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Sexy Fighter: Fighter Romance (Fertile Book 2) by Evangeline Fox (1)

Shouts, chants, screams and chatter surround Grace McKay. Her eyes are focused on the ring in front of her. That ring can either make or break her boyfriend's career.

Jack has wanted to be a professional MMA fighter since he was a teenager, and now is his chance. He's fought his way to the top, and now it's time for him to fight one last man. Tonight they could take home thirty thousand dollars.

That's enough to pay for their wedding. That's enough to help them set up their life. It won't last forever, but it's enough.

And Grace might have ruined their chances over a stupid fight. One stupid moral issue from a barely-practicing Catholic.


Chet Montegue and Jack both jump into the ring, surrounded by men coaching them. Pumping them up. Giving them advice. Punch here, Chet, or jab there, Jack. He's a close fighter, so keep your distance. He has a glass jaw. Don't fuck up.

It's been a long time since an MMA fighter got really hurt in the ring, but the possibility is always there. Jack could come out with a broken nose, or so much worse.

They stand up, greeting each other. Grace watches them closely, willing her heart to stay a sane speed. They glance out into the stands, a strange look on both men's faces as they look right at Grace. Chet sizes her up. Jack gives her an empty gaze. Uncaring. Her stomach clenches, because she knows he's still mad at her.

They look out on the opposite side. Grace can't quite make out what they're looking at, but then she waves. A knockout of her own kind, beautiful enough to even make Grace's heart pound a little harder. Unending legs, long blonde hair in effortless waves tickling her shoulders. She blows a kiss to the men. Chet catches it.

That must be Chet's girlfriend. How strange.

The fight she and Jack had before driving here was so stupid, and yet she stood her ground. Jack is used to having sex right after every fight. Sweaty, bruised, rough sex. Which Grace enjoys, immensely!

But she refuses to use birth control. Raised a Catholic, even when she's living in sin she refuses to use even a condom. Instead, she practices natural family planning, only having sex when she isn't ovulating.

And would you believe it? She's ovulating tonight, of all nights. The night of the big fight, the fight that could bring sponsors and opportunities. The fight that could pay for their wedding and finally make Grace an honest woman.

She should have just let him fuck her. But it's too late to tell him that, now. Maybe the anger will make him fight harder, push him to be a better fighter than ever before.

The first blow pulls Grace back to the present, a single tear stinging her eye. Her body moves with Jack, her shoulder slouching with each of the punches he throws out.

Jack gets a few good hits, and even knocks Chet to the ground for a moment. Things are looking up for her man. He's looking like he could win, but when he sits back down before the next round she sees it. He's rubbing his bad knee, and he's looking tired.

No, no no no, come on baby! “Come on baby! Get out there!” She yells, and Jack looks over at her with a lot of surprise on his face. She pumps a fist in the air, and he looks determined now. He looks ready to conquer as he stands up.

Within 30 seconds, he's knocked out cold. Not even just knocked down, but unconscious. He looks really messed up, blood running from his nose and his mouth. He only lasted a little over five minutes.

Chet is being congratulated as Grace runs up to the ring, crying ugly tears and yelling for Jack. She reaches her arm over towards him, but she isn't allowed up there to help. He's carried away by paramedics, and she goes to chase after them but she's stopped. Someone grabs her hand, spinning her into his sweaty body. She looks up, and there's Chet. His dark green eyes swim with amusement.

“Before you run after Jackie-boy, I have something to show you,” he says, tugging her towards the exit. She pulls away, shaking out her hand.

“Ugh, don't touch me! I have to go after Jack!”

He chuckles as spectators push past him, congratulating him on his win. “That's what I'm trying to tell you. Jack promised you would come home with me if I won.”

Grace pauses, pressing her hand against her chest. Her heart is beating fast. “Bullshit.”

“Come outside. I got a video of it.”

Wary, she follows Chet. She's careful not to let him grab her again. Why would Jack make a promise like that? What does it even mean? Was he so sure that he could win that he promised me like a piece of meat, like a toy to be tossed among friends? Disgusting!

Grace's mind races with disgust and revulsion. She's not going out with the man that just beat her boyfriend to a pulp, no matter what was promised.

The cool air is refreshing after the stagnant air from within the gym. Chet breathes it in for a moment before pulling out his phone. “Check this out. Your man doesn't think very highly of you.”

On the screen, a third man gets both Chet and Jack in the frame. Jack is complaining about something before the camera starts going. “Always harping on. She's such a pain in the ass, and now she won't even let me bust a night? Tonight, of all nights?”

Chet just nods, irritation clearly visible on his face. Jack ignores it.

