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Chapter One

“Don’t even think about it.”



No one is going to hurt you.

Hundreds of men around me and I could still only think about one.

I couldn’t help it, though, couldn’t help but imagine the look on Pierce’s face if he ever saw me in a place like this. It would have been so judgmental, so superior, so sexy. I scowled at the last thought, hating myself for even allowing it to creep into my mind.

Pierce Lucas may have been beautiful but he was the worst kind of beautiful; the entitled, rich, and evil kind of beautiful that went around controlling everything in his sight as if he had the right. He had never been able to control me, though. The thought made me instantly smile, just because my best friend was obsessed with Pierce’s older brother didn’t mean I had to let him dominate me the way he did the rest of the world.

The thought of Emery instantly made me feel guilty. She had already been through enough the past year the last thing she needed was her best friend bailing on her, too. I hated the way I had just left without so much as an explanation.

Someday she’ll understand you did what you had to do for your family.

“Oh, God, yeah! Take it off, slut!”

I practically cringed at the drunken fool’s words in the front row of the club. It took all of my self-control to not pull my fist back and sock him over the side of the head the way my dad had taught me when I was little. But I didn’t, I knew I couldn’t. Instead, I slithered forward and wrapped my legs around the pole in front of me and shook my ass up and down nice and slow just like the owner of the strip club had taught me to.

I hated following rules, despised being told to walk in line.

“Look at that sweet ass!” Another voice called out.

I closed my eyes and told myself to get through it. Just keep going until the end of the dance, Morgan. Just one more dance, then an hour of lap dances, followed by two more sets on stage, before you can go back to your hotel and go to bed. Then repeat, five nights a week, for the next two months. All I had to do was get through it, pay off my mom’s debt, make sure she was safe, and then I could go be with my dad.

My dad, my good and kind father who had always taught me right from wrong. He was the reason I was doing this. He had always put his family above himself no matter how bad we messed up and now it was my turn. My mother was my responsibility now. I opened my eyes ready to transform into a different person; the kind of sexy and free woman who enjoyed taking off her clothes for a room full of men.

I widened my eyes and fluttered my lashes; ready to master the art of seduction, but the first set of eyes I caught in the crowd were enough to stop me in my tracks. I shook my head, sure that I must have been seeing things: it wasn’t him.

It couldn’t be him.

But the same shiver that always took over my body whenever he was near me was confirmation enough. It was definitely Pierce. His blue eyes were glazed over with all the things I knew they would be: judgment, superiority, and anger.

So much anger.

My earlier thoughts had been naïve, though, the stare he was burning into my skin was far worse than I ever could have imagined. How the hell had he found me? My legs had started to quiver under my body without my permission and I pushed my palm down on my thigh, trying to calm them down again.

Pierce followed my movement and his eyes narrowed into small slits.

The movement had been a mistake on my part.

 Now he knew I was scared.

I shook my head back and forth two times, sending him a warning.

Don’t even think about it.

I should have known telling him to not do something would only piss him off more. He bit down on his lip and balled his hands into small fists before tensing his jaw and half smirking.

Then he was crossing the room to the stage with authority and evilness.

Why? Why did he have to find me?


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