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Haught & Bothered: Haught Brothers Book 3 by Leela Lou Dahlin (1)

Chapter 1

“Put the paper down a little bit and tilt your head up and to the left.”

Alec Haught did as he was asked even though he held back a chuckle. Sitting out on a veranda, on a tropical island with nothing but clear blue water as far as the eye could see, drinking coffee and being photographed wasn’t what he’d thought he’d be doing this Sunday morning. He’d learned to put nothing past the woman who stood in front of him with the camera. She’d won a bet and he honored her request of what she wanted in a prize. He just didn’t realize that he’d like it so much.

“That’s good.” She practically purred as she moved the camera this way and that to get whatever shot she was trying to get. The sound of the camera was muted by the sound of the ocean water, but he looked up to watch the artist as she worked.

“I thought you said you like candid pictures. You’ve done nothing but boss me around since I sat out here with my coffee and paper.” Alec couldn’t get the normal gruff tone that his voice normally held as he’d been sucked, fucked and satiated for the last 4 days. It was a wonder he was able to sit up straight because he was so relaxed.

“I know, but it’s the last day of your forced vacation and part of the bet that I won included a photo shoot with you as the star, minus the fussing and attitude I normally get when I try to recruit your help with taking a photo.” True Lee Goodman stood before him wearing a short pink robe that was barely held together by a white belt with the Karessable logo in hot pink in different sizes across the band.

“How much longer is this going to take?” Watching her robe playing peek a boo with the most succulent pair of tits he’d ever had the honor of licking and sucking was making him anxious to get back to the more physical parts of this vacation.

She took the camera down from its spot in front of her face, cocked her head to the side, arched her left eyebrow and waited. Just like always when she concentrated her attention on him  it was like a punch in the gut, taking his breath and practically stopping his heart. True was beautiful. Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful. There were instances he wondered what she saw in him. With his scarred face and, at times, less than pleasant personality, he scared lots of people away but not her. He was used to the nervous looks and uncomfortable stances when he got irritated or gruff, but this woman with her warm brown skin, thick curly hair and a body so curvy it was difficult not to watch her whenever she was around wasn’t bothered by it. It was harder watching other men watch her. She was his True, although he’d never say that to anyone…especially her,

“Do I detect a bit of fuss coming from you, Alec?” She placed her expensive as all hell camera down on the table beside the platter of bacon as she moved around the table.

“If I say yes will you remove that robe?”

“It’s been seven months, Alec. Seven sex filled, fabulous months. I think you’ve seen me naked almost every day and we have fucked almost everywhere possible. There is nothing under this robe you’ve not seen and touched with your hands and or mouth.” She stopped right in front of him with her hand on the cloth belt. It didn’t appear as if she were going to do anything else but it didn’t help that he was staring at her hands and willing her to pull the bow apart. He looked up at her because she’d stopped talking and he wondered if she’d asked him something and he’d missed it.

He took a chance and said something about the last thing that he’d heard. “You’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it all again. Go back to the night of Gemmi’s bachelorette party and start it all again.”

“Start it all over again, huh?” She smiled at him and put her hand on his face, tracing his scar from his eyebrow down his face, over the spot where it dissected his lip and stopped to rub her fingers across his mouth as he nodded. He thought something important was coming, but she just moved in to place a soft kiss near his mouth. When she pulled away there was an expression on her face he couldn’t place. Placing his hand over hers, he attempted to bring her soft lips back in position for a deeper kiss, but she stepped back and pulled the belt to release the bow.

He hoped she wasn’t going to say anything that required a lot of thought because just the sight of her golden skin and her puffy, chocolate colored nipples had rendered him unable to process the level of thought he had access to typically. She walked backward to the railing before she dropped that silk pink robe to the ground.

Alec only had on loose fitting shorts and he was thankful because as it was his cock was trying to pulse its way out of them. She hopped up on the wooden rail and opened her thighs so he could see how wet she was.

“Taking my picture turned you on?” His voice sounded coarse like the desire had clogged his throat.

“Just being around you does that, but I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise. I think you’ve always known that.”

