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Take it All (Steamy Encounters Collection Book 1) by Quin Perin (1)


The one with Daddy

A man of very few words, Dave had never really thought about complimenting anybody. Not for their looks, nor their intellect. It had never really crossed his mind, until—


The heat flickered just above the surface of the pool until his son Cody jumped in, somersaulting into the water. Splash! It was the last summer before he and his friends would head off to college. Would he miss the boys occupying his pool until the sun went down? Not so much. There were certain things he would miss though. Like...

“SHIT!” Jolting back from the island in the kitchen, Dave looked down at himself, arms open while the fizzy drink he’d poured made its way onto the hardwood floor. Dave hadn’t noticed how long his gaze kept lingering on Cody’s friend, Carter, until he felt ice-cold liquid dripping off the counter. Great.

Since his divorce, Dave had been off his game, finding himself lost in daydreams way more often than usual. Daydreams about things that should never cross his mind. Like Carter's perfect body.

Dave hissed under his breath before setting down the bottle of soda and turning to the sink to snatch a kitchen towel. The glass doors towards the garden were open, and as he wet the towel to wipe off the floor and the side of the island, he heard footsteps approaching.

Dave spun around, fingers clenching tight in the damp towel when he saw who it was.

Carter. Drops of water glistening on his chest and neck, a bright grin on his face. Oh, boy.

“Hey! Um, oh, you spilled something?” Those golden brown eyes peered up at Dave, big hands curling on top of the kitchen island between them. Bare-chested, Carter pressed his palms onto the counter, pushing to his toes to meet Dave’s height. Dave shivered inwardly. He'd known the boy since he'd moved to the States with his family a few years back.

“Err, yeah, damn Coke spilled all over me.” Dave finally managed to pull himself together; bit by bit the words crawled out of his dry throat. He'd tried not to look at Carter. Had tried to tell himself that what he felt wasn't an attraction but merely the appreciation of another man's body.

But, fuck, the boy was beautiful.

Almost impishly, Carter grinned up at him. His chest was wide, his pecs smooth and biceps so thick Dave could make out a few veins protruding from under his skin.

His gaze lingered a little longer than it should.

“Need any help cleaning that up?”

Dave stirred from his thoughts and shook his head.

“Nah, you need anything, Carter?” At that, he crouched behind the kitchen island to mop up the sticky substance, resting his forehead against the cool wood to try and ground himself. Thankfully, this way he also couldn't see Carter anymore. Two birds. One stone.

“Got a beer?” The boy, barely nineteen years old, stepped around the island, and Dave kept from looking at him. But he couldn't help it. Those muscular thighs and calves were hard to ignore. And his package, perfectly wrapped by those tight swimming trunks, yeah, that too.

“You know the answer to that, boy.” Dave chuckled and snuck a glance over at Carter. Fine, dark hairs were scattered over his thighs, leading up to his groin. He wanted to grab those thighs, taste them, bite them.


Carter laughed and leaned his hip against the counter, hand sliding across the cool surface. “Mister G, I'm no kid no more,” he said, a coy grin twitched on one side of his lips.

Dave frowned as he rubbed the towel across the floor and then up the side of the counter.

“I told you not to call me that.”

“What? Mister G?”

Dave rose to his feet, standing tall and broad-shouldered. No doubt, Carter was in much better shape than he was—Dave had over twenty years on him after all—but he still outranked him in size by four inches.

Tossing the sticky towel into the sink, Dave snatched a few paper towels to clean off the surface of the counter. He needed something, anything, to distract him from studying Carter's features. How the hell had he grown up so quickly?

“Yeah, no, you can call me Da—”

“Dad!” Cody shouted from outside which made Dave flinch, glancing out the doors towards him. Perfect timing. Definitely, do not call me that. Cody shook his hair to get rid of the excess water before he headed to the house.

“James and I wanna grab somethin' to eat, you two coming?” Cody's eyes slid between his father and Carter as he leaned in from the door to fetch one of the towels he'd draped over a chair this morning.

