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Middle Ground by K A Sands (1)


This fucking man was a tormentor. The guy on the bench knew it, I knew it. Jeremy Hayes knew it too.

Not a stitch above five-foot-six yet he had the biggest, gnarliest men bowing at his feet every single time he stepped into one of Club Descent’s rooms. He reduced these bruisers to shuddering messes within minutes, savoured the command he lorded over his eager subjects.

Every time I watched him, my pants got tight and I ended up a confused muddle of anger and need. That’s lust for you right there, folks. My wank game was strong when it came to Jeremy Hayes, not something I’d ever admit out loud. I liked my fucking man card, thank you very much.

Tormentor was an apt name for the slip of a man who had consumed my vivid imagination for far too long. Years of watching how he played had been torture and my patience was wearing thin, I didn’t know how to play it cool for much longer.

I paid attention, perhaps a little too closely, as he flicked his favourite bull whip - one he used with great skill - against the thigh of his leather clad leg, the chaps hugging him like a second skin. His cock jutted out in front, long and proud. Did I mention long? Because this fucker had the biggest and thickest cock I’d ever seen, that weapon was lethal, and he knew how to use it.


I’d never seen him touch himself, surmising it was his own self-flagellation or something, who knew? He enjoyed every single second of his scenes though, I could read his facial expressions better than anyone I’d ever known. Precome wept from his slit and I licked at my dry lips before turning my attention to the man bent over the bench, arse on display and moaning like the bitch he was.

Tears coated his cheeks, but his eyes were rolled back in his head as he floated off somewhere in his own little bubble of sub space. Jeremy had worked him hard, the sheen of sweat glistening across the flayed-out man’s warmed and flushed back evidence of the rigorous torture he’d endured. Jeremy’s whip was idle now, but he’d given the man what he’d begged for and more.

A harsh gasp echoed around the star-studded room when the slender finger of Jeremy rubbed along the man’s slick and reddened crease. He was playing now, toying and teasing, whereas earlier he’d punished. Previously he’d had four fingers tight in the man’s channel while he’d flogged the backs of his legs, just under that beefy, plump arse. My heart had hammered furiously as I listened to the man’s pleasure. No matter how roughly those fingers penetrated, or how harsh the bull whip’s tails struck, he’d cried out in ecstasy and begged his master for more.

With abandon, Jeremy stepped back and ceased giving his subject the pleasure he craved. “Lay him out please, Ed.”

His request startled me from my thoughts and the mesmerising show in front of me and I paced forward to do as he asked. The next ten minutes in this room were going to be excruciating, and I still had another hour on the fucking clock before I could scuttle off to the showers to jack off.


Once the larger man was carefully positioned how Jeremy wanted him - head hanging over the end of the bench - I retreated back to my spot by the wall and gritted my teeth.

Jeremy never wasted any time; when he was ready, he was ready. The man opened his mouth at the silent command of his master tapping his fingers against his cheek. Jeremy sank his rigid beast of a cock down his willing throat. Tipping his head backward, his neck muscles strained as he opened his mouth on a silent moan, rocking on his feet.

Silently, he fucked the man’s mouth. Quick jabs followed by lengthy strokes, while keeping his hands behind his back, his hips doing all the work. Strangled gurgles drew my attention to the recipient of the mouth fucking, his cock like a steel pole bared for all, twitched with the need to come. Semen bubbled then erupted from the head and flowed over his painful looking erection and I sighed in relief. Jeremy’s trigger and ultimate goal; the sight of another man coming without using his hands. He was a bloody pro at commanding another’s release.

A razor-sharp shout signalled the petite man’s orgasm and I couldn’t help but look. I always looked, because Jeremy coming was a spectacular sight. Cum spilled from the corners of the mouth he was taking his pleasure from as he continued his thrusts, continued to empty down his throat. When I glanced up, his eyes met mine, not briefly like usual, but held in some kind of stand-off. There was a message there I was too worked up to pay any mind to, not the time or the place to question, not when my dick was rock hard, and I was aching for some relief.  

Breaking the contact, I watched again as he fucked that warm mouth, lips that looked so damned inviting, I had the notion to stick my own cock in there. Having been a while since I’d had some decent action, I was so hungry for it.

I was a tether - a bouncer - a safeguard. And tethers didn’t normally get involved with scenes. There was nothing in the rules forbidding it, the discretion was that of the clients and the entertainers, as long as everyone played safe, participation was not frowned upon. There was a list, and it was common knowledge if a client asked then it was likely a tether would play. I hadn’t done much of it in the past, only really when Liam’s masters made the invite, not much more beyond that. These scenes were not how I liked my sex.

“Ed?” Jeremy questioned, his cock still hard but no longer shoved down the man’s throat. He’d taken a step back from the bench putting a space between him and the man. “His mouth feels good.”

“I can see that,” I growled. Could he read my fucking mind now?

“He has room for more.” His hand curled around the man’s chin, tilting him my way. I salivated as Jeremy squeezed and his spunk dribbled through his fingers. With his head still upside down, the huge bear of a man grinned at me, his watery eyes twinkling, cum dripping down his cheeks. “He wants you too, Ed.”

I cursed ever giving this man my name, he used it far too often in a way that went straight to my aching balls. Fuck it. I was too worked up to wait another hour to come in the bathroom from my hand working me over. Stepping forward, I reached to the front of my own leather pants, jumping when I heard the loud thwack to the side of me. My hands stilled.

“Rules,” Jeremy scolded. “You know the rules.”

I knew the rules all right, but the man was strapped to the bench. How else was I supposed to get my pants undone and my cock out so I could fucking come already? I glared at Jeremy, he was pushing and we both knew it. He’d only get away with so much from me before I walked. He needed to be careful and the look I was giving him said so, I wasn’t a man who got on his knees for anyone, metaphorically or not.

