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The Dragon's Omega: M/M Mpreg Gay Paranormal Romance by Kellan Larkin (1)

Chapter One

A brief spark of fear lit up in me as I saw the dragon fly overhead, his shadow like a streak on the ground. His scales were blood red in color, shining dully in the bright sunlight. He had passed so low that I could just barely smell him, the scent of ashes and heat mixing with the odors of the market.

I had just purchased a new shirt and was strolling through the stalls, looking for some fruit to bring home for my mother. Today was to be my first day at the Omega’s Guild, and I wanted to look my best, as if I embodied all the characteristics the omegas held: elegance, flirtatiousness, confidence. I just knew I could be one of those alluring men; I merely had to have those traits drawn out of me through training.

I couldn’t help but feel a tingle as I thought, for the hundredth time, of what being an omega would mean. The dragons who patrolled and protected our land were our Knights—they were actually men who could transform into winged, fire-breathing beasts. Because their dangerous lifestyle and odd habits meant they could not take on mates, their desires had to be sated through other means.

Enter the omegas. Men skilled in the arts of love, the omegas provided companionship and carnal relief to the Knights. It was a prestigious but isolating job—they were treated as nobles because of how difficult and dangerous it was to be in their position, as well as the luxuries they were afforded, but they were kept apart from the other townsfolk because the promiscuity inherent in their job was considered distasteful.

My school friends had often asked me why I was even considering joining the Guild. As I selected a shiny red apple from a fruit-seller’s stall, I pondered my reasons yet again. I had no doubt that my friends would be happy with their chosen life paths: marrying the farmers’ and merchants’ and miners’ children who flirted with them, and having healthy, rosy-cheeked children. But I knew that wasn’t for me.

There was something off-putting about the relationships between my friends and their chosen mates, and I wondered whether I was the only one who could see it. Perhaps it was complacency. These people seemed to just accept that this was the path laid out in front of them. It wasn’t that they lacked imagination—some of my friends were creative, artistic people—they just seemed to lack imagination regarding what they could do with their lives. They didn’t have to do what was expected of them.

They could join the Guild.

But the Guild only seemed to attract people like me. I was the sole applicant in my class, and there had been none in the year before mine. The prospect of bedding so many men—and not just any men, but Knights, whose bedroom proclivities were rumored to be… unusual—was repulsive to many people I knew, and the Knights’ reputation was downright terrifying.

I had only heard bits and pieces here and there. Quiet conversations at night, when school kids shared secrets. The Knights purportedly enjoyed binding their partners, inciting pain in them, controlling them. My friends had whispered in fear and fascination, wondering what kind of person would want to offer themselves up for such treatment.

I knew the answer, always, because I was one of those people. The things they discussed with such disdain excited me. I couldn’t admit it, though, because I knew my classmates would treat me differently if I spoke up. Outwardly, the citizens of our town admired and praised the omegas for their service to the Knights, but behind closed doors, I knew what they really said. Omegas were seen as just a different variety of whore.

After paying for the apples, I started walking home. I wasn’t anticipating the look my parents were going to give me. Ever since I had told them that I was going to apply to the Guild, they had gazed upon me with thinly veiled disappointment. Like all parents, they wanted to me to be happy and secure. I would get that with the Guild—I would live luxuriously and never want for anything, and I knew I would be happier than if I’d started a family with a simple boy from the town. But the Guild wasn’t something my parents understood, and it seemed to me that they didn’t approve of me leaving their sphere of comfort.

Well, too bad. I knew deep down that this was my choice to make, and as long as they weren’t too vocal about their concern, I could bear it.

“Soren, dear, did you pick out a smart shirt for your first day?” asked my mother as I entered our home. I banished my complaints from my mind as I realized that she was trying to be supportive.

“Yes, ma,” I said, fishing it out of my bag. I unwrapped the parcel and picked up the shirt, which was made of forest green satin and embroidered with gold dragons around the collar.

“It’s lovely,” she said, running her fingers over the designs. “Are you all packed yet?”

