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Legion of Guardians: (Book 1-5) by Xyla Turner (1)


Don't FUCK with Bikers


THE NIGHT WAS PERFECT. I was riding the bull like a pro as my friends cheered me on.  I clutched the rope while the big brown beast twisted right then left, tipped forward and back, and spun in a circle.

Granted it was mechanical, but I owned that machine. My tightly coiled thighs we were burning as I stayed on the bull, and my chest pumped with adrenaline knowing I could actually make it because I practiced. Not necessarily on a bull, but on a few good men back when I was still on the road.

The countdown music had begun over the country tune that was playing loudly in the background.

“Kylie, Kylie!” they chanted. It seemed like everybody was shouting for me to win. The  two women before me had taken some nasty falls.

It was my first weekend back in the sleepy town of Manor, Pennsylvania. I had never planned to return, but once I did, I caught up with Lori and Shay for a ‘girls night out.’ Well, they caught up with me, since I was camped out at my mother’s house and daddy dearest had yet to know I was back.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer and needed additional help. She was actually too proud to tell me that she was sick, but once I pieced everything together, she swore me to secrecy. Nobody else was to know and especially not my dad. They had been divorced for nearly eight years, and I swear, all of the emotions and feelings they have towards each other still remain even after my mom walked out on him. A woman doesn’t just walk out on the mayor of a town and think there will be no backlash.

Kylie knew that Susan O. Rutgers, her mom, knew there could be consequences but the woman was a political machine. She was sassy in her own right and taught me to be the same. Her personnel team created a campaign that kept her out of town for months at a time and expressed that due to irreconcilable differences and their individual work schedules, they wanted to focus on their job duties and raise their two daughters. They separated for a year and then made the divorce final afterward. My mom was from Manor and had a corporate job in town. My dad was the mayor of Millersville, a small town near Manor, about an hour’s drive east. 

Phillip Mills, my dad, would not dare taint my mom’s reputation because he knew how voracious she could be. He was no one’s fool. Susan would eat him alive and get him back for old and new. Even to the point of never admitting defeat or failure, that was the Rutgers’ way. Hence, why I was not to breathe a word about Mom being sick.

My sister, Sheryl, didn’t even know about Mom’s ailing health. She had moved away after college and never really came back. After marrying her college sweetheart, they moved to his hometown in Orlando right after Mom and Dad divorced. We rarely talked, but after I told her I was not on tour anymore, she finally agreed to let her son visit with me for a week.. Mom and Dad always chalked up her indifference to the family was because of our parent’s divorce. I just thought she had a life of her own that she wanted to be present for. The same was for me when I was on the road, I didn’t talk much to anyone back home besides Shay.

“Kylie, Kylie!” they continued to chant.

My feet were tightly tucked under each side of the mechanical bull and I had a tight grip on the worn leather strap. Those upper body workouts were really paying off and Ricky would be really proud of me for holding my own with the stubborn, meant to throw your ass to the ground, bull.

There was one more hard jerk and after twirling my hips around to taunt the crowd, the bull came to a slow stop. Everyone chanted and called my name.

The good news was at thirty-two years of age, I still had it; my figure, my stamina and my fight. The bad news was that the mayor of the Millersville would know before the night was over that his daughter was back in town.

“Oh my God, girl! I cannot believe you just survived that. Every woman for the past three weekends hasn’t lasted thirty seconds on that thing!” Lori exclaimed.

“Yes, hon-neey!” Shay was shaking her head. “You got that right. I’m not getting my ass on there. A concussion is not in my future.”

Taking the bottle of cold water from Lori, I shook my head. “I see not much has changed. You are always thinking about the worst-case scenarios.”

“Somebody needs to.” Shay nodded her head in reference to her worrisome tendencies.

I had on a white tank top and the pool of perspiration now on my back was not a sexy look. Therefore, I stood in front of the large industrial fan to cool off as my blond hair began to fly all over the place.

Shay looked up towards the door and said, “I’ll be right back.” She quickly walked away toward the bathrooms.

“I’m going to get some drinks. Do you want your usual?” Lori asked.

