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Sharing Their Virgin: An MMF Menage by Ellie Hunt (1)

Sharing Their Virgin

An MMF Menage

By 11 am it was ninety-five degrees, ninety-five percent humidity. Blanche watched out her curtained front window as the construction workers dug up the pavement in front of her parents’ house, all of them dripping with sweat. It was something to do with the water lines. One of them had burst a few weeks ago closer in to town, and they were just now getting around to fixing the pipes out here on the bayou.

She felt a little awkward watching the men through her mother’s lace curtains, especially since her parents were out of town for a week, but it was so satisfying to watch them digging through asphalt, using the jackhammers and shovels and heavy equipment, their muscles bulging and shining in the light and heat. Her book had sat closed in her lap for the better part of a half hour, ever since she arrived in the room.

One of them wiped sweat from his brow with a red bandanna, then took a long drink from a bottle of gatorade. Something stirred in Blanche, deep down. She thought about those sweaty, muscled arms holding her tight, the dark stubble on the man’s handsome face rubbing against her own. Unconsciously, her hand slid down her body to rest on top of her shorts, right over her crotch.

The man handed the gatorade to someone else on the crew, a blond who was a little shorter. The two men laughed at something, the blond putting one hand on the other man’s arm for just a split second.

Blanche rubbed herself through her denim cutoffs, just a little.

Can they see me through the lace curtains? She wondered. She tried to remember the last time she’d tried to look into the house from outside, during the day, when it was light outside and dark inside.

She rubbed herself again, harder this time, still watching the sweaty, muscled men of the road crew work. She imagined the two who’d shared the gatorade touching each other, embracing, ripping off each other’s reflective vests.

Blanche had discovered sex her freshman year of college—and she liked it. A strict Catholic upbringing had meant that, during high school, she’d barely ever been allowed to be alone with a boy, let alone get past first base.

Her cunt just ached for it, and the construction workers outside, glistening and flexing and touching each other weren’t really helping.

Without really thinking, Blanche unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, still watching the men from her window and put her hand into her panties and her fingers onto her clit.

Just make it fast before they look over and see you fingering yourself and watching them, she thought.

She bit her lip and began circling her finger around her clit, slowly, her shorts a little uncomfortable, but she didn’t want to just take them off in front of the window. Then she’d be a weirdo.

What if I got naked and stood in front of the window, she thought. Then one of them sees me, and he gets a huge erection.

Her fingers circled faster, fueled by the fantasy. One of the men, the one with the red bandanna, swung a sledgehammer.

He comes and knocks on my door, she thought, continuing the fantasy. I open it, still naked. All of them see me, and I invite the one guy in. The rest watch through the curtains.

Her fingers went faster and faster, and Blanche began to feel the sensual pressure building toward her release.

He grabs bends me over the arm of the couch, right there. He’s a little rough. He pulls my hair, and with his other hand, he unzips his pants and pulls out his enormous cock. I spread my legs wide, and he laughs at how eager I am.

Her fingers were a blur. Blanche could feel herself about to come. She lifted her hips off the chair a little bit, her head tossed back, watching the men outside through lowered eyelids.

He pushed his cock in real slow, she thought, the sweet ache in her cunt nearly exploding. It’s huge and long and thick and it fills me up so good, I can’t help but moan into the couch cushions…

Then he came, her fingers still working furiously, the pent-up tension bursting out of her. Blanche bit her lip and rocked back and forth on the chair like she was trying to hump something invisible. Finally it subsided, still leaving a small ache.

Blanche felt a little better, but certainly not satisfied. That would take more than masturbating to construction workers outside. She zipped her cutoff shorts, leaned back in the chair, and sniffed her fingers. They smelled musky, like her.

The construction workers took a break for lunch, sitting under the big oak tree in Blanche’s front yard, eating sandwiches and talking.

Then, as Blanche watched, they started taking their shirts off and hanging them over branches to try. She felt the deep ache start again.

Maybe they know I’m here and they’re just taunting me, she thought.

And then, Blanche had an idea.

Fifteen minutes later, she carefully balanced the five glasses of ice-cold homemade iced tea on the tray her mom used and opened the front door. Going outside into the heat felt like entering a sauna, and she started sweating right away.

Jesus, she thought. These poor guys.