“I’m good,” Dave said, averted his eyes and swiped the paper towel across the counter.

“Me too.”

Cody nodded at Carter's response and dried himself off, eyeing the pair for a moment longer.

“It’s just us,” Cody called over his shoulder, eventually he turned around, “here”; the towel exchanged hands within moments. Dave watched the two boys outside before he noticed Carter was still standing right there. The boy’s presence had his pulse thrumming in his ears. He’d never been so aware of it as he was now.

“Call you what?” Carter suddenly whispered since they'd been interrupted before and this time there was a flame flickering in his eyes. Dave had never seen it before. But it was a flame he recognized.

“Daddy?” Dave winced noticeably at Carter’s suggestion.

What? No. Oh.

Carter stepped a bit closer. The boys were still outside, gathering up their clothes to look sort of presentable. Dave’s body temperature skyrocketed as Carter closed even more space between them.

Instinctively, Dave drew back, ready to bolt, the wet paper towel wadded between his strong fingers. Carter was too jaw-droppingly-gorgeous to be coming on to him. Those eyes, his shoulders, hands, body, and God-fucking-damn-it, that incredibly round ass. He wanted to bite and pinch it. Christ, how many times he'd already jerked off to the fantasy of touching him.

“No.” The word came out deep and gruff as they both stood behind the kitchen island, the indistinct chatter of the boys outside still worming its way into the open living space.

“Why? I'd like to call you that.” The faintest pout crossed Carter's face as he moved a broad hand closer to Dave's on the counter.

The man shot a glance outside to watch his son tug a shirt over his wet, curly hair. Dave swallowed; by now his heart had gone into overdrive. This couldn't be happening.

“Carter,” Dave scolded. His senses heightened as the young man confidently stepped right into his zone. Fingers grazed across fingers. Dave's hand twitched. He'd fooled around with a man once before. In college. It’d been the best sex of his life. And he hadn't planned on doing it again for fear of repercussions. Especially, not with his son's friend.

“You've been looking at me all funny this summer,” Carter hummed, his fingertip brushing across Dave's knuckles before his eyes flicked up again. The hint of freckles on his tanned face. Wicked and innocent all at once.

“Have I?” Dave asked in a lust-tinged voice, his cock thickening and rising in his loose sweatpants.

“Uh-huh. You think I wouldn’t notice?” Carter grinned, his eyes glinting mischievously. Oh, he knew what effect he had on him, and it drove Dave absolutely mad. His son’s truck started, rumbling in the heavy silence between them, making his heart race faster. Now they were alone. Dave's hand balled into a fist the second Carter's fingers slid across his forearm, dancing over the dark hairs on his skin. He tried to hold back a shudder but couldn't. It'd been a while since he'd been this turned on by anyone.

And, jeez, Carter was most definitely forbidden territory.

“You like calling me boy, don't you?” Carter whispered while he played with the hairs on Dave's arm and then drove his hand up farther to his left biceps. Dave flexed it at the contact, his breath catching in his throat.

“I do.”

“What about son?”

The muscles in Dave's chest tightened as Carter gazed up at him. Lord, he was naughty.

“You want me to call you that?”

Carter nodded, biting his bottom lip as he stroked Dave's biceps affectionately, thumb drawing circles that got bigger each time. He seemed as calm as ever. Collected, in control, whereas Dave couldn't keep his dick from tenting in his sweatpants like he were the teenager.

Golden eyes trailed down Dave's solid front and finally caught sight of the growing bulge. “Seems like you enjoy that too.”

“A part of me does,” Dave admitted, his voice pitching lower. It was true. That primal sexual side of him craved to call Carter that. To have him on his knees, to claim the boy next door.

“I’ve been thinking about this…” Carter's hand trailed from his biceps to his chest, kneading through the black tank top. Their lust-filled eyes met; Dave felt paralyzed.

“You have?” He was unsure, almost afraid Carter was playing a trick on him.

“Yeah. You're so big, rock-solid.” Carter grinned and looked at Dave's growing boner between them. The boy’s hand inched lower, over his stomach to the waistband of his sweatpants. “And you're the strongest man I know. The way you take charge in every situation, fuck...makes my knees go weak.”

