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Picture Trails by Piper Frost, M. Piper, H.Q. Frost (1)

The front door slams behind us and we’re lucky to make it to the bedroom without falling over one another. We’re a mess of grabby hands, sucking mouths, and grinding bodies. He's a blur as he pulls off my tank top and unsnaps my bra. It’s cold, but his large hands soon warm me, running his thumb over my nipple while kissing me so hard it pushes us back against the door. The room’s only slightly spinning at this point but he’s holding me up right. I’m not going anywhere.  

I know one thing and one thing only.  

More. I need more.  

My hands frantically pull at the hem of his shirt as he shimmies my shorts off. Hard muscles ripple down his abs as I yank his shirt over his head. He slams his lips to mine and pulls my body flush to his. I’m not sure how he managed to get my clothes off that fast but we’re uneven and I need to see all of him.  

“You taste like RumChata.” He moans and kisses me again as I giggle into the kiss.

God, he feels good. Perfect, really. Why can’t all guys feel like this?  

His hands roam my ass, gripping and pulling me tighter to him. His lips feel like heaven, leaving a trail of prickled skin in their wake as he kisses down my neck. His hands grip my tits, flicking my nipples, and he sucks gently on my neck making me close my eyes and let my head roll back. His hands on me feel too good. It’s never felt this good with anyone else. Alcohol amplifies everything, but this is tenfold to what I’m used to. 

He dips his head and flicks his tongue over my nipple, making me gasp.  

“Shit,” I whisper, dropping to my knees and trailing my fingers down his muscles.

His hand fists in my hair as I smirk up at him and unbutton his pants. With the way he’s looking at me right now, I could stare up at him like this forever. He moans when I spring him free and take his dick in my hand, stroking slowly. Teasing him. All while heat’s pooling between my legs and I need him more now than I’ve ever needed anyone. I take him as far back in my mouth as I can before popping the tip out and looking up at him. He’s gazing down at me like I’m the only girl he’s ever seen. 

The need between my legs is intense. Pulsing. Something I’ve never felt before.

Why the hell have I waited this long to do this with him?  

Oh. Probably because he’s my roommate and I stupidly told myself not to get involved with someone that looks this good because they’re nothing but trouble. Especially Able Porter.  

Bad taste in music. Weird taste in friends. Slacks off in school but manages passing grades. Sucks at relationships. But a body from the Gods. Able Porter.  

And at this moment, all I want is his dick inside me.  

He quickly bends and grabs my waist, stopping me from sucking him. “We can’t do that right now. You first,” he says spinning and lifting me.

I wrap my legs around him and his lips don’t leave mine as he walks us over to the bed and lays me down slowly, unable to take his hands and lips off me. I arch my back, needing to touch him. Needing that connection. But he pulls back and watches my cheeks turn to a rose color as his hands slowly spread my legs and trail a finger down my soaked pussy.  

“God,” I moan, wanting to close my eyes and soak in the sensation of his hands on me but not wanting to miss the look on his face. He pulls me to the edge of the bed and lowers himself to his knees, his hands grasping my thighs as he studies me. “Fuck me, Able,” I all but growl, not in the mood for games right now.  

He presses a kiss on the inside of my left thigh then looks into my face again with a smirk like he knows he’s driving me crazy. He does it to the right and I lift myself a little higher, wondering how long he’ll keep this up. He kisses my pelvis, slowly getting lower and lower but not getting to the spot. It’s the best torture and he keeps it up for ten minutes before his hands finally part me. His eyes flick to mine and a shaky breath exhales from him like maybe he’s never been with a girl before. I know that’s not true. For a fact. 

“You’re really pretty, Annie.” The deep tone of his voice rumbles through my body making my nipples harden. Most guys here in the city don’t call girls pretty. I’ve been called hot, sexy, fuckable. But pretty seems so much more genuine in this situation.

I moan my response and arch into his touch as he dips his head and licks a long stroke. “Oh god,” I gasp. “Holy shit.” My fingers grip his hair and my hips rock into his face.

He sinks his fingers inside me, torturing me as my body starts to buzz. Deep inside I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels too right to stop. My legs tighten around his head as his fingers find that spot and he plays me like he knows my body better than me. Like he's the musician and I’m his instrument. I start begging him not to stop. Praying for it to last but searching for the release I need badly. 

It’s been too long.  

When his tongue licks tight circles around my clit and his fingers curl inside me, I shoot up, locking him between my legs and letting out this moan that the neighbors can probably hear as my entire body quakes with one of the best orgasms I’ve ever been given.  

“Holy shit,” I pant, falling back down to the bed. My hands are numb. My toes are numb. And when I sneak a peek at Able between my legs, heat starts to pool again. “I could do that all night long,” I moan, unlocking my legs from around him and giggling when he runs his finger over my clit.  

“You are fucking awesome.” He kisses me after sliding up my body. Grabbing my hips, he rolls to his back, pulling me on top, then reaches over and grins before holding up a condom. “We gonna to do this?” 

“Hell yes we are.” I grab the condom and rip it open, rolling it down his dick. He watches me the entire time with his hands tight on my thighs and when I lift over him and slowly sink down, taking every inch as deep as I can, our eyes don’t leave one another’s. “Yes,” I moan as I start to rock back and forth. “God,” I huff. So full. So...perfect. My hands grab my tits and squeeze while I let my head fall back pivoting my hips, letting him hit as deep as he can.  

“Holy shit, you’re beautiful.” He pulls me down before rolling us so he’s on top. He’s good at that and I start to giggle when my head spins, until he thrusts again and I gasp. “You fit around me perfectly, Annie.” When he kisses me, he pushes deeper and moves my leg to wrap to his back. 

I do, don’t I?  

I reach above me and hold on to the headboard while he slams into me. The room starts to spin as my second orgasm of the night begins to tingle through my body.  

“Don’t stop,” I beg. “Fuck, please don’t stop.” 

“Fuck,” he grunts and sucks my tit hard enough it’ll leave a mark but feels too good to make him stop. “I never want to stop, baby. Ever.” His speed picks up and I can’t stop from moaning as my body trembles with another orgasm.  

“Shit!” I squeak, gripping onto his arms and tightening my legs around him. “God, I’m coming!”  

“Fuck yes! I fucking love you.” He slams his mouth to mine and stops pumping his hips as he comes. 

He huffs, panting, and rolls to the side of the bed and before I can catch my breath he’s snoring.