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The Devils Beauty (The Devils Soldiers mc series) by Cilla Lee (1)

Chapter One


I’ve been in College four years now and this was my last week of school, I was graduating in two days, and I was looking forward to going home and starting my job back at the garage.

“What are you going to do when you get home?” Simone asks me, and I turn to look at her

“Nothing really, just lay around the house and veg, what about you?”

“Dad already has a job interview set up for me.”

“Are you looking forward to working with him?” she turns putting the last of her books into the box and sits on the bed

“I am and I’m not, working with my father has always been a dream, but leaving school and finally growing up is scary” I smile at her just the thought of her interacting with other people makes me worry, she’s always been so shy and has sort of relied on me. I remember walking into my dorm room on the first week of college, and this small mousy little woman was studying already, she shied away from me only talking if I asked her a question. It took two months to really get to know her we’d both lost our mothers to Cancer the same year, so we connected through that and our love of studying. She was studying to be a lawyer, and I was studying Engineering, and even though we really had nothing in common, we fit, and I was glad she was my roommate and friend.

“Are you going to miss school?” I ask her and she nods

“Yeah, but I won’t get to see you every day and hang out”

“You can come and visit anytime you want, you know Niya would love that,” she smiles as I mention my sister

“She is lovely”

“How about Christmas?”

“I can’t, dad’s taking me to the Bahama’s”

“Ok, what about New Year?”

“No, I’m heading to New York to visit my Grandma”

“You better not be busy for my birthday”

“No way I promise I’ll be at your door with champagne”


We spend the rest of the day cleaning out the room we’ve shared for the past four years “Party tonight” I tell her


“The building apparently, they’ve got a huge pig on a spit so they're having a luau”

“Really,” I nod

“Yeah, so you gonna come everyone is going to be there,” she rolls her eyes, that’s one thing Simone never does is party, she’s spent the last four years studying and nothing more.

“Fine,” she says and I jump up and down clapping my hands going to my suitcase

“Wear this,” she looks at it shaking her head

“No way”

“Simone it’s a luau”

“Don’t you have a one piece,” she asks, holding the bikini I just gave her in her two fingers like it’s diseased

“No,” I tell her and she bites her lip “Simone you have a great body,” she looks down, blushing “Hey,” she looks up at me “It’s our last ever party, it’ll be great” she looks at the bikini again and smiles

“Fine,” I hug her tight


By lunch the music was blasting all the way up the stairs, the smell of the food cooking was mouth-watering and the drinks were flowing as we made it down to the bottom floor, half naked people everywhere and it reminded me of the clubhouse and all of the whores and I think of Saint (god he still haunts my dreams) “Oh my god,” Simone says and I look at her

“What?” I ask and she blushes “what?” I ask again looking around

“Tyler Jones is here” I look around seeing Simone’s crush standing with his arm over a half-naked girl's shoulders

“Why don’t you go over and say hi?”

“Because if I do, it’ll break the illusion I’ve had of him for years, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that”

“Simone this is the perfect time, next week you’ll never see him again, go talk to him” I give her a little shove and she stops

“I can’t”

“ARGH!” I grab her arm, pulling her with me over towards Tyler, as we get to him he looks up and I smile

“Hi Tyler”

“Hey,” he says, giving me a chin lift and Simone goes bright red

“Excited to go home” I ask him

“Yeah,” he says

“Oh, have you met my friend, this is Simone”

“Simone” he says, smiling


“Nice to meet you Simone”

“Nice to meet you,” she says and I look at the Blonde (if looks could kill)

“Who’s your friend?” I motioned to the girl under his arm

“This is Britney” she smiles as Tyler puts his arm back over her shoulders and she smiles (bitch doesn’t know who she’s messing with)

“Tyler would you like another drink?” I ask him and he looks down at his almost empty bottle


“Britney can you help me” I ask her smiling and she gives me the stink eye

“No” Tyler looks at her

“Don’t be a bitch, go and help” Tyler tells her and she rolls her eyes but smiles

“Ok Ty” I give Simone a wink as I turn around, Britney on my heels and we head through the crowd leaving the two alone.





“I need money,” Christa says, and I frown at her

“I gave you money yesterday.”

“And I need more today,” she holds out her hand, and I look at it

“What the fuck did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?”

“I needed my nails redone, and Boutiques was having a shoe sale.”

“I gave you $400 dollars Christa” she rolls her eyes holding her hand out still

“Money,” she says, wiggling’ her fingers, I shake my head at her

“Nope,” she stomps her foot like a little kid

“Saint, I need money.”

“What the fuck for?”