All five of them looked over at her, and Blanche smiled and waved. The men all sat up a little straighter.

“Hey y’all,” she said when she reached them. “You just looked so hot and thirsty out here, I thought you might like a little homemade iced tea.

“I’ll be darned,” said one man, as he took a glass. “Thank you so much, miss.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she said, smiling at them. The other four took glasses as well, and all five men drained them almost right away.

“Perfect,” said the man with the red bandanna. “Just sweet enough, my like mama makes.”

“Hits the spot,” said the blond.

The other men all agreed, thanking her profusely. Blanche noted that a few of them wore wedding rings, but not the blond or the guy with the bandanna.

“Well, I’m right up at the house,” she said, collecting the glasses again. “Y’all let me know if you need anything, and thank you so much for fixing our water pipes in this heat.”

“Absolutely, Miss,” said the first man who’d drunk.

“Thank you,” the rest chorused.

Before Blanche walked back to the house she locked eyes with the two she’d decided she wanted: the man with the bandanna and the blond. They both stared back at her with something more than friendly interest — either Blanche was losing her mind with sexual frustration, or she had a shot.

She waved and walked away, swinging her hips back to the house.

For the next few hours she watched the men intermittently, as they dug up the road, hopped in the pit, did something or other with the water lines. No one had come up to the house to ask for water — or anything else — yet, and she was starting to lose hope that they would. She shuffled around the house, reading her book, watching TV, fixing a snack.

And then, at exactly five in the afternoon, someone knocked on her door.

Through the lace-curtained window, she could see it was one of the construction workers — the one with the bandanna. Behind him was the blond, both carrying their reflective vests and hard hats in their hands, waiting politely on her porch.

Smiling, Blanche opened the door.

“Hi again,” she said. “You fellas need anything?”

“Would you mind if we used your phone, Miss?” said Red Bandanna. “Our cell phones don’t work this far out of town sometimes and we’ve got to call the office, let them know how much we got done today.

“Sure thing,” said Blanche. She stepped aside and let them into the living room, showing them to the phone. “You want anything to drink?”

Both of them hesitated for a moment, and Blanche saw the blond one check her out, his eyes moving hungrily from her feet to her head, when he thought she wasn’t looking.

“That would be real nice, Miss,” he said. “That iced tea really wetted my whistle today.”

“I’ve got a whole pitcher,” Blanche said, and padded off to the kitchen. She hummed as she poured the tea, then quickly checked herself out in a mirror on the side of the fridge. Her tank top and cutoff shorts weren’t particularly sexy, but they would have to do — she still wasn’t quite brave enough to answer the door in lingerie or less.

When she walked back into the living room, the man with the bandanna was speaking into the phone, the blond still just standing around.

“Yeah, we’ll be able to finish it by lunchtime tomorrow at latest,” the man on the phone said, then waited for a response. Blanche handed the blond his tea. “Sure thing. Thanks, boss,” Red Bandanna said, and then hung up the phone.

“Thank you, Miss,” he said when she handed him tea as well. “I’m Clark, by the way.”

“Jason,” said the blond.

“Blanche,” she said.

Both men drank thirstily, no wonder since they’d been outside in the damp heat all day. Blanche watched them toss their heads back, Adam’s apples bobbing as they swallowed. They were both a little dirty and very sweaty.

Blanche imagined the grit from them getting on her skin when they touched, both men rubbing on either side of her. Sweaty and dirty: that was how she liked her men.

They finished their drinks, set them on coasters on the coffee table, and then looked at each other and at Blanche.

Finally she worked up her nerve.

“Can I get you boys anything else?” she asked.

Then she bit her lip hard, looking from one man to the other, and ran one finger up her long thigh, from knees to tattered hem. She drew her finger along the hem.

“We do appreciate your hospitality, Miss,” said Jason, his eyes on her finger, not her eyes.

“Anything for a few hardworking men,” Blanche said. Her cunt throbbed insistently, desperate for something to fill it up.

It had just been so long.

“Isn’t there anything else I can do for you?”

Feeling even less subtle now, Blanche ran both hands down her neck and over her breasts, then to her belly, back over her chest. The worst that could happen, she figured, was that they’d leave.

The best that could happen was another story entirely.

