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NAUGHTY: A Mountain Daddy Romance by Love, Frankie (1)

Chapter One


The storm swept in hours ago, it came out of nowhere. I’m stoking the fire when there’s a knock on my cabin door.

Narrowing my eyes, I look over to the corner, considering the rifle hanging on the wall. Can’t trust anyone in these woods. Especially not on a night like tonight. Snow has begun to pile up in a matter of hours, the wind whistles through the pine trees, and my dog Whiskey is pacing the place, on high alert.

Grabbing the rifle, I stalk to the door, pulling it open, ready to protect myself.

I’m not, however, ready for what is standing on my front porch.

Nothing could prepare me.


That’s right. It’s Heaven Griffith, my oldest friend, Tommy’s, daughter. I haven’t seen her in nearly two years. I had to stop going to visit because every time I was close to her, I had thoughts that I knew were wrong.

I haven’t seen her in all that time… but she is the one sweet thing I dream about.

It’s wrong to think of her in such forbidden ways. She is as pure as the snow falling and has no need for a rough man like me.

But my cock stirs all the same at the sight of her. It wants what it can’t have.

Her long blond hair is loose around her shoulders, and she looks like an angel sent to me in middle of the storm. It makes no sense though, why she is out on a night like this.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” I ask, barking in a voice she doesn’t deserve.

But I have to keep her at bay, with my word and deeds.

If I touch her as I crave, I’ll never forgive myself.

“Your father know where you are?” I ask, wondering how the hell this girl grew into such a woman. “Hell, were you walking in this storm? You could have died, Heaven. Fallen in a snow bank, been hit by falling branches.”

I run a hand over my beard, my skin cold when I think of her in harm’s way. I’ve known her since she was a day old—I couldn’t imagine her dying on the way to my house.

“He doesn’t know. But I had to come.”

My brows narrow. “Why?”

She doesn’t answer, and I see her pretty blue eyes fill with tears. She must be ice cold. She’s in a nightgown for Christ’s sake. And there’s a blizzard coming in.

I don’t trust myself around her. She is everything I want, but nothing I can have. Dammit, she’s haunted me for ages, way longer than appropriate. Hell, it was never appropriate. Even I, a mountain man living in the backwoods of Washington State, knows that.

I’ve spent so many nights imagining her innocent lips wrapped around my thick cock, so I know she shouldn’t be here on my front porch, wearing nothing but a nightie.

She stands here in a white satin nightgown and robe, looking so pure, like a fucking angel. Her hard nipples poke through the delicate fabric of her nightclothes and I’m guessing she’s frozen through. She has on house slippers. No way did she walk up here from town.

“How did you get here?”

She tilts her head, and I see her father’s old truck in the driveway, behind my own. I didn’t even hear it roll up through the sound of the angry wind, but I’m guessing Whiskey did—that’s why my old basset hound was on high alert, barking up a shit storm.

“Am I right in thinking your father doesn’t know you’re here?”

Her glassy eyes turn dark. “I don’t care what he thinks.”

I cross my arms over my solid chest. “I’m not interested in being a part of some teenage rebellion.”

“You don’t know my father.” Her words are frozen though and I know then, that there is more to the story.

Heaven was never a troublemaker. Far from it. She was always so damn sweet, so helpful, and kind. Nothing like her mama, who ran out before Heaven hit ten years old. No one’s seen Mabel since then. Her leaving was a really shitty ass thing to do to a little girl. But Mabel was never much of a mother anyway. Not the kind of mama a girl like Heaven needed.

I shake my head, thinking about her father; wondering what she is holding back about him. Maybe we haven’t spent much time together in the last few years, but we grew up together in town. Hell, I was there the day Heaven was born, driving his drunk ass to the hospital to meet his daughter.

I remember him, a single father, raising Heaven. He wasn’t the world’s best pop, but who around these parts was? It’s a poor county, and most men here don’t see their paycheck past payday. They head to Johnny’s bar and drink their lives away.

Me? I avoided all that shit. Went to the library, taught myself a thing or two, learned to buy and sell stocks from my cabin. I kept low-key about it, never living large by any means—but I have plenty, and only drink when it sounds good. Not because I need to.

Tommy, though never seemed to give Heaven enough attention, or at least, the kind of attention I would have given her. And after her mama left, probably less than was healthy.

But he took care of her well enough, from what I remember. He couldn’t have changed that much, could he?

“I’ve known him since we were boys, Heaven,” I say, not wanting to assume the worst about anyone.

“People change,” she says softly. “Please don’t send me away,” she begs, her voice so small. “I know you care about me, Hawkin. I know you always have.” Heaven looks timid as a mouse, and I’ve hardly ever heard her speak more than a few words, but there is something in her eyes that tells me she knows just how much I care about her.

I clench my jaw as she licks her lips, nice and slow, turning me on in ways that I need to get in check.

“I think you want me here,” she says. “I think you’ve wanted me to come up to your cabin for a long time, Hawkin.”

I’m not surprised when she dips her chin, lowering her head.

But I am shocked when she drops in a curtsy.

“I will be a good little girl,” she promises.

I pull open the door.

I’m not concerned about her being good.

It’s me I’m worried about.



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