There it was. This wasn't a trick. This was real. And it wasn’t just about his physical strength either.

Carter gazed up at him, lips parted, his hand seeking Dave's erection, which turned painfully hard within seconds. His fingers clasped the edge of the counter; the paper towel long since turned to pulp.


“We agreed on son, didn't we?”

Dave moaned at that, his eyes drooping closed when the boy rubbed him through the light fabric of his pants. Oh god, he wanted him. Wanted to drag him upstairs, yank off those trunks and then bend him over the bed. To make him pant and whimper and moan, and to see that beautiful body splayed out before him. With those round perky ass cheeks.

“Son.” Calling him that made him tense up visibly, eyes jamming shut for just a moment. Carter watched his face, his strong hand rubbing up and down the length of his dick, gripping it tightly, outlining it through the fabric. The longer he played with it, the harder it throbbed.

“Jesus Christ,” Carter mumbled with a bit of apprehension, eyes fixated on the bulge between them, “you're bigger than I thought you would be.”

Oh.” Dave's hands grabbed Carter's shoulders before he pulled him in, fingers rushing up to grip fistfuls of his hair. His lips parted every time Carter squeezed his dick, seemingly trying to make it bigger and thicker. But now he'd reached his limit. “Fuck, son, what are you doing to me…” the words were finished off with a low groan that echoed through the room.

“Can I touch it?” Dave smirked at Carter asking for permission. Normally, the boy just took whatever the hell he wanted. Whether it was beer or food, Cody's PlayStation, or towels for the pool.

“Not here.” At least there was that little bit of common sense left in him not to start anything in the middle of the house. The boys would be out for a while, it'd probably take them around an hour to return, but he didn't want to take any chances.

“Where then?” Carter's eyes glittered with frenzy and desire, a wide grin on his face as Dave's fingers interlaced in his hair and yanked his head back.

“You want this?” He didn't need to specify, they both knew what he meant.

“Yes, Daddy,” Carter rasped with need and desire.

Waves of heat rolled through Dave as he unclasped his fingers from Carter’s brown hair and pushed the boy back.

“Go to my bedroom.”

Carter could barely hold in his glee as he stepped back and turned to walk down the hallway. He knew his way around, knew every inch of the house. During the years, Carter had stayed over for dinner and sleepovers many times. Back then, Dave hadn't thought about him in the way he was now.

Carter was young, strong and so very handsome; it took his breath away.

Once the boy stepped around the corner—out of sight—Dave sucked in a sharp breath. His head spun, and his mind raced with consequences and filthy fantasies that had built up during the last few months.

But the bottom line was: Carter would head off to college, and they wouldn't see each other again. If at all, then during Christmas when everyone would return to town. The risk of running into him was low.

With his hands balled up on the kitchen counter, Dave took in some calming breaths, mustering up the courage to go through with what was yet to come. He'd watched the boy all summer long, admiring the tone of his tanned skin and the perfectly chiseled lines on his stomach. Not even during his twenties had Dave been in such good shape as Carter was now.

Instead, he was rather bulky; wide chest, brawny shoulders, perfect to play football and ram everyone and everything out of the way when needed. But those times had passed. Watching Carter put on muscle had, however, inspired him to start working out again. Dave let his head hang for a second, his loose tank top grazing across the sides of his torso before he pushed himself off the counter and walked down the hallway to climb the stairs.

Carter waited for him, perfectly nestled against the railing of the stairs, standing sideways. He'd stepped up a bit so that when Dave approached, he was an inch taller than him. When their eyes met, the young man gave his own cock a few rubs through his swimming trunks, showing off its outline. It was nice and thick, and it made Dave's mouth water in anticipation. He wanted to see it. Wanted to wrap his large hand around it and stroke it properly, explore its curve, its girth, and length.

“Go on, son.” Dave looked up at Carter’s perfect profile. Those shoulders were to die for, and his biceps jumped slightly whenever he squeezed his dick. Carter didn't move. He gazed down at Dave as though he was taking in his height, his size.