“I made an appointment for the hair salon and I’m having lunch with Jules and Vicky” I stand up pulling my shirt over my head

“Too fuckin’ bad, you want money get a job,” she looks at me and pouts

“Please baby,” she says, walking to me rubbing her tits on my chest and I look down at her “please” she says, smiling reaching up and pulls me down to kiss her and I pull her to me. “I just need a few hundred, baby please,” she reaches down rubbing my dick getting me hard and she goes down to her knees, pulling my dick out of my boxes “God, I love how big your dick is,” she licks my nob taking me into her mouth, swallowing my dick all the way down till her lips touch the bottom of my shaft

“Fuck” I lace my fingers into her hair and move my hips as she deep throats me again, she’s the only bitch so far that can deep throat me. I watch as she takes my dick into mouth over and over “Fuck yes, that’s it, swallow my dick” I pull back starting to fuck her mouth, my grip on her head tightens and she moans. It vibrates all the way down my dick to my balls and I move faster, my balls tingle and I come hard in her throat deep long spurts of cum. She swallows every drop than licks my dick clean

“You taste so good baby,” she says, smiling up at me

“You like suckin’ my dick, don’t ya,” she nods her head

“I do”

I reach over to my jeans, pulling my wallet out and she jumps up smiling as I hand her three hundred-dollar bills “Thank you, baby,” she says kissing me and I slap her ass as she goes into the bathroom.


“You ready for tonight” Knuckle asks me as I get off of my bike at the clubhouse

“Yeah man”

“Good cause I’m putting a shit load of money on ya tonight”

“You doubting my skills brother” I ask him and he smiles

“Never, just makin’ sure you’re fit and ready to go”

“Well don’t worry, I’m good, is Rex good”

“Yeah, he’s all hyped”

“He’s coming along well”

“Yeah Preacher’s happy he’s making bank for the club” as we head into the clubhouse Preacher comes out of his office

“CHURCH!” he yells and we all look at him making our way to our meeting room, as we all sit we wait for the Brothers that weren’t here. Preacher waits until we’re all seated and bangs his gavel, we all turn looking at him and he looks nervous “I got some bad news” I sit up a little straighter “Two Brothers from the Cali Chapter were killed this mornin’” he says and I freeze (please don’t say Sinner)

“Who” Magic asks and I know he’s thinking about Widow

“Chance and Gunner” he says (fuck)

“How?” I ask him

“Fuckin’ old bastard in a car plowed into them at the intersection as they were makin’ a food run for this week’s party”

“Jesus, anyone else hurt”

“Yeah, the new Prospect”

“Which one” I’d met both of them when I was home last year


“He ok”

“Yeah, got a few broken ribs and a broken leg”

“Fuck Chance and Gunner Jesus” I say and Preacher looks at me

“You head there tonight, I’m sure the Brothers will be happy to see you”

“The fight”

“Fuck the fight Brothers come first” I nod and Magic slaps my back


As I pull into the compound, there are cars and bikes everywhere, Blaze comes up as I get off of my bike and he pulls me in for a hug “Glad to see ya Brother”

“What happened?”

“Fuckin’ old bastard ran a red, hit the van and it rolled, killed Chance Instantly Gunner made it to the hospital but died of internal bleedin’.”


“Yeah the place is full of cryin’ woman,” he says, and I can tell he’s holding back tears

“Fuck man, my Brother inside.”

“Yeah,” I make my way in, and the only sounds that can be heard are sniffling, Bliss sees me walking over, and I pull her to me. Her eyes are all red from crying, and I see all the Old Ladies sitting around crying too

“Yo man,” Cookie says, pulling me in for a hug

“Hey man, how you holding up?”

“In fuckin’ shock man, I just can’t believe it”

“Saint” I hear turning towards my brother who has one of the boys in his arms

“Uncle Saint” Caleb says, holding out his arms

“Hey little man”

“Uncle Gunner and Uncle Chance had an accident,” he says and I look at Sinner

“He heard the Brothers talkin’”

“Fuck man, I still can’t believe it”

“Tell me about it” I look around the room again

“Where’s Colt and Stryker”

“They’ve all gone to Stanford, Zoey graduates tomorrow” (fuck Zoey damn that girl still haunts my dreams)



“They been told”

“Yeah Nash called them before”

“Fuck man”

“Fuck man” Caleb says and Sinner looks at me, I try not to smile, but he’s a cute kid, just than Tink comes in with the other two

“Saint,” she says coming over and giving me hug, the other two stand next to their mother, Sinner reaches down and picks up Primrose and Tink picks up Codi

“How have you been?” she asks and I nod

“All good Tink, you,” she smiles, then looks around

“It started out good” I pull her to me as tears form in her eyes

“Hey” Codi grabs Tink’s face

“Why are you crying momma” he says and the other two lean forward and she grabs all three hanging off of her

“Baby” Sinner says, grabbing Caleb “their two big now, put them down”

“No, I need them,” she says, walking over to the sofa with the other Old Ladies

“She ok” I ask Sinner

“Yeah, we’re all just in shock, when the Sheriff pulled up givin’ us the news, damn man, I just didn’t know what to do”

“So, what’s gonna happen now?” he shrugs his shoulders

“No idea”

“Where is everyone?” I ask, noticing only a few of the Brothers

“Tank and Oki went down to ID them”


“Yeah, I need a drink”

We both head over to the bar and I’m greeted by all the other Brothers.


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