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Safe Word: A First Time M/M Bisexual Mpreg Romance by Alice Shaw (1)

Prologue: Leo

What’s your biggest fantasy? Ten inches & cut, 6’2”, 160 pounds of muscle. Can you handle the beast? Face pics only. Inquire within.”

-Leo’s Grindr Profile

“I’ve never done something like this before,” he typed. “It’s uh… It’s my first time.”

A first timer? Jesus. Why did I even login tonight, I wondered. I never did that.

I could almost hear the uneasiness, the mild apprehension that would have caused his voice to tremble had he been next to me. The phone screen shined brightly, stale and lifeless. I began typing away.

“I’m not on much either,” I admitted. “This profile is pretty old. I’m never really online. What made you message me?”

“I liked your pic, and the bio was pretty hot too. Everyone else looked a little too rugged for my taste,” he said.

“Well, mister ‘19 & hung,’ I’m afraid you’re shit out of luck. I don’t really play around anymore,” I said.

“Really? So why are you on tonight? I thought you had a bit of a reputation. The beast, right? That’s what they call you?” he asked. “By the way, it’s Hayden.”

Hayden. Cute name.

I laughed out loud. The beast. God, that was so long ago. “Haven’t been called that in a long time,” I typed. The smile slowly fell from my face as I imagined how tight his hole might be.

“Oh. Okay.”

After Patrick, I prevented myself from going out. After my loss, I couldn’t bear the fucking pain. I vowed never to love again.

“Is that why you messaged me? Because you wanted the beast? Did you want a fat cock to ride, a man to put you in your place?” My fingers tickled the phone’s keys. I hovered over the send button. Click.

“Well…” he typed. “I’ve heard the stories.”

“Stories?” I asked.

“Ten inches of flesh, just like your profile says. Someone on here told me about you. He said I could probably find you at one of the sex clubs, but I guess he was wrong since you don’t go out anymore,” Hayden said.

Too many people like to hear themselves talk. Typically, that would have pissed me off, but this was one of those odd exceptions. “So you want to meet at a club? Most guys aren’t into that sort of thing,” I said.

“I’m a little nervous,” he said.

There was no way he could handle an experience like that. He was clearly new at this, and he’d probably quit talking to me after a day or two. That usually happened with guys I met on this app.

He continued. “But I think I can handle it. Yes, I can definitely handle it.”

“I could meet you in the dark room. You know what I’m talking about?” I asked.

“The room with the maze, right? I’ve heard about that,” he said. “What are you into? What do you want to do to me?”

A series of pictures followed. First, his cute ass and slim body propped against a bathroom sink. After some time, he sent me a picture of his face. I couldn’t deny he was pretty hot. And young. And definitely straight.

“I’m assuming you’re not out?” I asked.

“Why does that matter?” he asked.

“I’m just curious why you downloaded the app,” I said.

First, he said, “It’s a fantasy of mine to be used. I don’t know why. I just want to feel consumed…” Hot answer, but I wasn’t here just to complete his twisted fantasies. “Plus, I think I like men more than women. It’s all a spectrum, right?”

“Right.” I regretted asking the question in the first place. The spectrum. I knew all about the damn spectrum, but when I first came out of the closet, we didn’t have the luxury of playing for both teams. You were either gay, or you weren’t. Privileged millennials like him were lucky, I thought. But my age was starting to show.

Enough of the damn small talk. Just command him – give him what he wants!

My fingers started to type. My mind was already lost in a trance. I hadn’t done this in such a long time, but the inner desires always found a way to be heard. I wanted an obedient bottom to tend to me. I just had to make sure he was the exact opposite of the last guy, Patrick.

“I need you to get on your knees,” I said. “Be a good boy and take a picture for daddy.”

The clicking sound from the app reverberated off of my high ceiling. It was a picture taken from behind, aimed directly at his tight ass. “I like it when you call yourself daddy,” he said.

I read somewhere that Millennials liked to be called Daddy. Was that in Cosmo? Maybe. I was glad the facts checked out. It made me want to push the envelope further.

“Mmm… I want you to spread those cheeks apart for me. Do you think you’ll be able to handle my girth? Not many guys can.”

My fingers shook my phone. I clicked “enter” and felt my mind race.

My heart hadn’t pumped this hard in a long time. As I typed the letters into the message box, I imagined Hayden’s body in every position imaginable, soft and ready for me. I felt my cock grow against my abdomen. I was hungry for him.

“I’ll be able to,” he said. Then, another picture. It was from the same angle, but it was zoomed out. His head was tilted to face the camera. His mouth was wide open, and his hands were spreading his cheeks open.

He typed, “On my knees. Mouth open, cheeks spread. Tongue out, ready to taste you. It’s too bad you’re not here. I need your thick cock.”

Fuck! I grinned and reached down. My cock was thicker than ever for this guy, and my blood was fucking pumping. I had to meet him. He was unique and one hundred percent willing.

I opened the phone camera and focused it on my cock. Snap. “Open wide,” I said.

How soft was his body? I wondered. Probably really fucking soft. It had been a decade since I fucked a guy as young as him. His profile said he was twenty-one years old. He was ready for his first experience with a man. Usually, I stayed away from situations like this, but he was beyond sexy. At the very least, I had to try him out.

“I want you so fucking bad,” he said.

I felt entirely out of my element. I didn’t know the protocol anymore. I was used to living a life of solitude, and any man that wanted a piece of me was usually sent walking home. I used to be somewhat of a legend but after my last long-term relationship… well, I didn’t even want to think about that train wreck.

“Do whatever you please to me,” he said. Did disappearing really feel better than sliding into a warm hole? Of course not.

I wanted him so fucking badly that the aching sensation in the center of my cock drove me to grab the full bottle of lube resting in my bedside drawer. I poured a few drops onto my hand and started to work my cock, slowly.

“What’s your biggest fantasy? If we met, what would you want me to do? What are your limits?” I asked.

“Limits? I wasn’t aware that I had any limits,” he said.

He was cocky. Everyone had limits. He would soon learn to tell daddy the truth. “Don’t mess around,” I said.

“So serious,” he typed. Then, “I want you to fuck me in front of a group of the horniest alphas you can find. I want you to hold me down and cuff me. For at least an hour, I want you to use me.”

My body felt electric. He was dead set pleasing me. “You want me to spill my seed inside of you?”

“More than anything. And I want you to act like we’re strangers when we meet. It’ll be hotter that way,” he typed.

Fuck. I swallowed hard, feeling my throat start to swell up. If Hayden stood me up like most newbies used to, I’d be pissed. If he really wanted to meet, I’d come out of my house for him. I just hoped he could handle me.

“You know Leather and Lace?” I asked him.

“The old men’s club, right? The BDSM sex joint?” he asked. “Is that place still around? I’ve heard it can get pretty raw in there.”

Raw was right. It was a fucking jungle of sexual urges. I used to own it. At one point, I practically lived there, but I hadn’t been in ages. The thought excited me.

“It’s still around. If you want a bunch of studs to watch us, that’s the place to meet,” I said.

Silence. For a good five minutes, he didn’t say anything back. I was starting to feel like this was a complete waste of my time, but eventually, he sent another sexy picture. This time, his cock was shooting a giant load onto his muscular abdomen. Hot!

“Don’t chicken out on me, guy,” I said.

“I’m not. I’ll be ready. But when?” he asked. Would he really show up if I gave him a time and date?

“Next Friday,” I typed. “Midnight. I’ll be out front, waiting for your sweet ass. You won’t miss me.”


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