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The Passion & Vows Series by Fiona Davenport, Elle Christensen, Rochelle Paige (1)




A smile crawled across my face as the tall, silver haired auctioneer slammed the gavel down on the podium. I stood slowly, biding my time as I watched the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet walk toward the stage to collect the painting. She was tall and graceful, her hips swaying seductively as she moved. Her profile showed off her long lashes, straight nose, full lips, and an incredible set of tits. My mouth watered, but when she turned to face the front, I surreptitiously checked for drool at the sight of her ass. Her shiny, mahogany hair hung long, the ends brushing right along the top of her ass and I flexed my fists, trying to relax the muscles twitching in their need to wrap it around one hand while the other left a pretty pink handprint on her skin. She glanced behind her and my eyes met hers, glued to the sight of round, chocolate brown eyes, accented by her tanned complexion. Her full, rosy lips tipped up and she raised an eyebrow, clearly amused at my unabashed staring. Fuck, she was amazing. An absolute goddess. I winked, and her smile became a wide grin before she took the wrapped Cézanne being handed to her and sauntered to the exit on the left side of the room, leading to a wing of offices.

A low whistle sounded from beside me and an unexpected growl rose to the surface. I tamped down the desire to hit something, or someone, as I turned to look at my companion. Colin’s eyes were on the door where Genevieve Porter’s very fine ass had been seconds before. “That’s the art dealer?” he asked then looked at me, his brow lifting in surprise.

I imagined it was because of the dark look on my face. I couldn’t explain it, but I was suddenly pissed he’d been looking at my woman. That thought was out of the blue, and it probably should have knocked me flat on my ass. Except, I recognized the truth in it. I would do whatever it took to have her. Luckily, I was in London to oversee the sale contract between Genevieve and my client, a museum owned by a large corporation in New York. I’d read the dossier on her from cover to cover, but there hadn’t been a photo, for which I was eternally grateful because if my superiors had seen my reaction to her, I would have been given another assignment.

“You can go, Colin,” I informed him gruffly. “You won the piece, the paperwork is my job. No need for you to stay. I’ll meet you back at the hotel with the information.”

Colin opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the shrill ring of his cell phone. He retrieved it from his pocket and stepped back into a darkened corner of the room to take the call. I gathered my briefcase and coat, then headed in the direction I’d last seen my goddess.


The tone of Colin’s voice brought me round, and I joined him just behind one of the thick, blue velvet curtains draped on either side of the wide double doors leading into the auction room.

“Pierce is dead.”

“What the fuck?” I growled. It was the last thing I needed right then.

Colin shrugged. “Robbery, apparently. Found him in a house in Kensington. Throat slit while he slept.”

“Did the police find anything?” I asked. Pierce was the collector Genevieve had purchased the Cézanne from. We were anxious to speak to him, but he was a recluse and as best we could tell, Genevieve was the first person to have any contact with him in two years. I’d really been hoping for an introduction. Shit.

Colin was tapping away on his phone, and I cuffed his shoulder to get his attention. He frowned at me and glanced back down when his device buzzed yet again. “Jack says they found evidence of mafia ties.” Shocking, I thought, mentally rolling my eyes. He was silent for another moment, then shut his cell down and put it in his pocket. “They found the ledger. I guess he kept a paper trail after all. Turns out, there was a kill order placed two days ago. People are fucking pissed. Anyway, Jack says to finish the transaction and enjoy your vacation.”

I scrubbed my hands down my face and nodded. “Yeah. Okay. What about her?”

“Doesn’t look like she knew anything about his activities. Jack says the company did a full profile, she’s clean. Just do the deal and hand off the painting to the courier.”

“Fine,” I agreed, my mind already jumping ahead to my new plan. “I’ll see you back in Washington next week.”

He slapped me on the back and strode from the room. I started toward the spot where I was supposed to meet the goddess, Genevieve, already plotting my attack. She wouldn’t know what hit her.

* * *

“Stop, Alex!” Evie screeched as she made a run for it. I easily caught up to her, my arm slinging around her waist and slamming her body back against mine. I used the momentum to propel us both onto the large bed in our bedroom. She started screeching with laughter as my fingers dug into her ribs. I flipped her onto her back and covered her body with mine.

“I’m going to keep you right here until you agree, baby,” I whispered, my face so close to hers our lips brushed with every word. Leaning back a little, I grinned down at her. Fuck. She was so damn gorgeous. Her eyes were sparkling with humor and happiness, her skin flushed, and her chest heaving from the exertion of laughing so hard. “When are you going to marry me?”

