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Ruined: Dark Romance (A Decadence After Dark Epilogue) (Book 3) by M. Never (1)

“ELLIE! BREAKFAST!” KAYNE’S VOICE BOOMS through the house. “You can come down now, kitten!”

I stretch atop the cluster of pillows laid out for me on the floor. Kayne and I have been playing, and I’ve been bad—again. I smile to myself as my muscles elongate. I like being bad.

“Ellie!” he calls again.

All right, I’m coming. Hopefully, several times this morning. I pull myself up onto my hands and knees and stretch once more, like the lazy, spoiled kitten I am. The bushy white tail inserted in my behind shifts, sending a frizzle of pleasure up my spine. I take a quick glance around the brightly lit room; the sunlight is pouring through every window, highlighting the abundance of metal as I crawl past it. Similar to my living quarters in Mansion, Kayne and I have converted the sitting room off our bedroom into our own personal play space. Three hundred square feet decorated with crops and whips on the wall, a bondage horse, a swing suspended from the ceiling, a leather chest full of sex toys, and one table of torture. Oh, and my bed made up of fluffy white pillows on the floor. He loves watching me sit there, sleep there, beg there. I won’t lie; I love it, too.

I crawl out of the bedroom and down the stairs of our magnificent home, migrating toward the kitchen. Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s ours. I never imagined I’d live somewhere so beautiful, spacious, and warm. Truth be told, I never imagined I’d be involved in a BDSM marriage where I crawled around on the floor half the time either. But hey, c’est la vie, right?

The tag on my collar jingles as I reach the first floor and make my way to where Kayne is standing by the stove. I may be the one on my hands and knees, but he’s the one doing the cooking. Don’t be fooled, I’m not the only one who’s trained. I kneel right beside him.

“’Bout time, kitten.” He pets my head and continues to cook. It smells like pancakes, but I can’t be sure. It might be waffles. I can’t exactly see from my vantage point on the floor.

“Did you think about what a bad little kitten you are?” he asks without looking at me.

“Maybe,” I answer.

“Maybe?” He glances down with a raised eyebrow.

“I thought about how maybe I like being bad,” I inform him.

“There’s no ‘maybe’ about it.” He chuckles, shirtless and completely drool worthy. Cut abs, defined chest, and chiseled arms. A barbed wire tattoo circling one flexing bicep, writing scribbled across his rib cage, and my personal favorite, a colorful compass with my name on it over his heart. If I were wearing panties, they’d be drenched.

“Go outside. I’ll be there in a minute,” he orders, grabbing a plate from the cabinet.

I sit for a second, not obeying immediately as he expects. I’m going to get in so much trouble.

“Is there a problem, kitten?” Kayne asks with a hint of menace. I may not call him Master but, for all intents and purposes, he is. And ‘Master’ does not like it when I’m disobedient. I, however, love to push his buttons.

“No, Kayne,” I drawl, still kneeling beside him.

“Then get.” His blue eyes flash and my stomach muscles clench.

“Yes, Kayne.” I place my hands on the cool tile floor and begin to crawl out of the kitchen and into the living room where the doors to the lanai are wide open. There’s a breeze coming off the ocean and the sky is a deep cobalt blue. I have never once regretted moving to paradise. Even after . . . well, I don’t want to ruin the mood by thinking about that.

I kneel on the pillow next to the table. Most mornings, I sit in a chair like a civilized human being, but today, we’re playing. And it’s so much fun when we play. I, however, always wear neck jewelry, whether it’s my inconspicuous slave collar or my real one. This morning, I woke up with Kayne’s head between my legs and the thick white leather one around my throat. He had that look in his eyes—the starving beast wanted to feed.

I notice the table already has cut fruit, orange juice, and one place setting right before Kayne appears with a plate of pancakes and a bottle of syrup. I can almost guarantee this is going to get messy. He loves to get me dirty and then clean me up—with his tongue. I shiver internally at just the thought.

Kayne places the plate and syrup down then sits in the chair directly in front of me. He’s angled it so he can access both the table and me.

“Closer.” He yanks on my collar wedging me between his legs. “Much better.” He slides his hand down my chest and massages one of my breasts. I close my eyes and inhale as sensations start to brew from the rough way he kneads and pulls on my nipple. We haven’t had sex in over a week, and I am seriously frustrated. I’m fairly certain he’s been planning this little escapade.

