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Mixed Up In You (In You Series Book 1) by Sammi Cee (1)

Chapter One


“Julian, man, come on. Let’s get out of here.”

Shoving Chuck’s hands off me, I mumble, “Go away, Chuck. You’re being a total buzz kill tonight.” All around us the music is bumping, the vibrations of the bass under our feet, and the place is jammed with people, packed in tight ready to drink and fuck.

Feeling an arm slip around me from behind, I can tell by the strong scent of Jo Malone Cologne that Phillip is back. When another vodka tonic appears in an outstretched hand in front of me, I turn my head to grin up at him. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” When he looks past me, his eyes narrow so I turn back to my irritating best friend.

“Dude, go ahead and go. I graduated fucking college tonight!” I yell. “I’m not going home, yet. I wanna party.”

“Yeah, Chuckie. Go ahead and go. I’ll take care of Julian tonight.”

That makes me smile like an idiot as I spin in Phillip’s arm to look up at him. “You will, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” he says pulling me in closer to his big, muscular body. My breath stutters in my chest. Phillip, handsome, popular Phillip is holding me in his arms. It’s a fantasy I’ve had for years to find out what he feels like, how much of a beast he is in bed. He’s the big guy on this side of town. Everyone wants to know him or at the very least be acknowledged by him, and he’s been showering me with attention and drinks for the last several months. He’s never hit on me or anything, but I haven’t seen him with anyone else either, and I’m determined to get just one night with him.

Before I can get my flirt on, Chuck grabs my arm and yanks me back toward the bar where he begins hissing insistently, “Dude, it’s our graduation night, remember? We’re supposed to be celebrating. And that’s fuckin’ Phillip.”

“I know. Isn’t it fuckin’ awesome?”

“Julian, he’s a damn drug dealer. What’s wrong with you?” He looks pissed which is why he needs to go home. I want to celebrate my hard work, not hang out with this Debbie downer.

“Get lost, Chuck. I’ve gone back and hung at Phillip’s house after the bar’s closed plenty of times. Not only has he never tried to give me any drugs, he’s kicked out anyone who has. It’s cool. You worry too much.”

Spinning away from him, I begin to walk back to Phillip who’s waiting patiently for me. The minute he sees me step toward him, the frown leaves his face, replaced by the sexiest smirk I’ve ever seen. As I feel hands close around my bicep again, I shake my arm, turning just my head to growl over my shoulder, “Chuck, go the fuck home. I’m fine.”

Chuck’s eyes widen in surprise before he narrows them at me. “Do whatever you want, but your partying the last few months is out of control. Call me when my best friend, the real Julian, shows back up.” Immediately he’s scooting toward the door of the crowded bar, elbowing and pushing people out of his way.

Before I totally register that he’s actually leaving instead of staying to get shit-faced with me, Phillip yanks me forward back into his arms. “I have a three wise men shot waiting for you at a tabletop, Julian. Let me show you a good time tonight. Don’t worry about your friend, we’re going to celebrate. Me and you.” Without hesitation, I tangle our fingers together when he reaches for my hand, and I follow him to the corner of the bar that’s always reserved for him. He showers me in drinks and shots for my graduation, always holding me close to him, running his hand down my arms and back. I become the center of attention, partying with people I’ve never seen before as they congratulate me and thrust shots into my hands. Chuck missed out leaving, hanging with Phillip elevates a man, brings status and clout, I think hazily as the alcohol courses through my body. The bar is growing wobbly around me as my vision begins to blur, but I feel Phillip encircle my waist with his arm. As he holds me securely to his side, I know he’ll take care of me.

“I have a special graduation treat for you, Julian.” Leaning in he whispers into my ear, “I’m gonna let you blow me. Right here, right now.” My pulse races with excitement as my mouth waters. Phillip turns me around to face him and runs his pointer finger down my cheek. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” At the nod of my head, I feel his hands leave my body, and there’s a nudge in my stomach. He can’t mean… but yes, a minute later, he places his hands on my shoulders and begins pushing me to the floor. Lifting startled eyes up to his, he says, “Everyone will want to be you now, Julian. They’ll know I belong only to you.”

Phillip, Phillip will be mine, I think as I come face to face with the hardness that’s been pulled out of his pants and stands proudly on display. For a moment, I hesitate, but then I realize he’s right. The bar is packed, most people won’t even be able to see what I’m up to. But the ones who stay close to Phillip hoping for a scrap of his attention, the men and women who have been eyeing me jealously all night for the touches and drinks that Phillip is bestowing on me, they’ll know to stay away. And then he’s running the head of his cock across my lips and forcing it into my mouth the moment my lips part. Determined to make this the best blow job he’s ever had, I begin to flick my tongue up only to have him grab the side of my head and fuck my face. Hard. Deep. Fast. But I’m a big guy, so I can take it. If this is what he wants, what he likes, then I’ll prove to him in front of all these people that I can give him what he needs, so I bring my hands up to clutch his thighs and hang on while tears course from my eyes.