“So I have a proposal. If I win, you let me fuck that hot piece of fuckmeat you brought with you tonight. If you win, you get to fuck Grace, or do whatever you want with her. I'm dumping her either way. I don't need a mom, I need a sex toy that can cook and clean.”

“Jesus, dude,” Chet says. But then he holds out his hand, scowling. “Fine, you got a deal. Svetlana and I have an open relationship anyway.”

“That's what I'm talking about. Every girl likes some cuckqueaning, you know.” Jack laughs uproariously as the video cuts to black.

Grace feels ill. Doubling over, she leans against the gym's brick outer wall. “What the fuck.”

“That's what I said.”

She pauses and thinks for a good long time. “Is Svetlana really going to be okay with this?”

“Hah,” Chet chuckles. “She's not even my girlfriend. She's an escort. I don't like coming to these things alone, but I probably wasn't even going to fuck her tonight. She's just nice to have around, and she's actually pretty cool to talk to.”

“Oh,” Grace says. Silence. She doesn't even know what to think.

“Listen, your man was a piece of shit. Let me at least give you a good time tonight, you deserve that much. No strings attached. Just have some fun.”

Grace thinks about it, and considers blowing him off. Telling him she's ovulating. Nah, fuck it. I'll just get the morning after pill tomorrow. One mistake isn't the end of the world.

And so, she stands up straight and takes Chet's arm. “Well, lead on, then.”

He smiles, a lopsided smile. “You got it.”


Chet lives in an apartment building on top of a huge hill. Even the cheapest rooms have an amazing view overlooking the sparkling lights of the city at night. Grace presses her hands on the cool glass.

Glass clinks against glass. She turns around and finds two cups of an amber liquid on the glass coffee table. Chet picks one of them up, sipping as he watches her. His eyes are heavily lidded. Even with his nose slightly swollen, he's handsome. Dark. His Latino heritage shines through, even though he was raised by his WASP father after his mother died.

You get to know a lot about the men in these sports when your own boyfriend is in it, too. Thinking about Jack makes Grace's serene face turn sour.

“Ouch, what's that look for?”

“I was thinking about Jack,” she says, taking the liquor and downing it all in one go.

“Hey,” Chet protests. “You don't just chug good whiskey like that.”

“Looks like I just did.”

Chet tuts and looks at her from the corner of his eyes. “It's a shame, that's all.”

Grace shrugs and flops down onto his white leather couch, kicking up her legs. They sit in silence, Chet's ice clinking against his glass as he slowly sips his whiskey. Grace closes her eyes.

When she opens them, Chet is standing over her. She sits up, pushing herself hard against the couch. Willing herself to sink into it, to get away from the man who smells like blood.

Even still, she admires the hard, sharp lines of his muscular body. His legs are thick, and so are his arms. His hands are wide, but his fingers are long. I bet they would be useful in bed. She blushes and squeezes her eyes shut. Stop thinking shit like that!

Her face is warm from the whiskey now.

“Come on.” Chet says, standing over her with those bedroom eyes. Her blood quickens. “Jack used you. He abandoned you, and he was willing to cheat on you just to get some pussy tonight. I know that pisses you off.”

Grace nods, still pressed back against the couch.

“But doesn't it also turn you on? The idea of fucking someone who just beat the shit out of your asshole boyfriend?” Cheat leans in, looking down at her like a wolf looks at a hare. She stops breathing, just for a second.

She closes her eyes. He tips her head up, slowly, then runs his fingers down her neck. She shivers, easing away from the couch and closer to his body. When his lips touch hers, they're as soft as satin sheets.

Chet's tongue flicks between her lips, prodding her to open her mouth. He invades it, his sweet saliva mixing with hers. Their embrace is so deep that his nose presses against her cheek.

He picks Grace up in his powerful arms, laying her out on the couch. Touching his forehead to hers for just a second, he looks into her eyes. “Let's have some fun.”

She nods with a gulp, her body still tense. She's never had sex with anyone other than Jack. Someone new seeing her body, touching her, scares her. It also sends thrilling sensations between her legs, though.

Chet's long fingers pop the buttons of her blouse, one by one. Leaning forward, his lips explore her neck. Teeth dig into her skin, making Grace gasp and grab hold of Chet.

Pushing her shirt aside, he reveals Grace's bra. Black and lacy, with a clasp on the front hidden by a bow. He takes each side and slowly undoes it with ease. The cups are slowly peeled away from her breasts until both of her pink nipples are unveiled.

He draws one nipple into his mouth and sucks hard, making Grace moan. She reaches down, rubbing his cock through his gray sweatpants. He's hard already, and he feels huge! Working to push his pants down, she finally gets her hand around it and can only barely do that.