My frustration is a large part of the reason I got into trouble. I touched when I wasn’t supposed to. (More like put my mouth where I wasn’t supposed to.)

“Are you going to behave while I feed you?” he asks as he pulls away and begins to put food on his plate. Some fresh mango, a pancake, and a drizzle of syrup.

“I can’t make any promises,” I purr.

He pauses as he cuts the pancake. “You know the more you misbehave the more severe the punishment?”

“I know.” This isn’t my first rodeo.

“But you’re willing to push me anyway?” He picks up a small triangle from his plate and feeds it to me.

I nod as I chew, my heated gaze mirroring his.

“You made me come when you weren’t supposed to.” He feeds me another piece of pancake. I take it from his hand, sucking the syrup off his fingers as seductively as I can.

“I know.” I watch as he picks up a piece of mango and places it in front of me. I open my mouth, but he pulls it back. Shaking his head, he rings the orange-colored fruit around my lips like he’s applying lip gloss.

“Lick,” he orders me. I run my tongue over the sweet juice coating my lips. “I wanted to take this slow. I wanted to savor you in the fresh air. Build you up and break you down until you were begging . . .”

“I’ll still beg,” I hastily interrupt him.

“You just love being naughty.” He grabs my chin. “I never gave you permission to speak.”

I smile wickedly. “I don’t need your permission to speak.”

“Oh, no? What do you need permission for?”

“To come.”

“And is that what you want?”


“Naughty kittens don’t get to come.” His voice vibrates with authority.

“Yes, they do,” I argue with him.

“Not by my hand.”

“I have my own hands.”

“You’re not supposed to touch yourself unless I say so.”

“You said it yourself . . . I’m naughty.”

“Yes, you are.” He leans in and kisses me, a ravishing assault that warns me about what’s to come. By the time Kayne pulls away, my lips are throbbing and so is my clit. I need him to touch me, sate me, but I know that’s not in the plans for a very long while.

Breathing heavily, he hauls me off the floor and lays me out on the tabletop.

“Open,” he orders, lifting my legs so my ass is hanging just off the edge of the table. My thighs are wide, and I’m on display. I know I’m glistening in the sunlight; I’ve never been good at controlling my arousal, especially when my husband’s tongue is mere inches away from me.

“Kayne,” I whimper, wanting to clench my thighs as my pussy tingles.

“Yes?” He hovers over my slit as close as humanly possible but never touches it. The only thing I can feel is the warm caress of his breath mingled with the morning breeze.

“You want my tongue on you?” he asks, a hair away from my wide-open folds.

“Yes,” I rasp.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, please.” I twitch.

“I don’t think that’s the right answer.”

“Yes, Kayne,” I correct myself. My excitement is getting the better of me as he strokes my tail, teasing me with the plug lodged deeply in my ass.

Kayne drapes my legs over his shoulders then reaches for the syrup. I knew this was going to get messy.

“You had your breakfast. Now, it’s time for mine.” He squeezes the bottle and coats my pussy with the sticky substance. It’s lukewarm and tickles as it drips down my heated pink flesh. “Come and I’ll spank you.”

“Promise?” I ask just as he puts his mouth on me and begins to lick. My muscles immediately spasm.

“Oh, shit!” I cry out as he laps up every last drop of syrup while simultaneously fucking me with the plug. My tiny little rosebud expands and contracts as Kayne mercilessly eats me alive. I know I shouldn’t come, but his threat is just too enticing.

I want it rough.

I want him to punish me.

I want him to fuck me so hard that we’re both launched far, far away.

“Kayne!” I scream as I let go, pulling his hair as my orgasm cripples me. He licks harder and pumps the plug faster until he squeezes out every possible drop of my arousal. Oh god, I needed that. Desperately. He then lifts his head and looks up at me over my heaving chest, his eyes a sharp, piercing blue in the sunlight, the brown patch bold and dominant. Just like my ‘Master.’

“You are a very bad little girl,” he says as he shifts, pulling me down the table and placing me on my feet.

“I know,” I respond with satisfaction.

“How many lessons do I have to teach you before one sticks?”

“Many. I’m a slow study.”

“I’ve noticed. Clean up breakfast then come upstairs,” he orders resolutely.

“Yes, Kayne,” I answer obediently.

