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More Than Anything (Upstate Education Book 2) by E.M. Denning (1)


Thurston hated the way Eugene's shoes sounded as he walked beside him toward his office. "You owe me at least ten minutes, Thurston."

"I'm well aware you did me a favor, but you could've said no. Had I known you would use it to blackmail your way into a conversation with me, I'd have flown back and dealt with the issue myself." Thurston kept his voice low and even, but the anger radiating from him would be obvious to anyone who paid attention to the pair as they walked through the halls. Eugene had done him a favor by standing up for his teaching assistant, who'd gotten into a bit of trouble regarding a video that had been released. Were it not for Eugene, the meeting could've gone a lot worse. Thankfully, Rider got to keep his position and Thurston wouldn't find himself stuck scrambling for a substitute.

"Yes, you could've dealt with the sanctimonious shit wipe yourself, but you didn't. You called me."

Thurston strode into his office. "You have ten minutes."

The door clicked shut and Thurston turned, half expecting Eugene to be gone. It would be typical. He'd taunt Thurston, then run. But he was there, with his stupid blue eyes and his idiotically perfect bed head hair, and a perfectly tailored suit Thurston wanted to tear off him.

"What do you want?" Thurston asked flatly.

For a terrible moment, Eugene looked vulnerable, needy. He took a tentative step toward Thurston. Then Eugene grabbed Thurston by his blazer and crashed their mouths together. Their bodies pressed against each other. Thurston grabbed Eugene's ass, he'd forgotten how intoxicating he was. How wholly consuming it was to be near him.

When Eugene pulled away, Thurston examined him. He still looked needy, but the wild, untamed quality lingered, flowing in his veins, beating in his heart and Thurston could see the raw need in his eyes. "I want my fucking daddy." Eugene kissed him again. Anger heated his movements. He tried backing Thurston against the wall, but Thurston wasn't about to be ruled by him.

He broke the kiss and gave Eugene a swat on the ass. "Careful brat, or you'll bite off more than you can chew. And watch your mouth."

"You and your fucking rules. I can swear if I fucking want to and there's not a god-damned thing you can do to stop me."

He pressed Eugene against the wall, wedging a thigh between Eugene's legs and caged him in with his arms. "I don't know whether I want to fuck you, fight you, or just throw you out and be done with you."

Eugene put both hands on Thurston's chest and shoved. It wasn't a hard push, and he leaned in, closing the space between them even more. "I thought you knew everything. Isn't that how it goes? Daddy knows best?"

Leaning in close enough to feel Eugene's breath on his lips, Thurston spoke. "You. You are an annoyance. You are an incorrigible brat. You are pushy, spoiled, and you never behave. You have a filthy mouth you never know when to shut and I should want to throw you out of here." Thurston took a breath to steady himself. "But if you ever walk away from me again, I will track you down and spank you until you're a sobbing wreck."

Eugene bucked his hips, seeking friction, but Thurston pulled away, denying him. Anger flashed in Eugene's eyes. "Your hand would wear out long before my ass, old man."

"That's ten."

"I could take ten in my sleep." Eugene scoffed.

"Not strikes, brat. Ten minutes in the corner."

Eugene's eyes softened for a fraction of a moment as the meaning of what Thurston said hit him. Then he did what he did best, he pushed.

"You really are getting soft in your old age, Daddy. Can't dole out the real punishments?"

Thurston ground against Eugene. His entire body felt hot and tingled with need. He needed this, him, his brat, his love. This beautiful, incorrigible, wonderful, pain in the ass. "You're not going to goad me into getting your own way." Thurston wanted to growl and tear Eugene's clothes off. He wanted to put him in a corner until he understood his place, until he understood there would never be a universe in which Thurston didn't burn with the need to have him. Thurston's cock ached in his pants and his heart ached in his chest. Eugene stood tantalizingly close.

He gave in.

He kissed Eugene. Commanding his lips, licking the inside of Eugene's mouth, pressing their bodies together. Eugene rocked his hips again, seeking friction and Thurston kissed him harder, rougher. He reached down and undid Eugene's pants, thrusting his hand inside to find Eugene had gone commando.

"Finally," Eugene groaned. "I thought you'd never give in."

"That's twenty," Thurston said as he wrapped his hand around Eugene's cock. It was hard and warm, and Thurston smeared a bead of pre-cum with his thumb as he growled against Eugene's neck, breathing him in, feeling the smooth skin against his.

"I'll sit in the corner for a fucking hour if you make me come."

"You don't get to negotiate. I could bring you to the brink, deny your orgasm, then put you in the corner for an hour, and you'd do it."

Eugene didn't answer. He clung to Thurston, panting, writhing, as Thurston caressed his cock, slowly, gently, determined to drive him crazy with lust.

"You’d do it," Thurston repeated. "Why would you do it? Answer me."

"Because I'm yours."

"Yes, that's right." Thurston rewarded him by gripping tighter, stroking harder, the way Eugene liked it. "You're my boy and I look after what's mine. Come for me, my sweet, insufferable brat."

Eugene cursed and swore, clinging to Thurston. His body shook as he spilled all over Thurston's hand. Once he'd stilled, Thurston brought his cum-slick hand to Eugene's mouth. "Clean up your mess."

Eugene glared at him but stuck his tongue out. He kept eye contact as he cleaned Thurston's fingers. When he was done he leaned against the wall. "You're lucky I didn't bite you for making me do that."

"You're lucky you're only getting twenty minutes in the corner. You deserve far more." Thurston bit out as he gently tucked Eugene's cock back into his pants.

