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Omega & Love (Alpha & Omega Book 2) by K Webster (1)

Six months after joining HEL Enterprises…

“HARDER, OMEGA!” VIV screams as I pound into her from behind.

This chick is all woman. Curvy hips. Full lips that can work magic on a cock—my cock in particular. Blond hair ripe for the pulling. She’s a sexual beast who still can’t keep up with my ongoing carnal needs, but she’s a champ for trying. I’ll definitely keep her around for a while longer.

I slap her white ass hard and smirk at the red handprint that immediately begins to color her flesh.

“I’m coming!” she cries out.

Grabbing a handful of blond hair, I yank her head back. “Not yet, baby.”

She whimpers, but she relaxes the walls of her pussy and lets go of the orgasm she so badly wanted to give in to. To reward her for obeying, I reach to her front and massage her clit as if I’ve been doing it my whole life.

“Please, Omega,” she begs as her sweaty body rocks against mine.

Curls of pleasure twist deep within me, causing me to groan. I guess I’ll I grant her wish.

“Now,” I bark and jerk her hair once again.

“Oh, God!” she moans as her body quakes, finally releasing her need for me.

The way her pussy squeezes my cock sends my orgasm pumping into her. I thrust a few more times and revel in the way my balls slap her bare pussy. This woman feels damn good. Almost as good as the one who will be here later.

When I slap her ass once more for good measure, she slides out of me and purrs over her shoulder, “You’re amazing.”

I laugh at her words as she crawls away from me and lies down on her back on the bed. With her blond, curly hair spread around her on the black, satin sheets, she looks every bit a Playboy model. Huge tits jiggle with each overexerted breath she takes, and her flat stomach begs to be licked.

“Don’t get too comfortable, Viv,” I grin. “Lacey is coming by in an hour. You know how she feels about threesomes. Time to skedaddle.”

Viv’s big, blue eyes widen impossibly more. “Omega, I thought you and I were something special. We fuck just about every day. I think that’s pretty incredible. Dare I say it’s love?” she teases.

I freeze at her words.


The vilest word in the English language. It also happens to be the name of the Devil’s favorite plaything—the woman who crushed my soul.

I hate love.

I hate Love.

Fury glides through my veins like a rush of heroin.

“Get the fuck out and don’t come back.”

“What?” she asks in shock as she sits up. Her lips form a pout, and if I weren’t so fucking pissed right now, I’d bite the bottom one.

“Don’t make me say it again, baby.”

She stares at me with hurt-filled eyes as I climb off the bed.

I shake my head at her and storm toward the bathroom. Over my shoulder, I snap, “Viv, when you leave, don’t come back. I’m tired of your skanky ass. You bore the hell out of me.”

A shocked gasp is the last thing I hear before I slam the door shut.

“Someone has their panties in a wad!” Gabe taunts with a grin as I enter the bar and stride toward him.

I flip him off as I slide into the booth across from him. This is one of the things I love about HEL. We get to do whatever the fuck we want. There are no rules. Rules were made for breaking. As long as we do what’s good of the company, they reward us with whatever our hearts desire. And tonight, I desire a Jack and Coke shared with a friend.

“I go commando, remember?” I raise a cocky eyebrow at my only real friend here as he pushes my drink over to me. We met not long after I moved over to HEL. His suite is beside mine. We’ve been known to throw a couple of kickass parties.

“Don’t remind me. I’d like to forget that tanned ass of yours. But seriously, how is your ass that tan? Do you have a tanning bed in your room? I’ll tell Corson to order me one. I deserve it,” he smirks.

I fight the laughter that threatens to rip from me as I remember the night he got a glimpse of my ass. That night, I was balls-deep in a hot, black-skinned model visiting from Nairobi. The woman had shorter hair than I do, but she was a wild beast in bed. Gabe burst through the door thinking someone was getting murdered only to see my ass clench as I came all over her back.

“Your albino ass would burn,” I chuckle before I sip my liquor.

He scoffs at me. “Shut up, asshole, and stop calling me an albino.”

“Man, your skin’s as white as snow. Where are your seven dwarves?”