God, being looked at like that gave him chills.

Another step closer and Dave could already smell the sunscreen and the water on Carter's tanned skin. He inhaled the boy’s scent and brought his hand up to graze his fingertips up his spine. Carter shuddered in response, lips slightly parted. Instead of pushing him to walk upstairs, Dave slid his hand up between Carter's shoulder blades and then let his lips connect with the boy’s flexed arm. Swallowing audibly, Carter stilled the movement of his hand, curving into Dave's rough, yet gentle touch.

The boy’s skin felt like warm silk. Eyes shuttered closed, Dave’s hand trailed up and down Carter's back until he inched farther down to his butt. It was so plump, ready to be groped, and penetrated. He felt like bending him over the railing to admire him, to explore the heated flesh before ripping off the last piece of fabric separating them from one another.


The sharp sound bounced off the walls as Dave slapped that perfect ass and watched it jiggle. Oh Lord, look at that. Carter hissed in a breath, the muscles of his stomach gaining definition, the familiar V shape protruding as he arched his back in response.

“Go upstairs.” This time, Dave's tone left no room for playful disobedience.

Carter gave a soft moan and then followed the order while Dave watched him every step of the way. Ready to pounce, ready to devour him with his mouth and hands. Adrenaline buzzed through his veins, making his cock jerk inside its confines, precum dampening the front of his sweatpants.

Carter glanced over his shoulder before reaching the upper level. The dimples on his cheeks encouraged Dave to take two steps at a time. The young man chuckled, spun around and walked down the hallway, backward and barefoot, eyes on Dave who'd rushed upstairs.

It was like Carter had planned out every step he'd take.

Finally, those fingers slid across the bedroom door, shouldering it open. Dave followed suit, pushing past the threshold, eyes on the man who stumbled right into the room where he and his wife had slept together for almost two decades.

Well, that was over now.

Dave shoved the door shut and turned the lock—just in case. There were floor to ceiling windows opposite the king sized bed, facing the pool below and the well-manicured lawn that lay behind it. The fading sunlight made the boy’s skin glow. Carter cocked his head to one side, his thumb trailing along the waistband of his trunks as Dave approached. Nothing could stop him now.

Dave lunged forward, arms slinging around those strong shoulders, forcing their mouths together. His body collided so hard Carter almost fell back but then managed to keep his balance. Barely a moment passed until Dave made use of his weight and size and rammed Carter against the wall next to the windows, lips locked, tongues battling for control. Dave's heart pounded so hard he imagined it tearing through his ribcage. Excitement, anxiety, arousal—all at once.

Whenever their lips parted, Carter grinned with victory, his strong hands carding through Dave's shaggy hair. Soon enough though, the grin left his face completely, and he began to breathe harder, body curving and arching into Dave's strong hold. When he tried to unclasp himself from Dave, he was thumped back against the wall, over and over again, leaving him breathless beneath the solid body.

Dave grunted into Carter's mouth, his right hand coming up to grip the boy’s neck tightly. He could feel him swallow, a string of saliva connecting their lips for just a moment. With longing, Carter peered up at him, alternating between little moans and little whimpers as the encaptivating silence stretched between them.

“Look at you, so eager.” Dave clucked his tongue, heady lust smoothing his nerves while his hand stroked Carter's neck slowly. The young man nodded, lips slick and red between the scruff of his upper lip and chin. Dave could see the appreciation in his eyes, the way he yearned for his touch, his praise.

With a roll of his hips, Carter brought Dave's attention down between them. Dick against dick, crotch against crotch, separated by thin layers of clothing. “What do you want, son?”

“Your dick, Daddy.” Carter squirmed, his hands rushing between them to grab fistfuls of Dave's tank top. He was ready—and strong enough—to tear it off, hunger in his eyes. A low chuckle vibrated in Dave's chest as the boy went into action and attempted to tug the tank top off over his head.


He was in charge. Not the other way around.

Dave grabbed Carter by his round biceps and pinned him against the wall.