With that he steps away—his erection standing tall and proud—and disappears inside. I know I’m in trouble. A delicious kind of earth-shattering trouble that’s going to both push my limits and send me soaring.

I clean up quickly, placing the dishes in the sink and covering the fruit and pancakes; I know Kayne will house them later. The man eats like he’s a growing teenage boy.

I hurry up the stairs and into our bedroom. It’s cleanly decorated in creams and whites with bold pops of color. It has a tranquil, airy feel, like an island escape.

I drop to all fours before I enter the playroom. Kayne is already waiting for me, leaning up against the bondage horse wielding his weapon of choice—a riding crop.

He hits it against the palm of his hand, watching me intently as I crawl across the room and kneel right at his feet.

“So here we are,” he states. “Is this what you wanted, kitten?” He uses the end of the crop to lift my face.

“Yes,” I squeak, then clear my throat and answer again more confidently. “Yes.”

“Kitten, kitten, kitten. You love to be punished as much as I love to punish you. What a pair we make.”

I smile up at him. “Is there anything wrong with being made for each other?”

“No, baby. Not a damn thing.” He holds my face in place.

“What’s your safe word, Ellie?”


Kayne nods. We go through this ritual every time. In the four years we’ve been married, I have never used my safe word, no matter how far he’s pushed me. And there were times it was pretty far. But every experience has brought us closer together. I don’t think today will be any different.

“On.” He smacks the horse with the crop and the crack echoes throughout the room.

What makes Kayne so skilled at enlivening my emotions is the element of surprise. I never know what he’s going to do or what direction he’s going to turn. We don’t use the horse very often. Truth be told, I don’t get punished a whole lot. The last time was a few months ago. We’ve shifted more toward kinky sex than anything else, but every so often, our beasts demand to be let out.

I climb onto the black padded contraption with restraints on all four legs. Straddling it, I rest on my stomach as Kayne fastens my wrists first and then my ankles. The cuffs are tight and barely leave any wiggle room. He did that on purpose. In this position, my ass and back are completely vulnerable. The leather is cool against my cheek, but my skin is on fire. My breathing quickens.

“Comfortable, kitten?” Kayne runs the crop over my bare back. “Or are you beginning to regret ever being bad?”

I always have a little bit of anxiety when I’m strapped down about to be punished. It’s what makes this experience so illicit. “No. I don’t regret it,” I force out.

He leans over and rasps in my ear, “Such a brave little kitten even when she’s scared.” I shake with anticipation, excitement, and a small amount of fear. Then I hear the crop cut through the air and connect on my ass cheek. “Kayne!” I jump, but the ankle and wrist cuffs restrain me; I’m not budging an inch.

“You wanted this, kitten,” he reminds me as he lands another blow.

“Ouch!” My behind stings.

Kayne rubs the inflamed skin until it tempers. He doesn’t utter a sound, knowing the silence is killer. Then, without warning, he whacks me on the opposite cheek. My body tenses all over again, my muscles gripping at the butt plug while my clit rubs against the unforgiving leather.

“Those were just warm-up shots.” Kayne walks around the horse until he’s standing in front of me. His blinding erection right in my face.

“Pick your head up. Open your mouth,” he directs. I do as he says; my head the only part of my body I can move. As I open my mouth, he pulls his shorts down, springing himself free. He then grabs the back of my head, gripping a handful of hair, and slides his cock in until it feels like it’s touching my tonsils. “Good girl. Now swallow me.” He pumps shallowly, keeping eighty percent of his erect length in my mouth. I fight to keep my jaw open and not choke on my spit as he pummels me. My eyes start to water and I pull against the restraints as he purposely gags me. He was never going to spank me. This was always going to be my punishment. I went down on him this morning when he told me not to, and he ended up coming rampantly in my mouth. Then I added fuel to the fire at the table outside by deliberately disobeying him.

He buries his cock all the way down my throat and we both have our own reaction. He shivers with lust, and I whimper helplessly. He then pulls out spontaneously, breathing erratically. “Going to think twice before putting your mouth where it’s not allowed?”

I sputter then grin deviously. “Maybe,” I pant.

“Maybe, your ass,” he mocks, repositioning himself behind me and landing another blow with the crop. Oh, shit.

The kinetic energy in the room electrifies as I feel Kayne move about. I hear one of the drawers to the chest open and close before I feel the warmth of his body behind me once again. A second later, the distinct sound of the lubrication top pops.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, Ellie.” The distance is blatant in his voice, the overpowering arousal taking over, making him blind with need.

