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Hunting Lucy (A Hauntingly Romantic Halloween Novella Book 4) by Elisa Leigh (1)


Nineteen years ago

Balor Fitz

What the fuck is going on with you Balor? I used to be able to count on you. You used to hold such promise.” Lucifer asks from behind his desk, he’s clearly pissed. He demanded my presence when I wasn’t able to go through with the last job he put me on. I’m not surprised to be sitting here now. I’ve known this conversation was coming for some time, in fact, I’m curious as to why he’s waited so long to have it. The problem is, I don’t know what to tell him is happening because I don’t understand it myself. For months my will to serve my Dark Lord has been waning and with that came the freedom to explore the world I’ve never considered myself a part of.

“I’m sorry that I’ve let you down my lord. Things inside me are different.” I say, staring out the window at the birds flying from tree to tree, completely free.

Lucifer slams his hand down on the large onyx desk, and the birds drop to the ground immediately. This brings my attention back to him. “Get your shit together Balor. I don’t want to get rid of you, my child. You have been with me the longest.”

I stand quickly, frustrated it has come to this. “I’ve been by your side for a millennium. I’ve proven myself to you time and time again my lord. But what? I have a few off months, and now you’re threatening me with death?”

He moves quickly, faster than even I can, and pins my neck down to the desk, my face smashed against it. “It is because of your loyalty that I have not killed you, yet.” He hisses in my ear. “It has been more than a few off months Balor. Your insubordination will not be tolerated any longer!” He warns and squeezes my neck making it hard for me to breathe. “You couldn’t even torture the souls that have been damned to hell. You never asked questions and didn’t care about the why or the who of what you were doing. I commanded, and you obliged. It was simple. It’s as if you’ve grown a conscience. Marcus had to step in for you. The Balor I’ve known for all this time would never let another do his job for him. You may be my most trusted and valued child, but not even you can get away with what you’ve been pulling lately. Don’t you dare let me down again.”

He releases me, and I fall to my knees. “I understand Father.” I gasp as a searing pain grows in my chest. Something is wrong. I grab my chest, tearing my shirt from my burning flesh. I catch my reflection across the room and see my eyes have gone from black to a fiery red. It feels as though flames are consuming my soulless being. “You just said…” I roar on my hands and knees, staring up at Lucifer.

He walks over and looks down at me with little more than passing interest but does nothing to help me from this torture.

“Make it stop!” I scream in agony.

“I’m not doing this Balor,” he says in frustration.

“I don’t understand.” I gasp in pain.

“The next time I see you, you’ll be dead, damned to hell for all eternity. Then the real fun can begin.” He laughs before walking out, leaving me lying on the floor of his office. I know what he considers fun, I’ve been the one doling out the punishments for a thousand years.

One second I’m lying on my back clutching my chest, fire consuming my body and the next I’m lying in the middle of a dark forest the moon shining down on me. The cold earth starts to cool my heated skin providing me some relief. I lay here for hours in pain and eventually pass out from it. When I wake again, It’s daylight. I’m lying naked in the dirt, and for the first time in my existence, I feel as though my life is connected to another. Yes, I’m cold and hungry, but I’m engulfed in a budding sense of hope.

I stand on shaky legs and walk to the edge of a river where I clean myself off. I test my link with Lucifer, but our connection is severed. Today feels like the first day of my life. I transport myself from the forest back to my place in seconds, then dress quickly. If he hasn’t sent his men here already, they could be here any minute. The things I have amassed over my rather long life mean nothing to me, they were only there to pass the time until my next job. I pack everything into a duffel bag. I just take my clothes and the essentials. I leave everything else behind, knowing I will never be coming back here.

With everything I’m taking with me in my hands, I transport myself to Manchester, New York. It’s time to figure out what in the hell is happening and why I suddenly look forward to my future.


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