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His Prize (British Billionaires Book 2) by Emma York (1)





He was watching me when I woke up. I had fallen asleep last night aching in the best possible way, my entire body exhausted from the things he had done to me. Muscles I didn’t know I had were used, stretched, teased, tormented.

I slept by his side. I was in Ethan Powers’ bed. It was still hard to believe it was real. As I drifted off, I ran through the events that had brought us together. It had all come about because Club Darkness had been the first place to offer me a job. Working behind the bar, I’d seen him looking at me, wondered what it might be like to kiss him, to strip for him, to obey his commands. I found out when the auction began.

I was put into the auction. I stood on the stage. He bid on me. He won a night with me. That was the start of a journey that was far from over. The next day, he had shown me just how good it could feel to submit to him. Then someone tried to ruin it.

Jason Fry.

Ethan’s business rival. Ex-friend. The man who stole his wife. The man who tried to steal me.

He failed.

Ethan saved me. He saved me in so many ways. He took me home. He told me I would be safe. It turned out it wasn’t my safety he should have been worrying about. It was his own. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

All I cared about was him. He had brought me home, he had done things to me that had me screaming with delight. Then he slept by my side.

I awoke the next morning to find him no longer by my side. Instead, he was sitting in the armchair over by the window, the sunlight bright enough to keep him in shadow. All I could make out was his silhouette.

“Good morning,” he said.

I suddenly felt cold despite the heat in the room. The last time he’d talked to me like that was just before he’d spanked me. What had I done wrong?

“Hi,” I said, sitting up slowly. “Did I sleep too long?”

“It’s time you learn how to submit to me. Play time is over. Now we begin for real.”

I gulped, my heart suddenly racing. I had only just woken up and already he was dominating me. How did it happen so quickly? All I wanted to do was obey him, get those clothes off him and choke myself on his cock, see him lose control, the coldness leave his face when I brought him to orgasm using just my lips and tongue. But I dared not move until he told me to. Something inside me said I needed to obey him.

“You remember the position I taught you?”

I nodded. “I do.”

“Then jump to it.”

We had slept naked together. My body still throbbed where he had filled me, where he had rammed into me without pause. I was naked but as he stood up, I saw he was wearing a perfectly fitting black suit. He was not smiling. “Do it.”

I pushed the covers away and stood up, feeling more than a little self conscious as he looked at my body. It was one thing to be naked in the dark together. It was another thing entirely to have the morning sunlight pouring in through the window, showing every flaw in my skin. I paused by the bed, my arms automatically folding across my chest, feeling the hardness of my nipples as he continued to watch me.

“I’m waiting.”

“Can I at least pee first?” I wanted to shower too. I wanted to be clean for him.

“Not yet. Get in position or earn another spanking.”

It was only roleplay and I enjoyed it when he spanked me but something told me I wouldn’t enjoy this one. He was angry with me for hesitating. I didn’t want to anger him further.

I sank to the floor, knees apart, pressing into the wood, toes curled under me. There was no keeping my modesty in this position, my hands clasped behind my back, my mouth open, ready for him.

With my arms behind me, my chest was thrust forwards towards him. His eyes weren’t there though, they were fixed between my legs. A flicker of a smile crossed his lips as he reached down and undid the zip of his trousers.

Reaching inside, he brought out his cock, already hard as rock. He stroked it gently as he walked towards me, stopping right in front of my face. In the light, I was able to examine it closely. I was surprised it had been able to fit inside me. It seemed far too big.

A drop of precum formed on the head and I ached to lean forwards and lick it away. That wasn’t allowed though. Even without him telling me, I knew I had to wait for him to give me a command.

“Tongue out.”

I pushed my tongue forwards and he rewarded me by sliding the tip of his cock across it. I curled around the head, tasting him, loving the heat of the flesh as he stared down at me.

Then he stepped back, again stroking himself. He walked around me in a circle. I could feel his eyes on me. My arms started to ache from remaining in one position for so long but I dared not move. He had told me to remain in place. I knew he was testing me.

I knew I should be more frightened by what was happening but it was impossible to feel frightened in his presence. Just being with Ethan made me feel safe and secure. I felt like nothing bad could happen to me while I was with him. From the moment he rescued me, I had concentrated on him, on us. Everything else shrank into the distance.