“Kayne.” My response is timid, hesitant.

“You asked for this, kitten.”

He’s right, I did. I want it. Doesn’t mean I’m not scared.

I hear his inconsistent breaths as he inserts one finger into my entrance.

“Get wet for me, baby.” He pumps his hand fast then adds a second finger and then a third. Before I know it, I’m grinding my clit against the hard leather, sprinting after an orgasm I didn’t even see coming.

“Keep rubbing, kitten.” Kayne continues to finger me as he yanks the tail from my ass. My body locks up because I know what’s coming. He spanks me, and I let out a shrill cry. He hits me again and again, with all three fingers buried inside me. I don’t know which is torturing me more, the pleasure or the sting of pain. I reach the precipice fast and hard.

“Kayne, please may I come?!” I wail, my pussy clenching and my clit aching.

“Come, kitten. Come.” There’s turmoil in his voice. Just as I let go and begin to freefall, Kayne withdraws his fingers and smears my arousal up into my pulsating buttonhole. He then plunges every inch of his concrete cock into my ass at once. I yelp like a wounded dog as his erection and my orgasm tear me right in two. The pain as shocking as the pleasure.

I cling to the wave of my climax for as long as possible while Kayne fucks me with reckless abandonment until he reaches his own peak.

“Fuck, I’m going to come.” He grunts, pulling on my hair. “Baby, you feel so good, you’re going to make me come.” He slams into me and I jerk forward in the restraints, my ankles and wrists straining, the tears flowing freely.


With one more deafening blow, he unleashes, coming deep inside my exploited ass and limp body.

In the aftermath, there’s nothing but static, sunlight, and the sound of our tattered breathing in the now stormless room.

“Hey.” Kayne kisses me softly, licking up the tears that are still flowing steadily down my cheeks.

“Hey.” I sniffle, looking up at him in my peripheral vision.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” I smile, and I am.

“I love you,” he whispers, still licking and kissing my face.

“I know.” I close my eyes serenely. “And no one loves you more than I do.”

“Only by the grace of God.”

He’s trying to be funny, but Kayne’s funny always has a bit of truth behind it. In this case, anyway. He still feels like he doesn’t deserve me, and I came to terms a long time ago that it’s just a character flaw we both have to live with. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying to drill it into his head that he is loved and more deserving than he believes.

Kayne kisses me one last time before he withdraws himself from my body. My taut little butthole relaxes for the first time today. I breathe more easily as all the tension uncurls itself from my limbs.

“Hang tight, kitten. I’ll clean you up.” Like I have any other option. Kayne returns from the bathroom with a damp washcloth and caringly wipes away the sticky remnants before he unfastens each restraint; rubbing my wrists and ankles as he goes. When I’m finally free, he urges me to sit up then lifts me into his arms.

Lethargically, I mold myself to him, resting my head on his chest. He tightens his hold, keeping me close.

I’m nearly asleep by the time he places me in bed and curls up beside me.

I snuggle up next to him, placing my ear over his heart, letting the strong, steady sound soothe me like it always does.

“Did I hurt you, Ellie?” he asks with a hint of worry as he runs one finger through my hair.

“You utterly ruined me.” That’s always my response after a bout of rough sex. It’s my way of telling him no one will ever compare to the way he loves me, physically or emotionally.

“Good.” There’s contentment in his voice. “You’re such a naughty little kitten.”

“I know. You made me that way.” I look up at him.

“I know. Do you hate me for it?”

“Does it seem like I hate you?”


“Then there’s your answer.”

Kayne hugs me tighter as I stare up at him, and then glance away immediately once our eyes meet.

I feel his energy shift. “Ask me, Ellie.”

Shit. Kayne has told me repeatedly that I can’t hide anything from him, and as hard as I try to conceal what I’m thinking, one evasive glance always gives me away.

I nibble on my lip, hesitant to go down this road.

“Ellie . . .” Kayne nudges me, urging me to talk. He gets agitated when he knows that I’m deliberately keeping something from him. I chew on my lip harder.

“I want to be more naughty,” I state timidly.

“More naughty?” His eyebrows shoot up.

I nod cautiously, knowing this conversation could be world war three in the making. “I want to know what it’s like to be with two men.”