He hooked a finger through the belt in my pants and hauled me in front of him. “Close the viewing window.”

Pulling the small remote from my back pocket, I hit the down arrow to work the mechanism on the shutter, listening as it kicked into action. Once closed, I turned to Jeremy. “Undo me.”

Two could play his power games. My smirk was wicked and all for him. If he didn’t like it then this would be over before it got started.

With little hesitation he made quick work of the belt buckle, buttons and the zipper without once ever touching my skin or dick. The non-contact made it no less erotic for I could feel the heat of his hands when he drew my trousers down under my arse, my cock springing free. Sucking in a sigh at the instant relief of being unrestricted by the tight pants I always wore, I then smiled when they were tugged from my feet and cast aside. Already bare chested, the rooms often too warm for a shirt, I stood naked as the day I’d been born in front of a man I craved to stick my cock inside. A man who pressed all the right buttons in me. Weird, considering how he liked his sex and I liked mine, but there it was. Jeremy Hayes got me the horniest I’d ever been for a long while.

I prayed he liked what he saw as I turned my back on him. I’d never been self-conscious, not ever, but I pined for this man’s acceptance. Hoped that he liked the ink I’d painted across my shoulders, the stars that decorated my skin. They were me.

Jeremy reached around my side and winched the bench lower, pulling up the end so the man’s head was flat. I practically had to bend over to angle myself into position, because yeah, my cock was going in that bear’s mouth no matter how uncomfortable the position.

“Right there,” Jeremy groaned as he stepped in closer behind me. My senses tingled with the sear of his hot flesh at my back, not exactly nervous because he wouldn’t do anything without consent, my virgin arse was safe for now. It was like an acute awareness that boundaries were being stepped over on his part. “Take him, Ed. He’s gagging for your cock.”

Fuck. I slid inside without any trepidation, screwing my eyes shut as sensations overloaded my body. Already horny, a loud rumble of pleasure rolled from the bowels of my stomach as I rocked in and out of the wet, slippery cave of a mouth. My desire heightened with each shallow thrust, with each harsh puff of air from behind that caressed my shoulders.

“No hands,” Jeremy warned, so I shoved my trembling arms behind my back, surprised to find the hot skin of Jeremy’s chest right there. “I need to come again,” he moaned as the sticky head of his cock made contact with the top of my arse.

A fissure of deep arousal rocked my body as I dove deeper into the willing man on the bench, my angle shifting, my legs spreading wider. Cold fluid seeped down my crack then hot flesh as Jeremy dipped his cock between my legs and rubbed against me.

“Fuck... Ed...” Jeremy Hayes never spoke a single word when he was getting off, yet he’d uttered my name. “Tell me you’re close?”

I goddamned was now. “Yeah,” I blew out on a testy breath, keeping my pace steady, frantic movements not suiting my needs. So inexplicably turned on with the way Jeremy was sliding that beautiful dick of his through my arse to rub the head against my balls. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“A finger?” His voice was jangly with exertion, excitement or whatever the fuck it was making him bend his rules.

“Do it.” A little penetration sounded like the best idea I’d heard all day.

Except it wasn’t his finger that poked and prodded. He rimmed with the fat pad of his thumb then stuffed it inside my arse like he couldn’t wait a second longer. I was a goner. I loved arse play, even though I’d never had a dick up there and it was a sure-fire way to make me explode. Had he guessed that? He screwed his thumb in as far as he could get while I came in fits and bursts inside a mouth he’d creamed already.

Glancing up, I saw the bear had come again and grinned down at the thoroughly fucked bloke. Jeremy was still rutting his cock against me, his thumb in tight and as I quietened down from my orgasm and slipped from the man’s mouth, I gave in to the pull of Jeremy, shoving back against him.

“Come on,” I coaxed. “Give it to me.”

“Keep fucking talking...” he gritted out as his hips snapped quicker, his thumb pressed tight. “And bend the fuck over.”

I did one better; spreading my legs wider than I’d ever thought I possibly could in this position and placed my hands on the floor either side of the bench. My mouth was in prefect licking distance and I lapped up the spilled cum from the man’s belly underneath me. When he sucked my balls, I sucked his flagging cock and ate him up, delighting in the downright filthiness.

Jeremy tipped and finally gave it up, roaring the loudest I’d ever heard him as he painted my crack with his release. Hot splashes of cum hit my back and I groaned at hearing him come so undone. His careful composure was a thing of the past, I’d fucking unglued him, and I wanted to do it again and again. A spark of pride made me grin.

After a few silent moments, I stood to full height, my thighs aching with spent energy. I swore I felt the ghost of a hand slide the length of my spine but then it was gone as quick as I recognised the act. I luxuriated in the barely there touch long after it had dissipated.

Stepping back from the bench and the man below me, I turned to face an empty room. Jeremy was gone.

What the fuck just happened?

And why the hell had I enjoyed another man behind me so much? The thought of Jeremy pressing his length into me threw me for six. If he’d have asked, I would have bent over some more and parted my cheeks myself. I’d never wanted sex like that with any man before, but I was sure I wanted it with him.

Alpha males didn’t beg for cock, and I was about as alpha as they came. I wasn’t a Dom, or a master. Equally I wasn’t one to give up control either. I was a bossy top, nothing I was ashamed of and had never had any complaints. But I never begged. Never pleaded. Didn’t always enjoy being on the receiving end of a tease.

I would for Jeremy Hayes though, and that threw my head into a total tailspin.

Tormentor. Jeremy lived up to the silent nickname I’d given him, there’d never been a truer name for a man like him.


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