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Sparks Fly (Davis Brothers Book 1) by Nicole Douglas (1)

Chapter 1



"What the hell are you doing David?" I screeched, dropping my purse in the doorway of my boyfriend’s bedroom. The contents spill across the tile floor, clattering as they hit the ceramic. A tube of lipstick rolls down the hall, coming to a stop as it hits the wall. Silence stills the room. The air is thick with tension as I stand stupidly in the doorway.

I had let myself in with the spare key he gave me a month ago.

Huge mistake.

I wasn't scheduled to get off work until later tonight but business had been slow. No one had been hanging around the coffee shop late on a Friday night. There were too many parties on frat row to attend. Bars to linger at until the wee hours of the morning.

It was clear David hadn't been expecting me to get off early seeing as how he was currently pounding into this random slut he had bent over the side of his bed. The bed I woke up in this morning oblivious to how shitty this day would end up being.

At the sound of my voice Slutty Bitch gasped and turned to look at me. Her artificial, fire engine red curls bounced over her shoulder as he slammed into her once again. They covered her exposed tits which haphazardly bounced from the top of her tank with each thrust. Her eyes hooded in sheer pleasure, even as ours connected across the room. She didn’t appear to be concerned with my presence.

My stomach churned and I worried the cranberry bagel I snacked on at work would come spewing out any second. She made a move to stand but in her current position she was at a disadvantage. Apparently he was too lost in his pleasure to notice me standing there shocked beyond words.

"Dave," she cooed seductively, capturing his attention where I had failed.

He moaned deep in his throat and finally looked my way. When he didn't even bother to pull himself out of her body before saying my name as an admonishment-not an apology-I completely lost my mind.

Rage exploded inside me and I stormed further into the room. Picking up one of the ridiculously high hot pink heels that laid on the carpet next to the bed, I launched it across the room aiming right for his head. It missed its mark and hit his shoulder instead. The intended message was received regardless.

That message being fuck you.

The hit pulled him out of his lust-induced trance. He finally pulled his dick out of this stranger. Against my better judgment I looked down where they had been connected and noted he wasn't even wearing a condom.

"Are you fucking serious right now? You're fucking this whore without a condom? Really?"

Fucking her at all was unforgivable. But without a condom? I couldn't even process the mixture of hurt, disgust and anger.

How many diseases could one girl have? Chlamydia. Gonorrhea. Herpes. Crabs. I imagined she had all of the above.

Slutty Bitch begins pulling her skimpy thong back up her toned thighs in a feeble attempt to cover herself as I throw her other heel at him, growing increasingly hysterical. She pulls down her skin tight mini skirt that's barely long enough to cover her ass and stuffs her oversized tits back in her top.

I pummel his naked shoulder as hard as I can as he languidly shoves his dick back into his pants and tugs the zipper up nonchalantly. He's still hard enough to tent the front of his jeans.

The girl shakily puts her heels back on and heads straight for the door, not wanting to stick around for any more of the drama unfolding around here. David reaches for her arm to stop her retreat.

"Wait," he whispers, lowering his voice enough that I have to strain to hear him. "Where are you going?"

"Who gives a shit where she's going?!"

Without another word she slips through the door and shuts it behind her, effectively cutting off David's pleas with the soft click of finality. He turns back to me, face reddening from anger.

He cheated on me. Not the other way around. He has no right to be angry. In fact he should be groveling at my feet right now, begging for my forgiveness.

Not that he had the slightest chance of being forgiven at this point.

"How could you do this?" I shout, shoving him with enough strength that he stumbles back a step before recovering his balance.

"She left because of you."

"Because of me?" I can't believe what he's saying. She shouldn't have been here to begin with, you asshole!"

My mind is in a fog. Is this the fucking Twilight Zone? Is he on drugs? No man in his right mind would react this way to being caught cheating. Right?

And that’s when he slaps me across the face. My skin stings painfully and I reach up to cup my cheek. My eyes quickly fill with tears at the sharp throb.

"Take off your clothes."

His demand takes me off guard. Confused, my mind races to keep up with the turn of events. He wants me to take off my clothes? I just caught him with another woman only hours after he kissed me good morning in the exact same spot. Then he slapped me in the fucking face? Am I missing something here?

"Hell no."

"I'm still hard." He gestures down to prove his point. As if that made a shred of a difference to me.

"That's your problem! How many times have you been with her?"

"You haven't fucked me in almost two weeks. You weren't supposed to be here for another hour. She would've been long gone by then, babe."

