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Prize (Legacy Warrior Book 1) by Susi Hawke (1)

Cast of Characters

Connor—Jaguar alpha, one of the “trips”—a powerful set of triplets who carry more psychic gifts than have likely been measured. Purple eye glow when shifted with a golden ring around the iris. Connor is a strong, confident, easygoing, and genuinely nice guy. His dads are Clark and Kent, the “super duo” from . His triplet brothers are Jonathan and Samuel.

Jon—Jaguar omega, one of the “trips”—a powerful set of triplets who carry more psychic gifts than have likely been measured. Purple eye glow when shifted with a golden ring around the iris. Jon is the baby trip. He’s a wild child, funny, outgoing, and always ready to tease.

Sam—Jaguar omega, one of the “trips”—a powerful set of triplets who carry more psychic gifts than have likely been measured. Purple eye glow when shifted with a golden ring around the iris. He’s the middle triplet who tends to second-guess himself. He’s a bit neurotic and proud to be a geek, just don’t get him started on Marvel comics. Nope, it’s gotta be DC Universe, all the way.

Oni—Lion omega, bronze eye glow, clairvoyant. Oni is sassy, funny, and cute as can be… just don’t try and tell him that. His dads are Jun and Tau from . He has one younger sister, Lei.

Jude—Coyote alpha, turquoise eye glow. Intuitive mentalist who sees patterns in everything like his alpha father Cody. He’s a laid-back, peaceful, patient guy who’s never in a hurry. Twin to Kyle, son of Cody, Ansh, and Kontar from .

Kyle—Leopard alpha, silver eye glow. Twin to Jude, he is a precognitive dreamer who sees visions. Kyle is hyper and loud, the yin to Jude’s yang.

Toby—Bear alpha, purple eye glow. Toby is the youngest child of the “Spidermen,” Peter and Parker from . He is intuitive yet totally goofy, accident prone, awkward, and suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. Toby is the baby brother of Faith and Destiny, cousin to “the trips.”

Destiny—Bear omega, golden eye glow. Her gift is remote viewing. She is outgoing and keeps track of everyone, never forgetting a birthday. Twin to Faith, sister to Toby, daughter of the “Spidermen,” Peter and Parker.

Faith—Jaguar omega, golden eye glow. She sees patterns like her great-grandpa Frankie (Omega MC of from the Northern Pines Den Series). She’s an IT geek who can hack anything. Twin to Destiny, older sister of Toby. Mated to Phoenix, another pack “kid”.

Ian—Fox alpha, green eye glow. Ian is gifted in prophecy. He’s a quiet type who is happiest burying himself in a book. Son of Sean and Heath from , younger brother of Lulu.

Lulu—Hawk omega, red eye glow, aura reader for both people and places. She is bold, artsy, and always the life of the party. Daughter of Sean and Heath, Lulu is mated to Lei and Aurora.

Aurora—Dingo alpha, royal-blue eye glow. She’s gifted in telepathy or, as she calls it, “mind-speaking.” Despite being an alpha, she is shy and sweet, a total introvert. Her dads are Ethan and Dimi from .

Lei—Red Panda alpha, amber eye glow. Gifted in retrocognition, which means she sees past events just by touching an object or standing in a place. Lei is a techy gadget wiz, cocky because she knows her stuff, yet patient with those she loves. She’s snarky and fiercely protective of her big brother Oni… when she’s not directly competing with him.

Phoenix—Wolf alpha, orange eye glow. He’s an object reader who is gifted with psychometry and can tell the history of an object and the emotions of people who’ve handled it just by touch. Legacy gifts aside, Phoenix prides himself on just being an average dude and all-around nice guy. His younger brother is Aaron, and their dads are Mark and River from . He’s mated to Faith.

Aaron—Wolf omega, yellow eye glow. His gifts aren’t as strong, but he’s an empath who has a knack for cartography. Like his dad, River, Aaron is a total hippie who’s all about peace and balance. His wolf isn’t happy with his vegan proclivities, but he’s working on that.



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