“I want you to show me…” for a moment his eyes lingered on Carter's parted lips, warm puffs of air escaping them.

“What?” Carter asked impatiently, his muscles flexing beneath Dave’s grip.

“Show me your beautiful body.” He wanted to take it all in. He had to take mental pictures, of the shape of Carter's body, his strong thighs, chiseled calves and his amazing torso. Just looking at him reminded Dave of his own age, and that this particular sexual encounter wouldn't repeat itself. He had to make the most of it.

Carter swallowed, and then smirked as Dave's grip eased on him. He stepped out from the position against the wall, sauntering over to the bed. He still wore those black swimming trunks that had become way too tight for his own good. Dave leaned his shoulder against the wall and faced Carter, palming his erection bluntly.

Without further hesitation, Carter pulled the elastic waistband forward, his eyes flicking towards Dave who looked like he'd rip those shorts off of him any second now. Biting his bottom lip, Carter teased him for a moment longer before he let his bulging erection spring up.

A bolt of electricity shot right through Dave, a low moan falling from his lips. The crimson cockhead peeked out under the velvety foreskin, pointing right at the object of his desire: Dave.


Carter's package was impressive; uncut cock, thicker in the middle than at the top and bottom, full balls hanging between his sturdy thighs. Carter grinned as he bent forward to pull off his trunks and then tossed them aside. His cock bobbed with each movement until he stilled it with his hand. Eyes locked. Carter looked like he'd been painted or chiseled out of stone. Dave couldn't control the waves of passion and enthusiasm that crashed over him, making his cock twitch and pulse.

“Turn around,” he growled, eyes glazed over with desire and need, and the fantasy of bending Carter over to ravish him right there, on his bed, right where he’d laid with his ex-wife.

Obediently and teasingly slow, Carter did as he was told and turned around until he faced the bed. With Carter’s back arched, Dave could admire the curve of his spine and the indents on his lower back. And oh, that ass.

When Dave stepped forward and pulled his tank top over his head, he exposed the hairs on his chest. Thank God those hadn’t turned grey, yet. Carter glanced back over his shoulder, biting the side of his lip.

“You like that ass, Daddy?”

“Mhm, yeah. God, look at that.” His large hands made contact with those smooth ass cheeks. Carter gasped softly, and Dave couldn't help but groan. Groping and grabbing until his thumbs dug deep into the flesh to part his cheeks.

Carter leaned back and reached for Dave to steady himself, eyes fluttering closed while Dave brushed his thumb across the sensitive ring of muscle, slightly slick with water and sweat. It clenched and quivered at his touch.

“It's so tiny,” Dave murmured to himself and felt how the muscles of Carter’s stomach clenched when the boy suddenly pressed back against him. The pressure on his thumb increased, and before he could pull his hand off, Carter grasped the back of Dave's neck and forced the thumb past that protesting ring.

“Fuck, you need this, don't you?” Dave couldn't even process the words that tumbled from his lips. Carter was grinding back against him, rolling his pelvis in a circular motion while Dave’s thumb slid in deeper. The boy’s biceps bunched hard as his fingers gripped Dave’s neck tighter.

“Oh, God, yes, Daddy, I need you to fuck me.”

Primal urges—urges he'd tried to force back into a tiny little corner in his mind—took over and spurred Dave on to pull his thumb out and replace it with his forefinger. But first, he brought his hand up, fingertips playing across Carter’s bottom lip until they were caught and eagerly sucked inside. His tongue twisted around the digits, rubbing over the tips as Carter moaned hungrily. Soon enough, they were dripping wet with his spit.

“Good boy,” Dave praised him and then slid his fingers free to set his forefinger against Carter’s tight muscle. He inched it inside, so deep Carter couldn't help but let his head roll back.

“I want this,” Carter reassured him, giving out a low moan as Dave pumped his finger in. The clenching heat caused his own body temperature to spike; his dick rock-hard and nestled against Carter's round butt.