I nodded. I was to move in and start my training that evening, so I had to bring just a single bag full of my possessions. My family wasn’t wealthy and I didn’t have much—just some clothes and books—so it hadn’t been difficult.

My mother flushed as emotion took over her. “Soren, my dear, I’m so proud of you.”

I was instantly alert, puzzled by her words.

“I know your father and I haven’t been as kind to you as we should have,” she continued. “I haven’t the faintest idea why you are choosing this path, but I’m happy you’re making your own choice. You’ve always been your own person. It’s been hard for me to accept, but I know it’s time.”

I could feel warmth rising in my heart. I had been wrong about her all along. Bless her. “Thank you, ma,” I said, giving her a warm hug. Her hair smelled like fresh bread and clean laundry, and I breathed in the scent, thinking that I’d miss it.

“Well, I suppose you’ll have to leave soon. I might not see you again. Your father will be back for one last home-cooked meal—you’ll miss those, won’t you?”

“Ma, I’m not leaving the country,” I said. “I’ll be just an hour away, you know where the Knights live. And I can visit. It’ll be alright.”

I was startled to see a tear in her eye. “I know, you’re right,” she said, sighing, then brushing the tear away and composing herself. “Why don’t you come help me finish the stew?”

* * *

My stomach was full of lamb and vegetables as I trundled along in the horse-drawn carriage to the Guild. They had sent the luxurious vehicle to fetch me and I was mesmerized by the opulent seats and curtains. The horse had been a fine specimen, with a shiny black coat and glossy hair, unlike the drab workhorses I saw on farms. I was thankful that the driver was the taciturn sort; my mind was roiling with thoughts and jitters.

I had passed by the Guild a couple times before, but I had never taken a closer look. It was a marble building with pillars and a garden in front, much like the mansions the nobles lived in, but larger, since it housed so many people. The castle that the Knights lived in was visible down the dirt road, imposing and stark. Winged shapes soared around the turrets like great, bat-winged birds of prey.

The driver helped me out of the carriage and I thanked him, picking up my bag and walking up to the door. A guard posted outside opened it for me, and for the first time in my life, I entered the halls of the Guild.

A man in a scarlet red velvet tunic was waiting for me in the beautifully furnished, marble room. His pale brown skin was dusted with gold glitter, bringing out his cheekbones and strong jaw, and the embellishments on his dress made him look like a royal. I had never seen a man dressed like that before, accentuating his features in a way that my parents would call immodest.

“Welcome to the Guild, Soren,” he said, smiling warmly. “My name is Malin.”

“Thank you, Malin,” I said, shyness getting the better of me. As the reality of what was happening hit me, I felt a giddy euphoria rising in my chest. I was on my own, an adult, and this was the first day of the rest of my life.

“Shortly, we’ll give you your initiation,” said Malin. “It’ll get you used to how things are done around here.”

I grinned. “I’m so happy,” I blurted, as the euphoria continued to flow through me.

“I know,” said Malin, returning my grin, “I was in your position two years ago. You’re going to love being an omega.”

He beckoned for me to follow as he went down one of the numerous corridors. “Let’s put your things away in your new room.”

There was a hallway full of doors, with a lounge at the end. It looked to be a relaxing space, with many plants, soft golden lighting, and a well-stocked bookshelf. I was surprised to see a small pool to one side and watched the water bubbling in it longingly—I had had to bring in cold water from the pump to take baths at home, and I only heated it when I wanted to treat myself. A couple of omegas were spread out on the sofas, engrossed in books or darning their clothes. The casual way they rested on the seats was something one would never see outside the Guild. My mother would have considered it improper.

“This is the junior omegas’ hall,” said Malin, “and here is your room.”

He handed me a key and gestured towards one of the doors. My name was inscribed on a small plaque next to it already, and I felt a tingle of excitement, knowing that my arrival had been anticipated and a place had been made for me. I tried the key and was shocked by what I saw inside.

It was a smaller version of the lounge. Potted plants, paintings of dragons, a soft rug, and beautiful wood-paneled walls decorated the space. There was an enormous bed that looked beyond comfortable, and a small desk, shelf, and cabinet. A large mirror stood next to the cabinet, small dragons formed in the frame.