Her face softened and her arms slid around my torso before she hugged me tight. Her soft tits pillowed against my chest, and I was suddenly very aware that the only barrier between her sweet pussy and my cock was a tiny scrap of fabric.

From the moment I officially met Genevieve, I was addicted, and that addiction had only gotten stronger with every day we were together.

“Alex Shaw,” I had introduced myself, holding my hand out.

“Genevieve, well, Evie, Porter.” Her hand slid into mine and a sizzle streaked through me. The look on her face told me she’d felt it too.

We completed the sale of the Cézanne and with very little persuasion, she agreed to meet me for dinner. I was loathe to leave her, but I had to pass the painting off to the courier. I may have been intending to overwhelm her, but it was me who fell like a ton of bricks. She showed up to the restaurant in a white, strapless, summer dress, the color and design showing off all of her assets. Her skirt swished around her tanned, endless legs with every step, and don’t get me started on the sexy heels on her pink tipped feet. Her hair hung loose, the moon causing the reddish tint to shimmer, and she wore very little makeup, she didn’t need it. I was mentally and emotionally knocked over. She was my every dream come true, and I knew there would never be anyone else more perfect for me than my Evie.

Throughout dinner, I studied her, hoping to see any sign she was feeling the same way. I was so flustered by the new sensations, I almost missed it. But, Evie was no shy wallflower, thank fuck.

“Alex,” Evie leaned forward, placing a soft palm on my forearm as it rested on table, searing my skin from the contact with hers. The waiter had cleared our last dishes and as I’d paid the check, I was contemplating the odds of how likely it was I could get her to go back to my hotel with me.

I smiled. “What, baby?” Her cheeks tinged a little pink at the endearment. Damn, that flush would look so pretty on every inch of her skin.

“If I invite you back to my apartment, will you still respect me in the morning?”

I burst out laughing and quickly stood, grabbing her hand and dragging her from the restaurant. Once we hit the side walk, I started toward her apartment then froze, causing her to stumble into me. I spun her into my arms and kissed her nose. “Where to, love?” She chuckled and kept a tight hold on my hand as she took the lead, her determination betraying her eagerness.

We were making out like teenagers by the time we hit her building, and we barely made it through her door before I had her up against the wall, her skirt bunched around her waist and my mouth buried between her legs. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, her sweet floral scent going straight to my dick. She whimpered when I dragged my tongue up the center of her panties. “Hmmmm. Good thing I saved room for dessert,” I said, as I pulled the fabric aside and repeated the pattern with my tongue on her bare pussy. Her steep inhalation and the shivers racing through her body guided me as I built her to a swift orgasm.

“Alex!” she screamed, as I worked her clit between my teeth. Unable to wait a minute longer, I surged to my feet and clasped her face between my hands and kissed her deeply, passionately, putting every new and overwhelming emotion she made me feel into it. Telling her what I wasn’t sure she was ready to hear yet. She was mine, and I wasn’t letting her go.

Bending slightly, I gripped her ass and lifted her up, giving her no choice but to encircle my waist with her legs. She directed me to her bedroom, and as I carried her, I used my teeth to lower the top of her dress and one cup of her strapless bra, until one voluptuous tit popped out. Her nipple was dusky from the darker tint of her skin and the tip was hard, so perfect. I licked the sensitive little peak before sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it. We finally reached the bed and collapsed in a heap, my mouth unwilling to release its treat. I scooted up the bed on my back, settling Evie astride me, the heat of her pussy bathing my cock. I finally let the nipple go with a pop, playing fair and giving her other sweet tit equal treatment.

She was getting more worked up, her body writhing on top of me, the friction swelling my cock, proving me wrong when I thought there was no fucking way I could get any harder. I was reluctant to stop feasting on her delicious nipples, but I needed to get inside her or I was going to come in my pants. Taking her mouth in another deep kiss, I tugged her dress down to her waist and lifted her hips to push it past. She pulled back and sat up, quickly shoving the dress down and completely off. The front clasp of her bra twisted easily open and her tits spilled out, the soft, round globes filling my hands. Fuck. I couldn’t remember any woman before my Evie, but I was positive I’d never held such amazing breasts in my palms. Her nimble fingers worked the buttons on my dress shirt, even as she closed her eyes and moaned when I squeezed. When her lids lifted once again, her irises were so dark with passion, they almost completely blended with her pupils. Despite the darkness, they were filled with fire and I lost my patience. With my hands on her hips, I helped her up to her knees and undid my belt, divesting myself of my slacks and grey boxer briefs.

I returned my gaze to hers, searching. “Are you on birth control?”

She smiled like a Cheshire cat, asking, “You want in me bare, stud?”