Dave watched the boy's reactions, how he rocked back against him, how he pressed onto his heels, that ass gripping him tighter. Dave’s erection throbbed with the anticipation of driving deep into that hot hole, filling it.

While his hand explored Carter, the other one moved around to grasp the bobbing erection, pointing up towards Carter's rosy face. By now, those golden eyes were closed, and Carter kept pushing himself back against Dave's finger until he started to whimper and turned his head to press his lips against Dave's neck. Carter sighed hot breaths out while Dave gave his boner slow, tight strokes.

“Daddy,” he murmured, an absent-minded smile playing across his thin lips, “I need your dick.”

Christ. So naughty.

In one go, Dave slid his finger out, leaving Carter protesting and gasping at the sudden loss of connection. Both of Dave’s hands fell from Carter's body when he took a step back. Arousal-glazed eyes opened slowly and looked back at Dave.

“Get on the bed,” Dave said almost dismissively, his right hand driving along the ridge of his own straining cock. Carter's eyes watched him, lips parting at the sight of the prominent bulge. His balls were already pulled up right against his shaft, tingling with pressure. Dave jerked his head with the signal to do what he said, and Carter swallowed hard, following his order.

The boy perched on the edge of the bed, knees first, then crawled forward on his hands until his feet were on the bed too. He looked over his shoulder, his balls dangling between his strong thighs. Christ, he had the perfect physique. Strong and yet so sensual. Slowly, Carter lowered himself down on his elbows, opened his thighs and knees even more and then sucked on two fingers to get them nice and wet. Gaze never wavering, Carter grabbed a pillow and pulled it close to him.

Dave couldn't take his eyes off of the boy either. The way he knelt on the scrambled sheets, about to finger himself, it almost pushed Dave over the edge. But he couldn't miss the opportunity to delve deep into him, to give him the pounding of his young life.

“Go on,” Dave encouraged him as Carter circled his two slick fingers over his puckered opening, thighs spread, upper body lowered, ass up in the air. The mere sight of it gave Dave shivers. He couldn't wait to see what it looked like when that small entrance stretched around his girthy cock.

Fucking hell.

Swiftly, Dave headed towards his closet to dig out the secret stash of condoms he'd kept over the years. After rummaging through his clean shirts and pants, he found the pack, left the closet doors open and turned his attention back to the bed.

Oh Lord.

The sight was priceless. Carter had worked in both of his fingers up to the knuckles, while his other hand came around to stretch his ass cheeks. One side of his face rested on the pillow, eyes fixated on Dave. His balls swayed with the movements, back and forth, back and forth, lips quivered, breath softly hitching.

Although he hadn't exactly taken his time before, Dave now rushed through the motions. He pulled a condom out, ripped it open with his teeth and then tugged down his sweatpants.

Smack! His massive member slapped against his stomach, the deep-purple head glistening in the fading light of the sunset. He felt it jerk in the air, muscles tensing, balls so full and tight he could swear they'd burst at any moment. He needed to get in there, needed to fuck that boy into the mattress until he grabbed the sheets and pillows to keep himself from shouting out loud.

The moment he caught sight of Dave’s dick, Carter slid his fingers out, spit on them and then tried to work in a third one.

“Fuck, your dick…” Carter’s eyes focused on Dave as he managed to roll the condom over his thick shaft. “It's fucking big.” There was no time to let the admiration sink in. Instead, Dave slid his hand all the way down his cock, adjusted the rim of the condom at the base and then stepped closer. Carter gasped as he tried to enter the third finger in but didn't succeed.

“Easy, son,” Dave cooed and climbed onto the bed right behind him. It dipped considerably.

Carter pushed himself up, both hands gripping the sheets, thighs still spread. Lust had taken over Dave's senses, blurring the reality of what they were about to do. This was wrong. So wrong. Twenty years separated them. Dave knew Carter's parents. Dinner parties used to be a regular thing. And now, Carter was presenting himself, ass wiggling right in front of Dave's swaying boner, ready to be stretched. Ready to be claimed by Daddy.