“This is incredible,” I said.

“You won’t regret your choice to join us,” said Malin, enjoying my reactions.

I walked over to the bed and tested the mattress. It felt soft and springy, unlike the straw mat I had used at home. I sat down on it and looked back at Malin, my eyes glowing. This was all much better than I had expected.

“If life at the Guild is like this, why aren’t people queuing outside to join?” I asked, basking in the knowledge that I would get to enjoy these comforts, and even eventually take them for granted.

Malin furrowed his brow. “Being an omega isn’t all like this, Soren,” he said. He pulled up the sleeve of his tunic, revealing several pale scars. I couldn’t tell what they had been made by. “It’s difficult, too. After an evening with a Knight, your room will be your haven.”

He had managed to prick a hole in my blind euphoria. “You’re right,” I said, a frisson shooting up my spine at the thought of what I would learn to endure.

His expression softened. “It’ll be alright,” he said quickly. “Like I said, you won’t regret your choice. Now come with me for your initiation.”

As I locked the door behind me, my heart started to pound furiously. I couldn’t believe that just a couple of hours ago, I had been sitting down to dinner with my parents. And just a month ago, I had been enjoying my last week of schooling. My past life was already a fading memory as I took in all the beautiful details of my new home.

“You’ll meet the Council now,” said Malin. “They’re the ones who oversee the omegas and tend to our needs. They work directly with the Knights’ superiors.”

I was suddenly worried that the initiation would be painful or humiliating after seeing Malin’s scars, but I certainly couldn’t ask him that now, so I let my worries pass. This was just the first of many challenges I would face as an omega, so I had to accept it. If it was painful, well, at least I had that bed to come back to.

Malin led me to a room at the end of a hallway, which was unusual in that the walls were painted deep blue with stars. I had the sense that I was walking right into the night sky. Small wall sconces illuminated the corridor, the candles inside casting a flickering light on the murals. “This is it,” said Malin, stopping in front of a door. “You must enter on your own.”

The door was larger than many of the others in the building, as if it opened into a ballroom or the like. I had absolutely no idea what lay beyond it, apart from the council members, who I hadn’t met. I would be entering a room full of strangers, and I had no idea what I even had to do.

Malin seemed to pick up on my apprehension and placed a warm, calming hand on my shoulder. “We all go through this,” he said. “It will be over before you know it. Now, go on.”

I nodded, thanked her, and opened the door. My eyes were immediately met with darkness, but as I walked into the inky room, I spotted small candles hanging down from the ceiling. I had no idea how large the space was; it was impossible to tell where the walls were. My vision quickly adjusted as I followed the candles and I could see the council members standing in a row before me. Large lamps illuminated a circular space that I approached.

There were seven of them, and they were beautiful. Not because they were good-looking men—which they were—but because they glowed with some kind of inner strength. It was obvious to me, observing their statuesque demeanors and steady gazes, that they were confident and self-assured, and I fleetingly wondered if it had been the effect of decades of being an omega. Would I become like them one day?

They had smiles on their faces, pleasant and welcoming, and I felt myself relax. “Welcome,” said one of the men in the middle, whose flowing blue clothes melted into the darkness. “My name is Ramiz. We are pleased tonight to welcome you to the Guild.”

My heart was fluttering in my chest. I felt so strangely at ease with these men, my prior worries melting away. I had the sense that I would be safe here, as if the council members were paternal figures. I felt like I would be taken care of.

“To begin your initiation, you must remove your clothes,” said Ramiz simply.

I hesitated, my sense of comfort evaporating as quickly as it had come. I had only ever undressed around my cousins, when we were children. The thought of doing so among these adults, who were strangers after all, even if they seemed trustworthy, was mortifying. I put a hand up to the first button when Ramiz spoke again.

“This is not the first time you will have to undress in front of people,” he said. “You will learn, during your training, to love your body so much that you will be proud to reveal it.”

Something clicked inside of me. What he had just said was a key to understanding the men’s powerful demeanors. I pondered this while I unbuttoned the dress and slipped it off my shoulders, exposing my bare chest. I undid the string of my pants and slid those off as well. I was fully naked, and I could feel the cool air touching my skin all over.