Finally Jason walked over and went to put one hand on her — but in a moment, Clark had dropped his hard hat to the floor and grabbed the other man’s wrist, holding it up and back.

They way they touched seemed very familiar.

“Do you want to lose your job?” Clark said to Jason.

“Look at her, man,” said Jason. “She’d practically in heat.”

“I promise not to say anything,” Blanche said quickly. “I’m nineteen, I’m legal, I swear.”

She looked down: both men had bulges beginning to protrude from their denim work pants. Blanche took a step forward and put one hand on each man, rubbing the bulge. Her cunt practically hummed with desire.

“Come on,” she whispered.

“We been talking about this,” Jason said.

Clark looked from Jason to Blanche and back. His grip on Jason’s wrist relaxed a little, but neither man let go.

“Talking about this?” Blanche asked, rubbing them simultaneously.

Clark sucked in air through his teeth, grimacing a little at the hand on his crotch. Jason reached one hand out to his face, caressing him.

“Come on, baby,” Jason said.

Clark seemed to relax a little, the combination of Jason’s touch and Blanche’s hand on his cock through his jeans.

“All right,” he said.

Jason whooped, and Blanche unzipped his pants, double-time, reaching in through the opened crotch and boxers and bringing out a huge cock, hardening in her hands. Jason’s was already out by the time she turned to it, and she had one in each hand, both surprisingly big, her fingers barely wrapping around the circumference.

“You like that?” she said.

Blanche got on her knees, to get a better grip, and then she watched Clark grab Jason by the shoulder, hard, pulling the other man toward him. Their faces met in a rough kiss, pressing together. She could practically hear their stubble scratching together as well, the cords in their necks standing out as they strained at each other, their hands and arms bulging as they clung together, careful to keep their hips far enough for Blanche to do her work.

They broke their kiss and leaned their foreheads together, both men breathing hard now.

“Oh my,” gasped Clark. “This does feel nice.”

Already on her knees, Blanche brought Clark’s cock to her mouth. She flicked out her tongue and ran it over the head of his cock, all salty and musky from working outside in the heat all day, the precum gathered at the tip delicious in her mouth.

Clark groaned from somewhere deep in his chest, and Blanche pumped her hand up and down his cock, satisfied at the way it filled her hand. Then she moved her attentions over to Jason, reaching out her tongue to lick at the head of his cock, swirling it around slowly, covering every inch of it, licking away the precum that collected there as well.

She moved back to Clark, putting it in her mouth now. She meant to tease a little, but the truth was that she wanted it so bad she could barely contain herself — maybe teasing was for other, more refined women. She fit her mouth over the head of his cock, cunt practically dripping at the way it filled her, stretching her jaw down, and she moved her lips as far down the shaft of his cock as she could, until the head was at the back of her mouth and her gag reflex almost triggered.

She pulled the cock out and then pushed down onto it again, sucking up the salty, musky flavor of Clark’s cock, relishing it. Blanche couldn’t wait until this monster was in another hole — or holes — the thought alone making her feel lightheaded and ready to cum.

She moved again to Jason, taking him in as far as she could, licking the salty sheen off of his cock as well. The taste of sex, she thought, his cock as far in her mouth as she could make it go, both men sighing and moaning, sometimes into each other’s mouths and sometimes not.

Blanche switched back and forth and few more times, loving to watch the men make out up above, hard muscles on hard muscles, their big, rough hands grabbing and pulling, fingers sinking into flesh, but finally she couldn’t take it anymore.

“One of you has got to fuck me,” she said.

“I’ll take that bullet,” Jason said immediately. He took Clark by the arm, roughly, and pushed him backward until the other man stumbled onto the couch. They both shed their pants and shirts quickly, and in a moment, Blanche was also out of her cutoff jean shorts, on her knees in front of the couch, her face in Clark’s lap, waving her ass in the air for Jason to come fuck.

He laughed softly behind her, and she heard two knees thunk onto the carpet behind her. Then the tip of his cock brushed up against her, the head bouncing against each ass cheek, the warm, soft skin against her slit. Then she felt hands lifting her shirt over her head and she took it off, the bra coming right behind it as Jason unhooked it and tossed it into the corner.

“Lean back and let me see those titties Miss Blanche,” Jason said, and Blanche, still on her knees, leaned back against him, his hard hard, muscled chest warm and sticky with dried sweat, and she sighed.