There, I said it, and should now probably take cover.

The severity of Kayne’s silence tells me everything I need to know. I just pissed him off big time. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s frightening. I think I just pierced my tongue with my incisor. I never should have said a damn thing.

Kayne suddenly expels a heated breath. “Do you really want to be with Jett that badly?”

“I really want to be with both of you that badly,” I clarify. “It isn’t just about Jett.”

He stares up at the ceiling. I know he’s at war with himself. He wants to give me what I want without losing himself in the process. The last time Jett, London, Kayne, and I fooled around, we took it further than we ever have before. For the first time, I was sexually intimate with Jett. I don’t even know how it happened, natural progression maybe, but my lips ended up around his dick. I sucked him off, while Kayne fucked me from behind, and London sat on his face. That was only a few weeks ago, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Haven’t stopped thinking about Jett and Kayne sandwiching me together and taking me at the same time.

“I know you didn’t hate watching me with him. You fucked me the exact same way you do when I’m with London.”

“How’s that?” he questions.


His lips twitch. “It wasn’t so bad watching you suck another man’s dick.”

“You liked it?”

Kayne maintains his silence.

“Did you like having threesomes with Jett?”

“I like threesomes, period. But I always used to lean toward me being the minority. Jett used to like sharing his woman. Engulfing their senses, he used to say.”

That doesn’t sound so bad to me.

“You wouldn’t want to engulf my senses?”

“I thought I already did.” He frowns.

“You do . . . I mean . . .” Oh shit, I think I just insulted him.

Kayne smiles down at me, clearly amused by my stupidity. “It’s okay, kitten.” He yanks me by the collar, forcing my face close to his. “You can have both of us under one condition.”

“What’s that?” I swallow roughly, caught up in the power of his gaze.

“You remember who you belong to when it’s over.”

“Like I could ever forget. Your palm print is permanently stamped on my ass.”

“Damn straight.” He spanks me hard, causing me to jerk. “Now lie on your stomach.” He flips me over, still keeping a firm grip on my collar. “All this talk about threesomes and head and engulfing your senses has made me hard.” He keeps my face planted on the pillow with one hand on my collar and pulls up my hips with the other. I instantly liquefy.

“Now fucking scream my name, kitten. So I know you’ll never forget.” With that, he slams into me, bucking me forward. “Oh!” I grab onto the edge of the mattress as his cock hits me square in my center, causing my muscles to coil around him like a snake.

“Who owns you, Ellie?” he asks as he beats into me from behind, my body completely subdued by his hold on my collar and hand clamped on my hip.

“You!” I exclaim as my pussy floods with forced arousal.

“And who am I?” he demands as our skin slaps together.

“My life, my love, my happiness!” I spout as he ruins me in the most delicious kind of way.

Kayne halts, buried deep inside me. “That’s right, kitten.” He leans over and murmurs in my ear, “Who else am I?”

I look up at him through the corner of my eye. “My owner. You own me.” I speak the words he wants to hear.

“That’s right, baby. Till death do us part.”

I nod.

“Now tell me you love me.”

“I love you,” I proclaim with no hesitation. “Only you.”

Kayne kisses my cheek affectionately then pulls out and repositions me on my back. “I love you, too.” He slides into me sweetly. “Only you.” He looks directly into my eyes as I spread my legs, inviting him inside. “That’s right, kitten, let me in.” He sinks deeply into my channel, penetrating all the way to my core.

“Kayne,” I moan, as he splits me open.

“Ellie.” He exhales my name, the same need evident in his tone.

“Make me come,” I implore, as he fucks me leisurely.

“You know I’ll give you anything you want. I can never say no to you.”

And that’s the truth. Kayne would deny me very few things. An orgasm when I’m bad is one thing on that very short list, but right now, I could ask for the moon on a silver platter and he would find a way to bring it to me.

“Mmm.” He closes his eyes and rests his forehead against mine as his cock thickens.

I run my hands through his dark brown hair as he rocks in and out of me, both of us on a razor sharp edge about to topple over.

“Kayne.” I whimper and shake as his body commands mine. “Kayne!” He thrusts in deep, shattering us both, the two of us moaning and panting and gyrating until the tumultuous ache subsides and all that’s left in the climatic aftermath is two stripped bodies and a pile of bare bones.

Ruined . . .

I’m most definitely ruined.



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