Will she even be able to fit that thing inside of her? She rubs up and down his shaft, and somehow his cock grows even larger.

One thing Grace has learned over the course of her time with Jack is that she actually loves sucking cock. Maybe not the taste of cum, but there's nothing hotter than having a cock between her lips. She's practically salivating as she pulls him closer to her, making his mouth leave her breast.

Grace licks the tip of his cock and gauges his reaction before taking the whole thing down her throat.

“Oh, God,” he moans, his hand on her head. “You're fucking good at this.”

Smiling around his cock, Grace bobs her head and sucks hard. She goes so deep that she ends up gagging on him, which turns her on. She does it again before pulling away.

“God, I was close. But that's not how I want to cum.”

Oh? Does he want to cum in me? She considers this, and decides that sounds fucking hot. Yeah, she'll take a pill tomorrow morning, no problem.

But then she thinks about getting pregnant, and suddenly she's a cock hungry whore. She wants Chet to fill her womb, which scares her. How can she think about something like that? The idea of getting pregnant with Jack never thrilled her like this.

Feeling like a dirty whore, she stands up when he tells her to. She bends over the couch, spreading her legs and looking back. “You want me like this? With my ass up?” Arching her back, she presents her pussy to him. She reaches below herself and spreads her pussy lips.

Chet seems to like this. “Fuck,” he whispers under his breath. Rubbing his cock against her pussy lips, Grace aches to be filled. His hot skin presses against her clit. She presses up against him, wanting to feel more of him, to experience more of his pleasure.

Just when things start to feel really good for Grace, Chet pulls away. Grace whimpers with disappointment, wiggling her butt and looking back at him. Grinning, he presses himself against her hole and prepares to enter her.

Though she's afraid it might hurt, she's more excited and desperate to finally have him inside of her. Chet looks down at her, rubbing her ass cheek gently. He presses into her, not gently but not too rough either.

The feeling inside of her was indescribable. Like all of her nerves were shivering. Her fingers clench and her toes curl at the fullness, the aching pleasure and pain.

Pulling out, Chet pounds her cunt with loud grunts. His nails dig into her hips, forcing her back and forth onto him to increase the pressure. He hits her cervix, low because she is at her most fertile. That doesn't scare her, though. She wants it. She wants him, and she wants to be knocked up.

The sudden thrill of admitting that to herself makes her cry out when he bottoms out on her again. Chet lets out a stream of curse words as he fucks her harder, faster. He holds her so tight that she wouldn't be able to get away even if she wanted to.

“Oh my God,” she moans, lowering her head and letting her wobbly elbows collapse on her. With her face buried into the couch, she lets Chet do to her whatever he wants, and with a few final, brutal pushes he finally cums deep within her.

She can feel the heat of his cum, the pulsating twitches of his spent member. She doesn't want it to end, so when he pulls out she pouts for a moment. Her own orgasms continue to roll through her for a few moments, until finally her knees give out and she collapses onto his floor.

Chet looks down at her with adoring eyes and a lopsided smile. He puts himself away and sits on the floor next to Grace, swiping sweaty hair from her forehead.

“Why don't you stay with me?” He asks, his eyes searching.

Grace blinks. “What?”

“I think that you and I would raise some gorgeous, bad ass babies. Look around you.”

Sitting up, she does so. She looks at the wealth and the possibilities hit her hard.

“All of this could be yours, Grace. I've been keeping up with your ex, sure, but mostly because I hoped to one day meet you. I want you to live here with me. Have my children. You'll want for nothing, and even when I retire we will be fine. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, and I run a business so I will always be able to provide.”

I could have this? I could become someone who has nice things, a nice life?

Grace smiles, chuckling a bit with her head lowered. “Well, I definitely won't rule all of that out, but how about we have a real date before you ask me something like that? I don't even know your middle name.”

Chet laughs, patting her thigh. “I'm not sure, that might just be too private for me to reveal.”

“Come on!” She reaches over and pinches his nipple. He slaps her hand away. They both laugh, and then stop, smiling.

“It's Lee. After my grandfather. He was a fighter too, actually. He died from it, ultimately. That's why I made sure fighting wasn't everything to me. That's why I know I'll retire before my brain gets rattled. I don't want to eventually hurt you, or our kids.”

Grace sticks out her bottom lip. Her heart melts. She leans in, closing her eyes, hoping that he will sweep her off of her feet one more time. He kisses her with tenderness, and passion. His hand holds her head, keeping her closer to him so that she can barely breathe.

She isn't sure what he sees in her, but she's willing to give this a chance. And so they do date, and they fall in love.

What Grace doesn't realize right away, though, is that she was with child after that first night.




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