“As an omega, one of your duties will be to care for your body so that you can better serve the Knights—as well as yourself,” said Ramiz. “You must keep your skin soft at all times.”

One of the councilmen at the end of the line walked towards me holding something. As he drew nearer, I realized it was a shaving kit, but much nicer than the one I used on my face. The razorblade glowed under the light of the candles. Another man brought a bright lamp and a wooden stool.

“Sit,” said the man with the shaving kit. Dumbfounded, I automatically obeyed, and he gently spread my legs apart.

I was paralyzed by surprise. No one had ever seen my nether regions, and here this man was apparently preparing to shave them. I tingled at the idea of his fingers there, and as he prepared the blade, I winced, wishing that I wouldn’t have to have it so close to my sensitive parts.

But I sat still and unquestioning as he shaved all around my core, expertly wiping off the hair and moving my cock and balls to get to all of it. I was so unused to anyone paying attention to me there—omegas had to be virgins to join—that I was transfixed, watching him work in total wonderment.

I felt a pair of cool hands massaging my shoulders and smelled a crisp scent. Someone was massaging a cream into my back. His warm hands felt heavenly on my sore muscles, and I leaned into his touch, enjoying the sensation. It contrasted with the increasingly bizarre feeling of being shaved. To my surprise, though, he moved to other parts of my body. He grasped my pectoral muscles and shoulders and massaged the lotion into them too. Despite his businesslike, nonsexual movements, I was startled.

Finally, both men were done. I tentatively touched the skin on my balls and found that it was left satiny smooth. I looked at Ramiz again.

He was smiling. “We will teach you how to do this on your own during your training. But now, you are clean and ready to begin your journey as an omega.”

The man next to him stepped forward, holding a full wine glass. When he spoke, his voice was rich and deep. “This is cordial made from the heramel root. As long as you drink it, you need not worry about pregnancy. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Knights are able to impregnate omegas.”

He handed the glass to me and I sniffed it. The heramel root did not smell like anything I had ever had. I sipped it gingerly and found the flavor to be simultaneously bitter and fruity. It was not unpleasant, but I would have to get used to it.

“You will only need to drink it once a week,” said the councilman, reading my thoughts. “But you must not forget. It would not do for an omega to be with child.”

I nodded. It was well known that omegas did not bear children, something else that set them apart. It was also considered crude for people in the town to so much as touch a heramel root, as it implied that they bedded for pleasure and not for procreation.

“We have one final gift for you,” said Ramiz. “As an omega, you will get your own set of tools.”

He picked up a wooden box from behind him and handed it to me. The carving on the lid had coiled dragons around flowering vines and was inlaid with mother of pearl. I had never owned anything so ornate and clearly valuable in my life.

“Go on, open it,” said Ramiz.

I found the latch and flipped the lid open only to find myself utterly nonplussed. These were not tools I recognized. Nor did I understand why I would need tools at all. I was not a tradesman.

Understanding dawned on me as I continued to look at them. There was a phallic object carved of shiny, polished wood, as well as a neatly tied set of ropes.

“These are tools for your use in your encounters as an omega,” said Ramiz, and I wondered how many omegas he had had to explain this to. “There is a toy for your own pleasure, ropes for binding, a flogger, and clamps for your nipples.”

As I continued to look at the tools, their use became obvious and I cursed myself for being so oblivious. “I understand,” I said, finding myself becoming aroused at the thought of using these devices. There was one thing they all promised, and that was pain.

“You will learn how to use these effectively as well,” said Ramiz. “But for now, we shall leave you to your first night at the Guild. Welcome to our fold, Soren. We hope you enjoy your training. You are dismissed.”

I blinked at them for a moment before realizing that I had to put my clothes back on. I hastily dressed myself, then quickly bowed before the men and dashed out the door as elegantly as I could. I was unnerved by the experience of being shaved and yearned to be curled up in my luxurious new bed.