There was something about the things she was saying or maybe the way she was saying them that hit him in a way that felt off but there was too much stimuli fighting for first position. Desire and lust were by far the loudest and with the sweet fragrance of her pussy filling his nostrils as he walked closer it short circuited his normal thought patterns. It was hard for the warning bells to be anything but glossed over.

“I know so much about everyone in my circle, Alec, but there is one thing I just can’t figure out about you.”

He looked up sharply to read the situation. Her terse words had come out firmer than the sweetened octaves he’d come to expect before she was about to be pleasured. Opening his mouth to question her he was stopped by her hand moving toward her pussy. She separated the folds with her pointer and index fingers going on either side of her clit before she squeezed that sweet nub between them. He enjoyed watching her get herself off, especially when she asked to watch him stroke his cock for her, but he didn’t want that right now. This was their very last day in paradise.

“What did you want to know?” It was a risky question to ask, but he wanted to make her happy and if she wanted to know something about him he would tell her.

She opened her mouth to say something but then shook her head. True opened her mouth again. “Do you want to taste what you do to me, Alec?”

He was on his knees before she finished the question. Licking her fingers because she couldn’t get them out of the way fast enough, he grabbed her hand and cleaned the two digits like he didn’t want any of her sweet honey to go to waste.

“Are you hungry for me, baby?”

There was no way he was going to answer with words because the ones he would say could have a lasting effect and the rules in which he’d run his life would be in jeopardy. He would answer the question though. He put his arms under her knees and brought them over his shoulders before kissing her pussy like he would her mouth. Sucking her clit into his mouth and then using his tongue to mimic what he really wanted to do with his cock. Her moans and the way she gripped his hair made him wilder in his attempts to make her lose all control.

“Don’t stop,” she panted, and rocked her hips against his mouth. He was torn about what he wanted. The thought of her going crazy against his lips was appealing, but he wanted to be balls deep in this pussy while kissing the lips that were usually so damn sassy and looking into her eyes. He wanted her to remember who made her body sing like this whenever this wild ride of an affair was over. “Ahhh…ahh…ooooooh.”

He’d picked her up and continued to lap at her. She still had her hands on his head, but he could tell it was more for security than emotion as he walked her into the room and brought her to the bed. If he was going to be silly he could have just dropped her, but he didn’t want that right now. Laying her down softly he stood over her and just took her in. Her hair was a riot of curls as it had been blowing in the wind as she took pictures, her chest heaved liked she’d been running and he wasn’t sure if that was from adrenaline or arousal but the bouncing of her breasts with every breath was arousing. He moved down to her wide, rounded hips and stopped at her toes painted a light shade of pink. Returning his gaze to her face, he saw the same expression she’d given him out on the deck and he didn’t have a clue what it was any more than he did the first time.

She pulled her legs up and rolled over, leaving her face down and ass up on the edge of the bed. Her round ass had been early morning spank bank material long before he’d gotten a call from True on that fateful night, but that’s not what he wanted right now.

With a firm tap on her left ass cheek, she lifted her head from the bed and turned to him.

“Roll over.”

“Why? I know you like it this way.” She squinted her eyes at him like she did when she wanted something her way. He wasn’t in the mood to debate why he wanted what he wanted so he pulled down his shorts, freed his aching cock and reached for a condom. When he straightened up True was still on her hands and knees but she was facing him.

“That’s not rolling ov—” That’s all he got out before she’d lapped at the head of his cock. She moaned as she sucked the tip into her mouth and he couldn’t hold back the shiver that moved through his body. He put his hand up to guide her, but he knew if he put his hands in her soft, springy hair he’d be lost. His cock was already jumping just because he was thinking about it.  He stepped back and the contact was broken between her mouth and his cock, but she licked her lips and stared like she could will him to come back to her.

“You are way too sexy for me right now. I want you to come on my cock and I want to watch your face as you do it. So be a good girl and lay on your back.”

“I’m never a good girl, but I’ll be a cooperative woman if you’re a good boy.”

