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Rules of Submission (Fans of Football Book 2) by Leigh Lennon (1)



Ten Years Ago

It’s not poetic or a creative literary spiel but my childhood, or lack of one, sucked. And yet only six years later, I’ve exceeded my own expectations—becoming a partner in my sports agency. And if that isn’t enough, at the age of twenty-five, my new tech has made me a millionaire overnight. My future is something I’m finally in control of.

My whole life I’ve been at the mercy of others. As a young kid, I was at the mercy of my father when he’d drink so much, he didn’t know if he was beating the shit out of me or my ma. Of course, I’d put myself between him and her several times. I was at the mercy of my mother, forever hoping she’d leave that worthless piece of shit that gave me his name. Throughout my life, I relied on the generosity of others for my next meal. At sixteen, I was at the clemency of the law when I was caught stealing money out of my till at Burger King in order for my ma and me to buy groceries. Even at eighteen, I relied on whatever scholarships I could get my hands on.

With an IQ of 158 and my SAT score of 1577, I had my choice of any school, except for the one I’d always wanted to attend. After staying in Michigan for one year, I applied for a full scholarship at Stanford and was accepted when I was a sophomore. This is when my life had changed and though my first payday was due to my best friend, I fucking busted my ball sack to get him twenty-four million a year for five years—along with the number one draft pick.

After only a couple short years, I can now have my heart’s desire. I stand outside a swanky club; one I’ve had my eye on for years. Sure, it’s a lifestyle I’ve dabbled in before. But now that I’m in the big leagues, I have the money to fulfill my dream.

From this moment on, I’ll control all aspects of my life. This will be the start. My need to dominate in the bedroom is just a small little sliver of the new existence I’m about to partake in. This is my world now, and everyone will play by my rules.

* * *


Six Years Ago

The step-witch, what I normally call my stepmother behind her back, is in front of me, smiling for once. She’s being sweet and for some reason, with the woman who never was nice to me, this sort of affection means a lot. A maternal force in my life is something I miss, though I feel it every time my sister looks at me, but having a mother is something I dream of. It’s short-lived as the subject of tonight’s pleasantries comes up while she applies my makeup. It’s sex and I cringe at the idea of chatting about it with her. Sure, like any mother, she’ll warn me that Micah Simmons may be overly-aggressive, a caution to protect my virtue. She won’t be telling me anything Liz hasn’t already shared with me.

“Candace,” she begins, “Micah Simmons is accustomed to certain expectations. I know you’re inexperienced but you should understand this.”

Regardless if this is the step-witch, it’s still a bit uncomfortable. I’m not ready for this closeness we are sharing to go away. I simply reply, “No reason to worry, Mummy, I’ll have no problem telling him no.” She has demanded I call her this since I was itty bitty. I still hate calling her Mummy, it’s not like she’s British. Like most things centered around her, it’s always better to grin and bear it.

I smile, ready for the compliment I know is so close to forming on her lips. She moves too quickly, squaring her body with mine. In her frown, my confusion grows.

“Candace Annemarie Declan, you’ll do no such thing.” Now with her hands on my shoulders, she continues, “Spencer Simmons is a big client of your daddy’s. You’ll make life easy for Micah tonight and in essence you’ll do what it takes to keep this client for your daddy. If that means you suck his dick, or he sticks a finger or two or whatever he wants inside of you—you do it. You understand?”

My mouth instantly dries and I find it hard to swallow. I don’t have a chance to question her when she takes in a deep breath, still commanding me, “You can lose your surprised look. You’re a pretty face. That’s all you’ll ever be. The sooner you accept what you have to offer this world and your family, the better we’ll all be. Elizabeth got the brains, you got the body. So suck it up, my stupid little Barbie doll, and do what’s expected.”

My eyes stay fixed on her. My body is numb and I can’t move my limbs. It’s now I know one day I’ll free myself from the family. I’ll start fresh with a new life and the Declan family name will no longer be mine to bear. I can change my maiden name and leave my daddy and stepmother behind one day. Until then, I’ll have to do what the step-witch instructs and that is to simply suck it up.



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