I groaned, just hearing her say it had me leaking pre-come. I wanted it more than my next breath. “I can’t imagine anything more perfect than fucking your sweet pussy with nothing between us, baby,” I ground out, my control slipping with every moment she remained hovering over my erection. “I haven’t been with anyone in…” I trailed off and to my mortification, I could feel my face heat. Holy fuck, I couldn’t believe I was blushing. I cleared my throat and forged ahead, through my embarrassment. “In four years, I think. Maybe, five.” She grinned, and I couldn’t help but return the expression. “I’ve been busy,” I explained. More like I’d never been one for casual sex and hadn’t found anyone I wanted to be with in a long time. Until my Evie.

She placed her palms on my chest, caressing my pecs, and tracing all of the grooves of my abs and hips, making me groan from the pleasure. She leaned forward and kissed me softly. “Me too.”

I thrust my hips up and pressed the underside of my cock to her wet pussy, letting her feel how much I needed her. She moaned long and loud, and it was hot as fuck. “You ready, love?” I asked with a calm I wasn’t feeling. Her hand slid down my stomach, then her long, elegant fingers wrapped as far as they could around my large cock. Evie hadn’t balked at the size, she’d practically salivated at the sight, so I didn’t worry about easing any fear I might not fit. She guided me inside, slowly lowering her body, inch by inch.

“Oh fuck, Evie. You’re soaked, coating me so I slide right in and then strangling the fuck out of me. You’re so damn tight, baby.” She paused to adjust, and I began to play with her nipples, building her arousal. “Keep going, baby. Just a little farther until I’m so deep you won’t know where I stop and you begin.” She sank farther, and I growled in utter ecstasy. “That’s it baby. Yeah, fuck. I’m so damn deep, Evie.”

I was finally all the way in, her pelvis flush against mine, the tip of my cock right up against her cervix. I wanted to flip her over and take her hard, fuck myself into her so she would never be able to get away. And yet, there she was, sitting atop me like my very own queen, her gorgeous tits swaying as she rocked into me. Her head was back, her hair falling to tickle the tops of my legs, but when she sank her teeth into her luscious lower lip, I was done. I gripped her hips and encouraged her to start lifting and falling on my cock. “Ride me, baby.”

“Oh, Alex. Oh!” She bit that damn fucking lip again, and I fought every urge to come. Her eyes slowly opened and her dark eyes met mine, then she winked. “Harder, stud.”

“Fuck!” I yelled as I lost all control. I flipped us over and hammered into her until we were both screaming the walls down as the world imploded around us.

After the most mind-blowing sex I’d ever had, I spent the night attempting to top it and convinced her to spend a week with me in Fiji, all the while knowing one week would never be enough. It turned out to be less complicated than I expected. She’d recently decided to relocate to D.C. and was about ready to start house hunting. Fuck that. I had her moved in two weeks later.

It had been four weeks, and I was tired of waiting to give her the ring I’d had burning a hole in my pocket since the day I returned home.

“Evie,” I warned. “When? I love you, but you better decide quickly, or I’m dragging your ass to the courthouse in the morning.”

She laughed, the sound full of joy and filling me with light and life. Her hands came up and cupped my face. “Okay, stud. How about you hold your horses”—she snorted at her own little joke and just like every time she did it, I fell a little harder—“and give me two months. Let me plan a little wedding to marry the love of my life?”

I grumbled but agreed, grabbing her wrist and sliding on the two carat, emerald cut diamond, flanked by scarlet red rubies. They reminded me of her passion and zest for life, the ring had her name all over it when I walked into the store. She sighed and admired it, holding her hand out to let it catch the light. “You done good, stud.”

“Feels like this stud’s filly is in heat.” I smirked, pressing my rigid length into her hot little pussy. “Maybe we should practice breeding.” Her laughter was short-lived, she was too busy moaning and calling out my name.

* * *

“Dude, are you crying?” My elbow shot out, and I grinned in satisfaction at the wheeze I heard when it connected with Colin’s ribs.

“Shut the fuck up,” I grumbled, but I blinked rapidly, trying to clear away the moisture at the sight of Evie walking down the aisle, her white dress reminding me so much of the day we met. We stared into each other’s eyes and held hands as we said our vows. We’d decided to write our own, and I stared into her loved-filled eyes as I pledged my life to her.

“Genevieve,” I grinned when she rolled her eyes at the use of her full name. “You are everything. There is no other way to describe you, you’re simply, everything. I feel as though my life began the moment you put your hand in mine. I’ll always strive to be the man you need and want. I love you more than words could even express. Until death do we part.” I couldn’t help it, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply before whispering in her ear, “And forever after.”



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