Malin wasn’t outside, but I didn’t think I’d have any trouble finding my way back; the layout of the Guild was straightforward. My head was buzzing with thoughts like bees swarming as I walked to the junior omegas’ corridor. I had so many questions and I was bursting with anticipation.

The halls were deserted; it was near midnight and everyone must have been asleep. As I turned the corner into the senior omegas’ hall, I caught sight of my first Knight. He was closing the door on the room he was just leaving.

My first thought was that he was beautiful. His rakish, scruffy hair was jet black in color, unlike his eyes, which were a green so light that it was nearly gold. His clothes were rough and augmented with leather, scarred in such a way that it looked fearsome rather than shabby. It looked like he had been in battles in those clothes.

The overall effect was that I was transfixed. He looked absolutely nothing like my old classmates. He looked more like an otherworldly creature from one of the books I liked to read. I knew that the Knights were supposed to be like human men, but there was something distinctly draconian about his sharp jawline and nose. I nearly yelped when he caught me staring at him.

I took a tentative step forward, feeling awkward. If everyone received a wooden box like mine, then it was likely that he knew what was in it. I felt oddly like a thief who had been caught with the goods. I chided myself for being anxious. Soon enough I would be undressing in front of these strange men, perhaps even this one, and I would enjoy it. If I could barely handle a man seeing me with my box of tools, I didn’t belong here.

He seemed surprised to be “caught” as well, but snapped out of it first and nodded at me, walking towards me to leave the corridor. But as he came closer, I saw that he was looking me up and down like I was a cow or horse at market. The shirt felt thin against my skin and I was uncomfortably aware of my newly shaved crotch under his gaze.

“Fresh blood for the Knights, I see,” he said quietly, grinning. I shivered at his comment and recoiled, finding myself further against the wall. But I was an omega now—I couldn’t be put off by such behavior. I thrust my chin out and let out a single indignant “hmph,” something I had seen my mother do when she received lewd comments from coarse men at the market.

This only made him laugh and continue his way down the hall. I watched him go and realized just how big he was—taller and stockier than many of the men back in town. He would have been a construction worker or farm laborer if he wasn’t a Knight. I was left standing in the hall, wondering at what had just happened. The scent of smoke and leather hung heavy in the air after him.

As I continued walking towards my room, I heard a faint, muffled moan. My first instinct was to think that the person was hurt, but I blushed when I remembered where I was. It had to be a moan of pleasure. When I realized this, I found myself feeling a strange urge rising in me. I wanted to be the one moaning, and I wanted to keep looking at that handsome man. If all the Knights were as attractive as he, then I would be pleased to serve all of them, unless they made distasteful comments like that, of course.

I was horrified to realize how promiscuous my mind was already becoming. But I was an omega now, and I would have to get used to it. Having thoughts like this was a good thing, to be sure.

The moaning faded as I reached the end and continued into the junior hall. No one was in the lounge, but the pool water was bubbling anyway. As tempting as it was, what I really wanted was the privacy of my room. I turned the key and stepped inside, setting the box on the desk and unpacking my nightclothes.

I settled into the bed and wondered what to do about how restless I was feeling. I could feel myself becoming more… hard down there. It had happened before, of course, but this urge had never been in response to any men or women—none of them had caught my eye like that Knight. As I recalled his golden eyes and imagined how muscular he might be under his tunic, I became even harder, and I flushed with shame. How could I be aroused by a man who had spoken to me like that? Did the omegas have no shame? Did I even belong here?

I glanced at the box and the thoughts flew from my mind as I made the immediate connection. The toy was made for moments like this. I got up and opened the box, picking up the wooden rod and stroking its smooth, polished surface. It was only too easy to imagine how it would feel inside me, and I fought off thoughts of how dirty I was being. It was futile, though—I was besieged by more indecent thoughts of the Knight I had just seen. He had a rod like this, too, and I wondered if it was as big as this…

My hands trembling, I carried the toy back to the bed with me and lay still on the sheets, hesitant. I could feel the hollowness in my ass, beckoning to be filled. My hands danced down my thighs of their own accord, and I shivered. Well, there was a first time for everything.



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