“No, I’ll take a Sprite tonight.” I needed to be responsible and sober, just in case Mom was not feeling well later.

Lori nodded and moved towards the bustling bar. She would be a while because she never spoke up or used her sex appeal to get the bartender’s attention. That was fine by me because before I did another line dance or decided to climb my ass back up on that bull, I needed to cool off.

“See you can hold your own on a machine,” a raspy voice said close to me.

My entire body came to attention as I not only heard the words spoken near my ear but felt them pour over my skin. Slowly turning my head, my gaze met with piercing gray eyes that penetrated through me like a bolt of lightning. His face was chiseled like that of an angel. He had sharp facial features and high cheek bones that any model would kill for. That salt and pepper goatee promised wicked things along with the smirk on his gorgeous face. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail, which emphasized his face even more.


“Makes a man wonder if you can hold your own on just about anything.” The side of his mouth rose in a deeper smirk.

My eyes perused his body from head to toe. The sexy as sin man had on jeans, biker boots, and a black t-shirt that I did not want to rip off of his body and explore further.  No, I did not.  The wing tips of a chest tattoo could be seen along the collar of the t-shirt.  Over his shirt, he wore a black leather cut, but I could not see the name of the club because he had a jacket draped over his shoulder.

Back in the day, I used to know all of the motorcycle clubs but since I’d been away, I was too far removed to know one bike club from another. I just knew they usually wore leather cuts.

My mouth was slightly parted as he really did take my breath away. The man smelled good and looked ten times better than his aroma. Today would be the day that I didn’t wear a bra, and as I slowly perused his body, my nipples hardened to defined nubs. Those piercing eyes moved from my face to my chest and the smirk turned into a smile.

“What do you say, sweetheart?” he finished.

The fan had my hair flying all around like I h, only mine were blond. The biker moved from his place beside me to in front of me and then raised his hand to subdue my curls, but I gripped his wrist before he succeeded.

One eyebrow rose when he asked, “Well?”

“Well,” I finally spoke. “I don’t fuck bikers.”

I let his arm go and walked towards the bar to join Lori without looking back.

“Was that who I think it was?” Lori asked.

“I have no idea who that was.” I kept my back to him. 

“That's Razor!” Lori whispered, or rather softly yelled over the rambunctious bar area.

“And...” I sang with my eyebrows raised. “Should I know him?”

Lori looked up toward the ceiling in thought. “Well, I guess not. He’s from Columbia and I think he came right after you left eleven years ago.”

“Okay?” I asked again, not connecting the dots as to why he was important; besides the man being fucking gorgeous.

“He’s the regional leader for the Legion of Guardians MC.” Lori persisted as if it would click why the man was relevant. “O.M.G. What did he say to you? All the women want him and, believe me, he gets his fair share. Shit, anyone he wants. He usually steers clear of women younger than him but he looked like he wanted a piece of you.”

“Legion? That sounds demonic,” I mused.

“Naw, not the Bible version of a legion, Webster’s version. It means many, as in there are a lot of them. They have members, honorary members, secret members and people all over the world. There are so many types of members too. They aren't all everyday bikers. You know? Some of them have nine-to-fives and other shit. That's how they work. This MC has been around since ’71, and Razor was called in to clean up this region since this chapter had earned a bad reputation.”

“You sound like a fan.” I took a sip of my Sprite. “What’s their meaning of their emblem? I saw it on the back of that guy’s cut.” I mocked.

Lori blushed and took a sip of her Long Island Iced Tea. “I guess I am. ‘I absolutely love one of their members. Nothing has happened between us yet, but I swear he is meant to be mine.  So, stay away from my man, Apollo.”

I sat my cup of soda on the bar and looked at my longtime friend. While it sounded crazy, Lori being attracted to anyone was a major surprise. We always thought she would go into a convent or something. So, I was happy to hear that she was in love.  Shit, I’d try to get them together myself if I knew the dude.

“Okay, okay.” I held my hands up in the air. “I will steer clear of him and anyone in the club. No worries here.”