“You have got such pretty titties,” said Clark, sitting on the couch, erection waving in the air.

Jason murmured in approval, running his hands over them, squeezing and kneading them, pinching her nipples between his fingers.

Blanche gasped, her hips thrusting forward of their own accord, her head tilting back against Jason’s shoulder. She felt his mouth running down her neck, kissing and biting her, at the same time that one hand stole down to her pussy.

His hands dipped into her slit and left a trail of slippery wetness up to her clit, where his fingers found that button and began pinching and rubbing.

“Oh, yeah,” Blanche moaned. She felt like her body might explode under that one simple touch. “Fuck me, please.”

He pinched her nipple again, then pushed her shoulder to lean her forward, her face back in Clark’s lap. “Well, if you put it like that,” he said.

Blanche braced herself against Clark’s knees, breathlessly waiting for Jason to fuck her.

Instead, he teased her.

He slid the head of his cock between her lips, just barely, easing out before he could really penetrate her, rubbing it against her clit just a little, then moving back along her slit.

Blanche whimpered. Clark put one hand on her head, stroking her hair.

“Don’t be cruel,” Clark said.

Jason leaned over and kissed her shoulder. “Sorry, Miss,” he said, and then, slowly but firmly, he pushed his whole cock into her waiting cunt.

It felt like it went in forever, every millimeter giving Blanche more and more pleasure until she thought she might burst. Her lips were stretched around him, and she moaned and moaned, until she stopped.

“Jesus, you feel good,” Jason said, moving in and out of her just a bit. “You’re so wet and tight.”

“Fuck me,” Blanche said. She was beginning to see stars, and the pleasure was almost too much. “Use that big dick and make me cum.”

“Aren’t you demanding,” Jason said, one hand on her shoulder. Then he pulled out and thrust into her, hard, making Blanche nearly shout out loud.

“Just like that,” she said. “Don’t stop.”

Jason fucked her and fucked her, his cock rocking her world, feeling better than anything ever had before. Eventually she remembered Clark’s cock, sticking up right in front of her face, and put it in her mouth, sucking on it as though her life depended on it, moaning around his erection. His hands were in her hair, gently holding her down, guiding her lips up and down his thick shaft.

Blanche was almost off in another world, the pleasure was so intense. She loved giving head — she love cock in most its forms, if she was being honest — and with every lick and suck, with every thrust Jason made, she could feel herself edging closer and closer until, finally, she came hard, feeling like she was tumbling over a cliff or like a dam deep inside her burst. She gripped Clark’s cock hard with one hand, her head on his thigh as she moaned and moaned at top volume.

Her whole body spasmed, totally out of her control, and it was all she could do to hang onto Clark’s dick and moan into him, helpless to do anything else. Finally, when she could feel her orgasm ending, Jason thrust into her even harder once, twice, and then she could feel his cock spasm as he emptied himself into her, his hands tight enough on her hips to leave bruises.

Then he pulled out and she could feel his cum dribble down her inner thigh. She lay on Clark’s lap, gasping.

Jason moved away, and then a moment later, she could feel him, wiping his jizz from her with something.

He’s a gentleman, she thought vaguely, and then Clark’s fingers were under her chin, tilting her face up.

“Had enough yet, Miss?” he asked. His big, thick cock was bobbing right in front of her face, and despite how hard she’d just come, she felt something stir again in her cunt. Sweat slid down between her breasts: even with the air on in the house, it was hot.

“I could have more,” she said.

“How about you come ride my cock?” Clark said, letting go of her chin.

A little shakily, Blanche stood, moving her hair out of her face as she did. Jason was sitting on the floor, leaning back on his hands, and he watched her as she turned around, her ass to Clark. She put a hand on her hip.

“Like to watch?” she asked Jason.

“That I do,” he said.

Blanche put her hands on Clark’s knees to steady herself. He put the tip of his cock below her cunt and then, taking a deep breath, she sat on it, sliding the whole monster home in one stroke, taking him in up to the hilt.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy, your cock feels so good.”

She began to ride him, just a little, moving his cock up and down and back and forth inside her, hitting her red-hot pleasure spots, her lips stretched tight against his girth.

