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Taken by the Lawman (Lawmen of Wyoming Book 6) by Rhonda Lee Carver (1)




Lawmen of Wyoming

Book 6





2018 Rhonda Lee Carver

Copyright 2018 Rhonda Lee Carver

All rights reserved


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without permission from the author, Rhonda Lee Carver—except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages written in a review. For information, please contact Rhonda Lee Carver @ .


This work is fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogue in this work are from the author’s imagination and creation. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, dead or alive, is completely coincidental.


This book is for your personal pleasure. Ebooks are not transferrable. They cannot be sold, shared or given away as it is an infringement on the copyright of this work. If you have enjoyed this book and wish to share with another reader(s) please purchase another copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, purchase a copy. Thank you for appreciating the hard work the author invested into this book.


This book contains material that isn’t suitable for anyone under the age of 17.


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I’d like to say thank you to my dear friend, Dianne Kenes. She’s always there to lend an ear and helping hand. She handles the sharing group like a pro.

Also, thank you Rhonda Butterbaugh. For your belief in me.

This book wouldn’t be the same without my BETA readers…

Mary L., Amanda B., Ginny P., Sara K., Mary B.L., Michelle D., Vickie P.R., Shyla W., Eileen M., Emily K., Eileen M., and Deborah M..

A big shout out to my sharing team for being my biggest supporters…

Beverly, Christine, Courtney, Diane, Elaine, Emily, Ginny, Jennie, Mary, Rhonda, Stacy, and Tianna.

Thank you, Todd Tinker, for being my editor for so long that I think we’re starting to think alike.

AND last but not least…

To my daughters. Without them there would be no me, at least not who I am today. They are the wind beneath my wings.




First, I want to say how much I loved writing this book. When I started it was supposed to go one way and then it went completely opposite of what I had in mind. It worked out wonderfully. I so enjoy writing female characters who are bad-ass. Kiersten Cade is that and a lot more. She’s smart, beautiful, successful, and can defend herself in the time of need…and yet, she has a sensitive side that needs stroked on occasion. Now let’s get to Deegan Bronx. How about that name? I love it! And I absolutely adore his character. Sexy lawman who is calm, collected and isn’t afraid of a tough woman. However, he also isn’t afraid to put her in her place when she crosses a line. He has so many positive attributes that make him a perfect hero.

If you love lawmen as much as I do, please watch for my newest series coming in 2019. Lawmen of Texas. I’m excited to see how much fun I’m going to have in Texas…




She’s his boss. Can he handle her?

Kiersten Cade has always been skilled at catching criminals, bur finding Mr. Right not so much. Lately she’s been feeling a void that work no longer fills. Not getting any younger, she decides to steer her trajectory toward motherhood. She’s ready to take the next step into single parenthood, until a dashing, green-eyed Lawman sends her life compass all out of whack.

Agent Deegan Bronx is known for his cool-hand and polished skills, but why is it that every time he gets around Kiersten he’s a blubbering idiot? Not only is she his boss, but she thinks he’s incompetent. When they are partnered to find the monster wreaking havoc in Wyoming he’s hell-bent on proving his capabilities. He finds outs she wants a baby and he sees the perfect opportunity to show her he’s the best man for the job.

Together they’ll face peril and deceit, but what neither of them expect is the danger brewing inside their hearts.



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