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Forgiving You by Melissa Bender (1)











“Jesus . . .”

“Oh god . . .”

“. . . fuck me.”

Unfortunately, we weren’t in the throes of lovemaking; we were both wide awake, annoyed, and cursing at the fact it wasn’t even 6 a.m. and the guy in the apartment beside ours was using what sounded like a sledgehammer and bashing it loudly into a wall.

“Maybe he’s having wild, crazy sex, and it’s the headboard banging?” I suggested, trying to calm my husband who was growing more annoyed each second.

Chris looked over—clearly unimpressed—with his brows scrunched together, eyes giving me the ‘you’re kidding’ look. “Maybe he’s doing renovations like last weekend without proper approval, and I should draft up a suit to toss at the prick.”

Always the lawyer, even when home. “Oh? Based on what grounds?”

“For waking me the fuck up.”

I had to laugh as I rolled half asleep to face him. He really could be such a grump for a morning person. “How will you cope when we have a newborn at home? Crying all hours of the night . . . keeping you awake? God forbid you’d miss some beauty sleep.” I toyed with the idea of our future family.

He raised a brow at me. “Babies?”

We hadn’t talked much about babies since we got married two months ago, but we wanted them. Chris, however, looked surprised as he raised a dark brow mid-yawn, glancing over at me. “Are you trying to tell me that you’re pregnant?”

I rolled my eyes. I think if I were pregnant, he’d have known about it by now. “Umm, not that I know of.”

“Do you want to be?”

A smile grew on my face as I shrugged, acting all shy and coy. The thought did excite me. “I mean, I love babies and would love to have one or four with you.”

His fingertips were warm as they stroked against my cheek. Leaning in closer, I could feel his warm breath hit against my skin as he spoke; his tone was soft, yet confident. “I think we should have one.”

“What? Now?” I laughed, immediately wrapping my legs around his waist as he moved in closer, finally settled between my legs, resting on top of me.

Naked and so warm, Chris engulfed me in a hard embrace. “No.” I could feel his smile grow against the crook of my neck as his growing erection pressed against my smooth, waxed mound, nudging around until he sunk inside with a slow thrust. “We’ll make a baby now.”

Pulling back with a slight surprise, I wasn’t sure if Chris was serious. My brows dipped slightly in confusion as I cupped his face. “Chris, do you really want to make a baby? Right now? What about our plan? Spending a year in newlywed bliss before moving to the suburbs for mum-and-dad life . . .” We had decided about that on our honeymoon.

“Char.” He smiled, gazing into my eyes in a way that made me quiver from the inside. “Fuck the plan. I want a family.”