“You like big cocks, don’t you, little girl?” he asked, reaching around to pinch a nipple between two fingers.

She writhed at his touch, still riding him, grinding his cock into her with everything she had.

“I like your big cock,” she said, her words still a half-moan.

“You’ve got a nice, tight little pussy,” he said. “I’d have thought Jason would stretch you out a little more. He’s got a monster too.”

Blanche just whimpered, her eyes closed and her head thrown back.

Then, she heard Jason moving in front of her, and opened her eyes. With his own knees, Clark moved her knees apart, spreading her thighs, opening up her cunt to the room.

Jason knelt in front of her. He bit each nipple, gently, his tongue swirling around them, licking and sucking as the girl moaned and moaned. Then his mouth moved down her, past her belly and to her mound.

When his tongue found her clit, Blanche’s whole body jerked, involuntarily. Jason chuckled, his warm breath against her cunt, but he kept going, his tongue moving in slow, lazy circles from her clit to her slit, stretched wide by the cock filling it, then down to Clark’s shaft and balls, back up to Blanche’s clit, again and again.

“Don’t stop,” Blanche said, her breath coming in gasps. “Oh my god, don’t stop, I’m going to cum again, please don’t stop, don’t stop…”

If anything, Clark fucked her a little harder, his hands on her hips moving her up and down his shaft, Jason’s tongue licking her faster and faster, a whirlwind.

Blanche came hard again, so hard it almost hurt, her muscles squeezing and tightening beyond her control. Her nails left half-circles in Clark’s hairy knees, and her hips ground against him of their own accord, back and forth, desperately. She felt like she’d died and gone to heaven, because surely, this must be the best any human being could feel.

When she finally opened her eyes again, relaxing, Clark’s hard cock was still inside her and Jason was standing in front, fully erect again.

Her eyes widened. “How’d you do that so fast?” she said, reaching out for it with one hand.

He laughed. “It’s a talent,” he said.

She wriggled against Clark’s still-hard cock, buried in her cunt. It still felt good.

“Y’all must have magic cocks,” she said. “Am I ever glad I invited you in.”

The two men exchanged a look.

“Little girl,” said Clark, gently. “What do you think about getting fucked in the ass?”

“I think I like it,” Blanche said, dreamily. “Who’s offering?”

“Me,” said Jason.

“You think you could take two cocks?” asked Clark, still gently.

Here, Blanche’s eyes widened, and she turned her head to look at Clark, then back at Jason.

“I never have,” she said, and reached out with one hand for Jason’s cock, feeling for the other, still buried inside her, with the other. She touched both for a moment, waiting and thinking.

They’re enormous, she thought. They might just rip me apart.

On the other hand, her cunt, full of cock, was practically singing, and she couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility — so filthy and dirty and sexy, all at once.

“All right,” she said.

Clark lifted her up by her hips, off his cock, and she turned around to face him, sliding back down on him easily, sighing with pleasure as she did.

When Jason stepped up behind her, his fingers slid down her crack, finding her tight, puckered back hole, and massaging it. She rode Clark hard, bucking back and forth, his cock moving inside her, already whipping Blanche into a frenzy.

Jason pressed one finger into her ass, up to the very first knuckle, wiggling it around.

“Oh Daddy, I’m so ready,” she moaned, still moving Clark in and out of her. “Just fuck me in the ass. I want your cock, not your hand.”

Jason laughed out loud and Clark made a face that was half surprise, half pleasure.

“All right then, Miss Bossy,” he said, and nestled his cock, slippery with whatever he’d put on it, against her hole.

And then he pushed. Blanche had to hold still, eager as she was, and relax the muscles around her hole. He entered her slowly, that ring of muscle still tight, as she held her breath and clawed against Clark, the mix of pleasure and pain slowly building, bit by bit.

She bit into Clark’s shoulder, hard, afraid she wouldn’t be able to take it, but just as she thought she might have to stop, the head of his cock popped through.

Blanche moaned, sweaty and feeling like she couldn’t move, like all the space inside her was taken up by the two cocks. “Come on and fuck me,” she said.

As Jason entered her, Clark groaned and Blanche thought, again, that she might pass out. It just felt so good, so incredibly good having two cocks inside her, both at the same time.

At last, he slid all the way in, and then began fucking her, just a little, tentative at first.