This time, he flips me off. I’m such a smartass and am having a good laugh at his expense when his eyes dart over to the door behind me. His widened eyes can only mean I won’t like what’s coming through that door.

“Uh oh,” he groans. “Viv just walked in.”

Before I texted him to meet me at the bar on the fifth floor of our building, I briefly explained to him about what she’d said. He knows how much I hate Love and what that word does to me. I could hardly stay hard for “Likes to Lick” Lacey because Love had infected my brain all because of that bimbo Viv. Lacey ended up sucking me off and then leaving shortly after. My head has been a mess ever since.

“Is she coming over here?” I question, staring into my glass.

“No, she’s walking over to a table of guys, but fuck, we need to leave,” he clips out.

The moment he utters his words, I know. I know exactly why we need to leave.


I can feel her presence before I ever even see her. She’s magnetic like that, and I fucking hate that about her. From all the way over here, her seductive perfume twists and curls toward me through the air like wild tendrils of ivy. I’m enveloped in her scent, and I want to puke.

“Shit, she’s walking over here,” Gabe curses under his breath.

Gabe’s a good friend, and I’m pretty sure he’d do anything for me. I trust him even if he does look like a fucking vampire. His dark hair dips down in a widow’s peak on his forehead, and his eyebrows are perpetually furrowed as if he’s always scowling. He could pass for fucking Dracula, but the man is harmless. Loyal. And funny as hell.

“Why the fuck is she coming over here? Didn’t the bitch get the message? We’re over. If I recall, she’s the one who made that call six months ago,” I growl.

Gabe shakes his head sympathetically but turns on the sugary, fake charm when she reaches our table. “Sweet Love, so nice seeing you here. Where’s your boyfriend?”

She clicks her tongue in annoyance. “You mean your boss? Luc’s in his office. And he’s not my boyfriend. I just please him when he needs it.”

“Him and everyone else,” Gabe murmurs for only me to hear.

“What’s that, Edward?” she snaps.

I stifle a laugh at her vampire reference—not because it isn’t funny, but because she doesn’t deserve my laughter. She deserves nothing from me. I won’t even fucking look at her. I’m about to pass out from holding my breath so I don’t have to smell her intoxicating scent.

“Omega, Luc wants to see you,” Lovenia mutters. It’s the first time she’s spoken directly to me since she told me that she’d used me for her own personal gain and her tone is cautious. Her voice, like before, winds its way through my core and niggles at my heart.

I hate her voice.

“About what?” I grumble as I eyeball a piece of ice in my glass.

An exaggerated sigh rushes from her, but I ignore it and wait for her to continue. She doesn’t need me to look at her to tell me what he needs.

“Fine. Be a child. He wants to talk about your next assignment. In fact, he wants to talk to the both of us. Together.”

This time, I do look at her. Her perfectly manicured hand rests on her cocked hip—a hip I held on to many nights as I made love to her body. I hate that hip. Finally, I drag my gaze along the swell of her luscious tits in her fitted, red dress, all the way up to her brown eyes. One of her eyebrows is raised as she waits for an answer.


Her nostrils flare angrily as she shrieks, “No is not an answer you’re allowed to give! You’ve been summoned. With me. Whether you like it or not. Now get your big ass out of that booth and follow me.”

I slam my drink down on the table and slide out of the booth. As I stand, I tower over her curvy frame. She lifts her chin in faux bravery and glares at me. I hate myself because I have the urge to taste those perfect lips of hers—those same lips that made promises her heart never kept.

Stepping forward until my chest brushes against hers, I look down into her mocha-colored eyes. She smells so goddamned good. Before I do something stupid, I press a finger against her breastbone and push her away from me. Her eyes widen, but she quickly schools away her surprise.

“You, Love”—I point in her face—“don’t have the luxury of telling me what to do anymore. Your lying ass can follow me to go see Luc, not the other way around. And please, don’t talk to me unless you absolutely must, because you fucking disgust me.”

With that, I briefly meet the nod of approval from Gabe before stalking away from her. The click of her heels following behind me lets me know she understands the rules.

God, I hate her.



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