I scoff but am otherwise too stunned by his audacity to respond. He unzips his pants and springs back out, rock hard and still glistening from her wetness. I squeeze my eyes shut to block out the image and take a step back. He grabs my arm roughly, pulling me close enough to him that the tip of his dick grazes my shirt.

What did he think he was doing grabbing me like that?

"You're the reason I didn't get to finish. So you're going to make me finish."

Without further warning he twists my arm and roughly pushes me face down onto the bed.

"Stop, David!"

Ignoring my pleas, he yanks my shorts and panties down to my thighs with one hand, tightly restraining me with the other as I attempt to thrash. His muscular thighs pin me to the mattress as he pushes his pants down just far enough to fully expose himself again. I can feel the tip of him running across my ass cheek, carelessly leaving a trail of pre-cum mixed with her across my skin as he effortlessly overpowers me.

He’s twice my size and for the first time since I’ve been dating him our size difference is starkly obvious and pretty terrifying.

"David! I don't want to."

That should be crystal clear by now judging by my reaction but maybe it needed to be said. Again.

"You haven't wanted to in weeks. Weeks! That's why I had to fuck her in the first place."

I tugged harder against his grip on my wrists and he still didn’t back off. If anything his hold on me tightened.

"I'm sorry! Please don't!" I beg desperately, tears streaming down my face.

My bravado evaporated faster than a puddle of water on the hottest day of summer. My voice had quickly taken on a panicky, high pitched tone I didn’t even recognize. I just wanted to get away from him. I felt like prey fighting to free myself from a deadly predator.

As a last ditch effort I try to pull my wrists free but he's too strong. I can't get any leverage to fight him off. Panic surged through my veins as I realized he wasn't going to let me go. That he had no intention of stopping.

My body tensed, waiting for him to continue his violation. I hoped my noisy crying would deter him. That it would suddenly turn him off.

I recognized that wouldn't happen when he plunged viciously inside me, invading my body to the hilt without further warning. I wasn't aroused whatsoever and a sharp pain seared through my center as he pounded into me just as roughly as the stranger I caught him with less than twenty minutes ago.

He grunted.


Forced his dick inside me over and over. And over.

His zipper ate into my sensitive skin and the material of his jeans rubbed me abrasively as he maintained his punishing, unforgiving rhythm.

My mind tried to comfort me with thoughts of better times with David. Just this morning he had woken me with a passionate kiss. Had it just been a horny kiss but I was in too big of a rush to get to work on time to see it for what it was?

His lust had slowly grown to dangerous levels and I foolishly trusted him enough to behave like a human being and control his urges.

This couldn't possibly be happening.

But it was. The searing pain I was feeling between my legs was proof enough.

What felt like hours later I could feel his release quaking through him. Through me. He bit into my shoulder, moaning his sickening pleasure and pressing me deeper into the mattress.

Finally sated, his dick slides limply out of me as he makes a noise of approval in the back of his throat. His satisfaction roils my stomach with more nausea but I swallow it back.

His poison leaks between my burning thighs, streaming down my leg as I bury my face in the bedding in humiliation and fear that he isn’t done. I allow the thick blankets to muffle my sobs and the hysteria that surfaces. I choke on my own breath and am unable to even my breathing no matter how hard I try.

How could he do this?

I faintly hear him kick his pants off and amble into the bathroom. He hadn’t bothered to fully disrobe during the act, too caught up in his assault to worry about something like that.

The shower turns on, spray pelting the walls and echoing through the silent apartment.

I lay exposed on the bed, completely broken as several endless moments pass.

Then with shaking hands and legs I stand carefully, adjusting my shorts and working to fasten the button. It takes me several tries to get my clothes situated as I tremble nearly uncontrollably. My hands fumble with the button. My legs barely hold me upright.

I ignored the sticky mess he left behind, evidence of what he had just done to me. I would need to shower him off as soon as I got home. I can’t stay here another second. Can’t see his satisfied smirk when he comes out of the bathroom to see his handiwork on display.

I stumble out the front door and down the hallway of the apartment building and make my way carefully down the stairs. I pause when I reach the parking lot, realizing I forgot my keys in my purse upstairs.

There's no way in hell I'm going back up there.

Not ever again.

I have to get as far from David as possible so I just start walking. The darkness has brought with it a slight chill in the air and I hadn't thought to grab a jacket in my haste to leave. The only thought in my mind was putting distance between me and that monster.

I don’t even have my phone to call my only friend at Red Valley University for a ride home. I suppose that's for the best. I need a moment to process what happened tonight and the two mile walk I had ahead of me would give me the time I needed to think.