This conversation never ceased to amuse him. He could remember the first time he’d called her a good girl. It had burned her buns then and it had done the same now, but he had to find something to pull back the flames because it felt like he was burning up. His hard cock lay against his stomach, ready to slide between her tight walls like he was a teenager with his first shot at the real thing. He didn’t say anything and she slowly rolled over so that she was on her back. Then she opened her legs wide like she was trying to do a split. His cock throbbed at the way she was offering herself. It was on her terms…always on her terms. She was a fighter, a giver, a nurturer, and the best lover he’d ever had.

The expectant look on her face made him want to do something unexpected. Bending down, he kissed first the inside of her left thigh and then the opposite side before he kissed his way toward the middle. Every once in a while he’d suck the tender skin into his mouth and sucked a bit like he was trying to give her a hickey. He wanted her to remember him and this time they’d spent together when she returned. Watching her as she followed his movements with bated breaths, deep sighs or quiet yelps was almost as fun as sliding deep inside her wet, warm body. Almost…but not quite. She was close and he hoped she was as close as he was. Ladies first wasn’t just a casual saying he threw about, this was something he took seriously.

When he stood up she placed her hand on her clit like she was going to finish herself off.


She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down.

“I don’t want you to do that either. Any biting, licking, sucking or fucking to that body is going to be done by me.” He ripped the condom wrapper quickly and slid it on. Alec wanted to go slow…he really did, but it was so damn good. Alec sank in deep and then moved so he could watch the expressive True enjoy his cock.

She watched him, although she had turned her head slightly to the side and she brought her hands up to cup her tits before she fastened her fingers onto her nipples and tugged a little.

He knocked her hands away. “What did I just say?”

“Pulling and tugging don’t fall under any category you requested I not do.”

“Fuck me…I can barely keep a sane thought together and you’re trying to figure out ways around the system?” His strokes were getting faster but he was still trying to control the speed and tempo.

“That’s who I am, Alec.” She smiled like a cat who’d just finished a bowl of cream.

“Hold your tits up for me.” He was too far gone for polite conversation.

She did as he requested and it was difficult to figure out which one he wanted in his mouth first. He chose the left and went for it with all the passion he had inside. Alec hoped that she could feel what he wasn’t going to be able to talk about, because there were feelings that could be so deep he might not make it out of them.

True placed her feet on the bed and pushed herself up against him. The moans in his ear lead him to believe she was close and he straightened up to watch the explosion of expressions that would register on her face.

With her lips parted slightly and her breathing ragged Alec tried to hold on for her to go first.

“I love you, Alec,” she said with a harsh whisper and his balls drew up so tight he closed his eyes trying to calm himself down but it was too late. His cock erupted in hard spurts that had him gripping her thighs and fucking his cock hard and fast into her. It was like he couldn’t stop. The words that he’d never wanted anyone, especially this woman, to say to him had the exact opposite effect that he thought it would have. It was practically painful to hold the responding words from her but he did.

He kept pumping with his eyes closed until he felt her pussy clamp down on his supersensitive cock and he rode her until she was finished, but he couldn’t catch his breath. His heart contracted and beat too hard. He wondered if this is what his father’s heart had felt like before it stopped beating all together. Rolling off  True, he lay on his back and knew that what he’d felt for this woman was too damn strong. It had always been this way and he’d always known it. He couldn’t love her because if he did he’d die from it just like his father had when his mother died. It hadn’t taken but 7 months for the man’s heart to give out from heartbreak. He was the oldest brother to men who had seen way too much loss.

Just thinking of his brothers was like cold water. He rolled off the bed to a standing position looking anywhere but at the woman who could literally kill him. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Alec looked in the mirror at the scarred face that he’d looked at practically his whole life and he didn’t like what he saw there. He’d stood up for his brothers, he’d stood up for anyone weaker than he, and he never ran when he could fight, but the woman on the bed had turned him into something he didn’t want to admit to…a coward.

With a bit of hot water and soap he could wash his body, clear his mind and get back out to True. They had some talking to do and as much as it hurt him to do it, he was going to have to stop this relationship… well the sexual portion of it. His heart, his body, especially his cock, didn’t like that idea, but his head thought it was a very good plan. Lathering up for the third time he was a bit calmer. He had to get his mind right. Alec Haught was not an emotional fellow…or so most people thought. He could stuff feelings down like a champ, but these few days in paradise with True almost made him forget the promises he made to himself. But now…he was back.