Eugene straightened his shirt. The man was still impeccable, with his crisp suits and his sharp eyes, and his smug, satisfied grin. "What now?"

Thurston ignored the thrum of need pulsing in his veins. "Now you get your ass in your car and follow me to my place. We need to have a conversation and ten minutes in my office, which now reeks of cum, won't suffice."

Eugene haughtily crossed his arms over his chest. "What if I don't want to talk now?"

Thurston turned and straightened his blazer. If Eugene didn't want to talk to him, fine, he wouldn't force him. "Then you leave and we're even. A favor for a favor." Thurston grabbed his messenger bag and slung it over his shoulder. When he turned around, Eugene had an icy expression on his face.

"That's an ugly way of putting it."

"Then don't play with my emotions, Eugene. If you want this, you’ll earn it by behaving like an adult." Thurston headed for the door of his office. "If you want to talk, you know where I live."

Thurston thought for sure Eugene would argue. It's what he did. It's what he always did. Instead, Eugene followed Thurston out of his office. The expression on Eugene's face made Thurston's stomach tighten.

"I'll follow you there."

Thurston nodded. "Good," then he added, "And wipe the kicked-dog look off your face."

Eugene smoothed a hand down his chest and adjusted his tie.

"Or do I need to wipe it off for you?"

* * *

"Fuck, Daddy, please." Eugene's face no longer held the stupid sad puppy expression. Instead, his face was red. Hair clung to his sweaty forehead. His mouth hung open and his eyes shimmered as he looked up at Thurston. Eugene's whole body trembled and as Thurston once again worked him toward the edge, then let go. Eugene's cock bobbed in the air, leaking pre-cum.

Thurston hummed his disapproval. "Language, boy."

"If you would let me come or fuck me, I wouldn't need to swear. God, I feel like my dick is going to explode. It's not pretty."

"Does it hurt?" Thurston palmed his cock and stroked it. He watched the way Eugene's hungry gaze devoured Thurston's naked body. He wanted to bury himself deep in his boy, it had been too long, but he loved the way his brat suffered for him.

"Daddy, please. I need it." Eugene's voice broke as he writhed on the bed. His arms were above his head and he clung to the headboard for all he was worth. Thurston had warned him if he let go, everything stopped and so far Eugene's fingers hadn't so much as twitched.

Thurston stroked his cock again. He grabbed a condom off the dresser, put it on and lubed it up. He'd tortured Eugene for as long as he could. Stroking his cock, fingering his hole, kissing him deeply, he marked Eugene's chest with hickeys. Eugene was more than ready for him. Thurston watched the way Eugene's whole body shuddered when he knelt on the bed and spread Eugene's legs apart.

Eugene bit his lip. His chest rose and fell fast. Thurston liked him like this. Compliant. Desperate. Debauched. His. He lined up and slowly slid inside Eugene. He watched Eugene shut his eyes and tilt his head back. His back arched, the muscles in his arms rippled, and his hole clenched around Thurston's cock. Eugene almost swore, Thurston thought, but it wasn't quite a word, just a desperate howl as Eugene put his feet flat on the mattress and rocked on Thurston's cock, fucking himself with it.

"That's it, boy. That's it. Take what you need." Thurston cooed as he indulged himself and touched Eugene. Stroked his hands up Eugene's torso, over his shoulders, down his sides, he held his hips. "Take what you need. Come when you want. That's a good boy. Use Daddy's dick. Fuck yourself with it."

Thurston's orgasm was right there at the precipice, but he held it back, waiting for the delicious moment when Eugene lost control. There was no better feeling than watching Eugene writhe underneath him as he clung to the bedcovers, his hole clenching around Thurston's cock as Eugene came, hands-free, all over his stomach.

Thurston's orgasm shattered him. It ripped through him, tearing his vision away, turning everything white for a second. When the world came back to him, he gathered Eugene into his arms and cradled him against his chest. Eugene clung to him, burying his face in Thurston's neck.

"Are we back together then?" Eugene asked after a moment.

Thurston rubbed Eugene's back. "Is that what you want?" He asked as he gently eased his softening cock out of Eugene.

Eugene clung to him still, trembling and sated, but still needy. "I need this to work."

Thurston wanted to remind Eugene he was the one who walked away. Thurston had done everything he could to get him to stay, but Eugene left anyway. They were beyond the point where dredging up the past would be helpful. "Then we'll make it work," Thurston said as if it were that simple.

"I did a lot of thinking while we were apart." Eugene curled closer to Thurston, content, at least for the moment, to be Thurston's good boy. "I had some ideas about it."

"Yeah? Tell me about them."

"I think you need a boy."

Thurston snorted. "I have one, you ridiculous man." Thurston kissed the top of Eugene's head.

"Not a boy like me. I'm too bratty. And I know you said over and over I was enough, but it irritated you that you could never really settle me. I don’t have it in me to be a good boy, you know. One who wants the pampering and the guidance and the sweet daddy you like to be. And I don't mind sharing you, so long as you share your boy with me."

Thurston turned the idea over in his head. "I don't want to bring someone in as a solution. I'd like to work on our issues without a third person."

Eugene sighed. "I know, Daddy. And I understand what you're saying. But what if we did both? Couldn't we at least try?"

Eugene sounded so unlike himself that Thurston relented. It wasn't a bad idea. Nor was it unappealing. The idea of having two boys, a good boy and a brat, an angel and a devil appealed to Thurston. "There will be rules."

Eugene snorted. "Of course, there will be." His haughty tone was suddenly back now that he had got his way. "There's always rules."