Reina would have tons of questions I wasn’t ready to answer.

My emotions were hazy and distant, floating above me. It was as if I had been in a horrific car accident and was suffering a shock to my system. In a way I had been. Our relationship itself had been a horrific accident. It just didn’t appear that way until the very end.

What should I even do?

A quarter of the way into my walk I notice just how dark it is on this road. There are no street lights this far from town. Just houses spread out far enough for a semblance of privacy for the families occupying them. I pick up my speed a bit and fold my arms to keep warm in the autumn chill.

The strange, disassociated state I’m in brings to focus the smallest things I typically overlook. The yellowed leaves rustle in the gentle breeze, their corners lifting in a rhythm as if waving to me as I pass by. The moon shines through the treetops, peaking through areas where the branches are bare. It casts a soft glow on the pavement almost making up for the lack of superficial lighting.

Headlights round the corner and pull me from my observations. My nerves are hyper vigilant and I make sure I'm walking far enough out of the road that I won't get hit in case the driver isn’t paying attention. That’s just what I needed after the shit night I had. Getting ran down by some idiot driver.

I expect the car to pass me by so when it slows down behind me my chest tightens. I whip my head around to look, momentarily relieved it isn't David's car pulling up alongside me.

The car slows to a stop right next to me, making me feel trapped between it and the trees with nowhere to go. The tinted passenger window rolls down.

"Hey. You need a ride?" A male voice asks from within the darkened interior.

I can't quite see inside and my breath shallows in near panic. I avert my eyes straight ahead and force deep, even breaths as I attempt to quicken my pace. The car easily matches my speed, crunching slowly over the pavement and loose gravel from the driveways we pass. I listen intently as the small pieces of gravel grind into the ground, fighting harder to even my breathing. I’ve never had a panic attack before but I imagine that’s what is brewing in my tight chest.

“No thanks.” I manage to force the words.

"Are you ok?" He calls out the window.

His voice is laced with genuine concern but I have no desire to chat with this guy. Certainly not tonight of all nights. I’m not in the mood for politeness and pleasantries. I’m in the mood for a hot shower and the privacy to unleash the ugly cry building up behind my eyes.

"I'm fine." I assure him. I try to sound sure of myself but my shaky voice exposes the truth.

I'm far from ok. So far that I can’t even remember what okay feels like.

"It's getting pretty cold out here." He's clearly mistaken my odd behavior as weather induced. "Let me give you a ride back to campus."

I freeze in my tracks and turn back to him. "H-how do you know where I'm going."

I resent the stutter that slips from my lips. I’m usually naturally confident. Sure of myself. Secure. Did David steal that from me permanently or was I just thrown off for the night? Would I wake tomorrow to find this all one big nightmare?

I could only hope.

The car comes to a stop again and the driver turns the interior light on, illuminating his face in a warm glow. Immediately I recognize him as a customer from the coffee shop where I work. He sits for hours studying in the corner booth and has ordered just about everything on the menu aside from an actual coffee.

The guy hangs around a coffee shop and doesn’t even drink coffee. He’s probably a fucking psychopath. What the hell was he doing out here?

"I recognized you from the coffee shop on campus." He flashes me a kind and patient smile. "And you have an RVU shirt on. And you're walking toward campus. There isn't much else that way."

He points out all these clues but it still unnerves me that’s he’s paying close enough attention to me to notice any of it. More than anything I just want to be ignored right now. Overlooked. Why couldn’t he have driven right past me?

"Well like I said…I'm fine. I'm not getting in your car. I don't even know you." I repeat with more bite hoping he takes a hint. I continue walking toward campus.

Even people you did know would hurt you irreparably without a second thought. Without apology or remorse. Who knows what the hell this guy was capable of on this dark, desolate street.

I wasn't about to fall for the same shit twice in one night. I'm still sore from what happened to me earlier and find myself taking purposeful steps to hide my condition from this nosey ass, well-meaning stranger.

I feel the slight limp with each step. Wincing, I wonder if I might actually be injured. Like, seriously messed up down there. I can doctor myself up once I get back home and am safely behind a locked door to assess the damage and tend to my wounds, both physical and emotional.

I wasn’t quite sure which would be worse.

"Wait." He calls out again.

Persistent fucking guy. Couldn’t he see I wanted to be left alone?

So much for a quiet walk where I can sort out my damn life and how I feel about what happened to me. He was as bad as Reina. I should have just called her for a ride and faced her version of twenty questions. At least I knew she wasn’t going to kill me and stuff my body in her trunk at the end of it all.

"I said I'm fine."