He was back in front of me, his cock an inch from my mouth as he stroked the shaft back and forth with his right hand, squeezing another drop out of the tip. “May I taste it?” I asked.

“You may.”

He took hold of my head, gripping my scalp with both hands as he manoeuvred his cock between my lips, pushing it slowly forwards until it reached the back of my throat, making me gag. He held it there as my eyes bulged, my nostrils flaring, my lungs burning for breath.

“You wanted to taste it,” he said. “Here you are.”

I thought I might pass out, he stayed there so long. I was breathing as best I could through my nose but it wasn’t enough. He already had the measure of me. Just when I was certain I could take no more, he pulled back, his cock glistening with my saliva as it swayed in front of my eyes.

I gasped for air, taking a deep gulping breath and then another. I blinked in shock when, with no warning, he rammed into my mouth again. This time he rocked back and forth in place, sliding over my tongue as I eagerly felt each bulge and vein along the length of his shaft.

I kissed the tip, hungry for him to do more.

My body was ready for him. I hoped he would carry me back over to the bed, slide into me, just like last night.

He didn’t do it. I didn’t mind too much as what he did instead made me feel as if I was his, as if he owned me. It was a wonderful feeling, to be so desired, so needed, that he couldn’t control himself.

He fucked my mouth.

He groaned loudly as he slid back and forth, using my tongue for his pleasure. I knew he was close when his breathing changed, the shaft of his cock twitching in place.

I wanted to taste it so badly, wanted to please him, to show him how much he meant to me, how much I loved doing this to him.

Just as he was on the verge of coming, he slid from my mouth and I watched as he spurted hot cum onto my face. When it hit me, the shock of it made me jerk backwards.

“You will learn not to move when that happens,” he said as he plunged back into my mouth.

He spurted again, the salty heat this time landing on my tongue. What had splashed onto my cheeks was dripping from my chin to my breasts, making me feel simultaneously so dirty. I was shocked by it but also I wanted more, I wanted him to mark me, to use me, to do whatever the hell he wanted to me. I couldn’t get enough of him. So much for being a good girl.

He only left my mouth when I had squeezed the last drops from the tip of his cock. My hands were still clasped behind my back, like he’d commanded.

I swallowed, smiling up at him as he slid his cock away. He put out a hand and lifted me to my feet, looking at me as I licked the drops from my cheek. “Now you can go to the bathroom,” he said. “I will make us breakfast.”

I nodded and muttered, “Thank you,” my head reeling at just how good it was to be with him. I had only had sex with one other person in my life. I had no idea it could be like this, that it could be so intense, so exciting, that there could be such a connection between two people.

It was as if I was nothing without him. All I wanted was to be with him. Even showering for a few minutes while he was downstairs was tough, I wanted to be by his side again already.

I was quick, washing off the sweat of last night, feeling strangely sad that the remains of what he’d just given me had to go too. What was happening to me? I’d gone from innocent to his sub pretty much overnight. I tried not to think about. That was my problem, overthinking things. I should just enjoy myself for once.

When my hair was dry, I wrapped the dressing gown around me that had been thoughtfully hung on the back of the bathroom door. Then I headed downstairs, the carpet soft under my bare feet.

I found him in the kitchen, cooking happily. “Nice apron,” I said as I walked across to him.

“Thanks,” he replied. “Black is my colour.”

“Apparently so. What are we having?”

“Sausages, bacon, and the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.”

“Sounds good. Can I do anything?”

“Head through. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I liked this. I liked that we could roleplay sub and Dom one minute and then be chatting the next. This was real life. This wasn’t the movies. I liked real life with him, even if it felt like a movie at times, one with my very own happy ending.

When he came through to the dining room with the plates, I was facing the window, looking out at the grounds.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked. “I’ve never seen you so happy.”

“I’m smiling because I’m happy. I’m happy because I’ve never started the day like this before.”

“Being fed?”

“In more ways than one,” I replied, rewarded by him letting out a laugh.

“I’m trying to be Mr Serious here.”

“And I keep ruining it?”

“You couldn’t ruin anything.”

“You haven’t heard me singing,” I said as I picked up my fork. I looked across at him, watching him sipping at his coffee. “You look happy too.”

“I am,” he replied. “Very happy.”

Of course, neither of us knew it but that happiness was about to come to a very abrupt end, all because of a single phone call.



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