Alec dried off and lathered up his face to shave. He’d seen the whisker marks he’d left of True from their romp in the middle of the night and he didn’t want to mark her skin like that. The darkish bruises he’d sucked on her skin were like love notes and he could see he had a few himself.

A soft knock on the door made him turn off the running water. “Come on in.”

The door didn’t open. “I’m leaving.”

True had gotten into the habit of walking along the shore. She’d usually start alone and he’d catch up. That would be a nice thing to do on their last day. “Alright. I’ll catch up with you.”

He turned the water back on and hurried to finish. They could have their talk on the beach, maybe one more round of fun before they had to leave the island at ten o’clock that night. Finishing up, he splashed on True’s favorite cologne. It must be her favorite because she bought it for him all the time. Whistling he opened the door and the bright tropical sun lifted his mood, but when he opened the closet he only saw his clothes. He whipped his head to the left and right and noticed everything of True’s was gone.

“There is no fucking way she left.”

He refused to run, but he did walk briskly. There is no way the woman who’d brought enough clothing for a month's vacation just up and disappeared. Alec made it to the front desk and the young woman there straightened up. She was afraid and as much as he was trying to hold back his temper he was losing control quickly.

“Did you see an African American woman come through here recently.”

The woman flipped through the pages of her book before she offered up a wobbly smile. “You’re in cabin 6. Correct?”

He nodded because niceties were too much to do right now. In his gut he knew she was gone and he kicked himself. If he could have just gotten himself together quicker this might not be happening. He’d actually been looking forward to flying back home together. She was shaky during take off and landing, but riding in the little plane that brought them here was even more difficult.

“Yes. The woman who was with you paid for the room. You are free to stay until your ride comes for you around ten.” The fake bright smile on the woman’s face was making him even more angry but it wasn’t her fault. He was the ass.

“Thank you. I’m guessing there is an earlier flight.”

“There was but you’d never make it. As it was Ms. Goodman was a tight squeeze for time.”

He nodded and stood there for what, he wasn’t sure. Alec knew he was making the woman nervous, but he just couldn’t seem to leave.

The attendant picked up the phone and dialed. Looking everywhere but at him and tapping her pencil on the desk. It was an annoying sound that he wished she would stop, but he feared taking the object from her or placing his hand over hers would make this situation that much worse.

“Yes. This is Abigail from the Fantasy Resort and I’m calling about one of our guests.” She looked up at him as if she were trying to assess if this call was calming him down or making him more upset. The small wobbly smile and slight nod made him take a breath and attempt to turn down the fierceness that he had to be broadcasting. “True Lee Goodman? Did she make the flight?” More nodding and a more stable smile as she put down the phone.

“I’m taking that she made it?”

“Yes, sir. She is safely on the flight and they are preparing for take off.” Abigail’s hand lingered on the handset of the phone and Alec figured he’d better turn and leave before this woman called the local authorities for assistance. He knew what he looked like and he knew people were terrified of him and his disfigured face normally but when he was mad even his brothers gave him a wide berth. Not True though she stood her ground with him for everything and although he probably gave her a harder time than the others she remained unfazed. It was one of the things he adored about her.

He nodded at the attendant and returned to the cabin. It was bright and filled with sunshine from all the windows and the sun reflecting off the clear water all around it, but the light airy feel of the place was gone. True had taken it with her. Alec sat on the bed and could smell True around him like she was still there, but he stopped himself from picking up a pillow and breathing in her scent. He’d already allowed himself way too much and he’d have to reel himself back in. The friendship he’d had with True had always been the best, but the benefits is what had fucked things up… at least for him. He lay back on the pillow and closed his eyes, breathing deeply wanting the sated and relaxed feeling that seemed to travel with True to come back. He’d fix this and get them back to the way they were seven months ago. Alec was going to ignore the pang in his heart and the one in his pants that didn’t want to go back to how it was before, but there was a reason he kept the personal rules he’d created for himself. It didn’t mean it was going to be easy, but it was going to be done.

“Thanks for the vacation, True.” There was no one in the room to accept his thank you, but he’d make sure she got the message.



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