidden Passion: An Mpreg Romance by W. Mae Swift, Madison Mitchell (1)



I hated these sales meetings. My team was solid, yet our CEO still insisted that all sales managers give their team 'pep talks' in the middle of the week in order to keep motivation high. Motivation? My people were motivated by the money they were making and by the fact that I was a good manager. If anything, these meetings made all of us look ridiculous because everyone knew I preferred to work with my people individually, not as a big 'kumbuya' group.

Still, I found myself at the head of the table in our largest conference room with 17 pairs of eyes looking at me, as I discussed projections and quotas. I was a bit foggy due to my lack of sleep from the night before, but I held myself together like I usually did after a random hookup.

“Any questions?” I asked at the end of my schpeel.


“Okay, team. Good work. Get on out there and make me proud.” A few chuckles echoed in the room as people began to get up from their seats and either head back to their desks or out to sales meetings with either current or potential clients.

I gathered up my papers, straightened my tie and headed out of the room post haste. I had a conference call with the other district managers in just a few minutes; jam packed day, as usual.

Our offices were right in the center of downtown and, despite our CEO’s generally frugal spending behavior, he spared no expense for top-of-the-line cubicles, carpeting, artwork and a kitchen with a high-end espresso machine and all the snacks a person could want. We even had lunch catered daily.

I was trying to recall which cuisine was being served today when a scent hit me: Peaches. Fresh cut grass. I frantically looked around and there he was, standing in the office of our hiring manager; the door slightly ajar. I didn't have the luxury of getting lost again in his sublime blue eyes just this moment, as the look of concern on his face made my alpha senses take over; the only thing that mattered was making sure that he was alright.

Without further thinking, I entered the room. Both of them abruptly turned to look at me upon my unorthodox entrance. A look of recognition flashed upon the omega’s face, which then turned to embarrassment.

“Amy, what’s going on, here?”

“Jesus, Jordan. This is not your concern. I’ll be with you in a few moments,” she barked at me.

I had never liked that woman.

“The hell it’s not. This has everything to do with me.”

“HOW does this soon-to-be-former-employee showing up an hour late to his FIRST DAY of work have anything to do with you?”

I had to think fast. “Because…he’s late because I had him run some errands for me.”

Both Amy and the omega stared at me with wide eyes.

“Jordan, what the hell are you talking about?” Amy was not impressed.

“I ran into him outside the building this morning. I was late for a meeting with Lundenberg, Inc. who, as you might recall, brought our business over $20 million last quarter and, of course, I couldn’t find parking. After pulling around to the front of our building for the tenth time, I saw this gentleman walking in. So, I hollered at him and begged him to take my car and find a parking space so that I wouldn’t keep my clients waiting any longer. I told him that I’d let you know and I completely forgot. Seriously though, this kid saved the account for us. Instead of firing him, you should promote him.”

Amy turned to the now bewildered omega. “Why didn’t you just tell me that?”

The omega, who’s mouth was slightly ajar by this point, quickly regained his composure. “I assumed that he had told you why I was late and that you didn’t care. I haven’t been here long enough to know what flies around here and what doesn’t,” he gave her a smile and my knees became weak. He was so fucking adorable.

Amy looked back at me with a look of uncertainty, which I took as a cue to continue talking. “Amy, I really don’t have time for this. If there’s a problem here, I’d be happy to call Dominic to help us settle things.”

She immediately acquiesced. “No. That’s fine.” She then turned to the cute omega. “Mason, I’m sorry. Thanks for helping us out today.”

“My pleasure. If it’s alright, I am going to spend the morning in my office getting familiar with the Organization Charts and Employee Handbook.”

Mason turned to walk out, and I followed, but not before turning around to give Amy a smug little wink.



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