The muscles of Carter's shoulders bulged when he leaned forward and braced himself against the bed, pushing his ass farther up in the air. He didn't look back; instead, his eyes were closed, and his heavy breathing clearly audible.

“Ready for me, son?”

Carter nodded hastily, drawing in sharp breaths while Dave slapped the crack of his ass with his sheathed cock and then let several strands of saliva trickle down onto the entrance. His large hands massaged Carter’s plump cheeks before gripping them hard to expose the boy’s pucker. It was perfect. Pink and clenching. Dave's entire body shook, toes curled, shoulders drawn together. His senses were foggy with arousal and the building tension inside of him. Slowly, he guided his dick between Carter's cheeks and inhaled through his nose.

No way back, just one way in.

Tilting his pelvis forward, Dave felt Carter's muscle resisting the intrusion. Carter laughed lightly, supposedly trying to relax or maybe he couldn't believe what was happening. The boy's head dipped as he took a couple of deep breaths and tried to adjust his position. Dave pressed against him until Carter's entrance yielded and engulfed the hefty head of his cock.

“Fuck, yeah, there you go, son.”

“Oh, oh, shit, Daddy!”

Carter's breath rushed out, fingers digging deep into the sheets as he curled forward. The boy’s muscles contracted and clenched around Dave, and although testosterone raced through every fiber of his being, egging him on to get to the real good part, he let Carter adjust for a couple of breaths.

Moaning, Dave brushed his hands over the beautiful curve of Carter’s spine, exploring the soft skin. “You can do it.”

Another inch disappeared between those round cheeks. Carter fell to his forearms, a low moan escaping his lips—the sound a mixture of protest and longing. Dave rubbed the small of his back to help him relax while his cock throbbed inside the boy’s hot channel. He needed to act now, or else he'd come before even getting started.

Inch for inch, gasp for gasp. Carter reached for a pillow to muffle his moans but kept pushing back until there was only one inch left, aching to be buried inside. Good God. Dave couldn't believe the way Carter's muscles pulsated around him.

“Almost there, son,” Dave whispered huskily as he drew out and pressed back in. The boy beneath him gave a sob, eyes squeezing shut the moment Dave slid in deep and then kept the pressure up to sink in the last bit.

“Ah...oh!” Carter buried his face into the pillow. This was surreal.

“Shh, just a little more,” he rasped, hands coming down on Carter's shoulders, pinning him against the bed. Dave pulled out halfway only to glide downward again. He'd been fighting his orgasm for the last couple of minutes, trying not to go too fast or else he'd race off the edge. But now that he was all the way inside, he wanted more.

With his eyes closed and mouth agape, Carter looked like he was completely gone, swimming somewhere between pain and pleasure. Dave couldn't take it any longer, couldn't push down the fierce desire to fuck Carter into real submission. Teach that cocky boy a lesson.

Dave braced himself on Carter's strong shoulders, his knees sinking into the mattress as he used his strength to drive into him. The raw sexual desire within him spilled over, turning him into a breathless and reckless mess. Dave jammed his dick deep into Carter who turned his face to yelp and moan into the pillow. His hands had turned to fists beside his head, gripping the sheets while the heavy clapping sound of skin against skin echoed through the room.

With brute sexual force, Dave plowed in and continuously dragged the young man back onto his pulsing boner. He was racing towards the point of no return as Carter threw his head back, lips parted, silent cries rushing from his mouth.

“You love this, don't you? Getting fucked by Daddy?” Dave growled, leaning forward and grabbing Carter by the throat, pulling him back against his chest.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Carter panted, a warning cry piercing through the room. He was close. And so was Dave.

When Dave bottomed out, Carter's eyes shot open. It sounded like he choked on his own breath, like the air had been knocked out of him. Carter's entire body tightened up, his fingers reaching for the edge of the mattress in front of him. He tried to pull himself forward to get away, to prolong their sexual encounter, but Dave gripped his throat tighter and shoved the boy right back onto his raging dick. Carter's back arched away from him while Dave hunched forward, face contorting, arms slinging around Carter's throat and chest. The heat and pressure coiling in his stomach was unbearable, ready to burst forward. Dave clung to Carter as though his life depended on it, sweaty bodies colliding over and over again, his thighs and glutes aching and tingling.

