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The Wrong Girl by M. Piper (1)





I’m not certain how I get myself into these situations. Following home the one girl I’m not allowed to touch, unable to keep my thoughts G rated. Everything was going great tonight until Kat texted that she needed someone to walk her sister home from the party. I wouldn’t have done it, but she was frantic because she told me Finley was plastered beyond belief and needed someone to keep her safe on her walk home. She doesn’t look plastered beyond belief. Maybe a little tipsy. But I’ve seen way worse.

“It’s so dark.” Finley giggles, almost tripping over her feet on the sidewalk. 

“Take those heels off,” I tell her, annoyed that I wasn’t really needed tonight. More annoyed that I can’t tear my eyes from her ass. I’ve been so good my entire life not touching what I’m not allowed to have. Keeping my eyes off the girl I’ve pined after since I was old enough to know what it felt like to be attracted to a girl.

But come on, I’m only a man. And I’m allowed to dream.

“Here,” she says, tossing them back at me and I scramble to grip the straps before they topple to the ground.

Goddammit, how did I get stuck on drunk little sister duty?

“Watch out, “I blurt just before she falls over a branch that’s jutting up from the sidewalk. My hands drop her shoes right before gripping her hips and I manage to yank her back to me before she face-plants to the concrete. I try not to think about how well the swell of her ass feels against my dick. I really try not to think about how her flesh would feel underneath me. But a man only has so much control when it comes to hot women and that part of his body.
“I’m okay,” she says, then puffs out a breath and starts walking again. The longer we walk, the better her sway looks.

And again, don’t think about her ass.

“You wanna come in?” she asks, turning and walking backward up to her sorority house’s front door.

“Uh…” Yes! “I shouldn’t.”

“Right. But that’s not what I asked.” She bites her lip and leans back against the door. Her eyes are surprisingly more clear than when I picked her up, and she’s not swaying like her world is spinning anymore, which is a good sign.

I chuckle and rub my jaw, slowly walking towards her.

“Tempting,” I mutter, almost so she can’t hear me. So fucking tempting. The legs on this girl go for days and her lips would look hot as fuck wrapped around my di—

“Oopf!” I hear, pulling me from my daydream about Finley sucking me off. My wide eyes fly to where she’s currently lying just inside the door.

“The hell, Finley?!” Maggie, one of the sorority sisters, screams, holding the door in her hand.

“God,” Finley moans, holding her head. “Fuck, Mags, I was leaning on that.”

“Yeah, well I’m late to the party. Are you not going?”

“We just got back.” Finley shifts, sitting up more and wincing when her fingers rub her scalp. Maggie’s eyes fly to me and she instantly forgets about her friend on the ground.

“Levi, it’s good seeing you again,” she practically purrs as she saunters over to me, which makes me roll my eyes hard as I walk past her and hold out my hand to Finley. From what I’ve heard, Maggie’s as much of a friend to Finley as fucking Batman was to Superman. I don’t trust her as far as I can spit.

“Come on. Let’s get you inside.” 

She takes my hand and I help her up, wrapping my arm around her. We head to the kitchen on the way to her room and she leans her head on my shoulder as I get her an ice pack from the freezer. She feels way too good being this close and she shouldn’t. She’s my best friend’s little sister and I made a promise.

“Thanks,” she mumbles, sitting on her bed finally.

“Anything for the little sister, Squirt” I say, smirking. I know how much she’s hated that nickname but I’ll always love how it makes her look at me. Like she’s trying to decide whether or not it’s a good thing I have such a twisted nickname for her.

“Could you not call me that? It’s creepy.” She shifts to scoot back towards her headboard, tucking her long legs under her. Long, toned, tanned legs that years ago I never thought she’d grow into. And now? Fuck.

“You’re my best friend’s little sister. It’s correct. That’s what it is.” I keep throwing it at her, because maybe it’ll stop her from coming on to me. I can’t continue to turn the woman down, because God if she’s not the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

“Right, but I’m also Finley. And I’m not ‘little,’ either. I’m twenty-two. I’m graduating college in a few months. I’m more than the little sister.”
“Trust me, I know.” I sigh and walk over to her. “How’s your head?” I whisper, reaching out to move the ice pack. Her eyes hit mine and I’m locked in this trance that I know I should pull myself out of, but I couldn’t if I tried. “Finley,” I whisper a warning just as her eyes flit down to my lips. She smirks and before I know what’s happening, her arms are around my neck and her lips are on mine.

And I’m not mad about it.

“Finally,” she moans, giggling as I push her back on the bed.

“We shouldn’t,” I mutter on her lips as I crawl over her. She shifts to stretch out under me as her lips taste mine. Her tongue darts out, parting my lips and I groan when her hands push into my jeans. “Fuck, Finley.”

“Don’t think about it,” she whispers, wriggling my pants off me. Next goes my shirt and her lips suck and kiss their way down my chest as I hover over her.

“Fuck,” is all I can say when her palm wraps around my cock that’s already hard. How can I not think about this?

When she bites onto my lip and starts stroking me, I lose it.

Truth be told, I lost it when I decided to walk in this house tonight. I was already coming in before she fell; this just gave me more of a reason to get in her room.

Fuck being my best friend’s little sister, I’ve never been good at keeping promises.

I push her hair off her shoulder, trailing my lips down her soft, sweet skin. Inhaling, a sweet scent as my nose trails down the crook of her neck. Goosebumps rise on her skin and she lets out a sigh when I push the strap of her dress off her shoulder.

“Sit up,” I command and she does as I ask immediately so I can rid her of the barriers between us. Her dress and panties are soon laying on her bedroom floor and again I’m back at it. Tasting parts of her body that I’ve been dreaming about since the day she turned eighteen.

Years. I’ve wanted to do this with her for fucking years.

“Oh God,” she gasps when I drag my finger down her stomach and part her pussy for me. “Yes,” hisses from her lips when I slide two fingers inside her.

“Goddamn, Finley.” I curse again, lowering my lips to her inner thigh as her walls clench around my fingers. “So fucking sexy.” I push my lips to the apex of her leg. “So mother fucking wet.” I curl my fingers and press my tongue against her swollen clit, forcing a loud moan from her. Her hands go tight in my hair and her hips pivot up to me for more contact.

I fall back a bit, chuckling and licking my lips as she looks at me through hooded eyes.

“Fuck me,” she demands, forcing me to laugh.

“Such a lady,” I whisper, crawling up her body. “I have a hard time telling ladies no.” I push into her in one solid thrust and she cries out. “Holy fuck,” I mutter, pivoting my hips back and pushing deeper into her. Fuck, fuck, fuck she feels better than I expected.

“God, Levi. Oh my God.” Her fingernails scratch on my back and her legs lock around me. “Oh my God, it’ feels so good.”

Yeah, dangerously good. The type of fucking good that I can’t just have once.

I pump into her, dipping my head to trace my tongue around her nipples. She feels too good. Way too good. The type of good that makes you want to keep going. To keep doing it.

Over. And over.

And that’s a bad thing.

“Oh yes,” she moans and I can feel her tightening around me. My own orgasm starts to spiral through me, starting at my core and spinning out until every part of me is buzzing. She screams out, her legs trembling around me and her pussy clenching around my dick, milking me as I come.

“Ah, Fuck!” I belt out, panting and sweaty.

“Ohhhh,” she says, then falls into a fit of sighs and giggles as I collapse to her side on the bed, trying to catch my breath. The weight of what we just did…and what I want to continue to do…starting to weigh heavy on me. I pull in a ragged breath and wrap my arms around her.

“Finley, you can’t tell your sister about that.”



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