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Loving a Davis: When one night isn't enough (The Davis Sisters Book 1) by Mallory Funk (1)

Chapter One


I was sitting with my sisters at Baxter’s Bar and Grill. It’s a local bar that we like to go to almost every weekend. The staff know us pretty well, and they also know what we like to drink. There are four of us, “The Davis sisters,” that’s what a lot of people liked to call us. We were close; practically best friends. No one could come between us. There were times that we would want to rip each other’s heads off, but there wasn’t anything that we wouldn’t do for one another.

Jessica is the oldest sister. She is twenty-seven years old. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. Jessica is the tallest one out of all of us. She is about five feet, eight inches. The next eldest is Elizabeth (or Eliza for short) who is twenty-five years old. She has blonde hair like our mother (well, from what I can remember of our mother), and blue eyes.  I am twenty-three, and the second youngest. Carissa is the baby of the family. She is twenty-one years old. She also has blonde hair and blue eyes like Eliza. Jessica and I look like our dad in most ways, while Eliza and Carissa look like our mom. Jessica and Eliza live in an apartment together across town.  Carissa and I live with our dad, Ben. He’s a single dad, so we are finding it hard to leave home despite it making it more difficult to bring a guy home from the bar.

Our dad has been single for as long as I can remember. Our mother had left when we were all little. I was five when she took off. We haven’t heard from her since. Something about motherhood not being cut out for her. She left us girls with our father who at times I could tell wanted to flee as well; however, that probably had something to do with the fact that he had teenage girls who all had their periods at the same time.

It was Friday night, and we were currently enjoying some weekend drinks. On days when we all have the next day off, we pretty much drag each other out of the house to have some drinks. It wasn’t often that we all landed the same day off and, if we enjoyed enough drinks tonight, we could all spend our day off hungover. What better way to spend your day than hungover? That has been my sisters’ way of seeing things ever since I can remember. Spending the day in bed sicker than a dog trying to feel human again? Sign me right up!

Now, before you ask, none of us are currently in a relationship. We have all had our fair share of relationships (if you could call them that), dating, and one-night stands; but I think that we all love the single life. After what happened to our dad, we haven’t tried very hard to find anything serious. Not that I haven’t wondered what it would be like to fall in love, but I have always been too scared to find out for myself.

“Check out the hottie at the bar,” Jessica says. All at once, the three of us glance at the bar.

“No, don’t all fucking look at once,” she whispers harshly at us.

We all do it anyway. What can I say, we’re bitches.

“Fuck, you guys are assholes,” she comments. The guy at the bar is hot. He has blonde hair, a medium build, and is tall. His friends are all tall too, especially the one with the light brown hair who is built slightly bigger than the blonde. Once the blonde notices us looking, he says something to his friends and they all glance our way.

I take a quick glance at my sisters, and Jessica is currently eyeing her glass and playing with the condensation like it’s the best thing in the world. I can’t help but roll my eyes. She’s so obvious. Eliza is openly checking them out and licking her lips. Not a big shock there. Carissa has her hands on her chin openly checking them out. I can’t help but snort at them. Eliza and Carissa are the outgoing ones. They are not afraid to flirt with guys. Jessica has always been shy, but that tends to go away once she’s had a few drinks. I am not one to go up and flirt with a guy, but if one happens to approach me then I have no problems.

“Yeah, he is pretty hot, sis, and so are his friends,” Eliza says looking at Jessica.

“They are looking at us,” Jessica whispers pretty loudly.

“Of course they are, sissy. We all were just looking at them,” I tell her.

The waitress comes back with drinks for us. We then order shots of tequila (well Eliza orders them, but we all have to drink). This is the only time you will catch me drinking tequila.

We all do our shots, and I look over at the guys that we were openly checking out noticing that they are still looking over here grinning and talking to each other.

“We should send them something,” Carissa says clapping excitedly.

“Oh yes, let’s!” I sit up straight with a smile on my face. Jessica hates sending guys stuff which gives us more reason to do it. One day she will get the shy knocked out of her.

“Oh god! Guys, please don’t! Not this time. Can’t we all have drinks one night with each other without sending men anything?” She drops her head. Drama Queen I tell you.

“We do not do this every time!” I tell her.

“You do so! Every. Single. Fucking. Time.” Jessica states, and I can’t help but shrug.

“It’s always fun to send men some girly drinks. Sometimes you get the ‘why did they fucking send us this shit?’ look, or a ‘what the fuck?’ look. We have yet to send a Jolly Rancher or Porn star shot to one group of guys who actually thought that it was funny instead of insulting,” Eliza sighs dramatically.

“That’s because it is weird!” Jessica says.

I roll my eyes. She will never learn. “Let’s send them Skittles shots!” I say excitedly.

“Yes, let’s do it!” Carissa waves down the waitress while Jessica groans. We tell the waitress to send that table of hot guys Skittles shots, and then sit back and watch them being delivered. Even Jessica watches because she secretly loves to do this just as much as we do. The guys look confused until the waitress points at us, and the three of us wave. Only Jessica shrinks herself into the booth.  The guys glance at us and smirk. There are three of them having drinks, and they tip the shot glasses to us in a silent salute. The three of us tip ours to them, and Eliza forces Jessica’s arm up to do it too.

Some of them make a face which makes us laugh, and you can tell that a couple of them thought that it wasn’t bad.

“See, that wasn’t so bad.” I look at Jessica and she’s a serious shade of red.

The next thing we know a shadow falls over the table. We all look up, and see all three men holding their drinks standing at the front of our booth. They are hotter in person.

“Ladies, mind if we join you?” the one with dark brown hair asks. I notice that he has blue eyes. They are dark. The kind of eyes that you could get lost in.

“Sure,” Eliza says with a shrug.

They all sit down. Since I was at the end of one side of the booth, I end up sitting next to the one with light brown hair. I notice he has green eyes when he turns to look at me. The other two join my sisters on the other side of the table. The blonde sits beside Jessica, and the other beside Eliza.

“Well, I’m Tyler,” the blonde guy says. He also has blue eyes. They are lighter than his friends, but still something you could get lost staring at. He then points to the one beside Eliza. “That’s Carter,” he states. Then, pointing to the one beside me, he adds, “and that one is Mark.”