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His Devil's Fire (Club Devil's Cove Book 6) by Linzi Basset (1)

Author’s Note

Dear Reader,

Club Devil’s Cove is a spin-off from Club Alpha Cove, featuring powerful brothers—Ruark Greer and Bracus LeLuc, Rhone Greer and Keon LeLuc.

Please note that books 1 & 2 must be read in sequence. Although, the rest are mainly stand-alone novels, featuring the protagonists involved in the series; they are best enjoyed in sequence.

For your reference, please find books 1 – 5 blurbs at the back of the book.


In His Devil’s Fire, book 6, we meet Lance Talbot who has every reason to hate Lexi Calvert, a woman who has walked around with regret and guilt for eight years.


Regret always came too late; something Lexi Calvert knew all too well. A decision she’d regretted for the past eight years had kept her in hiding … from guilt and then from him … Lance Talbot, the one man who would come to hate her if he found out the truth.


“Then prepare yourself for hell, my pet, because you will come to me … and yes … I’ll be the devil you prayed never to meet.”


She should’ve seen it coming, but the last thing she expected was the powerful Dom’s demand that she become his submissive … willingly. Her mind screamed no, but her body … well, that was a completely different story. He was the kind of man every woman dreamed about: debonair as they came with an irresistible charm she couldn’t say no to.  Disregarding the threat his words promised, she said yes…


Lance Talbot had seen and experienced despair in his years as a combat soldier in Afghanistan. It had turned him into a hardened man with every reason to hate the one woman he never seemed able to forget. Until he looked into her eyes and saw her suffering that awakened the caring Dom in him. He set out to save her … from herself … before she destroyed the beauty of her soul in an effort to find absolution.


She became the prey and he the hunter. He’d had a taste of the young Lexi Calvert eight years earlier; now he ached for the mature woman in her, and the enticingly sassy woman knew just how to awaken the devil in him.


But would the past ever truly be forgotten? Only time would tell.


Entangled amidst their budding love, the conspiracy began to unravel as a plot to unmask the Sixth Order exploded in their faces … literally.


The Precision Secure team was left naked and vulnerable as death handed them a cruel hand.


Would they ever recover … or was this the beginning of the end?



Basset knows how to draw a reader in, catch their attention, and not release it until they are needy for the next chapter, and a helping hand ... or a cold shower. The emotions and angst reign supreme between Lance and Lexi, but there is an amazing balance between romance, kink, and suspense, that— like a scene between Dom and sub—has the reader holding their breath, only to be let up for air at the perfect moment.  


Wishing you all well and trust you will enjoy this story.


Best Regards

Linzi Basset