“I can feel your cock moving,” Clark gasped. His hands were on Blanche’s hips again and he moved her up and down, his cock just barely coming in and out of her cunt.

“Oh god,” said Blanche, almost as if she were chanting. “Oh god, oh god, oh god…”

The three moved in time, Blanche nearly out of her mind with pleasure. She’d never been filled so completely, never been so full in her life — it felt as though these two cocks took up all the available space in her body cavity, like there couldn’t possibly be any room for her organs any more.

“I can’t last too long,” Clark warned.

“I’m gonna cum again,” Blanche whispered, the pressure suddenly building up inside her, and then, before she could even move, bursting forth, rushing over her in a flood as the two construction workers fucked her.

“Harder!” she said, mid-orgasm.

They obeyed, and against all reason, Blanche started coming again. As the cocks moved in and out of her, harder and harder, she moaned and moaned, coming again and again until it seemed she was in the midst of one long, drawn-out orgasm, totally insensible. It lasted a long, long time, until it finally subsided, leaving her feeling floppy and boneless, like she could barely function anymore.

The problem was that having both her holes filled still felt good, and she didn’t want it to stop.

“I’m about to cum,” said Clark, his cock still buried in Blanche’s cunt, up against Jason’s cock in her ass.

“Just come,” moaned Blanche.

Instead, the big man pulled out, and before Blanche could move or knew what was happening, he had moved out from under her, leaving her leaning, face-first against the back of the couch, Jason still buried deep in her ass.

Then, he heard Jason exhale, hard, and turned her head to see Clark behind the other man, one hand tight on his shoulder.

“I want to cum in your ass,” Clark growled.

“Baby, I thought you’d never ask,” Jason said. “Oh god, that’s right…” His voice became a moan as the other man pushed the head of his cock through. Blanche could feel Jason’s cock twitch inside her own ass.

“Take it all,” Clark growled.

“Oh, give it to me,” Jason moaned. “I like your big cock in my asshole.”

Clark said nothing, but made a deep moan, somewhere closer to a growl.

“Fuck my ass,” Jason whispered, and then Blanche felt him move inside her again, pulling out and then thrusting into her, the strange pleasure of being fucked in the ass lighting up her pleasure centers again. Every time he pushed his cock all the way in, she could feel Clark fucking Jason, an extra jolt deep in her own ass, almost like she was being fucked in the ass by both men at once.

“I can’t last long like this,” Jason whispered.

“Then don’t,” said Clark, and Blanche could feel him slam into the other man, hard, as Jason fucked her. She moved one hand down to her clit, finding it so swollen and engorged she almost didn’t recognize it with her fingers.

And then, almost as soon as she touched the sensitive nub, she came, yet again, almost entirely from the ass fucking she was getting.

Blanche bit into the back of her mother’s floral couch, not caring at all if she hurt it or if her parents found out. All she could think about was the white-hot pleasure coursing through her, radiating out from her ass, that part never meant to be fucked.

You’re filthy, thought a tiny part of her brain, and her cunt twitched just a little.

Just then, Blanche felt Jason grab her, hard, and then his cock pulsed as it emptied into her, again and again for what seemed like eternity before finally going limp. In turn, Clark came hard into Jason, holding the other man hard against him until every drop was spent, and only then turning him loose.

When he pulled out, Clark smacked Jason’s ass, hard, and Jason pulled out of Blanche. Again, he saw fit to use the bandanna to wipe her off first as the cm trickled from her asshole.

Blanche collapsed against the back of the couch, still on her knees, feeling almost unable to move.

“Don’t sit on the furniture,” she said, half-mumbling into the back of the couch. “You’re filthy.”

The men both laughed, but complied.

After a while, they all put clothes back on, made polite conversation, had some more tea, and the men went home. Blanche was a little sad about the phone conversation she’d overheard — they’d be done with the construction by noon the next day, they’d told their boss — but glad she’d gotten some action in the first place.

And oh boy, what action it was.

Getting into bed that night, she opened the book she was still trying to read — Swann’s Way, something she was supposed to read for a class the coming fall — but thought, instead, about the boys she knew who might double-fuck her like that.

Maybe she could think of a few.

Maybe she could even show them a thing or two.

Blanche fell asleep smiling.



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