“What?” she exclaimed. “I wouldn’t say that if you haven’t seen any of them yet.  I haven’t met a Guardian that’s not gorgeous.  Some are taken or married already.  I don’t know if it’s the biker appeal or what, but the ones I’ve seen are hot as hell.”

I couldn't argue with that, because Razor, or whatever his name was, is hot.

Someone touched my hip, causing me to whirl around. It was Shay smiling gleefully and looking a little frazzled.

“Where you been?” I asked.

Shay simply smiled, as Lori said, “With her boo that she refuses to tell me who he is.”

“Are you serious?” I crossed my arms. “How long has this been going on?”

“About two months.” Shay smiled that ‘I just got fucked’ look.

Looking at my friends, I realized how long it had been and it hit me just how beautiful they really were. Lori had long dark hair with small, tanned freckles sprinkled on her cheeks. She was shorter than me, but only by a few inches. She was slightly curvier than me with C-cups, hips and a nice little rump. If she’d had a lisp, Lori could’ve passed for Drew Barrymore.

Shay was definitely an exotic beauty; her terra-cotta clear skin tone always had guys fawning over her. Her hair was long and flowing, and Shay spent a long time meticulously doing it every day because according to her, she did not believe in perms. People always asked her if she was related to Aaliyah, the singer, because she resembled her so much. At first, Shay thought it was a compliment but after years of it, she said it became annoying since she was Shay. Only Shay. Well, Sharon was her real name, but she preferred Shay. We were friends first because she didn't give a fuck if I was a mayor’s daughter or not. She challenged me one day in school and we became life-long friends from that day forward. Even after I moved, we always stayed in touch.

“So, explain.” I nudged her. “How does this work?”

“Well, we meet, hook up, and we both leave satisfied. Besides that, there isn’t much to tell.” Shay shrugged her shoulders.

Lori rolled her eyes which ended their movement on me. “See what I’m talking about? Two months and she won’t even share. Bitch.”

“Damn Shay. You have Lori calling you names now?”

Shay laughed out loud, catching the attention of several folks, including the bartender.

“Refill?” the blue-eyed man asked Lori from the other side of the bar.

She smiled and then nodded her head. I nudged Shay with my arm and whispered, “Are you really not going to share?”

She blinked up at me with those naturally long eyelashes and said, “It’s not that type of party. No one knows and that’s the game.”

“Okay, Shay.” I nodded. “I’ll give you that, but when the game is over....” I pointed to her and said, “You’ll need to share.”

“You got it.” She smiled.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” Lori chimed back in after sipping her drink. “Shay, Kylie was just sharing what Razor said to her.”

Shay’s eyes went wide as her mouth parted slightly. “Razor said something to you?”

“Not really. Just observing my riding skills and being a pervert.” It was time for me to shrug my shoulders. 

“Giirrll,” Shay sang. “Razor is hot as shit. He doesn't usually go for the young ones. But if he’s offering a ride, and I were you, I’d take it.”

“No, I'm fine.” I shook my head.

“What did you say to him?” Lori asked.

“Told him, I don’t fuck bikers.”

“What!” Lori and Shay gasped.

“You heard me.”

“What did he say?” Lori asked.

“I don’t know. Don’t care either. I walked over here.”

Shay looked around the bar and after not finding what she was looking for, she turned to me. “Girl, you still crazy as shit. Fucking turning down Razor. There are women in here that would cut your ass to get at him.”

“It ain’t that serious.”

“The fuck it ain’t. Lori is head over heels in love with Apollo. We hang out with them all the time and if we’re hanging, you’re hanging. So, it’s kind of a big thing. These bikers might be Guardians and shit, but they are some bad ass motherfuckers. They’re good guys, but still.”

Lori nodded her head.

“Okay, and I still don’t fuck bikers.”

“What has a biker done to you?” Shay asked sincerely.

“I got enough to deal with on my own.  I don’t need some vigilante dude fucking anything that moves, spreading their royal oats and riding away into the sunset on two wheels, leaving hearts broken and tears flowing. I have no time for bikers and definitely no time for bikers named Razor.”

Lori and Shay looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

Fuck that.

They didn’t know that my heart was already road kill to some stupid-ass biker. Another biker would never get that chance again.