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Lilly: A Silent Sons MC Novel Book Three by Ambere Sabo (1)

Chapter 1



That letter. God that fucking letter. It’s been months since it arrived at the Dominion clubhouse, and it still feels like a bad fucking joke. I grimace as I remember how Havoc flipped his shit when I finished reading it—as in literally started tossing things around church.

Chaos is the only way to explain what happened after we found out Enterrador was still alive and kicking. Panic from the Ol’ Ladies for a girl they look at as a sister. Demands for answers from the brothers of both clubs. Me, utterly frozen with my mind working a million miles a minute. We’d thought the bastard was dead, and Lilly would be safe. How could we get it so fucking wrong?

Now, we walk on eggshells around the subject. Enterrador won’t stop until he has her, or so he says. But she isn’t his to take. For now, it seems he’s content sending her flowers and gifts in some fucked up way of courting her. But eventually he will come for her, and none of us have any clue how to stop it.

We protect what’s ours because it’s the only thing we can do. Lilly has around the clock protection, me, but I know the whole thing still wears on her. She’s stronger than her brother gives her credit for though, but I can tell she's still afraid.

She’s tried to change her looks. Hoping if she doesn’t remind him of his wife anymore, he’ll just leave her alone. Her ma was pissed when she came home with the vibrant, red hair she’s rocking now. Havoc threatened to kill Ink if he gave her a tattoo when she started asking Cess about hers. Not that she couldn’t go somewhere else.

Today, on a day that calls for celebration, she watches everyone around her, cautiously. Worried that at any moment a new gift will arrive. Terrified that perhaps today’s the day he’ll decide to stop playing games and make his move.

“Lil, there are enough brothers in this auditorium to keep you safe. We went over all this last week in church. Nothing’s going to happen to you. Please try to enjoy your graduation. It's your day, baby girl. You deserve it. We’ve got you,” I whisper in her ear as I come up behind her and rub her arms. Trying anything to get her to calm down.

She melts against me when I do, and it sets me on fire. The feel of her body next to mine makes me feel alive. No matter how damn hard I try, it won’t go away. I want a woman I have no right even thinking about. I take a moment more than I should to just breathe her in.

“You need to get in line to go to your seat,” I say, pointing to her classmates starting to line up.

Sighing, she tells me, “I know. Ma will kill me if she doesn’t get to see me walk across that stage.”

I can’t help the laugh that slips through my lips. “And she’ll kill me for making you miss it. Now go. You know your ma pissed off scares the shit out of me.”

There’s my girl. The smile I’ve grown to crave lights up her face. She finds it hilarious that I’m scared of her itty-bitty mother. But that woman is scary as shit when she’s in a mood. I don’t know how Havoc made it to adulthood. I truly don’t.

After making sure Lil is safe and sound in her seat, I make my way to mine with Havoc and Angel. All of the Sons and a few of The Reapers are littered throughout the auditorium, but those of us who are important to Lil are all together. Rose is sitting with Vic and Prez, while Venom sits with Cessy.

When it comes time for Lil to walk across the stage, cheers erupt from almost every section. She looks amazing beaming back at us as she walks across to get her diploma. She’s worked her ass off, and I’m damn proud of her for it. We all are.

I know she’s upset she can’t stay here in Austin and work with the kids. I'll admit I’m a selfish prick, so nothing makes me happier than knowing she’ll be close. Then I can always keep an eye on her. Prez has been getting pretty pissed about me not letting the other members handle any of her security detail these last few months. I can’t be much of a Road Captain if I’m always out of town. But damn it to hell, if I want any of the other brothers to be the ones making sure she’s good. Safe.

If I couldn’t be here, I’d send Dash or Colt. Colt is young as fuck, and it shows. He can take care of his own, or I wouldn’t send him. But I know she finds him annoying as hell. Kind of like the kid brother you never wanted. And Dash, well Dash is so far gone on Kat, it's ridiculous. If only he’d man up and make a fucking move already. Basically, neither has a chance in hell with my baby girl.

I have to remind myself I don’t either. Lilly deserves the best. And an ex-marine biker is nowhere near that. Besides, Havoc would have my fucking head. He’s already threatened me with bodily harm if I so much as think about touching his baby sister. Thank fuck, he isn’t in my head.



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