“Don't stop...fuck...don't stop!” Carter exclaimed, swallowing hard against Dave's grip.

He didn't stop. Instead, he gathered up that last bit of vigor to snap his hips forward.

“I’m gonna—fuck! Ye—!” Carter managed to gasp out, the veins on his hands protruding as he tried to pull Dave's arms off of him. He panted for air and release while Dave grunted, lost in pleasure. Muscles and thighs twitched the moment Dave’s orgasm cut loose and crashed over him, destroying his self-control. Eyes jammed shut, big arms bulging around Carter's young body. Pearls of sweat dripped from his jawline as he gave the boy a final, deep thrust and then stiffened up against him. They both fell forward, and Carter trembled between Dave’s solid body and the mattress, quivering muscles sucking the throbbing member in.

Finally, like water pouring from him, the tension eased inside the pit of his stomach. Dave released his arms from Carter, his body felt twice as heavy as it usually did. Carter's hands and toes uncurled the moment Dave propped up on his elbows, his head still spinning, vision hazy and blurry at the edges.

When he moved, Dave could feel his muscles ache, cutting through the bliss of pleasure. Fuck. The physical exertion was already catching up with him. For a few seconds longer, he let his head hang, eyes closed, his broad chest brushing across Carter's shoulder blades as he inhaled and exhaled. The condom around him felt squishy, and the moment he pulled free, it'd be heavy with his jizz. God, he should have come all over that ass instead. Oh...speaking of which—

“Did you—?”

“Uh...yes?” Carter laughed in response, his voice faltering as he tried to steady his breathing.

Dave smiled, inhaling the sweaty sex-filled scent lingering around them. With a nasty grin, Carter rocked his ass back up. Dave met the motion and then kissed his ear, staying there a moment longer, enjoying the silence until Carter shifted and shakily whispered:

“Thank you, Daddy.”



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Sam Crescent, Zoe Chant, Mia Madison, Lexy Timms, Alexa Riley, Claire Adams, Flora Ferrari, Sophie Stern, Amy Brent, Elizabeth Lennox, Leslie North, C.M. Steele, Jenika Snow, Mia Ford, Frankie Love, Madison Faye, Jordan Silver, Michelle Love, Delilah Devlin, Kathi S. Barton, Bella Forrest, Alexis Angel, Sarah J. Stone, Dale Mayer, Penny Wylder,

Random Novels

Assassin/Shifter 21 - Forbidden (EP) (MM) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Embers & Ecstasy: Lick of Fire (Clashing Claws Book 3) by Daniella Starre

Many a Twist by Sheila Connolly

Toxic (Alien Breed 2.5 - English Edition) by Melody Adams

Taking the Earl (Heiress Games Book 3) by Sara Ramsey

Setting Off Sparks (Jupiter Point Book 4) by Jennifer Bernard

Tracker's End by Chantal Fernando

Light My Fire: A Contemporary Winter Romance by Lucy Snow

Cuffed by His Charm: A Dirty Little Secrets Novel by Stacey Kennedy

Sinner's Creed (Sinner's Creed #1) by Kim Jones

Ripper (Tortured Heroes Book 5) by Jayne Blue

The Legend (Racing on the Edge Book 5) by Shey Stahl

Mr. President - A Hot Romance (Mr Series - Book #8) by Ivy Jordan

Dirty Distractions (Afternoon Delight Book 1) by Taryn Quinn

Five Fights (The Game of Life Novella Series Book 5) by Belle Brooks

Alien Mail Order Bride: Dawn: a short & spicy sci-fi romance (Love Across the Universe) by Meg Cooper

Decadence After Dark: The Complete Collection (Dark Romance box set) : Owned, Claimed, Ruined, Lie With Me, Elicit (Decadence After Dark ) by M Never

Pretty Broken Promises: An Unconventional Love Story by Jeana E. Mann

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

His Lion Queen by Mina Carter